Here Are The 5 Traits Each Zodiac Sign Is Known To Have

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Here Are The 5 Traits Each Zodiac Sign Is Known To Have

Let’s face it, readers: we all have our flaws. Some of us can tend to be overdramatic, too emotional, or just not nice. Others can be indecisive, moody, and unreliable. There are extremes of each side of the coin, but we can have good qualities, too! Part of being a human is having both good and bad within us, after all.

The good traits we can have can be anything from persuasive (think of that friend that will never end an argument), kind (looking at you, water signs), and intelligent (we all are, in our own ways). That human quality we have to be so much of so many things can actually be really beautiful, if we choose to look at it that way.

Below, we describe five interesting traits that each sign has, both men and women. Most of them will probably be a combination of something good, something bad, and something that is good that could possibly turn bad pretty quickly. But, we are who we are, folks. As they say, it is what it is. Remember that it is a beautiful thing to be complicated and to be so many things; it makes you a whole person, for better or for worse.

24Aries Guy: Determined, Demanding, Brave, Loves Attention And Competitive

Aries season runs from March 20 to April 19, so we get to celebrate April Fool’s Day and the start of Spring time! Our Aries guys love summer and celebrations, as they are more extroverted, so they will be really excited for this time of year. His five traits as an Aries guy virtually center around his bold disposition. He has a very forward way about him in all parts of his life, so he is very determined. He will tell you how he feels no matter how it may affect you. He’ll have a hard time helping you through emotional crises, too. He sees too much emotion as weak. He is also demanding within his intimate relationships. In a professional setting, he is also very bold in order to move up the ladder, making another trait he has as brave. Because of this, he’ll challenge those around him because he is also super competitive.

Another trait an Aries man has is that sometimes they have a constant need for attention. He really enjoys being the center of attention. It coats his ego when he is socially accepted among his peers. In general, an Aries man is aggressive due to his bold type A personality, but it also allows him to push his confident and secure boundaries.

23Aries Girl: Stubborn, Ambitious, Direct, And Impulsive Independent

Aries girls sometimes can’t keep their opinions to themselves, which isn’t always a bad thing! They are very frank and direct, but sometimes they have a hard time taking into consideration of people’s feelings. If they can, they will attempt to say things kindly, but they are also bluntly spoken so it will be difficult for them. In a relationship, Aries girls are stubborn in the sense that they may start arguments with you even if they aren’t directly angry with you. They’re hot-headed at times, essentially. But they mean well and just show their independence in interesting ways. Speaking of, their independentnature is something that can be very intimidating yet also very admirable. They are completely self-sufficient and very much can handle everything on their own.

The last trait an Aries girl has is her impulsivity. As stated earlier, she can be impulsive with her words and her opinions when discussing things with her friends or family. She usually makes choices in her life that are impulsive, too. However, she is very ambitious, too, and has a consistent and unrelenting go-getter attitude that will truly blow you away, much like her Fire sign counterparts, Leo and Sagittarius. Many professional milestones will occur due to this ambitious attitude– and it will help with her already glowing confidence!

22Taurus Guy: Thoughtful, Moody, Financially Sensible Man That May Be Negative

Our Taurus man is very much the thoughtful gent, especially when he is in a relationship. He likes to shower his lady with love and adoration because she deserves it and he really believes that. However, that being said, a Taurus man can have a really hard time keeping his opinionated voice in control. He has a temper and no matter what sets him off, you’ll know that something did. His moodiness is one of those traits that can be seen as a downfall. Further, he may be pretty negative when he has a particular opinion on something. If he has a bad experience with something, it’ll leave a sour taste in his mouth. (He is good at holding grudges, usually.) Little to nothing can change his opinion, either.

On the other hand, a Taurus man is very intelligent. He has a lot to say about a lot of things. He will make you question ideologies you thought you understood or the way that you do something. Lastly, his intelligence extends into a financial realm, because he is very financially sensible. He will always have a budget. He will not stray from it, either. He is who you want to be next to when something goes terribly wrong in your bank account. It’s as simple as that.

21Taurus Gal: Responsible, Loyal, Honest, But Can Be An Opinionated And Pessimistic At Times

Intelligent Taurus women are very responsible. You will never find a Taurus gal doing something she didn’t think through or cannot rationalize. Even if it is something that looks bad, she will most definitely have a reason. If it is something you disagree with, that won’t really affect her. She is intelligent in that way.

She is honest, too, so this can negatively affect her relationships and friendships at times, but everyone will always know where she stands. This honesty comes from her deep opinionated nature. She has a thought on everything and isn’t afraid to let you know about it. However, regardless of how this can affect her relationships, a Taurus girl is always loyal to those she is close with, so most people will stick around knowing she is going to as well. If she hurts your feelings with her honesty, she’ll always apologize and try to explain herself more.

With all of these opinions and thoughts on so many intelligent things, a Taurus girl can be left to feel pessimistic sometimes.  She means well and she is usually always happy, but her overall outlook can be affected by that constant hamster wheel constantly going around in her mind.

20Gemini Guy: A Good Guide And Mentor Who Is Intelligent, Adventurous, And Philosophical

Picture a very attractive, intelligent man that commands the room when he walks into it. Chances are that guy is an Air sign, specifically a Gemini! His intelligence is limitless because he can talk to you about a lot of things in a lot of specific ways. He’ll challenge your thinking and still have you laughing all at the same time. Usually, he likes to talk about deep things as he can be a deep thinker; he is very philosophical. He has a lot to say, but he’ll listen, too.

On the other hand, a Gemini guy is very adventurous in the way that he lives his life. He is always up for something new and will make you feel like you can try it, too. (But, if you don’t want to, he won’t make you feel bad, either.) His charisma is comforting and you’ll find you feel safe in the best possible way.

The last trait our Gemini guy has is his great ability to guide people. He is naturally very smart, as we have said, so people tend to go to him for advice, whether it’s on life, a new job, a new personal trainer, or what to eat for lunch. In a seasoned position in his career, he is the best mentor any intern could ask for, because he is fun and comforting without being overbearing.

19Gemini Gem: Balanced, Genuine, Fair, And Outgoing Gal Who Loves To Socialize

Social Gemini girls are very charismatic. Picture a fun-loving girl at a poolside bar making friends with people several states away. She doesn’t much care what others think– and that is a good thing. She is very outgoing, probably one of the most outgoing zodiacs there are. She is usually making new friends. Due to her genuine disposition, people flock to her because she is comforting, charismatic, and easygoing. She just loves to socialize; it puts her completely in her element.

When it comes to her personality, she is balanced. She has both bad and good qualities, as do we all, but she is the most adjusted to them all and knows when to control her emotions and her negative tendencies. Occasionally she can be a little moody, but who isn’t that way sometimes? On another positive note, she is also very fair to all people in her life in all settings. Professionally, she enjoys being fair to all those that may work under her or within her close circle. Within her friend group, she is also fair to them all in such a way that they love her for it. Lastly, when it comes to relationships, she will always be fair when it comes to picking restaurants, vacation spots, or bed sheets with her significant other.

18Cancer Guy: Fickle Yet Kind, Sensitive, And Warmly Emotional, But Sometimes Moody

Cancer men are a lot like their female counterparts when it comes to their emotions, shockingly enough. They are very in tune with them. They are ficklewith their decision-making in all parts of life, too. They’ll switch majors in college, drop girls that they once thought they’d marry, and make 3 different decisions about what to eat for dinner before going with a fourth choice anyway.

Because they are so similar to their female counterparts, Cancer men are also sensitive. On a positive note, they are warmly emotional in a good way when it comes to positive things in their relationships. On a negative note, that sensitive emotion can really hurt their relationship if they allow it to. They can just decide to be moody, sometimes, and that can really affect a relationship as well. In a social setting, however, they are ultimately kind people who make others feel comfortable and welcome.

Conclusively, they really do feel everything so fully and completely which can cause a problem in their daily lives, whether at work, at a bar, at the carnival, or in their bedrooms. Nothing will make them feel better until they decide to be.

17Cancer Girl: The One With The Occasional Mood Swing, A Busy Mind, Intelligent Brain, And A Charismatic Soul

A Cancer girl, similar to her male counterpart, is openly emotional. She can be in tune with them fully and completely, but that does not mean she has control of them. For this reason, she can be very moody, having the occasional mood swings with big things, like a change in her job, or little things, like her clothes not being dry on Monday morning. She’ll feel this for a whole day, too, whether good or bad.

She is very intelligent also, so her mind is constantly going around and around, similar to that of a Taurus or a Pisces. She has a busy mind that she can’t turn off unless she is sleeping or zoning out watching Netflix. She is wondering why that guy didn’t brush her shoulder at the bar or why her boss didn’t compliment her project from last week, even though she knew it was good. Socially, though, a Cancer girl is charismatic, confident, and easygoing. In social settings is truly where she shines. That being said, she tends to let her insecurities show a little more in personal or intimate settings, so a relationship with her will be hard. However, it will be worth it due to how loving this emotional water sign truly can be.

16Leo Lad: Natural Born Leader, Ambitious, Bold Challenger Who Also Likes The Attention

Leo lads are much like their female counterparts in that they are controlling in a way that show leadership. In a professional setting, they want their ideas to be heard. In a relationship, they want things done their way and to take charge. We’re pretty sure the saying “my way or the highway” was created in response to a controlling Leo guy or gal. Socially, they are naturally the center of attention, because who doesn’t love it when all eyes on them? Despite this controlling tendency, they are very intelligent and usually know what they are doing, so they feel they have that right to make the decisions. Like their fellow fire sign Aries, they are competitive in a way that gets them what they want, so they can be seen as very ambitious. They are usually successful because of this. They make bold moves and brave choices; it is quite admirable really.

Further, a Leo guy will challenge virtually everyone he comes in contact with. You think you have a great idea for a work project? He’ll have you thinking you missed something or that you could make it even better. You think you have him figured out in your long-term relationship? Think again. He’ll do something unpredictable to make you question him. He is a natural leader, therefore that controlling tendency can come in any form. He’s good at it, too.

15Leo Lady: Also A Natural Leader That Loves To Socialize, Be In Touch With Her Emotions, Delegate, And Commit To Loyalty

Leo dames are incredibly hard-working women that like to climb the corporate ladder, love talking pop culture gossip, and enjoy binge watching good Netflix shows on their days off. They have a natural ease of leadership about them that will intimidate you. Most likely you will look up to the Leo woman you know because of this confident exterior they all seem to possess.

In a professional setting, they are very good at delegating and telling people what to do due to their somewhat love to take charge of a lot of situations they find themselves in or create. Once work is over and they are out on the town, they let loose a lot more and tend to socialize. They are good at it and they enjoy it, too. A lot of things seem to come easily to them; however, on the inside, they can sometimes tend to have a lot of emotions. You don’t want to be around when a Leo lady bursts open! Despite this inherent need to say what they feel, when they truly like and love people, they have a loyalty that few other signs possess. In fact, no fire sign has a loyalty like a Leo does, especially the Leo ladies!

14Virgo Guy: Rational And Practical, Therefore Critical And Successful But Can Be Kind Of Dull

Virgo men are actually very reputable. They tend to be very successful in their careers because they work hard and simply earn the titles they have over the years. Virgo men are also very rational in every way of thinking. If something does not make sense, they will discuss it, think about it, and roll it around in their heads until they come to some sort of conclusion.

Socially, they are outgoing in a basic way they are certainly never over the top. When it comes to their love lives, they will not make a choice they aren’t sure of; they will never jump in with both feet if they aren’t ready. This is practical, don’t you agree? However, isn’t it sometimes boring, too? How will you truly live a life you can look back on and smile at if you play it safe and have to have virtually everything in your life make sense? If a Virgo man jumped out of their shell and danced a little, they might find some happiness outside of that shell. Further, this rational and ‘perfect’ way of thinking can sometimes make them overly critical of others who might do things that don’t make sense or that they do not agree with.

13Virgo Gal: Introverted Intelligent Girl Who Loves Routine And Creative Outlets, But Can Be Predictable

A quiet and sometimes fussy Virgo girl is a little more introverted than her male counterpart. She won’t openly tell her opinion unless it is asked of her. She won’t make as many bold moves in the professional world, either. However, she does still have those opinions and is capable of those bold moves on occasion. She will be very successful, but a quite successful that keeps to herself a lot. Don’t let her fool you though because she is very intelligent in many ways. She also has a creative side that you are more likely to see in a water sign, but this air sign has a good imagination, too. Some Virgo women like drawing, painting, or writing music.

A Virgo gal also enjoys routine and sometimes really gets upset when that routine is changed last-minute or a curveball is thrown. Unpredictability is not something she enjoys dealing with. Because of this, she can be usually predictable and practical herself. Further, that rational and sometimes critical thought process that Virgo men have is certainly something she has, too. For the most part, though, Virgo women are kind, quiet, and introverted, seemingly living their best life in a quietly bold silence.

12Libra Lad: An Air Sign That Is Friendly, Outgoing, Harsh And Sarcastic But Easy To Get Along With

Libras are one of the air signs, so they are naturally light. Have you ever heard that saying “cool, calm, and collected”? Well, about 90% of the time, Libra lads are the epitome of that. This means they are very friendly and easygoing when they are their best selves. Libra men are no different. They are outgoingin most social settings. They love to be around friends having a deep or light conversation that either challenges them or makes them chuckle a good amount. As far as friendship with Libra men, they are pretty easy to get along with. When it comes to relationships, Libra men love to get along with their partner and have a hard time being with someone that is overly emotional or too clingy too often.

On the flip side, sometimes Libra men tend to be very harsh with their words if they are pushed to their limits. Their sarcasm can be used in a comical way; however, during a fight, it could also be used to hurt the other person too. This sarcasm will make you think they feel worse than they do and it can affect a relationship long-term if the two of you let it.

11Libra Lady: An Outgoing, Open, Loyal Forgiving, And Friendly Chick

The Libra gal is the one that you enjoy spending time with. She is the one that makes you laugh and doesn’t have too much deep conversation with you. She is connected to her emotions but more so in extreme ways, so she doesn’t touch upon them very often. She just wants to have fun and be friendly with old or new people. She is very open and kind when you first meet her. You will like being around her, too! That outgoing quality she has is a sign of kindness and most of the time a Libra lady is feeling good enough to show that.

Like her male counterpart, a Libra dame can turn off that kindness if she is upset, but you won’t see that too often. She is also very forgiving and loyal to family and close friends. When something happens, she may be mean and sarcastic, but she is quick to turn around and act like everything is back to normal; she doesn’t like to stir in the negative for too long. She wants everyone to get along with a natural ease. Sometimes that doesn’t work, though, and she finds herself being more diplomatic than the rest of her crew. She looks to make good memories with the people that matter the most.

10 Scorpio Guy: Mysteriously Charming And Passionate Man That Is Rough Around The Edges

Scorpio men are (not surprisingly) very charming. They know how to make someone feel good. Romantically, they make women feel comfortable and feel safe, all while making them feel excited about what could happen next, too. Like other water signs, the Scorpio person is connected to their emotions. Therefore, they are sensitive and emotional. A Scorpio man won’t show this as much, however,  because it will be something that they have inside. It will come out when he feels he can be more open with you. For most Scorpios, this does not take too long!

Further, they are passionate in every way. Yes, this could mean sensually, emotionally, or, in the worst case, angrily. They can have bad tempers if they are pushed too far but rarely does that happen. They tend to show this more so in romantic relationships than professional or social settings because they can be possessive or get very jealous very easily.

Lastly, a Scorpio man can be rough around the edges. In fact, usually, he is, however, socially he is accepted for who he is among his peers because he is an honest man, too. Further, a lot of women (like Sag girls or Taurus women) like that, too!

9Scorpio Gal: Emotional, Sensitive Yet Strong Woman That Knows What She Wants

Emotionally, Scorpio women could very well be the most in tune out of all of the zodiac signs. They feel every emotion fully and nine times out of ten– they let you know it! They are naturally sensitive because of this, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they could be your next doormat to wipe your dirty white sneakers off on. No, Scorpio women are bravely strong when it comes down to wanting to or needing to be. They’ll flip a switch and be the bravest and most bold person if needed. Romantically, Scorpio women know what they want. The young Scorpio women may take a few years to really know, but they even have a pretty good idea, too.

Professionally, Scorpios are incredibly passionate (as they are in other areas, too), so they will work hard to be successful in their own way. Socially, Scorpio women can be more extroverted when they are feeling that stronger disposition and demeanor. Otherwise, they tend to stick to the people that they know and love to spend time with. Lastly, Scorpio women LOVE their family and will not be shy in showing that, to their family– or to any other people!

8 Sagittarius Guy: Life Of The Party That Can Be Harsh And Sometimes Mean Yet Easygoing And Charismatic

Sagittarius people in general are one of the most fun of all of the zodiacs, put very simply. They are the life of the party and virtually always the center of attention. However, this is not like that Leo gal, where she is kind of the center of attention because of her own choice. No, a Sag person, both men, and women, are just the center of attention because everyone enjoys them so much. They are open, easygoing, and extroverted. Specifically, the charisma a Sag man expresses is very natural; he loves to be around people and loves creating new relationships with them. Even with people, he’s known for years, a Sag man just enjoys good conversation and good times with them.

On the downside, a Sag man can sometimes be mean. Because he needs that extra adventure and fun at times, he often grows careless with his actions and, eventually, his words. That’s why it could be hard to be in a relationship with this kind of guy. Professionally, Sag men take risks due to this carefree personality, so they are usually successful if, however, they can split their time between partying and focusing on their career.

7 Sagittarius Gal: The One That Loves To Socialize And Party, But Can Be Careless, Forgetful, And Unreliable

A fun-loving Sag woman is very similar to her Sagittarius male counterpart. This is the last of our fire signs, so expect fiery words, bold choices, and no regrets from her. She is that gal that is truly the life of the party in any situation. It could be a high school graduation, a party at a Miami club, or a simple Zumba class before work. It doesn’t matter; the Sag girl loves to socializeand interact with anyone and everyone. She enjoys partying a little too much and can grow careless with her decision-making, her friendships, and the career she may be trying to grow.

Because of this adventurous and carefree attitude, a Sag girl can have trouble remembering things; she is forgetful at times, sometimes times that matter the most! Even though she is loyal and one of the best friends a girl could have, she can be generally unreliable due to her careless demeanor. She may forget that small get-together you had at your house because she was on an impromptu road trip, but she will apologize a thousand times and make it up to you by buying you a kayak or a painting set, something she knows will make you smile (and forgive her).

6Capricorn Guy: Patient, Down To Earth Gem That Loves To Stay The Path With Routine And Repetition

Our Capricorn guy is very unique. Dissimilar to the other Earth signs (Taurus and Virgo), our Capricorn man is incredibly gentle in his demeanor, for virtually every situation and part of his life. In his daily life, he will have his opinions, sure, but he will never push them on others. He is patient with all people that are close to him, whether it’s his girlfriend, an intern, or a superior at work. He is genuinely down-to-earth and will not be overly excited, overly angry, or overly forceful in any way.

Professionally, a Cap man will be successful, but a quite successful that doesn’t push too many buttons or ruffle too many feathers. His friendships mean a lot to him and he’ll be close with people he’s known for years. In a relationship, a Cap man will attract to more open and extroverted girls. He will fall in love quickly and will let her be herself, all while being patient with her somewhat wild demeanor.

Cap men, however, really dislike anything messing up their routine. They rely on that daily grind and the reliability of that routine they have. If anything upsets it, it could throw a Cap man off for days.

5Capricorn Gal: A Procrastinator That Is Sensible, Intelligent, Fun-Loving, And Carefree

A patient Capricorn girl is different from her male counterpart because she tends to be much more extroverted. She is carefree and fun-loving because she is down-to-earth and being nice, making friends, and making plans comes easily to her. As an Earth sign, she tends to be more grounded. Therefore, she is responsible and sensible with all of her choices in life, in love, in family, and in career. She stays the path, keeps her routine, until the weekend comes and lets loose a little bit. Her intelligence will allow her to have a successful job in a kind of career that does not require a bold disposition.

On the negative side, a Cap girl, despite her somewhat carefree attitude, can procrastinate very often. In her career, she will finish a project probably minutes before it is due. When it comes to housework, things will be started but rarely finished. Luckily, Cap girls attract to men that are opposite of them, so a lot of things will get done due to this. Lastly, Cap girls are good friends that tend to be overly critical. Most friends of hers will keep their distance while still appreciating how fun and smart she can be.

4Aquarius Guy: The Man That Is Hard To Read Can Be Reserved, Loyal, Persuasive, And Introverted At Times

Aquarius men are air signs, so they naturally are friendly and kind on the exterior. Professionally, they are very persuasive and usually convince others in their work circle to take risks that they maybe wouldn’t in some cases. They are smart and know what to say and what to do, but aren’t always the ones to do it.

Aquarius men can be moody and feel things pretty fully. Little things can affect how they feel, so they can randomly grow more reserved and, therefore, more introverted, whether it is in the middle of a wedding reception or hanging out with friends on the porch. Because of this, an Aquarius man can be hard to read for people close to him. Friends of his will understand his more introverted demeanor when it comes around, but it will sour the overall mood a bit. When in a relationship with an Aquarius man, you’ll have a hard time knowing how to help him when this reserved disposition sinks in.

Despite this, an Aquarius man is very loyal to all people that he is close with. He will never hurt you, at least not purposefully, save for those few times he’ll grow reserved at the worst possible time and upset you when he maybe cannot express his feelings to you.

3 Aquarius Gem: A Loyal Friend That Is Smart, Determined, And Easily Successful

Because a sometimes quiet Aquarius girl is very intelligent, she is easily successful in her career role, no matter what field it may be. Further, an Aquarius girl isn’t as extroverted as the rest. She acts properly in the work setting virtually all the time. She focuses on what she needs to do and completes it when she needs to as well. This comes from her naturally determined and persuasive disposition. She will complete any task she feels she needs to, no questions asked. She wants to succeed, wants to be better, and wants to grow to be the best she can be.

Like her male counterpart, she can grow reserved easily because she is more connected to her emotions. Instead of growing inconsiderate like a fellow air sign Libra gal, an Aquarius gal will grow more sad and introverted, reflecting on what made her upset in the first place.

Lastly, an Aquarius girl is loyal, despite sometimes bailing on friends when her emotions get the best of her. In a relationship, she will never hurt those that she loves and will truly try to dedicate a good amount of time to make her friends, significant other, and family feel good and be happy.

2Pisces Guy: Sensitive, Thoughtful, Insecure Man That Loves To Love His Girl

A Pisces guy is very much like his water sign counterparts: he feels a lot of emotion, can be sensitive to others’ words and actions, and reacts with how he feels instead of rational thinking. However, because he is a male, it is a little harder to read what place these emotions he shows are really coming from. He has a rough exterior in the sense that he wants people to believe he is strong- and he is– however, he is concerned with his male exterior at times. This can allow his emotions to bottle up and sometimes come out negatively. He may show anger when he is really hurt. He may show frustration at one thing when it is really another. A significant other or family member will have to be patient with his feelings.

In a relationship, he is incredibly thoughtful and loving, devoting himself to one person when he truly falls in love. He can be somewhat insecure at times, but will always just counteract that negative feeling with more adoration to his significant other.

He is also very loyal to all people in his life, including friends that move far away, his significant other no matter what, and his family.

1Pisces Gal: Organized In Her Own Way With Creativity, Emotion, Confidence, And Too Much Sensitivity

Pisces women are like her fellow water signs, too. They are sensitive, fully emotional, yet mostly kind and loving to those they are devoted to. They exude a confidence because they work very hard to be successful in their relationships and their career. Professionally, they are organized and hard working because they have an innate need to succeed. Her creativity allows her a unique perspective in her field, so she can grow herself and her workplace at the same time. Speaking of creativity, she is very imaginative and good with her words. She loves to paint or write or draw in her downtime, allowing that creative side to come through and really shine.

However, sometimes she can let her emotions get the best of her in every way. She can be overly sensitive in the wrong situations and grow upset easily when she could simply just use her intelligence to help her. Emotions are hard to control for all water signs, especially Pisces. Lastly, a Pisces girl tends to have ideal expectations in her entire life, making it difficult for her to truly be happy sometimes. She will spend her whole life, however, really trying to enjoy the time she has with people she cares about.

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