Career by Astrology: Best Careers for Your Zodiac Signs

Each Zodiac Sign’s Unique Personality Traits, Explained by an Astrologer
April 14, 2019
( MOMS ) based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!
April 14, 2019
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Career by Astrology: Best Careers for Your Zodiac Signs




We understand that this article calls for a disclaimer first. We, at Shiksha, are not at all superstitious and do not at all suggest that all Pisceans should become poets while all Leos should go to war.

In our article ‘Career by Astrology’, we deal with Zodiac Signs as twelve broad personality types in which we can categorize people in general. You may have been born in November and yet have more traits of a Gemini than a Scorpio. You may have an Aries moon sign and yet act more like a Virgo.

To make the best use of this article, analyze your personality and see which zodiac signs share most traits with you. Then, you can have a look at the best careers for your zodiac signs and take an informed decision.

Do post your doubts and queries about best career options for you here as well as in the to invite good advice and suggestions from education experts.

Best Careers for Aries

Vibrant, strong-willed and independent, Aries people are full of energy and fiercely competitive. They are born leaders, outspoken, ambitious and self-motivated. However, they can burn themselves out too.

Warm and enthusiastic, Arians suffer from a short attention span. They are made for great ideas, not for tiny details.

Arians do well as entrepreneurs, stock-brokers and those in entertainment business who constantly have to compete to win. With high energy levels and innate spontaneity, they are always on their alert and make good rescue workers and defense personnel.

Detail-oriented desk jobs are not for them.

Job of an Arian should be demanding and challenging, ideally with some intellectual hurdles to overcome and chances to explore uncharted territories and new ways of working. They are dynamic and are best suited for fieldwork, action-oriented or front-end jobs.

Aries people should stay away from routine, dull, monotonous jobs such as documentation work. They are not meant for slow life.

Arians are resilient enough to bounce back after setbacks, and can be workaholics. Hence, trading jobs and sales & marketing positions suit them well.

Do you have an Arian friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Taurus

Methodical and practical, Taureans are quite determined and dependable. They value work stability and government sectors suit them well. Engineering, law, accountancy, administration, and teaching are some other fields that work well for a Taurean.

Making a plan and sticking to it to complete the assigned task is one of the main qualities of a typical Taurean and hence, they are well suited to the corporate world.

Taurus people should stay away from careers that need quick, instant decisions or involve great financial risks.

Hardworking and honest, Taureans gel well with other team members and are happy working on the outlines drawn by others. They may not be good leaders but they make wonderful assistants or support staff. They can concentrate for hours at length and shine in jobs that might seem tedious and unimaginative to others.

Do you have a Taurean friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Gemini

Optimistic, inquisitive, and intelligent, Gemini people are known for being clever and having quick wits. However, taking decisions is not one of their strong points. So, they can actually think on their feet and process information quickly but they find it difficult to take one decision and stick to it.

Fast-paced jobs such as stock broking, brainstorming and travelling jobs are ideal for Gemini.

Focusing on one thing or project for long is another trait that Gemini people find difficult to master. They need constant change. Marketing, journalism, advertising, and media fields as well as vocations like travel guide or explorer offer good variety to keep them satiated.

Gemini should avoid routine-based and tedious jobs as they will soon get bored to death by them.

IT jobs that need one to constantly learn about the latest developments in the trade also see Geminians shining. Dexterous and skillful Geminians have an innate talent of effective communication and multi-tasking. They take pride in inventing new approaches of doing a job more efficiently.

Gemini can also be quite successful salesperson, politicians, and diplomats.

Do you have a Gemini friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Cancer

Cancerians love to care and nurture. They are philosophical, protective and sometimes, dramatic in nature. They are persevering and moody at the same time. Best careers for Cancerians include social work, teaching, human resources, nursing, counseling and therapists (psychotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists) etc.

They feel responsible for everybody’s wellbeing but at times, may feel stifled by it too.

Cancerians are kindhearted and may have a tendency to worry too much about anything. Whatever they do, they need to know how they are contributing to the society and how their role is an important one in making someone happier.

Cancerians may be subtle and understated. They are discreet, tactful and understand human psyche well. They also like to have a regular and predictable source of income. Hence, jobs in hospitality, finance, interior decoration and human resources seem to be tailor-made for them.

Typical Cancerians are not good at taking risks. They are not cut out for sales jobs, stock broking, insurance sector, and entertainment industry that almost always involve an element of risk.

Being sensitive, Cancerians need appreciation to really excel in their jobs and may wither in an environment where they have to make do with bluntness and confrontations on a regular basis.

Do you have a Cancerian friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Leo

Leos typically are power-hungry. They are born to lead and have a high energy quotient. Besides being ambitious and dominating, they are also quite creative, dynamic, optimistic, majestic, charismatic and generous. Put them in charge of anything and see them leading the project to success. Entrepreneurship, entertainment, politics, real estate, travel guidance and public relations suit confident Leos well.

However, Leos can be quite indomitable and stubborn to handle as subordinates. Total isolation and back-end jobs are not for them. They thrive on appreciation and recognition.

Besides appreciation, Leos need to do their bit for others or they feel frustrated and depressed. They are also very particular about doing things flawlessly and in proper order. They can’t stand amateurish attitude and stupidity. They can also handle crisis well and hence, are best suited for top-order jobs.

Do you have a Leo friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Virgo

Perfection is the one word that describes a Virgo personality. Detail-oriented, analytical, neat, well-organized and hard-working, Virgo people are quite practical. Any career where one needs to pay attention to, observe, analyze, and document details will suit a Virgo.

Research work, detective work, secretarial jobs, teaching, writing and editing, food preparation, public services, accountancy, engineering, surveying, auditing, agriculture, fishing and graphic designing are just some of the fields where Virgos can excel.

Virgos like to nurture and serve others. Hence, they also do well in the field of medicine. However, Virgos have a knack for languages and have a cheerful and witty disposition; they should avoid jobs where they meet people who are reckless or fastidious in nature. Virgos also lack leadership qualities and hate the spotlight.

Do you have a Virgo friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Libra

Sociable and easy-going, Librans are charming, diplomatic, cooperative and graceful under pressure. They like to weigh their options so much that they find it difficult to take decisions. Yet because of this very quality, they make excellent judges and consultants. They can become excellent ambassadors, sales person, lawyers, customer service executives, mediators, negotiators and travel agents.

Most important factor that can make Libra people excel in their jobs is a stress-free and relaxed work atmosphere.

Librans may do well in lower-rung jobs where they have good company and little responsibility. But if they are placed at the top of a company, they will need faithful and dedicated assistants that can help them reach a decision by providing them with all the technical support and information.

Architecture and art suits them well as it requires Librans to work well with others and have a natural taste for beauty. Since they are good listeners, they can do well in human resources and personnel department too.

Do you have a Libra friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Scorpio

Scorpios are intelligent and hard working. They are strong willed and resourceful. They can become surgeons, scientists, educators and physicists. However, scorpions are driven by passion. They do not do well in anything that is shallow or materialistic.

Designing, law, charitable or humanitarian careers are some of the good options for Scorpions.

The uncanny understanding of human psyche and strong intuition make Scorpios good detectives, spies, police investigators, and researchers.

Complex topics attract Scorpios. They need to stretch themselves beyond limits and jobs that are comfortable and not challenging are not meant for Scorpios.

Scorpions are good at coping with routine, demanding, and mundane jobs too. Power is extremely important to Scorpio and politics can be a good field for them.

Do you have a Scorpio friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Sagittarius

Sagittarians are lively and optimistic. High levels of energy, spirituality, and straightforward nature make them suitable for freedom movements and revolutions. Sagittarius people make good career in politics, public relations, sales, theology and editing. They can express themselves well.

Sagittarians can become entrepreneurs, airline pilot, sportsperson, police officers, or flight attendants that require people to travel a lot and to be always on their alert. Full-time desk jobs are not for them.

Hotel industry, recreation, marketing and entertainment that offer variety also suit talented Sagittarians well.

To succeed in their careers, Sagittarians need independence and a chance to prove their ingenuity. Whether a job requires physical vigor or intellectual capabilities, Sagittarians tackle it well.

Sometimes, Sagittarians experiment with many different careers and look for short-cuts to success. They can excel at any career they choose.

Do you have a Sagittarian friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Capricorn

Goal-oriented and responsible, Capricornians are clever, logical, and persistent. Power and money motivates them and jobs that require hard work such as banking, finance, administration, management, IT and physics suit Capricorn people.

Ambitious, authoritative, and patient, they do well in any project they undertake.

Careers that do not offer growth or involve large financial risks are not meant for Capricornians.

You are rock-solid, dependable, responsible, highly organized, goal-oriented, logical and clever. You thrive in positions of power or any vocation where math or money is involved.

Capricornians love computers and software and hence, can do well in IT. Naturally agile, Capricorns have good stamina and can opt for mountaineering and rock climbing. Capricorns may give up family for work or work to be with their family. Whatever they choose, they will like to do it to the best of their abilities.

They are loyal to their cause and respect norms and traditions. They do not fear compromises but cannot take defeat well.

Do you have a Capricornian friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Aquarius

Known for their original thinking, Aquarians are intelligent and progressive in nature. Exploration and discovery is their true passion. Scientists, inventors, musicians, and designers are often Aquarians. Given space and freedom, Aquarians prove themselves to be visionaries.

Logic and analysis is an innate talent of an Aquarian. Thinkers of the society, they are clever and a bit obstinate too. They are friendly but do not find it difficult to voice opinions different from others. They can be good engineers, applications developer, and veterinarians.

Conventional jobs like accounting and billing that do not allow individuality or independent thinking are not for them.

They would love to be in air. They will love a career in aviation and astronomy. Alternatively, they will love a profession where they are constantly challenged and stimulated and can be unconventional, such as photography, poetry, animation, electronics, communication, adventure travel, organic farming, computer technology, natural history and character acting.

Reliable and trustworthy, Aquarians do not get distracted easily and like to work in a straightforward fashion. They have an ability to resolve issues, have excellent concentration and are quite resilient.

With a keen sense of perception, Aquarians think ahead of times and may question authority. They are eternally curious and have millions of ideas. Hence, they can also become market researchers.

Do you have an Aquarian friend? What is he or she pursuing?

Best Careers for Pisces

Sensitive and emotional, Pisceans are also creative, artistic, dreamy, passionate about their beliefs and spiritual in nature. They fit the description of a talented artist in every way. Compassionate, empathic, and intuitive, they can also be great counselors, nurses, astrologers, mystics and physical therapists.

Visionary in nature like Albert Einstein and Dr. Seuss, they have an ability to think outside the box.

Though quite flexible and adjustable, Pisceans should not enter careers that require physically or psychologically grueling schedule and strict discipline like military and defense services. They need to be protected from harsh realities of life and need to be given space. When allowed to work without deadlines, they excel in their jobs.

Generous, unselfish, and kind, Pisceans can be ideal social workers and philanthropists too. Endowed with great patience, they can become good teachers too.

Pisceans do not work for money, but for passion. Materialistic careers like banking, stock broking, or business are not for them.

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