Here Are 15 Crimes You’re Most Likely To Commit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The (unspeakable) truth about the astrological signs!
March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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Here Are 15 Crimes You’re Most Likely To Commit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You’re probably not a criminal or generally engaging in acts that border on deviant behavior…but if you were, well, you might have a crime style all your own. It might be based on your individual personality type or it might be influenced by your astrological sign. Of course, this doesn’t give you an excuse to commit some crimes, but it might help you understand why you might consider it to begin with! There has actually been a lot of research done on this topic since it’s pretty easy to compile that sort of information from criminals. No additional questions were necessary because the information to figure out their zodiac sign is right there with the birthday on their identification. And believe it or not, there are some distinct patterns that emerge. Some of these crimes are more serious than others, but keep in mind that they’re all crimes! Here are 15 of the crimes that you would be most likely to commit based on your zodiac sign.

15Most Likely To Run A Stop sign

When it comes to making errors in the driver’s seat, Libras and Pisces seem to be the most likely to do so. One company compiled this information as a joke to make a point about how insurance companies vary in their rates, but they actually found some compelling information on the topic. When driving records from 100,000 people were looked at in regards to their astrological sign, the researchers found that Libras have the most car accidents out of any sign and that Pisces get the most tickets. The Libras aren’t trying to be bad drivers, it’s just that being so easy going makes it harder to make those snap decisions that can save your butt in a last minute decision to swerve or not. Sometimes they just don’t decide until it’s too late. As for why the Pisces get the most tickets, who knows. Aries are the second most likely to get a ticket, and they’re the third most likely to get a speeding ticket.

14Most Likely To Steal An Identity Or Commit Fraud

Geminis are actually the lowest on the list when it comes to the rates that they get in trouble, but who’s to say whether that’s because they’re committing fewer crimes or they’re just not getting caught for them? The clever Gemini is more likely to commit a crime that has something to do with fraud than anything that might be considered a “dangerous” crime. They’re not the weapon wielders of the bunch. The part of them that has a dual personality can make them a bit sneaky (to a lot sneaky), which helps them to cover their tracks and not raise suspicion. Gemini’s are also less likely to take things seriously that they are doing wrong, so they might not even consider fraud a crime if they figured out how to do it in a way that benefitted them. As a reference, Donald Trump is a Gemini. He’s one example of someone who admits to something like not paying taxes and thinks that’s okay because he was smart enough to figure out how to not get caught doing it.

13Most Likely To Get Caught Stalking

There’s stalking… and then there’s stalking. We all do a little light-to-medium level stalking here and there, don’t we? How can we not with Instagram and Facebook making things so easy for us? But beyond some innocent stalking of potential dates and their ex-girlfriends, some people cross the line into some real life stalking. If you’re a Scorpio, you might be the most likely to do so. It’s not that your intentions are bad, it’s just that your passion and emotions can get the best of you from time to time and cloud your better judgment. You’re prone to bouts of jealousy and outbursts when you feel like your beloved’s eyes are elsewhere, so sometimes it takes you a minute to accept that a breakup has taken place. Maybe you just tried to go over to your ex man’s house to talk things through when he wasn’t answering the phone, and then you got caught standing on the front lawn by his new girlfriend. Who knows if you’re actually a stalker, but she might think so.

12Most Likely To Cheat On Her Boyfriend

Okay, cheating isn’t exactly a crime, but if you ask anyone who’s been cheated on, they might suggest that it should be. Some zodiac signs are a little more amorous and wild than others, making them more likely to engage in a little risky romance. The Sagittarians seem to be the sign most likely to cheat if online surveys reveal any real information about such a matter. According to one study that collected information from a few thousand people in Europe, the breakdown is as follows: Sagittarius 16 percent, Aquarius 15 percent, Gemini 13 percent, Capricorn 11 percent, Aries nine percent, Cancer eight percent, Taurus seven percent, Libra five percent, Leo five percent, Virgo four percent Pisces four percent, and Scorpio three percent. Interesting Scorpios, as passionate and fired up as they can get over their relationships, it seems to be that they value commitment and monogamy quite a bit! Not quite as much for the Sags.

11Most Likely To Streak At A Public Event

Streaking is illegal because it’s illegal to be naked in public, and it’s also sometimes illegal because streakers tend to blow through areas that are off limits to them, such as a football field. Leos are one sign that is likely to accept a dare to streak in a public place because they love attention and will do anything to get it. They might know that it’s not a great idea, but given the opportunity, they can’t stand by and let someone else do it. That would be way too damaging to their ego. The Leo wants to be the king no matter what the consequences because they tend to live with the thought that if other people are seeing what they’re doing, then it doesn’t count as something. Of course, this is not the case, but the Leo is looking for the validation outward as opposed to inward. All that leads to them being mighty likely to be the one stripping down and causing a scene, and frequently this ends in an arrest.

10Most Likely To Skip The Dinner Bill

Virgos are not generally the high crime type, but if they were going to get involved in some illegal activity, it might be something “low-key” like stealing. Or skipping out on the dinner bill. Virgos are organized and clever, so they are going to know exactly how to pull this off without anyone noticing until it’s way too late. They’re super organized clean freaks and they will leave the table looking spotless and unharmed… just simply missing the cash to pay for their delicious meal. Since they’re so clean and organized there won’t be any trail to follow, so the Virgo probably won’t be getting caught it. However, they also tend to be big overthinkers, so you can bet that if you’re a Virgo who commits a crime of any sort you are going to feel very conflicted about it for a long time, or maybe for all time. A Virgo will try really hard to justify their actions, especially when they aren’t behaving rationally, but they also have big hearts so there can be a bit of tug of war going on over what’s right and what isn’t.

9Most Likely To Get Caught Using Illegal Substances

Marijuana is slowly gaining legalization in some states in the U.S., but it is still illegal federally, which means that it’s still not totally legal even the states that have legalized it. It’s complicated. What’s not complicated? That it is still possible to get caught with it somewhere that you shouldn’t have it. If you’re a Pisces you might enjoy the occasional smoke here and there, maybe even a little more than the rest of the signs. Your easy going and go-with-the-flow way of living matches up well with the herb, but that also means that you can get accustomed to the high and not want to walk away from it. Just keep in mind that if you’re never not high, that’s a bit of problem. Recreation is one thing, but we need your clear mind the rest of the time! Be mindful of the laws in your area and don’t carry more on you than you need. The cops might not be as understanding when you try to explain how harmless and chill the stuff is after they find it in your glovebox.Featured Today

8Most Likely To Steal Jewelry

Stealing jewelry is a major crime when it happens like from a jewelry store, but you could also consider it a crime to borrow some jewelry from your best friend and then never return it. Looking at you Taurus. Taureans tend to be clever and might even enjoy the crime that they’re committing for the sake of doing it, and if there’s a nice bonus involved like being able to wear some gorgeous diamonds, they’re all in. The Taurean is most likely to work alone and since they are so clever, they won’t be worried about a lot of outside influence or meddling. Until they get caught they might think that they would never get caught, because they think that what they’re doing is right for them and that no one else would figure them out. If they’re being tricky they think they’re getting away with something. Taureans are the second most likely sign to get arrested after Cancers, who are the number one for their crimes of passion.

7Most Likely To Get Drunk In Public

Put down that last drink, Libra. Leave it on the bar. You’re one of the most likely signs to get caught drunk in public, and you don’t want to end up in the drunk tank if you can help it. Libras can get involved in some instigating when they’re bored, and sometimes this leads to some dicey situations. They’re also a bit lacking in self-control and more likely to stay out past the point of slurring compared to some other signs. Slurring is always a good sign that someone is toast, and walking down the street talking to yourself isn’t do much to guard against a drunk in public. Taurus is another sign that is likely to act out when they overdo it on the booze, thanks to that stubbornness that starts to emerge when the alcohol kicks in and their walls start to come down. While other signs tend to get quiet and slink off when they’ve had too much to drink, the Taurean is more likely to wander off and possibly get into some trouble.

6Most Likely To Get Caught In Gambling Drama

Gambling is perfectly legal in some places, but definitely not everywhere. Leos should watch out where they’re putting their money so they don’t get caught up in some shady situation or blow it all in an instant. Leos can be a little arrogant and like to consider themselves winners, so they tend to put themselves into situations where they can prove that this is true. They might be drawn to gambling since it truly is a gamble and their inflated sense of ego makes them think that they are luckier than the average person. Since they put themselves out there more often, they also might win more often than the person who isn’t gambling at all, giving them a reason to believe that their luck is real. But of course, the more risks they take the more they open the chances that something could go wrong, and occasionally the Leo will find themselves in a little over their head. When it’s a sticky or shady situation, they might end up a lot over their head.

5Most Likely To Hack Someone’s Nudes

The Aquarians can be pretty chill people… until someone majorly does them wrong. When an Aquarian feels deceived, they might get a little more creative with their revenge, and if things are really serious it could veer into revenge crimes. The Aquarius isn’t likely to put on some crazy display of anger and scream at someone in public, no they’re more likely to do something a little more quietly diabolical like hack someone’s computer and steal their nudes. Remember that this is not only highly illegal, it’s also really mean. That guy who stole and released a bunch of celebrity nude photos a couple years ago got 18 years in prison for doing so. Worth it? Nope. How could doing that be worth anything?  And as a reminder to everyone else, never give out any of your passwords to anyone, for any reason. Many of these “hackers” get the info through phishing scams that people simply fall for and hand over their private info.

4Most Likely To Get Caught On The Beach

At first thought, you might not think that Cancer is going to be engaging in some intimate and public stuff since they love their home so much, but they’re also super erotic and kinky in the right situation. Of course, they won’t be having relations with just anyone on the beach… it’s most likely to be the love of their life that opens up that side of them. Cancers are a water sign which is ruled by the moon and the tides, which is what makes them such an emotional sign. They tend to feel very comfortable around water and beachside locals, which is probably why they dragged their lover out there in the first place. Plus, the Cancers love romance and more romance, and to them making love on a blanket under the stars with the waves crashing behind them is about as romantic as it gets. Of course, doing this anywhere besides a deserted beach is going to attract a bit of attention and can end up getting them a hefty ticket written if not something worse.

3Most Likely To Get Caught In A Public Scandal

Many crimes go unnoticed because they’re not all that interesting, but then there are also massively large public scandals that go down from time to time. They vary in theme but one thing is the same: they get lots of attention. The Leo who is desperate for attention might end up in one of those situations if they end up committing a crime because they really love the limelight. The lion Leo is passionate and feisty and if they’re going to roar they want to make sure that it’s heard far and wide. No meek kitties there. Generally, this is a good trait, to have since they’re out and about comfortable existing in the world, but they also have a strong temper so if someone pisses them off they might react on the next level scale of reactions. That major temper and love of living large could get a scorned Leo in over their head in some sort of large scale criminal ring thing that’s sure to break on the news worldwide.

2Most Likely To Get Caught For Petty Crimes

Capricorns are the sign that is most likely to get caught up after committing a series of petty crimes over time. Capricorns tend to be a little more controlling and conceited than some of the other signs, which means that they might think that they can get away with anything. And sometimes they do. But at the point that they do get caught everything else from the past comes up as well, so they might end up in a lot of trouble. The Capricorn is likely to get distracted by how many things they have going on or bored by some of them, meaning that they might leave the scene of the crime in haste and accidentally leave behind a few too many clues that will ultimately lead to their demise. Petty crimes include things like trespassing, minor thefts, break-ins, those sorts of things. Still serious crimes, just not so much as some of the other options out there. Don’t think that you’re immune to the law Capricorn, you might be today but you won’t be for long!

1Most Likely To Make Money Under The Table

We all like to think that our hard earned money is our money and that it does not belong to the government, but, you know, some of it just does. The Aries are one of the more stubborn signs of the zodiac, and if you try to tell them what to do they are likely to rebel even if it will ultimately hurt them. They’re not always super concerned with breaking the rules or stepping on other people along the way if they think that they can help themselves out right here, right now. Later, they often wise up when they realize that they’ve hurt people or isolated themselves, but when it comes to cash, the Aries does not want to part with any of it for any reason that doesn’t benefit them. This makes them the most likely sign to work some sort of job that pays them under the table, which is fine as long as you claim your income for taxes later… but that they won’t be doing. The fact that it’s super dramatic might even egg them on.

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