Here’s Each Sign’s Guilty Habit, Based On Zodiac Signs ( His & Hers )

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Here’s Each Sign’s Guilty Habit, Based On Zodiac Signs ( His & Hers )




From time to time, we all do things that we probably shouldn’t, and that’s just part of being human. We might do them because we need to find a way to let off some steam, or because we’ve been doing the right thing for so long that if we don’t do something a little bit naughty, we feel like we’re going to explode. For whatever reason, we all have those guilty habits we’d rather not admit to — like perhaps a certain guilty-pleasure rom-com or TV show on Netflix, or maybe a certain relaxing beauty routine that’s super luxuriously extensive and over-the-top.

When it comes to the twelve zodiac signs, masculine and feminine personalities are said to have each of their own guilty habits that they just can’t help. And while some individuals of certain signs are too embarrassed to actually admit it, others will tell you proudly what they get up to in their spare time. Guilty habits can range from a low-key retail therapy session for the hard-working, quiet achiever, to innocently indulging in flirtation after a long week of being committed to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Find out what your sign’s guilty habit is, as well as what the people in your life might secretly enjoy when nobody’s looking!

24Aries Woman: Driving Your Car (Really Fast)

For Aries, the leader of the zodiac, it’s all about being fast and furious. This zodiac sign likes everything to be exciting and full of passion. The Aries woman, in particular, might not get as many opportunities as she’d like to challenge herself and do something exhilarating, so whenever she gets the chance, she takes it. You might not have guessed it, but the Aries woman can find a lot of pleasure in taking her car for a spin and pressing her foot on the accelerator as hard as she can.

This sign can be reckless at times, so we wouldn’t recommend the Aries woman break the law or do anything dangerous. But as long as she’s sticking to roads where the legal speed limit is a lot higher, and she knows how to drive properly, then she can benefit a lot from renting a nice car and letting her hair down. A convertible is probably her best choice since this is going to give her the chance to have her hair blow with the ferocity that she dreams about.

The Aries woman might also consider go-karting and totally let loose on the track. She just needs to make sure she’s wearing her helmet!

23Aries Man: Spending Too Long At The Gym

The Aries man is similar to his female counterpart in that he loves to live life on the edge, take risks and be constantly stimulated. This is a very proud sign who takes a lot of care in how he looks, so although he probably doesn’t like to admit it, he can be found going to extra effort to make sure he’s looking up to scratch. The gym is like a prison for some people, but not for the Aries man. In actual fact, when he gets going, he finds it a challenge to tear himself away from that weights room.

His obsession with the gym is about a lot of things. Firstly, working out gives him the chance to blow off some steam. This sign is prone to temper tantrums, so burning off his energy on the treadmill or with some dumbbells helps him to keep his cool when times are stressful. The gym also gives him a chance to be active and do something that’s challenging, which is what he lives for. Especially for the Aries man that finds himself locked into an office job, this is super important. And of course, he won’t say no to the chance to build some muscles and boost his own ego!

22Taurus Woman: Saying Yes To Some Retail Therapy

Taurus is known as a simple and drama-free sign that’s easy to please. The Taurus woman doesn’t ask for a lot and is happy to work really hard for much longer than others. On top of her great work ethic, she is super reliable and often puts the needs of others above her own, making her a great worker and a great friend. She carries the world on her shoulders a lot of the time without ever asking for anything in return, so it’s only natural that she deserves a reward for all that effort from time to time.

The Taurus woman might not enjoy drama, but she does enjoy shopping. Most women go crazy when they’re let loose with a credit card, but the Taurus woman, in particular, solves a lot of her stress this way. The thought of getting to make some big purchases is actually what keeps her chained to that desk working hard in the first place.

This sign doesn’t ask for a lot, but you can be sure that she has a taste for the finer things in life. When she does shop, she skips Forever 21 and heads straight for Moschino, Valentino, and Chanel.

21Taurus Man: Having Too Many Drinks On The Weekend

Just like the Taurus woman, the Taurus man is a fan of the finer things in life. Particularly when it comes to dining out, he enjoys nothing more than a good glass of wine. He’s a very social sign, but because of work commitments, he might not find the time to dine out too frequently. When he does, he can go a little overboard with the wine, both white and red. Being a Taurus, he tends to choose the more expensive brands and savors every single drop.

Taurus likes to get lit and have a good time, but he isn’t the sort of guy to lose his senses over vodka or tequila. He keeps things a little fancier and casually sips from his wine glass all night long, making it even harder for him to tell when he’s really had enough.

The Taurus man works just as hard as the Taurus woman, and for him, that wine is about enjoying the fruits of his labor. He doesn’t goof off at work and remains very serious when he’s completing a job or a task, so he deserves to kick back and get messy upon occasion. Tell him otherwise, and you’ll be in for an argument.

20Gemini Woman: Diving Into A Gossip Session

We’re pretty sure that something like “thou shalt not gossip” was one of the Ten Commandments, and even if it wasn’t, most people agree it should have been. Gossip not only increases negative energy and sends out hateful vibes but also spreads rumors that aren’t true, devastates people’s lives and careers, and can make people feel really bad about themselves. That being said, almost everybody gossips to some degree. And perhaps none so much as the chatty Gemini woman.

To be clear, the Gemini woman isn’t evil or malicious. It’s really simple: she loves to talk and she’s incredibly curious. That isn’t the best combination for somebody who’s trying not to talk about the affairs of other people!

The Gemini woman doesn’t like to sit around hating on other people or spreading lies. Rather, she loves catching up with her girlfriends and finding out what’s been going on with the people she knows. She loves to talk about the achievements and success of others just as much as she is interested in knowing about their failures. She can keep her thoughts to herself for so long, and then she absolutely must dive into a gossip session to let all those facts off her chest.

19Gemini Man: Getting Lost On The Internet

The Gemini man is also incredibly curious and interested in the world around him. Even if he has no personal connection with events, he loves to know what’s happening with other people. Reading a newspaper has always been one of his favorite pastimes, but as technology has progressed, he has developed an obsession with browsing the internet.

Google is the Gemini man’s best friend because it can basically answer all the questions he has. And trust us: the Gemini man has a lot of questions! He loves to google things that he wants to know the answer to, and he loves to scroll through all the articles on Google News. In the same way, he loves getting lost in YouTube documentaries, and even more so, he loves scrolling through the comments to find out how other people have reacted.

He often spends too much time on social media because he wants to know what’s happening in the lives of his friends and family, and he can sometimes get carried away on the pages of people he doesn’t even know. Most of the time, he’s off actually living in the world rather than reading about it. But when he has a free moment, he rushes to that internet.

18Cancer Woman: Relaxing With A Romance Novel

Love is incredibly important to the Cancer sign, and perhaps more so than anybody else in the zodiac, this sign is a huge cheese-ball. The Cancer woman, in particular, spends a lot of time dreaming about her perfect soulmate, and even if she’s met them, she dreams up ways of making her life better.

For the majority of the time, she’s down-to-earth and keeps up with the many responsibilities she takes on. She loves to nurture other people and feels special when others rely on her, so she tends to take on more than she can chew in the interest of making the lives of others easier. And how does she cope with all of that? By escaping every now and then to slip into fantasy and read a good romance novel.

Romance novels tend to be all about escapism, allowing their readers to dream up enchanting relationships, and this is exactly what Cancer likes to do. Just taking fifteen minutes away from her busy life helps her to keep her sanity and regain her strength to deal with all the responsibilities coming her way. The Cancer woman likes to read a lot of different genres, but romance happens to be her favorite.

17Cancer Man: Splurging On Things For The Home

When most people think of shopping for home décor, they think of women. The home has traditionally been seen as the woman’s domain, even though that is no longer the case, and women are mostly portrayed as being more interested in things like rugs and couches and kitchen tables than men are. But the truth is anybody can be interested in making their home look as nice as possible, and the Cancer man happens to be one of those people.

The Cancer man is a homebody, whether he likes to admit it or not. Though he might enjoy working outside the home, he feels the most relaxed when he actually gets the chance to stay in. He takes a lot of pride in his home, so of course, it makes sense that he can get a little carried away when it comes to decorating it. He spends just as much time and money on the outside as he does on the inside and needs to be accompanied when he goes to places like Bed Bath & Beyond or Ikea. If he goes alone, it’s possible that he’ll just get too carried away, caught up in the moment and max out his card.

16Leo Woman: Letting Go At Karaoke

For some people, karaoke is a nightmare, and for some, it’s a dream come true. For people like the Leo woman, it’s an answer to the prayer for fun, excitement, and recognition. Nobody does stardom like Leo, and this sign is usually so charismatic that they seriously have the potential to become celebrities if they put their minds to it. The Leo woman might not have the desire or the talent to take it that far, but that doesn’t mean she’s not into a little short-lived fame or at least acknowledgment from her peers.

At the end of the day, the Leo woman likes to be the center of attention. A lot of the time, she’ll do whatever it takes to make that possible. Karaoke has the potential to bring the spotlight on the Leo woman because if she’s good, all her friends will talk for ages about how she should quit her day job and audition for The Voice. And if she’s not good, they’ll laugh and talk about how bad it was until she does something else to grab their attention. Remember that for the Leo woman, any publicity is good publicity. Even if only a few people are watching, karaoke gives this sign the chance to let loose and have fun.

15Leo Man: Engaging In An Innocent Flirt

When it comes to committing to a relationship, the Leo man can have more trouble than anybody else in the zodiac. This sign is charismatic and appealing and knows that whenever he goes out as a single man, he’s going to get attention. That kind of validation and admiration can be hard to give up, which is why it can be challenging for the Leo man to walk away from it all and dedicate himself to one person, and their attention only.

That said, it is entirely possible for the Leo man to actually be faithful. Although he loves excitement and attention, he also has a big heart and would hate to do anything to hurt somebody he loves. So to balance out the two sides to his personality, he’s likely to commit and be faithful, but have a little innocent fun where he can. And by innocent fun, we mean flirting.

Some people won’t tolerate exterior flirting from their partner in a relationship, but if you’re with a Leo man, you’ll probably have to. Flirting allows him to be noticed by people and get the attention that he craves without actually having to pursue anything and hurt his loved one.

14Virgo Woman: Having A Spa Day

A spa day is the perfect way to relax for many people, but for Virgo, this is a guilty pleasure that she doesn’t like to admit to. Put simply, the Virgo woman is known as the worry-wart and stress-ball of the zodiac, and that’s a reputation that she would like to upkeep. Laziness and a lack of ambition are two of her pet hates, and even though taking one day off to enjoy a spa doesn’t equate to laziness or lack of ambition at all, Virgo thinks it does. That’s why she doesn’t want people to know when she does take out some well-deserved time for herself.

When the Virgo woman finally does go to the spa, she might find that she has more knots in her back than she thought. She needs a good massage, facial, manicure and pedicure to really feel re-energized, and then she’ll be ready to take control over her life again.

The Virgo woman is another hard worker, but it’s the constant stress and over analyzing that she always puts her mind and body through that takes the most out of her. Nobody can tell her not to stress, so the only thing for her to do is to keep on overthinking and take a spa day every month to recover from it all.

13Virgo Man: Spring-Cleaning Things That Are Already Clean

Everyone has a different attitude to spring-cleaning. While some people find clearing out their drawers and closets to be a total nightmare and something to avoid for as long as possible, others find it to be a pure joy. The Virgo man makes up part of the latter: spring-cleaning is his happy place, and so he does it even more than he needs to.

Some people clear out their wardrobes every season, packing up their coats and sweaters and displaying their shorts and tank tops, and vice versa. But the Virgo man likes to reorganize much more frequently than that. And while some find this task to be a chore, the Virgo man loves it and chooses to do it when he doesn’t have to because it makes him feel good.

For the Virgo man, cleaning things out helps him to clear his head. He finds that doing this helps him to make better decisions and feel more energized and less frustrated. He’s also a fan of rearranging his furniture to give his home a fresh feel, and meticulously getting rid of anything that’s slightly dirty from his space. This is the type of sign who can’t relax when there is a pile of dishes waiting to be done.

12Libra Woman: Buying New Jewelry

A little retail therapy never hurt anybody. For some signs, like Taurus, spending big on high-end fashion improves their mood like nothing else. But for the Libra woman, it’s all about the bling. She’s modest and doesn’t like to be the center of attention, so she probably won’t talk about it, but she has quite the jewelry collection, and is always looking to add more to that.

Libra is another sign who enjoys the finer things in life and can obtain a lot of happiness from material goods. She likes to be surrounded by nice things, and although she really appreciates it when someone else buys them for her, she also takes a certain amount of pride in being able to buy them for herself.

Nice jewelry is a sign of glamour, and the Libra woman is all about glamour. You might not have thought so because she is grounded and balanced, and actually seems really down-to-earth. But without boasting all about it and being too vain, she actually does enjoy a few statement pieces of jewelry. Though she does buy a few fake and cheap pieces, she is only truly satisfied when she gets to buy the expensive stuff.

11Libra Man: Debating With Others For The Sake Of It

When people think of Libra, they first and foremost think of a sign that is incredibly fair. Represented by the Scales, this sign is known for never wanting to take sides, instead always opting to sit on the fence and take into account everybody’s opinion. The Libra man is known for being understanding, patient and tolerant, and super easy to get along with. He’s actually thought to be one of the most agreeable signs in the zodiac.

But as we know, every sign has their own hidden secret. Most of the time the Libra man is agreeable, sociable and avoids conflict like nobody’s business, but every now and then, he feels the urge to argue. It’s totally out of character and the people around him can’t believe it, but it’s true. Despite being great at sitting on the fence and not taking sides, the Libra man is also surprisingly good at arguing. He never yells or is unfair to anyone, and is really good at laying out all his arguments clearly for the opposite side to understand.

The Libra man doesn’t need a cause he’s passionate about to get into an argument, though. Sometimes, he gets to urge to argue just because.

10Scorpio Woman: Watching Scary Movies All Night

Horror movies aren’t for everyone. For the more sensitive signs, watching horror movies can actually keep them up all night and ruin their sleep pattern, give them nightmares and even stress them out during the day. But other signs, the Scorpio woman include, absolutely love horror movies. The Scorpio woman is sensitive in some ways, but not when it comes to horror movies. She doesn’t take anything that’s in them to heart, and though she learns a lot about the world from watching them, she never lets them scare her.

Scorpio is an intense personality, and this sign finds it fun to be scared. Obviously, it’s a lot less fun when she actually has a good reason to be scared, which is why horror movies are her go-to. She can get all the exciting thrills that she craves without actually having to worry for her life.

If a horror movie isn’t available, the Scorpio woman will also settle for a good psychological thriller. In particular, she loves movies that are based on true stories and movies that have twists even she couldn’t see coming. She’s such a hard worker during the week and takes everything so seriously that she enjoys being able to sit back and take something lightly for a change.

9Scorpio Man: Holding His Partner All To Himself

In some ways, you could argue that parts of the Scorpio personality are needy. This sign is really sensitive and caring deep down, but this can manifest into clinginess for the Scorpio man. Every now and then, when he’s feeling particularly insecure or in need of love, he’ll feel the urge to just smother his partner with love.

From time to time, it’s nice to have a partner show heaps of affection and be a little obsessed with you. But this gets old pretty quickly, especially if you’re a more reserved or independent personality. Some signs might have trouble having a successful relationship with the Scorpio man because he can get obsessive and overwhelming.

However, this is only a guilty habit that he gives into sometimes. Most of the time, the Scorpio man is good at reading his partner, and he can tell when they want to be left alone or when they need their own time. Usually, when he feels the urge to smother them with love, he’ll suppress it because he doesn’t want to come across too strong. It’s only some of the time when he just can’t help himself and wants a hug from bae every two minutes.

8Sagittarius Woman: Jet-Setting Around The World

Travel is more important to the Sagittarius woman than anything. She is struck with permanent wanderlust and will never find a cure for her travel bug, no matter what she does. Of course, the guilty habit of this sign is leaving behind her responsibilities to fly off around the world and explore.

There’s nothing wrong with traveling, and it actually comes with heaps of benefits like getting to know and understand other cultures, meeting new friends, gaining confidence and independence and of course, forming magical memories. When it comes to traveling, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, but Sagittarius can sometimes get embarrassed because she always tells herself that she’s going to save her money for something a little less fun, like an apartment or college tuition, and ends up just blowing it on travel.

To be clear, most Sagittarius women master the art of learning how to travel on a budget. When you love to see the world as much as they do, it’s kind of a necessity to figure out how to save a few pennies along the way (unless you’re a millionaire). But even if she has next to no money and she gets an urge to see somewhere new, the Sagittarius woman will find a way to get there.

7Sagittarius Man: Abandoning Work For Self-Work

In addition to a love of travel, the Sagittarius personality is famous for being incredibly optimistic and incredibly spiritual. The Sagittarius man is in love with bettering himself, and sometimes, will put aside quite a few hours to doing that personal development work. While there’s nothing wrong with working on yourself, the Sagittarius man can feel guilty about it because he tends to cast aside his actual work for his self-work, which can lead to all kinds of consequences.

This is a passionate sign, and in the unlikely event that he finds himself working in a job that he can’t stand, he will find it very hard to motivate himself to work hard at that job. Instead, he’ll be distracted with self-development research and activities to make him a better person, and hopefully, a candidate for a more fulfilling job. It’s not uncommon to come across a Sagittarius man using his time standing behind a cash register to secretly read about the habits of successful people on his phone, or using his study time to actually read up on how to be more confident.

He loves to improve himself more than anything else, and most of the time, he doesn’t care what he has to give up to make that happen.

6Capricorn Woman: Taking An Extra Long Lunch Break

We bet this is something you didn’t expect of the Capricorn woman! This is a sign who is supposed to be obsessed with work and achieving success. She is often described as being overly dedicated to her job and a focused hard worker, so it’s totally hard to picture her as somebody who enjoys taking a long lunch break. But in actual fact, she loves to take an extra few minutes at lunch before she gets back into it.

Basically, it’s small things like this that actually allow her to stay dedicated and focused. Humans aren’t robots, so unless you want to burn out, you have to find a way to boost your energy and keep yourself motivated. For the Capricorn woman, this means taking just a little extra time for herself at lunch and maybe taking a few coffee breaks around that.

When she takes a break at work, the Capricorn woman needs to really relax, even if it’s only for five minutes. She works so hard that just scoffing down her sandwich isn’t enough. She needs an extra bit of time to just be mindful and breathe, or even to check her messages and engage in some social interaction.

5Capricorn Man: Indulging In Fast Food

When you think of the Capricorn man, you think of someone who maintains a high level of control over his life. This sign is ambitious and dedicated and doesn’t do slip-ups or failure, so it’s easy to see him eating only protein bars and salads and bland grilled chicken breast. But while he might eat that kind of food, for the most part, he actually gets huge satisfaction from indulging in fast food, even if it’s only every once in a while.

Food is so much more than pure sustenance for a lot of people. The tastes and flavors bring joy to many, and for the Capricorn man, these delicious tastes help to keep him from going mad as he plows through all the responsibilities weighing him down. This sign is another very hard-working one and doesn’t like to stop until he has exactly what he wants. His dreams tend to be big, and it can take a while for him to achieve them. So in the meantime, to keep himself going, he needs to indulge in small pleasures like fast food.

It’s not just fast food that makes him happy, but also homemade foods that he’s been told he shouldn’t eat too much of, like bread and butter or mashed potato.

4Aquarius Woman: Binge-Watching Documentaries

Thanks to Netflix, the ability to sit around and binge-watch documentaries is becoming widespread. For the Aquarius woman, this is her new favorite pastime and her secret guilty pleasure. Though she has many creative ideas and has the potential to be very productive in her spare time, she sometimes chooses to ignore all that and instead sit back and enjoy a good documentary.

Like some other signs, Aquarius is curious about the world around her, and watching documentaries helps her to understand things a little better. Not only does this answer many questions that she has, but it also allows her to do something where she doesn’t have to interact with other people. While some signs like to spend time with others as their guilty pleasure, Aquarius highly favors time on her own, so it makes sense that she chooses to do things that are pretty solitary, like watching documentaries,

The beauty of this guilty habit is that although it can be done alone, from time to time Aquarius also allows people to join her while she’s watching. This lets her interact with others and spend time with them without actually having to talk to them, which she secretly loves.

3Aquarius Man: Spending Money On High-End Fashion

A few of the signs turn to shopping when they need to blow off steam and take back some time for themselves, and the Aquarius man is no exception. For this sign, kind of like the Taurus woman, it’s the high-end fashion brands that do it for him. When he’s got the money, he likes nothing more than to spend on brands and pieces that he can wear for years to come.

The style of the Aquarius man is different to other signs in that he likes to be individual rather than follow the crowd. He’s certainly into fashion and takes note of what is trending, but at the same time, he makes his own choices and never wears things that don’t suit him, just because they’re cool. He actually gets a kick out of wearing clothes that seem a little out there to other people. Out of the zodiac, this is the one sign that really doesn’t care about the judgments and criticisms of others, so he never hesitates to actually buy what he wants rather than what he’s expected to wear.

The Aquarius man is quite creative, and shopping allows him to express himself in his own way. Style is something that is important to him because he can reveal things about himself without having to use words.

2Pisces Woman: Painting, Singing, Or Dancing, Even If You’re Bad At It

They say you should sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching, and we’re pretty sure it was a Pisces who first coined that phrase. When life gets tough, the Pisces woman copes with it by getting in touch with her creative side and releasing her constrained energy. Singing along to music, dancing her heart out or even grabbing a brush and painting whatever comes to her mind can relieve enormous stress, especially if she has a job which doesn’t allow her to be creative. This is one sign that needs to express her feelings and ideas, and if she doesn’t, she just gets anxious.

The thing about Pisces is that she’s not likely to be terrible at any of these things. She is creative and usually, very talented, so she doesn’t have to worry about embarrassing herself. But even if she were terrible, it’s the freedom that comes with letting go which relieves her stress and gets her through the tough times in her life. Don’t be surprised if you catch her letting loose on the dancefloor of a nightclub or heading to karaoke the next time her life throws her a couple of lemons.

1Pisces Man: Going To Music Festivals

Like the Pisces woman, the Pisces man has an affinity for the arts. He likes to get creative and express the ideas that flow through his head, and sometimes, singing and dancing and painting can do this for him. But other times, he likes to go somewhere and be completely surrounded by music and dancing. He craves a place where he can be himself without judgment, and where he can truly go wild to shake away all his stress, and that place is a music festival.

The Pisces man likes to go to music festivals because he likes to escape from his life for a brief time. Don’t forget that this sign is a dreamer who loves a bit of fantasy, so a music festival allows him to abandon his work and responsibilities and almost revert back to boyhood, where it was okay to jump around and go a little nuts.

There’s nothing wrong with going to a music festival either, but the Pisces man might feel like it’s a guilty pleasure which he can’t tell certain people about, like his family. Basically, he knows that he’s going there to get totally lit, so he can’t help feeling a little guilty.





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