Here is the Bad Witch side of your Zodiac sign.. The Answer Could Surprise You..

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March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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Here is the Bad Witch side of your Zodiac sign.. The Answer Could Surprise You..

Warning: if you are sensitive and devoid of sense of humor (if you are of the sign Fish for example), you must under no pretext read what will follow!

In astrology, we usually only talk about the good sides of each sign of the zodiac. You are “sensitive”, “intelligent” or “optimistic”. Fortunately, we can also stop you and tell you all your faults! On the astrology Astrology website , we discover what are the worst characteristics of each sign … Have a good read!


The Aquarians have a small elitist side. They want to be special, unique, and have a certain tendency to look down on others because they are, according to them, “too common, without originality”. The funny thing is that their entire lives seem to be dedicated to this: trying to be unique and original … but that can lead them to become particularly boring. In fact, they do not realize how boring they are, that when their whole body is covered with tattoos in the form of Chinese characters, and that their hybrid cars will be completely covered with stereotypical pseudo-progressive stickers.

To summarize, the versailles make perfect hipsters. They are properly haughty, arrogant and superficial. In short, they are useless and believe themselves above all.


The fish are unable to bear the jokes. They are hyper susceptible, too sensitive, and nothing can upset them. Like the fish that represent them, they are cold, viscous and have a limited concentration capacity, not exceeding 3 minutes. They like to be swept away by currents, a bit like jellyfish, to go anywhere.

Their apparent gentleness and generosity hides in fact a total lack of firmness and especially of character. So, they stuck all the stuff that nobody wants, because everyone sees in them good pears.


Aries are nervous little ones who get angry when things go wrong. Like the little pug who barks at everything that passes before hiding fearfully in their mistress’s dresses, they make others believe that they have a dominant personality because their quirks are particularly noisy … But these are not than whims, in reality.

If they have the slightest danger in front of them, they will calm down quickly and return to pitifully bury themselves in their corner. Apart from that, there is not much to add because their nature is devoid of any interesting complexity.


The heaviness of Taurus is matched only by its legendary slowness. Borne and stubborn, it does not stand out for its finesse, it’s the least we can say!

Besides that, Taurus is materialistic, selfish and stingy. The intellectual and abstract aspect of things is beyond them, they are far too down-to-earth and simple. Finally, they have eyes only for food and comfort, like a pig who guzzling and think of nothing else. They are centered on their own image and will spend hours in front of the mirror contemplating their image, trying to hide their slightest imperfections. Once they’re sure they’re “perfect,” they’ll go out and sip a sweet cocktail while sneering at others and the way they dress. They are exceptionally boring.


It is said that they are curious about everything and adaptable, in fact, it is rather a total lack of depth and consistency that gives this impression. They are absolutely unable to really focus on anything specific, and their way of thinking really stays on the surface of things. Everything they say has absolutely no interest, anyway it’s just wind: they do not even think and usually they forget it right after!

During a conversation, they spread their knowledge, go from cock to donkey to overwhelm their interlocutor, make themselves interesting and look cultivated. Yet, one quickly realizes that behind their scholarly and scholarly aspect, they have no depth of thought, no scope. In fact, they are more like a kind of robot, an intelligent automaton that repeats by heart what he has learned without really thinking much about it.


Do you remember that kid, in high school, who was the victim of everyone, the one who always looked like a beaten dog and would lock himself in the bathroom to whine? Well, he was probably of the sign Cancer. They like to curl up in their little shell of fragile crab, as soon as their poor little heart is injured, which happens very often. Become adults, Cancer are always victims: it’s just that people now prefer to pay for their head behind their back, when they are not there, rather than openly making fun of them.

Nobody likes them. They are sad, dull, gloomy, insipid, even downright sinister.


The Lion are absolutely disgusting and vain creatures, egocentric and imbued with themselves. They need constant attention, to be worshiped, otherwise they fade, wither and die. Yes, being a Lion is not nearly as flattering as you might think! Yet the Lion think hard to be exceptional, while they actually go for ridiculous and appalling, so it seems obvious that they try at all costs to pretend to be better than they are. In fact, they are primarily complexed who live only in the eyes of others … Because they know, deep down, that they are not worth much.

Often, and failing real friends, the Lion gathered around him a small team of minions, which he uses to flatter his ego and sometimes, to do his dishes and take out the trash. With this court of hypocrites that turns him around constantly, he believes hard that he is great, that everyone loves him and that it is a privilege to be around him … only behave like a little tyrant. He does not even realize the lack of sincerity of those who flatter him, it is necessary to believe that the lucidity is not part of his (rare) qualities … He is in fact only a spoiled child, despotic, egocentric and authoritarian.


Virgins are fat shamans who are ashamed of nothing. Their ideal life would be to stay slumped on a couch, to eat Pringles in front of the TV. However, they are capable of analytical skills – for example, they can spend years analyzing the pros, the cons, calculating the benefits and harms, to know if, yes or no, they will one day mage the buttocks and finally find a real job.

Even when he works (yes, it is possible!), The Virgin will not shine by his career, because he simply has no ambition. Its existence will be reduced to that of a servant, a mop, which does not really have much value … besides that of accepting to be treated like a less than nothing. It must be said that, suddenly, they are very practical to perform the tasks thankless! Normal, they do not know much else … To sum up, the Virgin are insignificant, weak and soft.


Libra is a vague being, vague, indefinite. They are, like the Virgin, very lazy, go to bed late, sleep until 1 o’clock in the afternoon. They do not know what they want and do not really have a personality. Unable to assert themselves, they will generally rank on the side of the strongest.

Loneliness is a phobia at home, they constantly need other people around to feel themselves exist. In fact, they have no life of their own, they live for others and according to what they think of them. They want to please at any price, which makes them hypocritical, indecisive, hesitant in everything they say, calculators, not very frank of the necklace … Their so-called artistic sense is, in fact, nothing but silliness, of sweetened sentimentality. In reality, Libra are cerebral and cold beings.


The Scorpion really has a bad reputation … and to be honest, it is well deserved! A true sociopath in the soul, he is a sneaky, inquisitive, neurotic and aggressive being. It is oddly reminiscent of a scorpion (no kidding), but also to other friendly animals such as the weasel, the snake or the rat sewer: perverse, petty, dangerous and disturbing.

He delights in the suffering of others while pretending to act for good. He likes to distract, manipulate and work in the shadows on his Machiavellian plans. However, he is also totally paranoid, sad, pathetic … It is the internal malaise of Scorpio that drives them to become fat psychopaths. You never know what they really think, and if they are not plotting to murder us. The best thing is to avoid them like the plague.


Sagittarians think they are great philosophers, witty and enlightened. They think they are in the vanguard, and this is probably the most ridiculous aspect of their character: most of them are in reality big conformist bourgeois, neo-conservatives not even able to assume their own ideas.

Inconstant, unable to keep a promise, eager to attract attention and impress others, they are certainly among the most annoying. They dream of adventure, but are not even able to leave their daily routine: they would be terrified of losing what they have. Sagittarians are well known for making idiotic choices, which they then regret.


Their morbid timidity is really hard to see. In general, they slip awkwardly, finding random excuses. When you try to be a little nice and go talk to him (good luck), you understand very quickly why he is so shy and withdrawn: he does not speak, simply because he has nothing to say.

His whole personality could be summed up by a kind of big interstellar emptiness, nothingness. Capricorn is just boring to death, it has only black ideas, you morals in two phases. In short, he is right to want to go unnoticed at all costs and to lack confidence in him. Oddly enough, it seems that there are still people who appreciate them, which seems to defy all the laws of logic, but hey, it takes everything to make a world after all!

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