Astro Signs Ranked: The Biggest Saint To The Biggest Sinner.

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Astro Signs Ranked: The Biggest Saint To The Biggest Sinner.



We all have both good and bad inside of us. Some have a little more of one than the other, and some choose to nurture one over the other, but we’re all capable of pure goodness and we’re all capable of sinning.

Whichever side comes out of us more determines whether other people know us as saints or sinners, but we always have the ability to change it. It’s never too late to start doing the right thing, after all. And by the same token, it’s never too late to take a stroll on the wild side.

The twelve signs in astrology usually have tendencies toward either the good side or the bad side. For those who are total saints, they often have the discipline to resist doing something naughty, are too scared of the consequences to break the rules, and feel such strong empathy for those around them that they never intentionally do anything to hurt anybody else. And those signs who are more sinners than saints tend to lose control of their emotions more easily, have a lust for revenge and have a thirst for fun, whatever the cost.

So where do you fit? Check out our saint-to-sinner ranking of the astrological signs below!

20-Pisces: The Biggest Saint Of Them All

It looks like Pisces is the biggest saint of them all. This sign has a good heart and is bursting with kindness and compassion. She has an amazing ability to think of others before herself and always considers how her actions will affect those around her.

Not everyone can put themselves in someone else’s shoes, but Pisces is a master at this and that’s what stops her from saying and doing careless things that hurt others.

She is a natural listener and loves to guide people along the right path by giving them the best advice she can dole out.

19-Cancer: Pure Of Heart

Cancer simply has a pure and genuine heart, which makes her pretty close to saint material. Though she sometimes says things that can come across as harsh, she always wants the best for others and would never wish anyone harm. She is the mother of selflessness and is happy to make sacrifices and put herself out if it means making other people happy. You could even say that she lives for her loved ones rather than for herself. It’s amazing the lengths she will go to in order to please people, and her sensitive nature means she rarely does things that offend others.

18-Virgo: Miss Goody-Two-Shoes

Do you remember that kid in school who always did everything the teacher said, was always the first to finish their work, and always had a gold star next to their name? Yeah, that’s Virgo.

Sometimes referred to as the Teacher’s Pet and sometimes simply as Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, Virgo is saint-like because she doesn’t like to break the rules.

Her critical inner-voice chastizes her every time she does anything remotely naughty, so she never lies, cheats, steals, or does anything to compromise her integrity. She’s also a natural server and is always doing things for others before she does anything for herself.

17-Libra: Strong Values And Morals

Many people think of Libra as the voice of reason in astrology and as a girl who’s truly balanced and level-headed. She has strong values and morals and does everything in life with integrity and authenticity. In short, she’s pretty saint-like. While she can get up to no good when temptation beckons her, she’s normally the adult voice in the picture that directs everyone else along the right path. She does like the odd shopping splurge and can lose herself in lust, but most of the time, she has a good head on her shoulders and showers people in righteous wisdom.

16-Capricorn: The Willpower Of A Saint

In some ways, Capricorn is a saint, and in other ways, she does some things that maybe aren’t quite worthy of heaven. But what’s saint-like about her is that she basically never gives into temptation.

When she makes a bad decision, it’s because she wants to, not because she gets tricked into it or because she fails at resisting.

In terms of willpower, Capricorn is a legend! She is the best at sticking to her work goals, waking up with her alarm, continuing with her diet and exercise regime, and following through with all the commitments that she has promised herself to.

15-Aries: Genuine Heart With A Fiery Temper

Aries doesn’t have an evil bone in her body, but that doesn’t mean she’s a saint. While she has good intentions and always tries to do the right thing, sometimes she gets lost along the way thanks to her fiery temper. There are times when she hits below the belt and says things that aren’t very nice, but it’s not because she means them. She just gets very worked up! Aries makes a fantastic leader since she has everyone’s best interests at heart. She’s also very loyal and honest, even if she can get irate when she’s having a bad day.

14-Gemini: Good Intentions, Though Sometimes Gets Lost

Another sign who has the very best intentions is Gemini. She doesn’t hold grudges, is a naturally positive person, and wants everyone else to be as happy as she is.

But she does have a competitive streak and can get quite carried away, which is where she strays from the path.

In the heat of the moment, she can be hurtful, betray people. or become unreliable. But the majority of the time, she’s a good-natured soul who is in love with life and will do anything to help anyone. So that’s why they say that Gemini has two faces.

13-Taurus: Can Sometimes Give Into Temptation

Although Taurus is a pious earth sign, she isn’t very good at saying no to devilish things. In many ways, she has a bad habit of giving into temptation. She’s not a bad person, but she doesn’t exactly lead a saintly lifestyle based on sacrifice, selflessness, or modesty. Many believe that Taurus is the biggest glutton in astrology, but she’s also one of the worst when it comes to trying to save money. While we love her, she’s also not the best at admitting she’s wrong and accepting constructive criticism. It’s her way or the high way most of the time.

12-Sagittarius: Would Rather Be Happy Than A Saint

Mother Teresa probably wouldn’t approve of a lot that Sagittarius does. This sign is not overly concerned with doing the right thing or building qualities like selflessness and compassion. She was put on this earth to enjoy herself and have an adventure, and that’s what she does.

Sometimes, that means putting other people out so she can succeed.

Sometimes that means eating and drinking things she shouldn’t, getting in touch with people who are bad for her, and making decisions she’ll regret in the morning. When push comes to shove, Sagittarius would rather be happy than be good.

11-Aquarius: Has A Wild Side

Aquarius is an interesting subject when it comes to being a saint or a sinner. She definitely falls toward the sinner side of the scale in that she tends to think of herself before thinking of others. Particularly when it comes to relationships, Aquarius can be absolutely brutal in the way she ghosts people. She’s not in the business of sparing people’s feelings rather than telling the truth. But all that aside, she is hugely compassionate and loves to put effort into charity and helping those less fortunate than her. She’s probably more of a sinner, but there’s a little saint in her.

10-Scorpio: Turns Into A Devil When She’s Mad

Scorpio has a reputation for being a bit of a troublemaker. Are the rumors true? In some ways, yes. This sign will be your worst nightmare if she has a vendetta against you, and she will stop at nothing to get her revenge.

Most people have a line they won’t cross, but for intense Scorpio, all is fair in love and war.

She also has a tendency to get jealous and doesn’t love to share anything that she feels belongs to her. That said, she has a big heart and is a warrior when it comes to fighting for justice.

9-Leo: The Biggest Sinner Of All The Signs

The biggest sinner in astrology is proud and fierce Leo, who couldn’t care less about winning brownie points with anybody. This is the girl your mother warned you about—she loves to party, makes all the wrong decisions, hangs out with the wrong crowd, says things she shouldn’t, loves to indulge, and is not above a bit of cheating to make it to the top. But although she’s a sinner in many ways, Leo is also generous, loyal, hilarious, and charismatic. People know she’s a sinner and they still love being around her anyway because she’s the life of the party.

8-Fire’s Greatest Cardinal Sin: Wrath

Of the seven deadly sins, the fire signs are the guiltiest of wrath. As a group, they tend to have a very hard time keeping a wrap on their anger and have been known to lose it more than once.

They’re not great at letting bygones be bygones and find it hard to control their intense emotions, which can sometimes get them into trouble.

Although they can turn furious and lash out at people, they are also open to forgiveness and moving on, so long as the other person asks for it. Their rage doesn’t last forever, but it’s hard to miss.

7-Earth’s Greatest Cardinal Sin: Envy

Envy is technically one of the biggest sins out there, but just about everyone is guilty of this one, especially in today’s world where bragging on social media in order to instigate envy is the norm. The earth signs, being perfectionists and over-thinkers, tend to suffer from feeling jealous, both when it’s warranted and when it’s not warranted. When they feel that someone’s doing better than them, they take it as a personal challenge to beat that person and try to come out on top. They hardly ever show that they’re feeling envious, but they are more frequently than you’d think.

6-Air’s Greatest Cardinal Sin: Greed

The air signs can get carried away in the heat of the moment, and sometimes all that overstimulation makes them want more than they can handle.

They tend to take more than they need, and a lifetime of trying to have and experience everything can make them a little greedy.

These signs suffer from a fear of missing out and would rather have it all than have none of it. Though they don’t need a lot to be happy, they often fall into the trap of thinking they do and stocking up on everything they can get their hands on.

5-Water’s Greatest Cardinal Sin: Lust

Love is very important to the water signs, but that doesn’t mean they’re above playing around with lust. In fact, these signs tend to be guilty of lust more often than they’d care to admit. Their hearts dictate their actions, so they get dragged on lots of romantic escapades that aren’t based on anything more than physical attraction. Physical closeness is important to them and they will sometimes resort to anything to satisfy themselves. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but we didn’t make up these cardinal sins! Sadly for many of us, lust is on the list too.

4-The Water Signs Have Many Saintly Tendencies

As a group, the water signs have the saintliest tendencies, making this element the saintliest as a whole. Individually, each of the water signs has good and bad qualities that push them further towards saint or sinner, but the qualities they have in common as water signs are quite saintly.

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are compassionate about issues like social justice, are caring, and will do anything to make their loved ones happy.

They are also happy to make sacrifices for the greater good and love to help guide people along the path that will lead them to righteousness.

3-The Earth Signs Are Disciplined Enough To Be Good

The earth signs overall are extremely disciplined, and in most cases, this makes them choose the right thing rather than the wrong thing. Virgo and Capricorn are gods when it comes to resisting temptation and know how to employ discipline to meet promises and goals. Taurus fares a little worse at resisting temptation but she is still disciplined in many ways. Her routine is based on regulation and being strict with herself, even if she slips up occasionally. All the earth signs are very hard workers and are happy to get their hands dirty rather than receiving everything on a platter.

2-The Air Signs Have Good Intentions

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius aren’t cruel or evil, but that still doesn’t mean they’re the saintliest element. They always have good intentions and want the best for the people around them, but they’ve been known to fall off the path occasionally.

These air signs are more concerned with having fun and living life to its fullest rather than following rules.

And being air-heads (see what we did there?), they can sometimes forget to consider other people’s feelings. They aren’t the most reliable signs either since they have been known to fail to keep their word after making even the most important of promises.

1-The Fire Signs Like To Sin From Time To Time

Overall, the fire signs probably share the most qualities that would deem them sinners rather than saints. For starters, they’re fiery, which often means that they say and do things that upset people. They don’t have a lot of patience and understanding for those who think differently from them, and they also give into guilty pleasures because they tend to lack discipline. But just because they’re sinners doesn’t mean they’re demons; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius also have a lot of good qualities that make them decent human beings. Their tendency to sin just makes them all the more fun to be around.

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