Exactly Why He Can’t Commit To Us, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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March 31, 2019
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March 31, 2019
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Exactly Why He Can’t Commit To Us, Based On His Zodiac Sign

If we have one question about guys, it’s probably this one: why do some guys commit and others don’t? We spend a lot of time asking ourselves and others all about this. When we hear that our best friend finally has a boyfriend after a long season of being single, we want all the details. Did he bring up becoming official or did she? Did he say that he was afraid of commitment in the past that knew that he liked her so much that all his worries were gone? What exactly went down?

When we’re in a situation where we really like a guy and wish that he would commit to us but we know that he won’t, we always wonder what the real story is. There are tons of excuses that guys can give us, but what’s actually going on? Is it us or is it them? It’s truly frustrating and can make us feel like we’re going crazy when, of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with us. It’s just a tricky, awkward, unfair situation. If we think about a guy’s zodiac sign, we can figure out a reason that he won’t commit to us that is super likely. Ready to find out? Here’s exactly why he can’t commit to us, based on his zodiac sign!

16Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer): They Don’t Think You’re The One

Water signs are emotional, which makes sense since, of course, we call crying “waterworks” and talk about someone’s cheeks being wet and tear-stained. It’s a thing.

When we’re dating a guy who is a water sign, whether a Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer, we might wonder why they don’t want to commit to us. No matter how many excuses we make for them, it probably comes down to one thing: they don’t think that we’re “The One.”

We might not think that guys think about things like this but they definitely do. Although we tend to hear about guys who don’t want to commit because they want to have their freedom or date a lot of girls at once, sometimes guys don’t want to make things official with a specific person because they’re not feeling it. They don’t think that this is someone that they can see themselves with long-term and that’s something that matters to them. We can’t really blame a guy for feeling this way, can we? No, we really and truly can’t. After all, we’ve all been in this situation and we’ve all had to reject people because we didn’t think that we saw a real future with them.

15Scorpio: He Thinks You Flirt With Other Guys

Scorpio signs can be very jealous, and it’s definitely rough to date someone who has that tendency. If we’re dating a Scorpio guy and wondering why he won’t make us his girlfriend, it’s very possible that his green-eyed monster is coming out and this is the reason why.

He might think that we flirt with other guys, whether our friends or ex-boyfriends or random guys when we go to a bar or restaurant or party. This is most likely not what’s going on, but we won’t be able to change his mind because talking to someone who is jealous is like talking to someone who is super stubborn. We won’t get the outcome that we want because their mind is already made up and that’s the way that it is.

All we can do is understand that when someone like this doesn’t want us to be their girlfriend, it’s truly a case of it’s not us, it’s them. They might say something negative and harsh like we would never be a good enough girlfriend and we would never be loyal to them, but who cares what this guy has to say? He’s in the wrong here and we don’t need to listen to him.

14Pisces: He Doesn’t Feel Super Strongly About You

Pisces signs are emotional and also very sensitive, so we have to keep that in mind when dating a guy who is a Pisces. If he’s not committing to us, it’s most likely because he doesn’t feel super strongly about us.

While we might hate hearing this, it’s actually the best case scenario when we stop and think about it. If we think about guys we have dated and ultimately decided not to continue seeing, we liked at least some of them enough… but we knew that we didn’t have strong romantic feelings for them. It wasn’t their fault and it wasn’t ours. It was just the way that it was. We might have even liked them as a person and thought that they had a great work ethic or they were really funny and sweet.

We can’t get offended and hurt and pissed off when a guy makes this decision about us. After all, it’s better to know earlier that a guy doesn’t have strong feelings for us instead of dating for a while and then learning that he never loved us. That would sting way worse so we should totally keep things in perspective the best that we can (although, yes, it will suck to hear this at first).

13Cancer: He’s Not Ready To Open Up To You

Cancer signs are homebodies and being comfortable around someone is important to them. If a guy who is this zodiac sign isn’t committing to us, there’s a reason: he’s not ready to open up to us.

Maybe we’re just not on the same page or don’t have much in common, or maybe we’re a bit more confident and loud and bold than this guy. He just might not love our personality and think that we’re a good match for him, and since he needs to feel super comfy in order to be vulnerable and commit to someone, that’s something that he’s thinking about.

We can’t really blame a guy for thinking this way, even if we wish that things were different and that he could share his thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams with us. All we can do is accept the situation for what it is and know that we’re going to be just fine. There are other fish in the sea, right?! And there’s going to be someone who will be thrilled to open up to us. We just have to hang in there and live the single life a little while longer and things will work out just fine.

12Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini): They’re Too In Their Head

Air signs are the kind of people who spend a lot of time thinking and wondering. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because being thoughtful and cautious can be awesome. It’s just that when it comes to whether this guy is going to commit to us, he might be so caught up in his own thoughts that he just can’t make it work.

These zodiac signs are too much in their head a lot of the time, and they don’t always open up to other people or feel comfortable enough to talk to them. It can be really hard to date them so they’re honestly doing us a big favor, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

We definitely deserve a boyfriend who not only can talk to us about anything but who wants to, so we should wait until we find someone who fits into that category. Why would we settle for anything less? There’s just no point. It’s good to remember that even if a guy is willing to be our boyfriend, it’s our decision, too, and he might not be the right person. We do have a say in the matter, even if we do wonder why some guys just can’t seem to commit.

11Aquarius: He Doesn’t Like Talking About His Feelings

Aquarius signs find it difficult to talk about how they feel, so it makes sense that an Aquarius guy might not be able to commit to us for that reason.

Of course, we don’t even want to have a boyfriend who can’t tell us how he feels about us and get deep. That’s basically the entire point of being in a relationship. Sure, we always hear that guys don’t like to get vulnerable and we’ll never hear that they care about us or anything like that, but that’s definitely not true. A lot of guys make amazing partners and are so caring and compassionate and loving. We deserve to wait and hold out for someone who is exactly like that.

Instead of thinking that a guy will eventually open up or learn to talk to us, we should believe that this is the way that he is and that he’s not going to change. That way, we won’t end up upset and disappointed. Even though it sucks to date someone who won’t commit to us and won’t talk to us about how he feels, it’s a good lesson that we definitely need someone who will be able to be open and honest.

10Libra: He Can’t Forget Some Silly First Date Detail

On the one hand, Libra signs are caring and love when things are peaceful and fair, but on the other hand, they never met a grudge they didn’t like and didn’t want to hold onto.

This is not a zodiac sign that finds it easy to forgive, and that’s why this guy can’t commit to us. He might not be able to forget about something that happened on our first date. Maybe we offended him somehow (even though we, of course, didn’t mean to and it’s totally possible that he’s just being oversensitive) or maybe we didn’t laugh at his joke loud enough or at all. He’s not able to forgive and forget and move on, and every time we hang out together and he looks at us, it’s like this is all that he can think about.

We might think that this sounds ridiculous and, yes, it definitely does. So it’s good that this guy doesn’t want to be our boyfriend, right? It doesn’t really sound like he’s the best bet for us and it’ll be much better if we can find someone else who won’t be quite this petty. While it might seem perfectly reasonable to him to be unable to move on from this silly first date detail, it’s way too much for us to have to deal with.

9Gemini: He Can’t Figure Out If He Likes You Or Another Girl

Gemini signs have trouble making decisions and that’s one of their biggest personality traits for sure. That might be hard to understand if that’s just not the way that we are. There are definitely two kinds of people: those who make super fast decisions and never go back on their choice because they know that they’re confident with what they’ve figured out… and those who take hours or days to mull over various possibilities.

Neither one is wrong, of course — it’s just the way that people make decisions. But if we’re wondering why a Gemini guy can’t commit to us, it just might be his decision-making. Maybe he can’t figure out if he likes us or another girl (or he likes both of us but can’t decide who he likes more). Yes, this is super awkward and not the best situation to be in.

Hopefully, he acts classy about the whole thing and doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but chances are, this is going to be at least a little bit messy. We can get upset and pissed off and wonder why this is happening to us, or we can move on and realize that he’s not the one for us.

8Earth Signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus): They Like The Status Quo/The Way Things Are

Earth signs have been described as being “grounded” which totally makes sense based on the name. These people are loyal, chill, and not overly dramatic or frustrating to deal with. That doesn’t mean that Earth signs will commit to us, of course. There are many reasons why a guy who is a Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus might not want us to be his girlfriend, but the main thing will be that he likes the status quo.

He’s a big fan of the way that things are right now, whether he wants to keep casually dating us or whether he wants to say goodbye and just live the single life. Why rock the boat when things are good and he’s happy and enjoying life? We might not love this explanation (okay, we’re totally going to hate it, especially if we really like this person and want things to work out) but it’s his decision to make.

Even if we think that we would make the best girlfriend ever, we have to respect that someone just isn’t feeling it, and isn’t quite ready to take the next step and make things official. It’s better to just accept this and find someone who is more than happy to be our boyfriend.

7Virgo: He’s Too Shy To Tell You How He Really Feels

Virgos are known for being quiet and shy, and that’s not the best when we’re trying to start a relationship with someone. If we’re dating a Virgo guy and he can’t commit to us, we might not realize that it’s because of his shy nature. We might be into this guy because he seems so sweet and loyal, but if he can’t talk to us, it’s just not going to work.

Unfortunately, he might be too shy to tell us how he really feels about us, and so things will be left unsaid and we won’t be boyfriend/girlfriend. This really sucks since we like him and want to get a happy ending to our love story, but hey, that’s just how things work out sometimes.

This guy might be so nervous to express his feelings for us that even if we tell him that we like him and would love something more than friendship, he’s still closed off and can’t open up to us. If we’ve never dated someone like this and have always had guys expressing their emotions, this might be confusing as well as really frustrating. There’s not really anything that we can do if this is the type of person that we’re dealing with, so we have to understand that this is how he feels and move on.

6Capricorn: He Doesn’t Think It Will Work Out

A guy who is a Capricorn sign might be unable to commit to us for a logical, practical reason that shows his grounded personality: because he doesn’t think that it will work out.

We can tell him that of course things are going to be just fine and we’ll have the best relationship ever, but as we probably already know, we can’t change someone. And trying to convince a guy that he’ll love being our boyfriend isn’t the best way to go. We shouldn’t have to beg someone to be our boyfriend, right?! He should be more than happy to have that title and role.

While we might be bummed and think that this guy is wrong, we should listen to his concerns and what he’s saying and thinking because he just might be on the right track. Maybe he realizes that our schedules are too different and opposite so we would never see each other. Or maybe he just doesn’t think that we have enough in common or he thinks of us as more of a friend. As difficult as it might be to accept it, those are all valid thoughts, and we might as well agree with him.

5Taurus: He Doesn’t Want His Life To Change

There’s not much that is more frustrating than dealing with someone who is super stubborn. Dating a Taurus guy isn’t going to be the easiest thing ever since that’s his dominant personality trait.

If we’re in this situation, then we might be wondering why this guy doesn’t want to commit to us. More often than not, it’s because he’s happy with the way that his life is and doesn’t want it to change. Even though we probably would take offense to that and say that we’re not going to negatively change his life or anything, he might not be wrong.

After all, if we’re in a relationship, our life is going to change in ways that we might not even be aware of. Everything will look different, from our daily routine to how we spend our evenings and weekends to our holiday plans. If a guy isn’t sure that he can handle that change, he’s not being a total and complete monster, even if we’re not happy with him right now. It’s better for him to be honest and real with us instead of saying that he’ll become our boyfriend and then being the worst one ever. We might not realize it right now, but he’s doing us a huge favor.

4Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius): They’re Just Not The Boyfriend Type

Fire signs sound fiery and passionate, and that’s totally what they are. While it might sound attractive to have a boyfriend who cares deeply about us and is passionate and romantic, guys who are fire signs might not be the boyfriend types, so this might not work out the way that we want it to.

It can be hard to accept a guy for who he is. We want to believe that we can change someone and that if he just gets to know us better, he would realize that, of course, he wants us to be his girlfriend and we were right all along. But that’s an innocent way to think and it’s not in our best interest.

When guys aren’t into being someone’s boyfriend, we need to listen to what they’re telling us instead of believing that they’ll totally come around if we just convince them or try to be super cute or whatever our game plan is. It’s better to realize what’s going on and not keep wasting our time because we’re not going to get what we want here. Sure, we would make awesome girlfriends, but it’s not up to us to convince them, and we need to understand that.

3Leo: He Only Cares About Himself

A guy who is a Leo sign only cares about himself, and that’s the reason why he can’t commit to us. We might hate hearing this because we like that he’s so confident and secure and that he’s not nervous and doesn’t freak out about every little thing. If our ex-boyfriends were anxious about things that they didn’t need to worry about, dating a Leo guy might be a breath of fresh air and might seem really awesome.

Unfortunately, when someone is selfish and super into themselves, they only care about one thing and one thing only, and that’s the person in the mirror. This guy might give us random reasons or excuses why he can’t be our boyfriend, but the main thing is that he doesn’t want to spend the time and effort to get to know someone else. And he doesn’t want to care about anyone else.

Yeah, this sounds harsh and it might be offensive, but we really shouldn’t feel bad. This is his problem, not ours, and in the long run, we’ll be better off since we won’t have to deal with his conceited nature. Even if we think that he’s so cute and funny and cool, he wouldn’t actually be boyfriend material.

2Aries: He’s Passionate/Wants To Date Around

On the hand, an Aries guy can be super attractive since he’s passionate and not a bundle of nerves and shyness like some other people can be. But those traits are what make him anything but boyfriend material and that’s exactly why he can’t commit to us.

If we’re casually dating an Aries guy, that just might be the way that he wants things to continue. Since he’s so passionate, he wants to date around and he doesn’t want to limit himself to just one person. We can choose to be offended by this and wonder why he doesn’t like us enough to make us his girlfriend… or we can simply accept that this is the way that this situation has gone.

Sometimes it’s better to just know that things can’t be changed and get on with our lives. We only have bigger and better things on the horizon. What would we rather do, sit back and wonder why a guy didn’t like us, or find someone who realizes how amazing we are? It’s totally the second option, right? Exactly. There’s no reason to feel bad about ourselves or feel like we did something wrong in this situation. This is just how it worked out, and it’s no one’s fault.

1Sagittarius: He Doesn’t Want To Commit To Anyone

The Sagittarius guy seems really awesome. He loves to travel, have fun, and have adventures. What could be better? Wouldn’t he make the best boyfriend?

Unfortunately, this guy might not be able to commit to us because of the things that make him such a cool, interesting person. Since he loves to travel and have fun, he doesn’t want to commit to anyone. Being someone’s boyfriend isn’t high on his priority list.

Hopefully we figure out the real reason why he can’t commit to us sooner rather than later because it can truly suck to date someone for a few months and believe that things are going to work out a certain way (aka we’re going to be their girlfriend)… and then we learn that they had no intention of being in an actual relationship with us. But instead of blaming ourselves, we should realize that this happens to every girl at one point or another, and it’s a common, relatable story. All we can do is take a deep breath and know that once we meet the right guy, we won’t have to wonder and he’ll be super pumped to commit to us. It’ll be the best thing ever.

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