Here is the dark side of each zodiac sign …

Here is the worst defect of each astrological sign. That of Gemini is unbearable!
March 29, 2019
What are the most intelligent astrological signs
March 29, 2019
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Here is the dark side of each zodiac sign …

Because the universe is infinite, the constellations and the stars maintain mysteries still unclear. These puzzles naturally refer to what your zodiac sign hides from darker …

When you read your horoscope, you are informed about what can happen to you in certain aspects of your life. Your love life, your professional life, your financial health and your physical health are scrutinized by astrologers.

However, your zodiacal sign hides a dark side that horoscopes do not reveal to you. This dark part of astrology restores the balance in your interior but when it is unleashed, it does not warn you like a natural instinct that comes back at a gallop.

Seeing how it is gone, we prefer to warn you now: the words that follow are absolutely the domain of the second degree and it is a good delirium written on our part. Take them lightly, but not too much … The dark side of your astrological sign should not disturb your well-being.

1 – Aries

As we know, Aries is stubborn and proud. Thus, he will never have the guts to recognize his wrongs and therefore, he does not tend to listen to the advice that is lavished on him. Child, it is often the one who closes his ears and shouts “Na na na na, I do not hear you! (You see this little heavy thing that makes a lot of noise for nothing …). If he believes himself the best, it is the only one to be convinced.

2 – Taurus

If Taurus is angry, this is mainly due to its possessive and exclusive character. In his childhood, he does not lend his toys, the same way he does not lend a pen to his classmate who is in trouble during an exam. The problem is that it can hardly hide its dark side. Everyone sees when he peeps a window with a kick for no reason. Seriously, what fly stung him?

3 – Gemini

He is often thought of as a scholar who philosophizes about anything and everything. However, he has nothing of a superior intelligence … He is just a very good manipulator. If he offers you something, it will probably be followed by a discreet hyena snigger. He pretends to be interested in you but in truth, he does not care and takes the opportunity to find your weak point.

4 – Cancer

Very first degree, Cancer is the most capricious sign that is. Since small, it’s sausage in his corner if he does not have what he wants. He can easily get upset and get on his big horses a quarter turn. At least we know what to do if we do not want to hear about it: vex him and he will sulk like a baby!

5 – Lion

King of the jungle, Leo is also believed to be the master of the signs of the Zodiac. Impulsive by nature, he has an oversized ego and it’s very hard to believe because Kanye West is not one of them. Also proud, he does not accept criticism so if you see a mane badly coiffed, do not say anything … You could receive a lot of claw!

6 – Virgo

Ode to purity! The Virgin is simply an exceptional maniac. Do not even think of kissing him if you wear lipstick or cream on his face, he will throw himself directly into the water fountain. He likes everything to be smooth, organized and can not stand the upheaval. Casanier, the Virgin is just very boring … At least you can pretend to offer him out, out of politeness, he will refuse anyway.

7 – Balance

If you think that Libra is synonymous with balance, that’s about it … In fact, it’s not the balance that comes out but the indecision, the current hesitation. Unable to make a decision is the one who will order a portion of fries / half potatoes at fast food. He will be content to follow the rest of the group but will wonder for a long time on the road if he has done well, taking a small step to overcome no one. What is it soft !!!

8 – Scorpion

In our ranking of the most wicked zodiac signs , Scorpion came in first with the honors. And for him, it’s more than an honor! Calculator and mysterious, he hides his game very well. He has no taboo and could spit your four truths in the face like a venom, no matter if it hurts you. His goal in life: to be number one leaves the others to be less than nothing. Well done Morray !

9 – Sagittarius

If there is one thing that moves Sagittarius (ooooh assonance!), It’s his imagination. A bit too much because yes, Sagittarius is a patented dreamer. Always head in the clouds, as if he thought he could take refuge in his constellation. However, this dreamy side makes him ephemeral in people’s lives: he does not attach himself to anyone because he goes from one thing to another. A wizarding spirit in short!

10 – Capricorn

His goal in life is to succeed, to be successful in what he undertakes. And to do this, he leads his boat alone. It is a loner with a turtle shell (it does not say but we understood …). He is not the type to take things lightly (it’s heavy to wear a shell …) and is not a fan of the second degree. It is boring and it really does bader. Watch out for depression if you hang out with a Capricorn.

11 – Aquarius

Aquarius represents the back side of the scene. Whatever face he exposes, do not be fooled because he has an idea in his mind that he will never confess. Passionate and adventurer, he is impassive in the face of love and can take the tangent at any time. You see this guy who goes to tobacco “to buy cigarettes” and finally let woman and children to their sad fate? It’s him all spit. Eccentric solitaire, he is at his head and does not bother to harm others.

12 – Fish

As its name suggests, the Fish often tends to be carried by the stream of water of life (this poetry … magic!). Renowned for his lack of seriousness, his indifference to everything around him is truly incredible. His nonchalance is worthy of a slug and he does not care about the opinion of others. The worst thing is that it often goes into melancholy and depression. Imagine a fish drowning in grief, it’s sad …

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