Five Words To Describe Your Inner Self, According To Your ( Zodiac Sign ) ( His & Hers )

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Five Words To Describe Your Inner Self, According To Your ( Zodiac Sign ) ( His & Hers )




We often worry about how other people think of us, but honestly, other people’s opinions of us often don’t keep us up at night. What does keep us up at night is how we think of ourselves. Our opinions of ourselves tend to change with every passing day and sometimes even every passing hour. No matter what anyone else tells you, that’s okay! It’s totally normal to feel lots of different types of ways about yourself. It’s part of what makes us human. That being said, it’s important to remember that regardless of how we think of ourselves and how we feel about ourselves, there are parts of ourselves that we simply can’t change. Deep down past all the superficial stuff that other people see about us is our core personality that shines through everything else.

We often like to focus on the parts of our personality that are positive that we can’t change because after all, we can’t change those things and we’d rather have mostly positive permanent traits. Let’s face it though: sometimes there are parts of our personalities that are negative that are also hardwired into us that we need to learn how to work with. That’s totally normal: if we were all perfect, we would all be boring! That being said, here are five words that describe your inner self according to your gender and zodiac sign. Make sure to also check out your moon sign for an added piece of the puzzle that is you!

24Aries Man – Energy, Impatience, Strength, Courage, Power

The Aries man is the kind of person who is up before everyone else and just out and doing things. This is by no means an unintelligent person, but chances are if you’re an Aries man, you’re not making your decisions based on cold logic. You don’t really know how to be cold, come to think of it. Everything you do exudes raw power and for you, you either need to be entirely into something or you don’t want to do it at all. You’re either the leader of what you’re doing, the dominant force, or you’re just not there. In life, it just makes sense to do the things that you’re passionate about, the things that you can take charge of. However, when you’re obligated to be in a situation where you don’t have the level of passion or leadership you want, you tend to chafe under that. You’re a deeply impatient person, which is something most see as a flaw, but to you, this is just one of the downsides of being the proactive person you are, and you’d rather be that than anyone else. Deep down, you’re the type of guy who is unapologetically yourself and no one would be able to say that you’re putting on airs or lying about who you are.

23Aries Woman – Charisma, Cockiness, Winner, Adventure, Passion

It’s very easy for the Aries woman to get into “show off” mode. After all, you, Aries, are a person worth showing off, even when you’re not. You tend to come off a bit cocky a lot of the time, but you don’t dislike this about yourself. You’re a person who oozes charisma out of every pore, sometimes without even meaning to. You know that person in every friend group that everyone loves and sees as the pinnacle of having their life together? Well, that’s you. You’re also the kind of woman who’s first to do everything. You’re the first to travel to that awesome place all your friends are dying to go to and probably the first to hit major life milestones. In my life, the first woman to get engaged in my social circle was an Aries, for example. This isn’t you trying to jump into doing things on a certain timetable or trying to be that person for the sake of being first. Rather, you tend to just move more quickly than most, and that’s great: when you’re sure of yourself, you’re really sure of yourself. You’re the type of woman who loves adventure and doing lots of new things, and that’s basically you at your core.

22Taurus Man – Persistence, Jealousy, Patience, Determination, Love

The biggest thing about you, Taurus man, is that you are persistent when it comes to everything you do and to be honest, the things that aren’t worth being persistent and sticking to aren’t worth doing to you. The same thing goes with your relationships and your level of jealousy. To you, if someone isn’t worth getting irrationally jealous over, that’s not a relationship you need to be in since they clearly don’t inspire those strong feelings in you. That being said, you’re an extremely patient person who knows how to wait for the things you want. You’re also deeply inspired by love in all of its forms: out of all of the men of the zodiac, you tend to be one of the guys for whom it is easiest to fall in love. You might feel like you think too much with your heart sometimes, but you definitely wouldn’t change that for anything. For you, it doesn’t make sense to. If something or someone is worth the time and effort, it’s worth thinking with your heart rather than your head. To you, relying too much on logic can make you feel paralyzed into not doing anything.

21Taurus Woman – Calm, Materialistic, Reliable, Security, Tradition

For all of your stubborn tendencies, Taurus woman, you’re actually the type of person who is really easygoing. You’re the type of woman who doesn’t need a man or anyone really to complete them, but you’re also the kind of woman who wouldn’t mind that. You think people are stronger when they work together and out of all the women of the zodiac, you’re the most comfortable “playing your position.” This doesn’t mean you’re subservient or anything, it just means that you have a more traditional spirit, making you the kind of person everyone wants to marry. You tend to be a little materialistic sometimes, but to you, that’s not really a big deal. After all, if you can get really nice things, you should get those nice things and not feel bad about it. Deep down, you’re a sweet person, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a pushover. If anything, you hate playing mind games: you think that if something is worth saying, it’s worth saying outright. Nobody will ever say you’re the most tactful person they know, but they’ll always say that you’re reliable and strong.

20Gemini Man – Adaptability, Inconsistency, Wit, Eloquence, Fun

The big thing about you, Gemini man, is that you know how to command attention in a conversation. You don’t necessarily love drawing a ton of attention to yourself if you don’t have to do that, but you’re definitely not a person who is uncomfortable leading a conversation or speaking in front of other people. Your thing is talking to others and communication in general: that’s just the most fun you can have, and you have the most fun when you’re in your element. You”re the guy who can go from effortless small talk to deep, philosophical thought without missing a beat and that’s what people really like about you. More than that, though, you’re just fun. Your comments are witty and thought out and people love that. People tend to see you as inconsistent, but to you, that’s not really a character flaw, it’s just part of what it means to be adaptable. Deep down, you’re the kind of man who values a good conversation and likes to surround yourself with people who can provide that conversation. You’re an artist at heart, but you’re far from pretentious and know how to have fun.

19Gemini Woman – Wit, Moodiness, Smart, Versatile, Creative

Many people think you, Gemini woman, are basically two or three women rolled up in one. You’re just as witty as your male counterpart, which is why you share the word with him, but while Gemini men don’t necessarily love getting all up in their emotions, you’re kind of all about it. Your emotions can change at the drop of a hat, which is why you’re one of the moodier people of the zodiac despite not having that reputation.People sometimes dismiss you because of your moodiness once they get to know you, which is a major frustration for you. It’s up to you to know when to let your emotions run the show and when to use your head. Despite your emotionality, though, you’re a very smart person who loves getting in touch with their creative side. You don’t tend to be smart in the well-read, intelligent way your male counterparts are though. Rather, you’re smart in a common-sense way, and to be honest, that’s oftentimes way more important. Common sense and people skills are often hard for some people to learn, but for you, Gemini girl, that’s kind of hard-wired into you and deep down, you’re comfortable in a situation where you get to be a social butterfly.

18Cancer Man – Emotional, Resentful, Intuition, Cunning, Protective

You, Cancer man, are the type of guy who’s always emotional. However, while this fact might annoy you, it’s honestly refreshing. A lot of guys tend to feel like showing your emotions makes you less of a man, and you might feel that way sometimes too, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, showing your emotions makes you strong in a way that many men can’t understand. You tend to be the type of guy who knows how to hold a grudge. For you, life isn’t about forgiving and forgetting, it’s about resenting and remembering. Some other signs might think that you’re letting bitterness fill your heart, but you don’t think that’s the case at all. Rather, you’re never going to let yourself be in a position where you’re going to set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. That’s probably a lesson you learned sometime in your life: not to sacrifice your own well being to make someone happy that would never do it for you. Once you learn that, people never take advantage anymore. That being said, you’re also a person who makes it a point to watch people and make sure that they’re who they say they are. If anyone is going to sniff out a person who’s less than sincere, it’s you. You’re very protective of your people and you won’t let anyone hurt them.

17Cancer Woman – Kind, Hypersensitive, Romance, Empathy, Change

As a Cancer woman, you’re by far the kindest woman of the zodiac. You don’t really know how to be any other way. You’re the kind of person who would put everything you hold dear on the line to help a friend, family member, significant other, or anyone else in your circle without a second thought. That being said, you’re often so kind that you forget that not everyone operates that way. You’re such a sweet soul that you can actually be very sensitive to how other people treat you, making you come off a bit hypersensitive. To be fair, sometimes you are a little hypersensitive without meaning to be. You’re the kind of person who’s been through so much that you can be a little touchy when your alarms get tripped. That being said, you don’t see it like you don’t have thick skin or anything. Rather, you see it as protecting yourself from being hurt, which is something you never want anyone else to experience. You’re deeply romantic as a person, even with your platonic friendships. It’s the quality that makes you go to bat for your people with such conviction. It’s very common for you to be in a friendship where people think the two of you are together because of how devoted you are to them. It’s a beautiful quality and something there should be more of in the world.

16Leo Man – Generosity, Authority,  Assurance, Sociability, Self

As a Leo man, you’re the type to exude a sense of leadership and authority with everything you do. This can be kind of an issue if you absolutely need to be the authority on everything, but most of the time people feel comfortable going to you for guidance and inspiration. More importantly, you’re comfortable being that person. You love being the light that other people can crowd around. You want to be the guy that other men want to be and women want to be with because that’s kind of what you admire. You might have a little bit of a hero complex because of this, and that’s not a bad thing. If anything, you might feel like people looking up to you lets them hold you accountable to be a better man than you might have been without that. You have a sense of self that’s a lot more self-assured than a lot of other people’s, and that can be a wonderful, great thing if you don’t let that get to your head. You might come off a bit cocky to others, but oftentimes that’s just you trying to be strong for everyone. Deep down, you love indulging in life, but more than that, you love letting your generous spirit run the show. You’re a giver at heart, no matter how much you want to look like the big shot. If anything, that’s what makes you a big shot: your big heart.

15Leo Woman – Confidence, Drama, Love, Royalty, Leadership

As a Leo woman, you are exceedingly confident, even when you’re not. This sounds a little weird and contradictory, but to be honest, if you’re a Leo woman this probably makes a lot of sense. Even when you’re not feeling great about yourself, you have a sense of what you’re capable of and what you can do and you’re never one to shortchange yourself for no reason. You hold yourself to a high standard of conduct because you’re aware more than most that the world is watching everyone nowadays. You’re the kind of person to command a following on social media. You’re a natural born leader who never operates like you’re less than what or who you actually are. In your eyes, you and the people you care about are royalty and you’ll never accept anyone treating you or them as less than that. You love to show people love in any context, which is why you might come off like a player. For you, it’s not your problem if someone misinterprets an innocent gesture, though. You tend to be a person for whom drama follows partially for that reason. You don’t always see this as a bad thing: if anything it’s an example of how your personality can attract anything and anyone, for better or for worse.

14Virgo Man – Service, Criticism, Details, Humility, Wisdom

While you’re just as much of a character as the rest of the men of the zodiac, you, Virgo man, aren’t quite as ready to advertise yourself as a character. Rather, you’re a person who prides themselves on hanging out in the background, not really attracting any drama. For you, the big idea isn’t nearly as important as the details it takes to make that big idea come alive. You’re the type of person who really values not overselling yourself either. Humility is your middle name and people really admire you for that. It’s a quality few people have, and it’s one of the things that makes you really wise. You’re definitely a smart person in the sense that you can have a conversation about a deep, complex topic in a well-informed way, but that’s not necessarily what you enjoy. You don’t love trying to show yourself as the most intelligent or knowledgeable (you might a little bit but that’s not what you live for). Rather, you like getting to slip into a teacher role so you can pass on your knowledge and get other people to see those details that your eyes and ears gravitate to. You can be really critical of others, but for you, that’s just a symptom of how critical you can be of yourself. Deep down, you’re a person who likes helping people more than you like people.

13Virgo Woman – Discernment, Worry, Reliability, Modesty, Purity

As a Virgo woman, you’re kind of the embodiment of what people tend to idealize about women in general. However, you’re far from the wifey stereotype other signs might want to make you out to be. You’re a strong person who can tell if a person is worth your time in just a few minutes, and you’re very rarely wrong about your initial gut feelings about a person or situation. That being said, sometimes you’re a person who dismisses things out of hand and lets your worry take over rather than keeping your mind and heart open to new things and people. That being said, however, it’s hard for you to feel like your worry and quickness to judge is a bad thing when your gut feelings tend to be so on the mark. You don’t love being the center of attention most of the time: you’re most comfortable helping someone else in the spotlight and being the glue that holds everything together. You might not be the leader that’s seen, but you’re definitely the kind of lynchpin person who holds a group together.

12Libra Man – Diplomacy, Indecisive, Easygoing, Fairness, Justice

The thing we need to talk about with you, Libra man, is how easygoing you can be. You’re not a person who’s easily swayed by other people unless you want to be, but you pride yourself on going with the flow and being as adaptable as possible. You hate conflict more than anything else and you’ll do a lot to avoid a dramatic situation. That being said, you can be the most indecisive guy of the zodiac once you get too far into your own head. It’s up to you to not do that, but in your opinion, this is less of a character flaw and more of just you weighing every option you can. Deep down, you’re a person who has a sense of fairness and justice that motivates everything you do. For you, if something feels wrong to you, you’re not going to do it. This is true in your relationships and otherwise. It just goes to show that while you can be very indecisive at times when the chips are down and your decision matters, you come through. All in all, your inner self is a lot more complex than other signs are willing to give you credit for.

11Libra Woman – Artistic, Self-Indulgence, Charm, Harmony, Extravagance

As a Libra woman, you’re a person who loves indulging in your creative, artistic side. You might not be quite as adaptable to every situation, but you’re the type of person who has no problem shapeshifting into whatever person you need to be in order to keep everyone happy. You don’t just have a need to be liked, you have a need to be respected, so you hate when people don’t take you seriously. That being said, you’re a hard person to dismiss because of how big your personality can get. Despite your extravagant personality and penchant for self-indulgence, you really don’t like drama and like your male counterpart, you’ll do what you can to avoid it. This might look like you’re trying to run away from your problems rather than face them head-on, but in your opinion, you’d rather sacrifice your own mental well-being than disappoint people you care about. Deep down, you’re a charming person who values harmony in your world, but you’re also a strong person who’s unyielding about your values.

10Scorpio Man – Complexity, Jealousy, Mystery, Power, Passion

You, Scorpio man, are a hard one to pin down. To your friends, you’re an enigma who inspires admiration, to the point where some of them might feel like they’re genuinely beneath you. Your family might even feel the same way. While the people in your circle admire you and look up to you, there’s a very good chance that they don’t know a lot about you, or they think they do and are wrong about that. To your enemies, you’re a person who’s too jealous and volatile to really be a reliable person. Your jealousy rivals that of the Taurus man and woman, which is really saying something and shows just how crazy that zodiac match can be if you’re not ready for the work that goes into that partnership. Deep down, you might not feel like you know yourself very well, to be honest. You might use your own mysterious qualities that other people see to try and hide things from yourself that you don’t want to deal with. All in all, you’re a guy who exudes power and passion, but you won’t show it to people who you don’t trust.

9Scorpio Woman – Emotion, Resentment, Focus, Character, Patience

As a Scorpio woman, you’re deeply emotional, but you sometimes hate that about yourself. You want nothing more than to be the picture of strength that you tend to idealize: direct, stable, and reliable. More often than not, you are those things, but you tend to not see those things because you just see your extreme emotions that feel like the ocean in the sense that you feel like you can drown in them. You’re the type to hold grudges relatively easily, much like your male Scorpio counterpart, but unlike your male counterpart, that resentment doesn’t take up a huge part of your soul and affect your decision making in the same way. Rather, you use your hurts and betrayal to propel yourself forward in a way that benefits you and not in a vengeful way. You’re focused on the things that matter most to you, whatever those things happen to be. You’re sensual and passionate and all of the things a Scorpio can be, but beyond that, you’re a woman with character and patience deep down. You know those good things will always come to those who wait and those who have faith.

8Sagittarius Man – Forward, Impulsive, Restless, Cleverness, Humor

As a Sagittarius man, you’re a person for whom the only direction you want to go is forward. You’re not a guy who wants to go backward in any way, least of all personally. You tend to be a bit impulsive because you’re so focused on doing things that are new and going places you’ve never been before, but this doesn’t bother you in any way. Regrets are foreign to you: if you had fun doing it at the moment, you don’t see the need to regret it later no matter how bad things get because it made you happy at one point. You’re a restless person in the sense that you’re looking for something bigger and better than yourself that you can hang onto when things get really hard. You take solace in your excellent sense of humor and scathing sense of wit and cleverness and see those things as a major part of your skill set. That being said, you’re a lot more than a player even if that’s how you want to come across at first. Deep down, you’re not afraid of anything, but you’re also afraid of everything and you make it a point to know yourself as well as you can so you can better take on the world.

7Sagittarius Woman – Freedom, Careless, Optimism, Philosophy, Truth

As a Sagittarius woman, nothing means more to you than your sense of freedom. You never want to feel caged into a situation or a relationship, which is why you make it a point to keep certain walls up when you’re getting to know someone, only letting them down when you feel truly comfortable with them. That being said, it’s very easy for people to feel comfortable with you because of your endless optimism. Even if you see yourself as a pessimist in life, there’s an optimism in how you operate in the world. You expect the best in people, and while you’re sometimes disappointed when they don’t measure up, you’d rather see the good in people than assume everyone is bad because that means that your high standards for yourself are meaningless. Your philosophy on life hinges on trying to learn everything you can about everything and people who are just getting to know you are often surprised at how easily you can talk someone out of their depth. You can be very careless when it comes to people’s feelings and when it comes to other things, but when push comes to shove, the truth of the matter is that you will be there for the people you care about.

6Capricorn Man – Ambition, Rigidity, Practicality, Discipline, Funny

As a Capricorn man, you’re a person who is not to be underestimated in any capacity. You’re always thinking in a way that prioritizes your climb up the ladder. The “ladder” can be anything from your career path to hitting certain milestones in your life that you feel are necessary. You’re an overachiever to others, but deep down, you don’t see yourself as pushing beyond what you’re capable of. Rather, you see yourself as doing what you’re supposed to be doing: whatever it takes. You have a disciplined way of thinking: there’s no need to be going and doing meaningless things that don’t benefit you when there’s so much work to be done. Honestly, it’s really admirable how you throw yourself into everything, even the things you don’t like doing because it’s a quality few other signs have. That being said, you tend to be very rigid in your thinking and it takes awhile for you to come around to another person’s perspective. When you do, though, you add that perspective to your ever-evolving philosophy of life. You’re a practical person, but you’re also really low-ley funny in a way that others don’t expect.

5Capricorn Woman – Ambition, Grudges, Trust, Responsibility, Stability

Let’s be real, Capricorn woman: the one thing you hate most in the world is that you tend to be seen as this stick in the mud. You know you’re not, but you also know what it’s like being an ambitious woman in a society that doesn’t really value that in women. Even if you’re not a feminist, you can’t help but chafe under the expectation that a woman needs to fit into a certain box and can’t be too ambitious lest she scares a man away. In your opinion, if someone can’t handle your ambition, they weren’t worth it anyway. To you, trust means everything. You’re a person who doesn’t just need to feel like she trusts the people in her inner circle, you need to feel like others can trust you. You show love not with romantic gestures and sweet overtones, but by investing your time and sometimes your resources into a relationship. That’s what really matters to you: effort. You don’t care so much about lofty dreams, you care about making your dreams a reality and being a stable, responsible force in the world. You’re strong and independent but deep down, while you feel like you don’t need anyone, you know that without your core group of loved ones, you wouldn’t be the person you are today.

4Aquarius Man – Creativity, Detachment, Challenges, Honesty, Loyalty

The thing about you, Aquarius man, is that you’re the kind of person who is as creative and loving as you are the type of person who doesn’t want to come out that way. You’re the type of guy who’s constantly selling yourself short. Sure, you know you’re an honest, intelligent guy, possibly one of the smartest people you know. However, you’re the type of person who tends to think of themselves as less capable than you actually are for whatever reason. You expect a lot of yourself, but you also expect yourself to fall short of your own expectations and that sometimes makes you sad, so you tend to detach yourself from the world and people around you. That being said, nothing boils your blood and makes you feel alive quite like a new challenge, something you can really sink your teeth into. Deep down, you like people more than you’re willing to let on and you’re deeply loyal in a way that most people won’t expect from you. All in all, you’re the type of guy who needs to think more highly of yourself than you do.

3Aquarius Woman – Unconventional, Erraticism, Progressive, Independence, Rebelliousness

Unlike your male counterpart, Aquarius woman, you’re the type of woman who actually doesn’t mind showing your love and admiration for other people. While you’re not quite as detached from the world as the Aquarius man, as a rule, you definitely can get that way under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Regardless, you tend to make up for your lack of detachment with your extremely unconventional mannerisms. While you don’t care too much for detaching yourself from others, your weirdness and erratic behavior can make others distance themselves from you if you don’t know how to corral that weirdness into something positive. You’re unapologetically independent in the way you think and in how you deal with people, and you’re the type of person that often gets told by people that they’ve never met anyone quite like you. You’re deeply unpredictable, which can be a character flaw, but you try not to bother with people who don’t appreciate your personality, and that’s a major part of it. Deep down, you’re the type of woman that is a forward thinker more than anything else: you think big, practically globally.

2Pisces Man – Romance, Paranoia, Tolerance, Dreams, Sharing

The major thing about you, Pisces man, is that you’re a romantic at heart. There are times where you might try not to be for whatever reason, but honestly, you can’t fight your own soul on this one. Your sign, Pisces, is the sign that’s kind of the culmination of all the lessons the other signs before you have learned. You’re kind of on this spiritual quest at all times because of this: you know more than most that you’re always in a position to learn more emotionally and spiritually, not just mentally. That makes you a person who’s a lot more in tune with your inner self than most, regardless of your gender. It’s hard to pin down your inner self, though, because as a Pisces, you tend to be a lot harder to pin down in general. You could have any combination of qualities shared by the other eleven signs. The main thing that you’d have in common with other Pisces guys is the fact that you’re always kind of living in two worlds: the real, tangible world we all live in, and the world of dreams and ideas that you want to make a reality. You tend to be a bit more paranoid than other signs, but that’s just because you’re constantly thinking about the future. You’re also a person who’s way more open to sharing than most guys, which is great and music to a girl’s ears.

1Pisces Woman – Selfless, Escapism, Idealism, Affection, Strength

As a Pisces woman, you’re the type of person who is equal parts sweet and terrifying. Like your male counterpart, you are exceedingly hard to pin down in a way that lends itself to an easy characterization of your sign. You can be just as mysterious as a Scorpio, but just as straightforward as an Aries, making you a person who can adapt to many social situations, a quality you’re exceedingly proud of. You’re a person who makes it a point to be in touch with your emotions, and you don’t have a problem slowing your love and affection to those you care about. You’re the type to be prone to escapism, though: you can get lost in your own head and sometimes you’d rather stay there than deal with a situation that might be hard for you. That being said, you’re way stronger than most give you credit for. Oftentimes, people look at you and think that they see an emotional person that they can walk all over. Yes, you’re extremely selfless when you want to be, but you’re no doormat and when someone tries to treat you that way, they’re definitely going to regret it. Deep down, you’re a person who sees connections between people and situations that no one else can see, which is a quality that’s hard to find these days !

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