He was not your soulmate, he was just a distraction

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March 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019
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He was not your soulmate, he was just a distraction

He was not your soulmate and you knew that too …

He was not the man you always wanted in your life …  He was not your soulmate, just an anchor who held you in one place and did not allow you to go forward.

He was the sun in your universe when you were not sure what the world had in store for you. You’ve put all your energy into the belief that he could be special to you. Your relationship felt so good and special because you were the one who used all her powers to make her run.

Your relationship was a blank canvas, but you managed to paint it with your love, and so beautiful that it looked almost perfect. You enjoyed having such a partner by your side because you thought he was perfect for you. You thought he was the man with whom you would share all your secrets in the future.

But you only thought that …  That was your wish that never came true. You wanted so much that he stays with you forever. At first glance, it seemed to be perfect and then, over time, this perfection faded more and more. True soul mates are an absolute opposite of that. That is, the more they are together, the greater and more intense their connection becomes.

He was the perfect partner for a person you were, but not for the person you wanted to be. He was an old love card that you thought you had finally conquered.

When you were with him, you did not even know who you were and you became the person he wanted by his side, and I thought that was for a good reason. You were not happy when you were not together and you did not know what your life would look like if you did not keep it close to you all the time.

But you have to know that this is not love but an addiction. An addiction you simply could not let go. He was your safe haven. This relationship was your comfort zone where you started to feel good. You thought that if only a little thing changes between you, your life would make no sense .

But you were unaware that he was not your soulmate, just a distraction. He was just a temporary support, a relief that gave you answers to questions you could not answer before. You know that because your feelings about him have faded more and more as you started getting to know yourself better …

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The fact is, my love, that you are not destined for the things you have lost, nor for the ones you are going to lose. He was not your soulmate, just a lesson, and your behavior towards him has told you everything you need to know.

The fact is, he was not the man you hoped for, but you still could not stop hoping. He was not what you imagined, but you had to allow yourself to dream anyway. This man was not your future, but still you had to keep asking yourself what your life would look like if you were together forever.

The thing is that you are not meant for the things you lose and yet you have to lose them.

Your true soulmate will not be a glue that will hold you together forever. But that will be a man with whom you will safely go through life and who will teach you how to step forward, step by step, alone.

This person will be by your side because she should teach you something basic about yourself, your life and your future, even though this lesson is not what someone has to keep with you forever. The effect of this man is permanent and irrevocable, even if you forget his name, his face and what you once meant to each other. That was the purpose of this person.

He was not your soulmate, but someone whose side you were just trying to survive. And for that reason, you must not be mad at yourself.

Sometimes we have to break our own ideas so that we can understand what is real when we find it. Over time, you come to the conclusion that you would go through everything again to get where you are now …

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