Here Are The Most Comforting Self-Care Acts Each Zodiac Sign Can Do Post-Breakup

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Here Are The Most Comforting Self-Care Acts Each Zodiac Sign Can Do Post-Breakup

Since before recorded history even started, we have been looking to the stars to seek guidance in issues of love, careers, love, fulfillment, love, destiny, and love. Did I mention love? Yes? Oh, okay.

In all seriousness, astrology and our Zodiac signs can be pretty darn spot on when it comes to issues in our lives and as human beings one of the biggest issues for us is love. But if you have come to this article looking for advice on how to help with your own love life, you have come to the wrong place.

This article does not focus on love going right, but rather what should you do when love goes wrong. Each sign has specific quirks and tendencies that tell us how we will feel going through a breakup and give us some insight into why. Each sign’s unique personality traits also can tell us quite a bit about what we can do in each situation to help us feel lots better.

In recent years, self-care has come into the mainstream and has finally been recognized not as being selfish and taking time away from responsibilities, but as an essential act to keep us functioning at our best.

Read on to find that cross-section between astrology and self-care to find out what you should do when those inevitable breakups happen and you need to take care of yourself.

16Fire Signs: Get Bit By The Travel Bug

The fire signs are hungry for life. They are those personalities you look to for their energy and spirit. Their spirits are fiery and their intuition is a huge factor in their lives. This is totally okay because a fire sign’s intuition is almost never wrong. They are creative and always ready for an adventure.

In the case of a breakup, a fire sign might just feel a little bit more burned out than enthusiastic and firey.

To recover that zest for life, fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius should seriously consider taking a spontaneous trip.

Fire signs are passionate and ready for adventure and this act of metaphorically taking off from what’s bothering a fire sign can make that bold spirit kick back in.

This trip doesn’t have to be a week-long escape to an all-inclusive resort in the Florida Keys (seriously, who has the time and money for that?) This trip can be an afternoon drive to a few towns over just to take in the views and try that little diner she’s always heard so much about. Whether a fire lady decides to take a trip with friends or just throw a dart at a state map and go visit wherever it lands, a healthy dose of adventure will help her recover that flame she feels like she’s lost.

15Aries: Workout Any Negativity

Aries girls are one of those special girls that are known to be headstrong and outspoken. Since Aries is ever the optimist and a romantic they tend to trust with an almost childlike naivety, when a relationship goes bad, it goes really bad. The trademark Arien temper can make this burst of emotion into a destructive force of nature.

The good news is that just like wind can be channeled into energy, the sudden burst of emotion can be put to good use.

Aries are known to be high energy, so the best form of self-care for an Aries lady to take on post break up is to try a new active workout.

Aries are not cut out for yoga, as they crave using all their energy in a more high-intensity fashion. A short burst activity like spinning class or kickboxing can be a great way to get out some of that negative energy without any regrets that follow. Going on a long hike or mountain biking is also a great alternative. Aries gets to work out that energy in an adventure, with the added bonus of communing with nature.

14Leo: Fing Your Inner Peace

Leos naturally have big personalities and big hearts to match. They are natural born leaders and often can bring sunshine by just walking into a room. They have a tendency to be extremely social and creative. On the negative side, however, a Leo lady can also be naive and too trusting because of an internal expectation that everyone has the same high standards she does. This paired with a propensity towards pride and difficulty getting back in the saddle after a setback means that Leos can have a difficult time overcoming a breakup.

What a Leo Lady needs for self-care post break up is a creative outlet where she can learn something new while being around others.

The ideal self-care act for a Leo is to go sign up for a new class like yoga or watercolor painting.

It’s important that she is able to not only find something to focus her energy on, but she can flex her creative muscles to help her regain her confidence and drive. Being around other people is just as important as Leos are extremely social. Feeling like she has a group to support her will help her feel like her fierce self in no time.

13Sagittarius: Get Creative

A Sagittarius lady is typically always happy and social and likes to daydream about what will happen one day. When a Sagittarius has all of these big dreams built up about the someday with her partner, it can be quite a let down when a break up happens and causes her to throw out all of those potential adventures.

Nevertheless, Sagittarius is not one who likes to dwell on her emotions and would rather distract herself from them until she can move on, which will not take too terribly long for Sagittarius’ naturally positive spirit and happy heart.

Sagittarius typically has an innate love of learning and being creative, so a great self-care act for her would be to pop some popcorn and do some coloring.

If she wants to grab some crayons and a princess coloring book that’s awesome, but the world of coloring books has stretched so much that she might be able to satisfy her love of learning too by getting a coloring book having to do with science, animals, or famous literary quotes. Some meditative coloring on an inspiring quote will have Sagittarius as good as new before she knows it.

12Earth Signs: Spend Time With Family And Friends

The Earth element centered signs are easily the most practical of the Zodiac. They are stable, reliable, and cautious. They enjoy the security of a relationship and are tolerant, loving, patient, and steadfast. While the Earth Signs do not have to have others around them to be happy, they love the contact and emotional support that comes from friends, family, or a partner.

When Earth signs experience something that disrupts their desire for security and routine, like the loss of a partner due to a breakup, they can experience an upsetting cocktail of emotions from sadness to anger to loneliness. Earth signs can react by becoming totally inflexible and digging their heels in rather than attempting to see the positive in the situation. They can be blinded by the fact that their routine and habits are going to change and might miss the silver linings of starting a new chapter in their lives.

Since the Earth signs crave comfort and security one excellent self-care act is to spend some quality time with a family member.

Being around someone comfortable and safe can make Earth signs feel more grounded and secure, stopping the tailspin of emotions in its tracks.

Going to dinner at mom and dad’s house, video chatting a brother or sister, or, in a pinch, spending the afternoon with a friend that is so close he or she feels like a family member is just the ticket.

11Taurus: Grab Your Girls And Have A Movie Night

Routine, stability and security are three of the most important things in the world to a Taurus. Taurus ladies are dedicated and loyal to their tribe, so a break up is a terrible thing for Taurus to go through. Taurus might be hurt, but they will not be spending their time pining for their ex or planning on how to get him back. The Taurean mind is logical and practical. Once a Taurus lady makes her mind up about something or someone it is extremely unlikely for her to be moved. This means that post break up, a resilient Taurus immediately starts planning a path for getting her life back together as a single woman.

Because a Taurus lady loves comfort and security, a fantastic post break up self-care action is to watch an old, familiar movie.

Childhood movies are excellent for this because there’s pretty much nothing a Disney animated classic cannot cure. To bump up the comfort level, Taurus should whip up or order in some comfort food. You can never go wrong with macaroni and cheese. It’s nostalgic and soothing at the same time. If her mom or best friend lives nearby, she should invite them over too and snuggle up under a blanket. She’ll be well on your way to “over it” in no time.

10Virgo: Try Your Hand In The Kitchen

Virgos are neat perfectionists who crave order, efficiency, and control. All of this adds up to an uncomfortable situation when emotions are running high. Emotions, especially sad ones following a messy breakup, are not neat and tidy and Virgo’s independent nature compels her to work through it on her own. Virgo often has a natural tendency to think through and rationalize emotions until they seem to no longer exist. This can be incredibly exhausting for a Virgo lady, so it is important for her to take some time out for self-care in a troubling situation like this.

The best sort of self-care for a Virgo is one that is detail oriented.

Virgo should consider planning out and cooking a fancy dinner just because she deserves one.

This is a dinner to pull out all of the stops for. She should use the nicest plates and silverware she has, gets a bottle of wine or sparkling grape juice and look up the recipes for her favorite dishes. If that means chicken cordon bleu or just a simple taco salad, then so be it. The point is detail oriented Virgo’s mind will be soothed by going through the steps and creating a masterpiece.Featured Today

9Capricorn: Go On An Adventure

Capricorns are so hard on themselves. The Capricorn personality thrives on rules, expectations, and self-discipline and tries their very hardest to resist change in any form. This change could take the form of a breakup and Capricorn having to rework her routines and long-term plans around the absence of her partner. The initial pain of the break up will for Capricorn come from this adjustment, but due to Capricorn’s maturity and sensible mind, she will be okay sooner rather than later.

Because Capricorns love to plan long term, a great self-care project for a post break up Capricorn lady is to research and plan out her perfect vacation to a T.

Rather than mourning all the things she wanted to do with her partner one day, this vacation should be all about her. Her love of certainty and order will thrive on picking the perfect destination, whether she wants to stay in a hotel or a resort, and what she wants to do there. Since Capricorn can be quite the intellectual, she can check out what museums and historical places she can visit while she is there. All that’s left for Capricorn to do is to start saving up her change to make it happen one day.

8Air Signs: Put Your Nose In A Good Book

Air signs are intellectuals who thrive on ideas, novelty, and possibility. They love discussion and learning new things. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all deeply concerned with communication. In the post break up space, it might seem as though there is a vacuum of communication left in their lives, particularly for Gemini who has an almost physical need to get her thoughts and insights out and Libra who craves connection with others.

Post break up this lack of communication can make an Air Sign feel nervous, unbalanced, restless, and perhaps even depressed.

In this situation, an Air Sign lady should think about making use of her unpredictable and intellectual tendencies and go to a thrift store or used bookshop and see what unexpected treasures she can find.

An Air Sign’s almost butterfly-like mind will love the possibilities of what can be discovered in all of the books that surround her.

The second-hand books, clothes, and other objects in a thrift shop are a small connection to some other time and place, not only allowing an Air Sign to learn something new but to almost form a small little bond in the sharing of the item with its past owner.

7Gemini: Go On A Girls Trip

Geminis are eternal social butterflies. They are easily the most talkative of all of the signs. Because Geminis are social, it can be a bummer for a Gemini lady that one her most constant friends, her ex, is suddenly not in the picture for her to talk to, especially when she is experiencing her least favorite thing: a lot of emotions all at once. The social nature of Gemini means they need to work through emotions by talking, so post breaks up, you will not find a Gemini lady hiding in her bedroom with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s; she is going to seek out company.

The best post-breakup self-care act a Gemini can do is to make a date with some girlfriends to do something fun.

This can be anything from going to play in the park to going to a trivia night at the local dive to having a potluck. The important part is that Gemini needs to be with other people. If there is something mentally stimulating, like a Harry Potter trivia contest at or checking out a used bookstore it’s an added bonus because the quick mind of the Gemini lady thrives on words and puzzles.

6Libra: Carve Out Some Down Time

Ah, poor Libra. Libras often take heartbreak so hard. Loving relationships are of the highest importance for Libra ladies, so a break up can be debilitating. Libras thrive on peace, harmony, and balance and are willing to go to extremes to keep things just so and the falling apart of the norm can send a Libra lady into a tailspin. She might start questioning herself and feeling insecure.

Even though Libras are natural people pleasers and love to be social, taking some time to be by herself might be the best self-care act a Libra lady can take.

A great idea is to carve a chunk of time out for some all-out rest and relaxation.

She should take a long hot shower or bath and pull out all the stops with scented bubble bath, and yummy smelling, hydrating body wash. She should wash her hair with her best shampoo and deep condition it. She should shave her legs and exfoliate. When she gets out of the shower she should do a face mask and paint her nails a color that makes her feel confident and strong. The whole point of the beauty ritual is not that she should look good to impress others; the point is that she feels like her best self once again.

5Aquarius: Give Some DIYs A Try

Aquarius has such a unique way of seeing the world. Aquarius ladies, dually ruled by Saturn and Uranus, are walking adventures. They want to change the world and lead the revolution, but at the same time crave some order and stability… at least until they get bored of the routine. Whether Aquarius initiates the breakup or not, the part of her that desires routine will feel sad at the loss of her partner. This can result in chaotic and conflicting emotions as her side that thrives on novelty wars with the side that yearns for stability.

A good distracting self-care act for Aquarius comes from their intellectualism and love of learning. Aquarius should pick a topic she is interested in and allow herself to fall down the rabbit hole researching it.

Aquarius is known to be a quirky personality that is always wanting to learn about new things. It’s not uncommon for Aquarius to have out of the ordinary hobbies like ghost hunting or pottery making. This innate curiosity has Aquarius always asking questions and wondering about the unknown. It’s most likely an Aquarius lady has several topics in the back of her mind right now that she’s just been waiting until she had the time to dive into.

4Water Signs: Keep Busy With A New Hobby

The Water Signs can be described as the poets and artists of the world. They are creative and imaginative and get their motivation from within, even if they do not perceive that it is a reaction to some sort of emotional trigger. For the most part, though, the Water Signs are well in tune with their emotions. When all is in balance, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can experience their emotions without those emotions completely dominating them.

An exception to this can happen in a breakup. The Water Signs can allow their emotions to take control when clouded by their deep desire to be needed. Though Water Signs can be very intuitive, in a stressful situation they can misread the signals from others around them, seeing them through the cloud of their own emotions and needs.

Water signs care deeply for others. They are sensitive and empathetic. In stressful situations, it is important for the water signs to carve out time to take care of themselves.

Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces ladies should consider trying out a new hobby or recipe that they’ve been wanting to make time for.

It can be as simple as a chocolate chip cookie recipe the Pioneer Woman put on her blog or as complicated as buying the supplies and signing up for a watercolor painting class. The important part is the Water Signs take some time out and flex their creative muscles and take care of themselves.

3Cancer: Spend Some Quality Time With Yourself

A Cancer lady is on one who is in tune with everyone else’s emotions, but sometimes her own are too much to understand. Since Cancer is the natural caretaker of the zodiac, a Cancer lady will feel at a loss with the ending of a relationship. Cancer is also highly attached to the security of home and family and in a breakup, and the resulting loss of her partner creates a huge obstacle for her to have to overcome. Cancer’s emotions can swing from “I’m okay” to stewing in self-pity in the aftermath of a breakup, but being around others can be a detriment to the process, due to being so in tune to the emotions of others.

A Cancer lady needs to take some time to herself post break up; going to the library or the bookstore and taking some time out to enjoy a good read can be an incredibly helpful thing for her.

It is extremely important for a Cancer to take this time out for herself, as she needs to be able to draw back and examine her own vulnerable emotions in a safe place. This withdrawal from friends might seem like she is not healing, but it’s an important part of the process.

2Scorpio: Take A Spa Day

Scorpio is a fiery sign. Scorpios have very intense feelings that are almost always kept hidden deeply under wraps. A Scorpio’s strongest emotions center around love and jealousy, so a break up is like the building up of a volcano of emotions, just waiting for it to explode. Additionally, a Scorpio lady will not often change her mind once she makes it up, especially about a partner and when someone burns a Scorpio her mind will often turn towards the idea of getting revenge.

Self-care is a much better idea than going all crazy ex-girlfriend.

Because emotional Scorpio is such a lover of the sensual, the ultimate act of self-care is for her to go get a massage.

The calming music, the luxurious scented oils, and the pampering attention of an afternoon at the spa is just the ticket for calming the volcano of emotions Scorpio has building up inside post break up. For the spa day, Scorpio should not skimp; a 5-minute chair massage at the mall will not do in this case. She needs to seek out a spa and maybe schedule a pedicure or a facial too while she’s there. After all, sensual Scorpio is back in the world of single and ready to mingle.

1Pisces: Put Your Heart Into Volunteer Work

Pisces have the gift and curse of being an emphatic personality. Pisces’ selfless and idealistic personality acts as an emotional sponge and not only experience their own emotions, but the emotions of everyone around them. As a relationship is ending, they might feel both the emotions of the partner that is pulling away and then one that is hurt, regardless of which side of the issue they are sitting on. Pisces can often feel like the victim in situations like breakups because of this.

Self-care is important for Pisces to decompress and work out that intense dual sided emotion post break up.

Since Pisces genuinely want to make the world a better place, one excellent form of self-care for a Pisces lady would be to go volunteer for a cause she strongly believes in.

A Pisces lady will feel good not only because she is doing her part to leave the world a better place than she found it, but her empathetic soul will also soak up the feelings of those around her, other volunteers feeling positive and those she is helping to feel loved.

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