Discover the addiction that corresponds to your sign. If you know Virgins, be very careful about yourself …

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March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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Discover the addiction that corresponds to your sign. If you know Virgins, be very careful about yourself …

Many believe it, others a little less. The astrological signs would reveal our personality. And we are not going to deceive ourselves: the personality is what influences each of our choices, our tastes, our life, and therefore also … our addictions! 

You may not know it, but according to your astrological sign, one addiction would correspond to you more than another. Indeed, addictions also have their personality and their character, and you will discover that we each have ours. Between sex, gambling, cocaine or social networks, there is something for everyone! Surprising results, without scientific foundations (it is precise!), To take of course the second degree:

Aries (March 21> April 19): cocaine

If you ask rams what frustrates them the most in the world, they will probably answer: “when it does not go fast enough, when it’s soft knee! “. And for good reason, they are the babies of the Zodiac, the youngest sign, and just like young children, they are impatient. Cocaine gives the impression that everything is faster, and that’s what they like.

Bull (April 20> May 20): food or marijuana (or both)

Unlike rams, bulls are full of patience and determination. On the other hand, their main defect is often laziness. So, the addiction that best suits them is food. They are slow and particularly like to take their time, so it’s no wonder they also love the fumette.

Gemini (May 21> June 20): social networks

When seeking to escape their feelings or the present moment, the most common reflex in Gemini is to turn to compulsive communication, in other words, social networks. They fit perfectly with their personality, and offer the opportunity to talk about many topics, without dealing with them deeply. All that is Gemini!

Cancer (21 June> 22 July): the heroine

Cancers are extremely moody, and when in distress, they try to escape the world in which they live. And their favorite place to retire and stay quiet is their home. The heroine often gives the impression to the consumer that he becomes a baby, in the arms of his mother, the perfect solution for cancers to feel safe.

Lion (July 23> August 22): shopping

Lions can be materialistic, and vanity is one of his many traits. Once the credit card is in hand, Lions tend to excel. They have a penchant for expensive stuff and love fashion. Shopping is therefore just a development of their passion. If nothing prevents them, they can spend whole days in the shops!

Virgin (23 August> 22 September): the others

Virgins have a sign associated with the service. They love helping, counseling, pushing, comforting and helping others by forgetting their own lives and personal well-being. Living the lives of others by proxy does not bother them, on the contrary! And the more a person and dependent on them, the happier they are. A word of advice, remember that you too have a life with decisions to make and choices to make.

Libra (23 September> 22 October): love

Balances are a sign of justice and equality. But problem, for people symbolized by a scale, they are not very balanced. They tend to see the whole world all beautiful all pink and so often end up not being disappointed with reality. Moreover, they can not be filled without being completed by someone else. They like attention and sweetness. This probably explains their need so much love!

Scorpio (23 October> 21 November): sex and porn

Sex is a very important addiction in scorpions. But for a sign that loves so much loneliness, the ideal solution is probably porn. They have a unique sexual appetite that makes them special people. Scorpions are incredibly complex beings, what they want most (the intimacy and passion of another person) is also what they dread most. With them, it’s caliente!

Sagittarius (November 22> December 21): gambling

The sagittarians have like star corresponding Jupiter, a planet which represents the gifts and the luck. They are very optimistic nature and particularly players. So, it will not surprise you if you are told that they are fans of gambling and money. They believe so much in them that it is often enough to make them win. On the other hand, this addiction can also destroy them because they have a lot of trouble accepting defeat.

Capricorn (December 22> January 19): Medications

Being very attached to their status and reputation in society, Capricorns can not afford to have a visible and remarkable addiction of all. So, turning to drugs, they have the assurance of not being unmasked. And then just in case, they can always say that they have been prescribed by a doctor! Most Capricorns feel better at home, where they avoid the pressure they face outside.

Aquarius (January 20> February 18): video games

Aquarians tend to intellectualize their emotions and make fun of them. They particularly like video games because they offer them the opportunity to channel their feelings, but also an outlet that stands out from reality. In short, Capricorns are emotionally disabled, and do not like to assume them, let alone in public. They are also individuals for whom meditation and reflection are very important.

Fish (February 19> March 20): alcohol

This is undoubtedly the most sensitive of the signs of the Zodiac. Fish trust their emotions and like to make choices based on them. They love alcohol because it extrapolates everything they feel. For them, being drunk is a little bit omniscient because they need less thought to make a decision. In addition, the drink gives them a feeling of fullness they crave.

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