Excuses that a man always invents when he is not interested in you

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March 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019
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Excuses that a man always invents when he is not interested in you

f you think it’s corrosive to be single, think again. Because sometimes getting to know a guy you really like, but who constantly pushes you off is really a lot worse than being single.

I mean, surely you are now shot into someone “special”, but are you as special for him as he is for you? Do you have this agonizing feeling that although your relationship is great, there is something wrong?

Do not ignore your intuition because your mind recognizes signs that you are unable to understand. And those signs tell you he’s not really on you.

Every wise woman should know the following excuses that men make when they are not interested in a woman. Because they can help you, that you already recognize at the beginning of the relationship whether this guy is the right one for you or not.

1. He is always busy

Every person has a life, a job and responsibilities that he has to take care of. I can also understand that we live in a stressful time and our diary is full. But can you please call me a person in your life who works around the clock?

I do not think so, especially if he’s a guy in a relationship. If he fails to take a few hours each week for you to do a nice date or just talk to you, what kind of relationship are you in? A  cyber relationship ? The only reason he does not have time for you is because he does not think you’re worth his time. As simple as that.

2. He is traveling a lot

The main reason why your partner is on business a lot is because he thinks you are not worth his time. Especially if these trips take place suspiciously in times when you ask him to go to a family reunion or other important social event.

If he’s on a business trip all the time, find out if he really works for the company he says he works for. Besides, if he’s really that busy with travel, he should at least show the decency to invite you on one of his travels. Who takes over the costs, is another topic. But at least he should give you a chance to be with him.

3. His career is his top priority

Once a man puts his work first, it means you are not even on his list of top 10 priorities. Every woman should feel special in a relationship. That’s why a man has to have time for you and make you a priority.

If he does not, he will treat you badly and find all sorts of excuses men make if they are not interested in a woman.

4. He has a “bad” relationship behind him

It is strange when he tells you that he was the one who was abandoned by his ex. Do not get me wrong now. I’m not saying that this excuse is 100% fictitious. Some men do experience that, but a very large number of them use it as an excuse to get compassionate sex.

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Besides, after this statement, you feel the need to show him that there are also good women, which means that you will do everything to please him, and he will make no effort at all. That’s a double win for a man.

5. He does not want to marry before he turns 30

You laugh and tell yourself that when he starts to love you, he can easily lower the limit from 30 years to 25. And at the same time you think that you will be that special woman who can trigger this change in his life. Well, sweetheart no matter if his statement that he does not want to marry before he turns 30 is true or false, you can not do anything if he chooses not to tie up.

6. He needs space

When a man seeks freedom, it’s literally the dumbest excuse he can do if he’s not interested in a woman.

It is sad that the negative stereotyping of women as attachable, time-consuming and money-wasting creatures has become established in the minds of many men as facts. This is one of the main reasons why men are reluctant to commit themselves. Or maybe they are just afraid to enter into a serious relationship.

If this is the case with your partner, then invite him to talk and tell him what bothers you. But if you realize that even after the serious conversation he does not have the will to change, then leave him.

7. “I really like you, but …”

“I’m not sure I want to be in a serious relationship now.” Most women will justify that statement by saying, “If he likes me, it’s only a matter of time before he ties himself becomes. I just have to be patient. “

But the truth is that he wants to tell you that he does not want to be in a serious relationship with you. This excuse is the same as the one that he does not want to marry before he turns 30, just in other words. If he likes you, but does not want a serious relationship, then he should just go for the distance.

8. The relationship is developing too fast

Your partner tells you this, even though you have been with him for 6 months. Really? Does he seriously believe that you are so stupid as to fall for this lie? You are aware that you were the best friend of all time, so what is the problem then?

I can tell you straight away that the problem lies in his immature brain. He is the one who behaves like a child and is unable to lead a serious relationship.

9. He immediately admits that he misses his ex-girlfriend

Ahhh. Why can men just not tell the truth, but do the worst lies in the world come to mind, “not to hurt” a woman’s feelings ? How is the sentence “I think we do not fit well together” much worse than “Hey, the time I spend with you reminds me so much of my ex”?

It is quite sad to see what kind of excuses men invent when they are not interested in a woman. And even if your partner is telling the truth, what good is it for you to be with him when he clearly has feelings for his ex?

10. He wants an open relationship

Once he tells you that he wants to have some sort of relationship, you should not lose a minute of your precious time thinking about this nonsense. Turn your back on him and walk as fast as you can.

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