Confessions On Life And Love From An INTJ

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Confessions On Life And Love From An INTJ

One of my most loved revelations of a year ago was the Myers-Briggs identity test. I had as of late joined another organization that was enthusiastic about identity testing. Their first report was startlingly precise and I turned out to be progressively inquisitive about the entire thing. I in the long run unearthed the Myers-Briggs test and obviously took it. Perusing that report was considerably all the more fascinating – I felt like at long last somebody comprehended what really mattered to me and was astonished there were others (in spite of the fact that very few, my sort makes up 2% of the all inclusive community) like me.

Notwithstanding knowing my very own inadequacies and issues, I don’t assume I’d change my identity. So all things considered, here are a few admissions of what it resembles to be an INTJ – for better and in negative ways.

1-While I can do social circumstances, anything with in excess of a few people feels extremely clumsy for me. On the off chance that people were made on a sequential construction system, I’d speculate that they neglected to put the “bunch social cooperation” contribute me.

2-I’m incredibly anxious. Regardless of whether it’s kin doing things gradually in light of the fact that they don’t get it, they can’t keep up, or they’re simply being moderate for it, it bothers me to no closure.

3-I never truly feel like I fit in anyplace.

4-I once left a work early, on the grounds that I was progressively amped up for beginning work on a task I’d recently thought of than getting alcoholic with every other person.

5-I in some cases wish I’d gone into science or tech. Each INTJ profile I read says we are so great at it, I feel just as I missed the watercraft on a truckload of cash by being increasingly entranced in brain science, theory and the idea of things. Despite the fact that I speculate it’s all the more fulfilling.

6-I’m both furious and baffled that I face a daily reality such that the Kardashians have more cash and impact than somebody like Alain de Botton.

7-While I feel awkward in gathering circumstances, I structure quick and extremely profound fellowships with unique individuals who are mentally inquisitive and enthusiastic.

8-I feel very stimulated in the wake of going through 4 hours talking about thoughts and theories with my closest companions.

9-I adore time alone to simply sit and think.

10-I never feel really fulfilled except if I’m doing work that is troublesome.

11-I need to set up a framework for pretty much everything.

12-I discovered military administration troublesome, in light of the fact that expecting I’m a dolt and should be treated thusly is the surest method to irritate me.

13-I can’t stand suppositions dependent on feelings, when rationale and reason recommend the inverse.

14-I have a practically voracious hunger for more information. It feels like I have a dependence on perusing.

15-I discover individuals who hold extreme belief systems, for example, energy, religion and so on completely confounding.

16-I scorn it when individuals down from a discussion with “you simply must be correct” or “I would prefer not to contend”. I lose regard for individuals who can’t put their convictions up to examination and retreat back to solace of trusting a position they know to be false.

17= I discover managing my multi year old little girl’s hissy fits and obstinance inconceivably troublesome, in light of the fact that the things I am best at – for example rationale and thinking, don’t work.

18-My fantasy occupation would be as an expert, where individuals acquired me to examine their task and call attention to wasteful aspects, to make frameworks that would fix their issues.

19-In a gathering circumstance, individuals will regularly say “you’re by and large calm”. I simply discover more fulfillment in tuning in than talking. Either that or I’m exhausted out of my mind by discussion on futile subjects.

I trust that gave you an intriguing understanding into the brain of an INTJ.

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