Here’s Each Sign’s Biggest Insecurity In A Relationship

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Here’s Each Sign’s Biggest Insecurity In A Relationship

Relationships can build us up and break us down; it sounds rough, but it’s true. Sometimes the best part of a relationship is recognizing that we still have insecurities or limitations we put on ourselves. Understanding who we are is incredibly important to growing up. Growth can only happen by constantly working at improving ourselves. A part of that is recognizing what our insecurities are, and looking at ways to remedy them. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t feel insecure about anything. We would love and embrace every part of ourselves, even though that’s not necessarily practical. Unfortunately for us, this isn’t the world we live in. We’re left with insecurities just as bad as the next person, despite years and years of working on ourselves. When we let ourselves feel insecure, we lose faith in ourselves. We love who we are, and we hope that every else can also find the same sort of self love. It certainly gets hard to hold on to when we’re dealing with high emotions in relationships. Our partners really influence us, just as much as our stars do. Here’s how each sign is most likely to feel insecure in a relationship.

24Scorpio Women: Aren’t Always As Confident As They Come Across

Scorpio women are confident powerhouses that won’t take no for an answer if they really believe something should go their way.

They’re the ones who end up strutting down the street after falling on their faces, and don’t feel shame for it at all. We wish we could be as confident as the Scorpio woman. That is, until something shakes her faith. Her confidence is easily able to slide away, especially if she finds out her partner has kept a secret from her. Insecure? Maybe. It’s very much tied to her partner, though, and is one of the only insecurities she has in a relationship.

23Scorpio Men: Tend Get Jealous, And Can’t Always Control it

Scorpio men are great to have in relationships, especially if they’re with a partner who likes to keep things calm most of the time. The Scorpio man wants a whole lot of love in a relationship, which draws them towards more affectionate signs. Unfortunately, affectionate signs might not be as discerning with their casual affection as a Scorpio man wants. They tend to get jealous, and can’t always control their reactions when that happens. This can result in a lot of insecurity on the part of the Scorpio man. Due to his closed-off nature, this makes it a little awkward for him to open up about this insecurity.

22Taurus Women: Don’t Like To Argue At All

Taurus women are gentle and easy going, as long as they don’t get angry. When they get angry they tend to pull a Grandma move and get “disappointed” in someone. They don’t scream, fight, or yell. Instead they get quiet. We don’t particularly know if that’s good or bad. Oftentimes we don’t even realize that the Taurus woman is angry at us, which (again) could be good or bad. Surprisingly, this is actually a point of insecurity for her. Sometimes she feels like she wants to yell about something. Due to her easy going nature she doesn’t always know how, and that can make tensions rise in a relationship spat.

21Taurus Men: Can Get A Little Too Invested In A Partner

When a partner becomes really invested, most of us are pleased. We like the commitment and are happy that our partner feels strongly about us. Sometimes, however, a partner can get a little too invested. The Taurus man knows who he is and what he wants. While insecurities might appear, they’re pretty insignificant in day to day life. His biggest insecurity? An imbalance in investment.

Earth signs tend to keep their true feelings close, not wanting to give away too much.

This is why they start to feel a little insecure. They feel that they’re giving away too much of their heart by being so in love. Not the worst insecurity, and one that we feel should be embraced.

20Gemini Women: Sometimes Feel Anxious Around A Partner (Even After Several Months)

Gemini women are altogether very creative and sweet souls. They tend to worry, though, as their emotional states often change back and forth.

Geminis can find it tricky to stick to a decision, and are very in tune with their emotions.

This means that they’re going to listen to those emotions, even if it’s irrational. They tend to worry about what their partner thinks even months into a relationship. While this might be a point of insecurity, we have to say that it’s not a bad thing. It’s just a sign that the Gemini woman cares deeply and intensely. Deep caring is never a bad thing!

19Gemini Men: Might Have Second Thoughts, Whether They Actually Mean To Or Not

Remember when we mentioned that the Gemini woman tends to find it tricky sticking to a decision? Gemini men are very in the moment. When combined with finding it tricky to stick to a decision, this means there’s a perfect spot for second thoughts to grow. They might not even mean to think them. Second thoughts just come up sometimes, and it can eat away at their insecurities. We know that it’s not their fault. Just let those thoughts go, Gemini, and everything will be okay. No reason to feel insecure! Luckily as quickly as the thoughts come they also go. If they stick around, though, that’s when the second thoughts might have more to them.

18Sagittarius Women: Might Get Annoyed With A Take-It-Slow Partner

Sagittarius women are wild cards. They can either be romantic and sweet or passionate and impulsive. They’re the perfect storm of passion and wit, making them almost irresistible. Due to their passion, they often find that they get caught up in relationships with folks who don’t have a similar sort of passionate outlook on life. Being the driving force is fun (to a point), but when the Sagittarius woman’s partner decides to pull back and take it slow she can’t help but get a little annoyed. It’s not her fault! We would feel insecure too if things were going great and someone started pulling away.

17Sagittarius Men: Don’t Always See Eye-To-Eye With More Grounded Partners

Sagittarius men are just as outgoing and fun as their female counterparts, but they also tend to be a little more independent. While Sagittarius women tend to be more go-with-the-flow, the Sagittarius man marches to his own beat.

He loves being independent, and holds strong and fast to his ideas until they’re proven differently.

Part of his insecurity comes from disappointment. Sagittarius is a people pleasing sign, making it hard to disappoint a loved one. When the Sagittarius man doesn’t see eye-to-eye with a more grounded partner, that’s when he starts to feel insecure. Thankfully that can be fixed with some instant compassion!

16Virgo Women: Tend To Find Flaws In Themselves And Their Partner

The Virgo woman is easy to please if we get to know her. She’s a straightforward sign. She likes to think, discuss, and debate, and doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. She appreciates opinions and knows that there’s many different ways to work through a problem. However, she can also be a little bit of a perfectionist.

She loves to improve things, and is always looking for things to fix.

This means that she has a tendency to find flaws in both herself and her partner, making things a little awkward sometimes (especially if the partner isn’t open to criticism).

15Virgo Men: Sometimes Feel Guilty About Having Fun

Due to a Virgo’s analytical mind, they tend to find themselves feeling guilty about taking time off. They have trouble turning off that “constant improvement” brain, making it tricky to actually sit down and take a minute for themselves. While this makes a fun and loose partner a huge benefit to a Virgo, it also means that they’re likely going to find themselves feeling guilty about relaxing and having fun. It’s not that they dislike it; they just recognize that it’s not necessarily a practical use of time. Our best advice? Enjoy smelling the flowers while they’re still in bloom. All the weeding can happen later.

14Cancer Women: Are Loyal To A Fault (But Not Always To The Right Person)

Cancer women know in their hearts what’s right. They have a very strong sense of self, despite being devoted to their partner. They’re almost overly loyal, which makes it difficult sometimes to separate what they want to do from what their partner wants to do. Their love is pure, but their trust isn’t won easily. Despite protecting their hearts from pain, they can still end up in love with the wrong person. Their loyalty can sometimes be their biggest insecurity, inspiring them to stay with someone more out of loyalty than out of romantic love. That confusion can make relationships hard, and the Cancer woman feel insecure.

13Cancer Men: Can’t Always Be Vulnerable Fast Enough

A Cancer man is a great partner. He’s loyal, understanding, and willing to listen to any and all concerns. Not to mention how he usually has great conversation and a whole lot of pride in the relationship. However, his big insecurity lies in needing to be vulnerable with his partners.

While he wants to open up, it sometimes takes him a while to feel comfortable enough to do that.

He’s got a whole lot of love, and he sometimes gets nervous when he goes to share it. Needing to take things low and slow can be a point of insecurity for him, despite the fact that he’s totally allowed to go as slow as he needs to.

12Aries Women: Tend To Get Bored, Even If The Relationship Is Good

Aries women are incredibly hardworking, and light up the lives of anyone who comes close to them.

Fire signs are almost magnetic, making it easy for the Aries woman to attract many different types of people and relationships.

Part of the reason that they like to be in relationships is the fact that it’s truly a partnership. They want the assurance that someone is going to put in as much work for them as they’re willing to put in. When that attention or effort fades, they tend to get bored and easily distracted. And yes, it is a point of insecurity. Nobody wants to feel distracted in a relationship!

11Aries Men: Tend To Snap And Say Things They Don’t Mean

As much passion as an Aries has there’s also as much hotheadedness. This sign is one that doesn’t mess around when it comes to play fighting if they’re upset about something you’ll know, and you’ll know it in every way possible. We love the fact that the Aries man is so willing to stand up for himself and his opinions. However, it can certainly go overboard when there’s a lack of listening happening. We know that the Aries man doesn’t mean any harm, but sometimes he slips up. He lets his anger take over, and might say something he doesn’t mean. That’s the ultimate insecurity for the Aries man.

10Capricorn Women: Don’t Always Forgive Their Partners After A Misstep

Very few signs hold grudges. While there are a few that tend to latch on to upsets or negative emotions, on the whole the signs are happy to be in healthy relationships. One sign that has a hard time handling grudges is the Capricorn. Capricorn women tend to take things very personally, despite their distant or detached mood. This means that any misstep their partner performs is taken as an affront to not only the relationship, but also themselves. They find it hard to forgive any misdeeds or missteps, which is one of their biggest insecurities in a romantic relationship.

9Capricorn Men: Can’t Help But See A Negative Ending

In a rare case, this is a sign that doesn’t actually see their their insecurity until the very end of a relationship.

Capricorn men are intelligent, but they also tend to be pessimistic.

They’re not the biggest fans of optimism, and tend to find reasons to get out of things that could have a potentially negative outcome. However, they are hardworking. If they can be convinced that their efforts will pay off positively, they’ll throw their all into a project. We personally love that about the Capricorn, even if their pessimism is a source of negative thoughts.

8Pisces Women: Tend To Worry If They’re In Love With The Person Or Just The Idea Of Them

Pisces women are so sweet, and don’t need a whole lot of convincing to fall in love.

While we’re not saying that they fall in love too easily, we are saying that their open hearts will let any and all people in. This means their empathy is incredibly high, but it’s also a sign that they might not be connecting with the actual person sitting in front of them. An open heart leaves a lot to interpretation, which often results in Pisces women falling in love with the idea more than the person. They know it too, and often feel insecure about it, second guessing their feelings.

7Pisces Men: Can’t Help But Question If Their Love Is Fully Returned

Second guessing isn’t just for Pisces women. Pisces men also find that they end up second guessing feelings. Not their feelings, of course, but rather the feelings of their partner. The Pisces is a sign with a rich imagination and inner life. They get caught up in the act of imagining, and can often let that infiltrate the other aspects of their life. They tend to question whether or not their love is fully returned, which can be unfortunate for those signs that keep their emotions locked down tight. Miscommunication can happen between those signs and the Pisces, which adds to a Pisces woman’s insecurity.

6Aquarius Women: Find It Hard To Trust Someone Else With Their Heart

Aquarius women love to love. It’s just a part of who they are. While they don’t get as locked into fantasy as the Pisces woman does, she’s certainly still going to fantasize about her lover until she manages to find him. One of the things we love about the Aquarius woman is the fact that she’s not afraid to dream. Her goals and aspirations are sky high, and we hope she never lowers them! The one thing we wish she would consider changing? Letting her guard down. People love the quirky and creative Aquarius. She just needs to let her heart shine in the hands of another person. Then the insecurity in a relationship will be gone.

5Aquarius Men: Sometimes Choose A Relationship Just So They’re Not Alone

This insecurity sounds a little more dramatic than it actually is. Sure, it’s not great to be in a relationship with someone just for the sake of being in a relationship. In an ideal world we would be in a relationship with someone who loves us and cherishes us, rather than being with someone just for the sake of being theirs.

The Aquarius man tends to like partnerships better than solo adventures, though, making his big insecurity the fact that he’s in a relationship in the first place.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to find love; sometimes he just has doubts about whether his partner is “the one”.

Leo Women: Might Find Self-Doubt Creeping In

Leo ladies are fierce, but they definitely don’t have unshakable confidence. They love themselves and their passions, but they don’t necessarily like the fact that they crave affection and validation from their partners.

When going through a dry spell of passion their self-doubt can start to take away from their confidence.

This means that they can end up feeling down about themselves, despite the fact that they’re some of the most incredibly magnetic women out there! Leo ladies, don’t let insecurity stop you from putting on that confidence. Sure, maybe it’s a “fake it ‘til you make it” situation… At least it’s confidence!

3Leo Men: Won’t Want To Change (Even Out Of The Honeymoon Phase)

This might come as a surprise, but the honeymoon phase does indeed end. Maybe it’s a shock to those that don’t often stay in relationships, but we know that it’s just a natural progression of love. People change, and as the excitement wears off so does the physical affection and passion. Leo men love those things, though, which means they tend to resist those changes a little. Leo men never want things to change, and find that they get insecure when the relationship becomes more familiar and less romantic. Hang in there, Leo guy. The love is still there. It’s just different now.

2Libra Women: Get Insecure About Their Indecisiveness

Libra women are definitely not the most outwardly passionate sign. In fact, they’re not the most outwardly anything, preferring instead to keep their thoughts and feelings close inside of them. They like to know exactly what’s going on, and don’t let anyone fool them with half truths or omissions of information. Even with all that knowledge, though, they tend to still have difficulty making decisions. Their indecisiveness is a point of insecurity for them, as it sometimes holds them back from things they really want to do as well as opportunities they want to pursue. While it’s not the worst thing in the world, it certainly is a sore spot for the rational Libra.

1Libra Men: Might Not Be Able To Shake Disappointment In A Partner

Libra men love their partners unconditionally. After all, if you’re in a relationship you need to, right? However, they don’t always bounce back after disappointment happens.

If their partner disappoints them, they’ll find that they’re constantly thinking about it and trying to figure out why it happened.

It’s hard to come to terms with hurt, especially the hurt that comes from a partner disappointing us. The logical Libra might not be able to find a rhyme or reason, making this a hard feeling to shake! They know it too, making it a certain point of insecurity in a relationship.

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