Astro signs: what should you expect if you live with a …

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March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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Astro signs: what should you expect if you live with a …


It’s a stubborn person. He will not be able to tell you what he is feeling but he will show you little warning signs in the event of an impending conflict. He will not easily confess his faults, so it will be up to you to impose your point of view to make him aware of his mistakes and his wrongs. His pride will be the main difficulty you would encounter in your relationship with him.


Beware of the bull because he is the king of jealous: you will have to hang on and constantly remind him that you only have eyes for him. However, you must try to understand him and know the reasons for his behavior (past deception …) this will allow him to gain confidence in your relationship and to live it fully and happily .


It is a communicating person: with him, everything goes through communication . You will not have any secret between you, he will like to discuss with you and will constantly worry about your opinion and your well being. If you have something on your heart, tell him, he will listen to you and understand you. On the other hand do not always hope to have the last word.


It’s a “family” person. For him, the family comes first. He will be ready to do anything to help his family when needed. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you are part of his family and it will be the same for you. It is a man who will be present in the easy moments and who will support you in the difficult moments. Your relationship will be based on mutual trust, which is a very solid foundation.


He’s a maniac: organization and cleanliness are his watchwords. If you are disordered, wait for some conflicts on the organization of the home. On the other hand, if you too are obsessive, you will get along very well on the management of the home. In both cases, it is a man who will put his hand to the paws for all the household chores. This will relieve you and allow you to find a clean and tidy house when you come home from work.


She is a homeless person. It will be difficult for you to convince him to accompany you on sales . However, he will be greatly satisfied to receive knowledge at barbecues or aperitifs at home. With him, to hell with outings in clubs or bars but say hello to Netflix nights, movies, Dance with the stars. To make you happy he will make efforts to go out, for your part, you are interested in his activities, it will be more than delighted.


He is an indecisive person: although he loves you, his fear of change will block him when you talk to him about commitment. Know him reassure without playing the role of his mother and then you will discover a sweet and sensitive person who cares for you and who is afraid of being rejected. Once this lightness is settled, your relationship will only be full of love and fulfillment


She is a hardworking person. He will spend a lot of time in his work or in activities that fascinate him. A lack on your part could be felt but when you find it, it will be fully dedicated to you. Leave him his freedom otherwise he would feel trapped in a cage, prove him your trust and you will not have to wait for betrayal on his part, he will stay in the right path during the meetings that will occur at his place of work or of its activities


He is a dreamy and imaginative person: he will be constantly looking for novelty, new ideas. His imagination will continue to surprise you. With him, expect to discover new things constantly. But it will be only a little down to earth, it will be your mission to bring it back a few times to reality. You will live a beautiful adventure with constant newness. Forget the routine with him.


It is a person who isolates himself. From time to time Capricorn will isolate itself in order to recharge. Do not take it personally. Let him know that you are present for him but let him come to you when he is ready. Do not criticize in any way his activities or behavior because you can hurt him deeply without wanting. The patient is the mother of all virtues, not the press and come back to you as if nothing had happened.


She’s an eccentric person. Do not judge a book on its cover, you may find that it is an unconventional person but you will discover a completely different person. A true and honest person will be at your side. Do not be ashamed of him during a walk in the city, it will mean a lot for him. Do not forget that the habit does not make the monk.


It’s a messy person. The organization and him is two, stay patient, make him understand that efforts on his part would be welcome. Do not be too intransigent with him on this point, you can move him away. As long as he does not lose all his belongings, you will not have cold sweats of last minutes. Learn to trust him and you will see that despite this, he has other non-negligible qualities.

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