Astrology For Moms-To-Be: Here’s The Baby’s Most Probable Zodiac Sign

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019
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Astrology For Moms-To-Be: Here’s The Baby’s Most Probable Zodiac Sign

Everyone wants to know which Zodiac sign they’re most romantically compatible with, but what happens after the happily ever after? If you’re not thinking that far ahead, you might want to invest some time into this list. If you and your astrological soulmate decide to have children, the stars could fate you to a bouncing baby with a predestined Zodiac sign. Are you wondering which sign your future baby will probably be? The constellations hold all the answers.

While you can choose which Zodiac sign to partner up with, you can’t exactly choose which Zodiac sign to give birth to. If you’re a Water sign, I have good news for you – it’s likely you’ll have a baby you’ll get along with swimmingly. You and your child will have the world in common, from the time they’re a toddler to decades down the road. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky… especially if you’re an Air sign.

Motherhood will always have its ups and downs, but the stars can help you predict the lowest lows and the highest highs. If you loathe the Zodiac sign your child will likely be given, perhaps you and your soulmate should reconsider starting a family. Calling all moms-to-be: here’s which Zodiac sign your baby will probably possess!

16Earth Signs Will Be Blessed With A Fiery Wild-Child Baby

Will the Earth signs consider their bundles of joy a blessing or a curse? There’s nothing easy about raising a child, but what happens when your child is your polar opposite? Earth signs and Fire signs aren’t famous for their compatibility, as Earth signs prefer to avoid the overwhelming blaze of the Fire signs, while Fire signs find they have nothing in common with the former. Unfortunately, you’re not given much choice when the Fire sign is your child. If you plan on being a good parent, ignoring your child isn’t an option, however tempting it may be.

Children are capable of teaching their parents about the world in ways that are difficult to understand.

As Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus alike grow old, they harden to the world.

Their confidence can wilt, and while they may appear to grow comfortable in their own skin, their insecurities about the world around them will burst. If these signs choose to be mothers, it is in all likelihood that their children will be the fiercest of the bunch… but this will certainly be a blessing for a number of reasons. Whether these children teach their parents to let go of their fears, rebuild their confidence, or ruin their parents lives in one fell swoop, the future Earth mother’s of the world should prepare for an adventurous parenthood.

15A Virgo Will Be Startled By How Much She Has In Common With Her Fire Sign Baby

Dear Virgo Mama: get ready for your little lion! Virgo’s are likely to have a child fall under the Leo constellation. At first, a Virgo might think of a Leo with dread; a Leo is free-spirited, creative, and can even be a little bit lazy. A Leo is born with the desire to be treated like a king or queen, and for a parent, it might be nightmarish to discover your child will likely be a diva. However, a Leo can be arrogant and vain, and a Virgo demands perfection – this means a Leo child will be one of the few signs capable of standing up to the harsh standards a Virgo parent might employ. It’s not a match made in heaven, but it’s a match that will leave a Virgo mother pleasantly surprised.

The early years could be challenging. A Virgo mom should prepare for an energetic baby capable of frustrating her to the ends of the earth. A Leo will demand all of her attention.  As the years pass, however, her child’s natural confidence may ease some of her own inherent insecurities. While arguments will be fiery and heads will butt, a Leo will bring out the best in their mother if she’s a Virgo. At the end of the day, these two will be thick as thieves.

14A Taurus Will Struggle To Tame Her Free-Spirited Baby

It may be typical of children to disagree with their parents, and vice versa. It hits an entirely new level when a Taurus becomes a mother. Why? Because it’s likely she’ll be blessed with a Sagittarius baby! At first, and maybe even forever, it will feel like a blessing in disguise, because this combination is complicated. From a young age, a power struggle between parent and child will develop, as a Sagittarius rebels strongly against boundaries. On the flip side, a Taurus mother will be protective and stubborn. Even if outside forces are trying to insist her child is ready to walk home alone after school or should be able to take the car out on weekends, she’ll sink her feet deep into her own opinion and refuse to budge.

A young Sagittarius may begin to loathe this side of their mother.

Where can solace be found? A Sagittarius and Taurus have an important thing in common; the outdoors. Both signs love to be outside, and considering a Taurus will be masterful in the garden, her child will no doubt seek their mother’s company outside in the sunshine. This can be a difficult relationship, and it will face turbulent waters during the teenage years, so it’s crucial to find a safe place in what you two have in common. It’ll bring both of you closer together.

13A Capricorn Mom Will Struggle With Watching Her Child Outgrow Her

No parent likes watching their baby fly the coop, but no one gets torn up about it like a Capricorn will. As the paternal astrological sign, she will be thrilled to have children. Will a Capricorn be thrilled to discover her baby will likely be an Aries? It can be challenging for Earth signs to tame their Fire element children, especially when they have the capacity to burn their family to the ground. Luckily, Earth signs are reliable and trustworthy, which is why a Capricorn mother will be able to handle her Aries child. As the years go by, a different question will be begged; can the Aries handle their Capricorn parent?

While a Capricorn will parent with a disciplined style, preaching the importance of responsibility, their Aries child will grow with this knowledge and take it to the next level. Whether they’re the captain of their hockey team or the leader of the free world, Aries typically become leaders in some fashion. They chase their ambitions and leave their family for their own dreams, which goes against a Capricorn’s desire to hold on to tradition. A Capricorn parent may be shaken by their Aries child growing up, unable to face change while their Aries child chases it with a passion.

12Motherhood Could Drown The Fire Signs – But For One Fire Sign, Their Child Will Lift Them Up

Motherhood might not sound like fun, especially for the Fire signs. None of you are known to overly maternal, but there’s a reason people say it comes with time. After you have a baby, there isn’t much choice… you have to be maternal.

This is why Fire signs should put some serious thought into having children because motherhood could drown the essence of your being.

You might lose a valuable part of your independence, identity, and confidence by becoming a mother.

Why? There is a high chance your baby could be a Water sign, meaning you will create one of the most sensitive, emotional individuals on the planet. Fire signs aren’t always fond of these types of people.

If you’re lucky, one Fire sign will be blessed with an Air sign instead, but they might find themselves longing for a redo when their child’s personality begins to unveil itself. For all the Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries women of the world; ask yourself, are you ready for the intense, all-consuming role of motherhood? Astrology has ruled which sign your baby will likely be, and it might make you realize you didn’t know what you were signing up for. One combination will be given an angelic baby who is completely uncomplicated… while another might experience a demon baby. Which mother will you be?

11Leo Mamas Should Prepare To Have An Angel Child

You’ll be expecting a Cancer! As a Fire sign, a Leo may feel perplexed. How are they to understand this drastically different human being who will grow within them for nearly a year, only to discover their baby could be their polar opposite? Will the parent consume the child, or will the child destroy their parent’s light?

There’s nothing to worry about.

Cancers are typically the easiest children of the Zodiac. With bubbly and happy personalities, they’re born with the need to please. This desire will be particularly powerful when it comes to their parents, as their mother will be the most important person in their life for the first years of their life. On good days, a Leo mother might even consider her baby Cancer to be effortless. As years wear on, a Leo may struggle to understand the depths of a Cancer’s emotions and sensitivity. If you find yourself assuming your Cancer child is overreacting, pause and envision the lens a Water sign sees the world through – it’s very different than a Fire signs view. A Leo parent with a Cancer child is one of the most fortunate astrological combinations, as they can work through their scarce differences through a joint passion for creativity.

10A Sagittarius Mother’s Life Will Turn Upside Down For Her Little Fish

The constraint hating, freedom-loving Sagittarius is rarely one to want children, but if you are to become a mother, a wild ride will ensue. While you hate chains or anything that traps you, your child will insist the world remains the same forever. Your child will demand to stay inside and sleep, even though you want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Your child will speak of dream worlds and fantasies that seem positively irrational to you, and it boggles your mind as to why your child never outgrows this part of themselves.

Your child is bound to be a Pisces.

Things will never be fluid for this combination, but a Pisces will inherit just enough from their mother to create an unbreakable bond. A Pisces is intuitive and wise, and will swiftly become more mature than their Sagittarius mother, leaving her consistently dumbfounded… until a Pisces loses themselves in the turmoil of an emotional reaction, and a Sagittarius has to reel them back down to earth. Arguments will naturally happen, but these are two famously artistic minds with nearly non-existent tempers. These are two very different signs capable of teaching each other more about the world than anyone else in their lives. Parenting a Pisces will change a Sagittarius’s world forever.

9An Aries Mother Could Clash With Her Child’s Astrological Sign

Perhaps these two will one day be best friends after the tormented teenage years have passed. Maybe they’ll never be close.

What could decide the outcome of this relationship? Geminis have a bad rap, but an Aries mother should get to know the twin symbolized Air sign; if you have a baby, the baby will likely be a Gemini. The stars have predicted it.

If a Gemini grows and flourishes, their best qualities will be brought out. They can be gentle, and they’re extremely intelligent; does anyone learn quicker than a Gemini? An Aries will be thrilled about this side of their child. An Aries mom will push their child to be leaders, to be unique and creative, even innovative. Perhaps a Gemini inherited their curiosity from their Aries parent. These two will likely be best friends… but there’s another possibility.

If a Gemini develops into an indecisive or inconsistent person with a habit of shirking responsibilities, they and their Aries parent will never see eye to eye. The Gemini child will never meet their mother’s expectations, which will raise a wall between the two. It will be an endless cycle of disappointment. I guess it has everything to do with how you raise your baby, Aries moms.

8As Motherhood Tends To Do, Air Signs Will Be Brought Down To Earth By Their Babies

Air signs will struggle with their sense of identity for much of their life. Perhaps it’s because they’re embodied by an element with no true form, only speed and intent. One way for them to discover a facet of their identity is through motherhood, and many Air signs find solace in the routine motherhood presents.

However, parenthood will never be easy, and an Air sign can never be tethered down to only one life.

While a Gemini mother could be fated towards a bonded relationship with her future child, a quiet tragedy might be brimming on an Aquarius’s horizon. And what of a Libra mother’s fate? Air signs and Earth signs often create complicated, undefined relationships. The surface appears simple, but below, there are unspoken matters neither party will ever understand… but isn’t that the case for all mothers? No mother is perfect, after all.

While the constellations might not offer you a glowing dose of hope, Air signs know they’re capable of creating their own destiny, especially when it comes to how they raise their child. The intellects of the Zodiac will instill every ounce of knowledge they have upon their future children, but the question is, will their children want to listen? They are Earth signs after all…

7A Libra Mom Might Be Frustrated By Her Child’s Laziness

A Libra surrounds herself with people who have a cause. A Libra’s entire life is usually a cause, as they fight against violence and conformity. They often stick out from the crowd even if they don’t want the spotlight shining down on them. Confrontation is their least favorite thing, and making decisions is not up their alley.

These are all things motherhood will force upon you.

Not only that, but a Libra may be stunned to discover what the stars have ‘blessed’ her with. A Taurus. What? Perhaps the constellations have decided to test you, but the future bun in your oven will likely be a Taurus. A Taurus baby will grow up to adore their Libra mother, as Libra’s have the ability to be fantastic parents. Considering they’re cooperative, gracious, and encourage fair thought, who wouldn’t want to be raised by a woman like that, even if she hates confrontation and decisions? Motherhood allows her to grow into confrontation when it matters, and that’s what’s important. Unfortunately, disappointment may linger in the back of a Libra mother’s mind. She’ll love her Taurus child unconditionally, but as a Taurus is almost always a lazy, unmotivated individual, she may find herself begrudging her child’s lack of initiation. Overall, a Libra mother can expect to have a caring, bonded relationship with her child.

6There’s A 50/50 Chance A Gemini Mom Could Have An Earth Sign Baby, Or…

Surprise! Would you rather have an Earth sign or… a Water sign! A dual personality allows for many possibilities, and considering Geminis are notorious for their indecision, now they can be left with an open possibility. Their baby will either be a Virgo or a Scorpio.

Geminis can be particularly doting parents, especially because they feel like they’ve created an everlasting friend for themselves via their very own womb. Geminis hate being alone, which factors into their parenting style; Gemini mothers typically become very family oriented once they have children.

Who they’ll be as a parent depends on their baby’s astrological sign; their relationship with a Virgo child will be harmonious.

A Gemini may grow irate when a Virgo’s demands for perfection factor in during their teenage years, especially when it seems the Virgo is parenting the Gemini, but overall, their relationship will be solid.

On the other hand, a Gemini will be perpetually confused if it comes to a Scorpio child. A Scorpio’s multifaceted personality is too emotional and intense for their parent, leaving a Gemini mother dumbfounded. A Scorpio child will resent their mother for traits she cannot control, as they’re inherit of an Air sign. This is a combination that would lead to a fractured, broken relationship. Let’s hope you Gemini mothers have a Virgo baby, for your own sake.

5An Aquarius Mother Might Have A Tragic Relationship With Her Child

Both Aquarius and Capricorn struggle with emotional expression. Both Aquarius and Capricorn are unforgiving. This should create an interesting dynamic.

On one hand, the relationship between parent and child could be simple. They wouldn’t press each for details about their lives, and they can keep family events light and open. An Aquarius mother will cherish the early days before her Capricorn baby ages away from her, but parents and children grow apart over the years… it happens. With this combination, it will likely happen too.

Fireworks will rarely fly when it comes to these signs, but a turbulent relationship between mother and child is possible. As both are unforgiving, life could put a wedge between these two. Aquarius parents and Capricorn children have been known to become estranged, mainly because they couldn’t communicate to each other how they were feeling. A Capricorn typically grows up to appreciate tradition ideals, while an Aquarius will always embody progressive thought, leading to the inevitable speculation, “Are you sure you’re my child?” This relationship can potentially be quite tragic. If mother and child could find a way to open up to each other, they could be closer than many other families are.

4The Water Signs Are Destined For Happy Relationships With Their Children… For The Most Part

Two of the three Water signs will have excellent relationships with their children. They’ll have plenty in common and they’ll frequently be on the same page. Their children will have uncomplicated personalities, and issues they can relate to and nurture. However, not every sign will be so lucky… one will certainly be left out.

Each Water sign owns a unique ability that will allow them to be fantastic mothers.

While a Pisces has a whimsical imagination that will bond her to her child, a Cancer has a demeanor that can quell any angry toddler. What about a Scorpio? Scorpio mothers will certainly instill upon their children the importance of trust and honesty. So why is one parent less fortunate than the others?

Our children are bound to become their own, unique individuals, and some parents find they don’t have much say in the matter. If you have an ideal image in your head of what your child will be like, it’s best to forget it now. Love them for who they are, or don’t have children. One Water sign might be forced to learn that the hard way, while the other two enjoy their fairytale-like families.

3A Pisces Mama & Her Baby Will Be Best Friends

A wonderful thing about motherhood is the fun the baby will bring to your life. The queen of fantasy and dreams will find this to be a pleasant surprise. Pisces love art, creativity, and they have powerful imaginations… all things they’ll have in common with their child in the early years. This is why she and her Scorpio baby will be best friends.

A Water sign mother with a Water sign baby offers a rare opportunity for Pisces mothers. An understanding and connection will exist between mother and child forever more, even during misunderstandings, temper tantrums, and all-out teenage wars. These intensely emotional entities will operate with the same gears. Even on the days where the Scorpio child feels like she loathes her sensitive, protective mother, the child will never want to go to sleep angry with her mother. This says a lot, especially for the temperamental Scorpio.

Siblings and even the Pisces husband will be jealous of this duo. Some might even confuse them for sisters, because how is it possible for mother and daughter to get along so well? If it’s a boy, maybe he’ll insist on bringing all of his friends over to meet his ‘cool mom’. This combination should consider themselves blessed.

2A Cancer Mom Can Create Harmony Anywhere

If you’ve ever wondered how a Cancer seems to have all the answers when it comes to parenting, there’s a reason. They’re the matriarch of the Zodiac, and they embrace their parental nature. Even the most difficult children bend beneath a Cancer, and she doesn’t have to use force to quell a screaming child.

Luckily, her child will never be the type to throw a tantrum because a Cancer mom is destined to have a Libra baby.

These two share similar inner cores. While they’re not always on the same page, the Libra child will trust and be open with her mother. Both signs despise confrontation, and they often collapse beneath it. Confrontation is necessary when it comes to parenting, but a Cancer mother will approach it gently. Both signs recognize the importance of harmony, and rarely will they want to disturb it. Neither of these two signs will rebel against one another, leading to a unique melody between Water and Air signs. Perhaps Water signs tend to have the most success with parenthood due to their mutable nature. A mom has to be flexible. If you’re a Cancer mom-to-be, consider yourself lucky; you can look forward to motherhood with the promise of an uncomplicated child.

1A Scorpio Woman Will Be Surprised To Discover This Will Be Her Child’s Zodiac Sign

True to the form of a Water element, a Scorpio is one of the most emotional astrological signs. Their lives exist on the far end of scales, and rarely in the grey zone. Passion to grief, rage to joy, utter peace to consuming violence… they’re complicated, but they’re human. A Scorpio woman is particularly emotional, but what happens when a Scorpio woman becomes a Scorpio mother? And not only that… but the mother to an Aquarius.

What’s a sign that cannot understand emotion and avoids it at all costs? An Aquarius. This will shock a Scorpio mother who revels in her feelings. She’ll want to teach her child the importance of expression, but her child will never take to it. While she will openly discuss how her Aquarius child has disappointed her (if that happens), her child will not do the same if their mother upsets them. Instead, they’ll hold it in and pretend it isn’t there. This will create a strained relationship. While a Scorpio mother will learn to accept her child for who they are, they will frequently find that mother and child live on different planets. Years down the road, the relationship may change with age, but it won’t be easy in the beginning.

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