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  • January 26, 2021

9 Low-Key Text Messages to Confess Your Feelings to Your Crush

While some people prefer to keep their crushes totally private, others are dying to blurt out their feelings at the first opportunity.

No matter where you might fall on that spectrum, it’s likely you want your relationship with your crush to go somewhere, which usually means you have to confess your feelings at some point to give your romance a real shot.

But how do you tell them how you feel without freaking them out? Keep scrolling for nine low-key text messages to confess your feelings to your crush.

For a text that confesses your feelings, but puts the ball in their court:

“What would you say if I told you I like you?”

For a text that absolutely cannot be misunderstood:

“This may come as a surprise, but I’ve developed feelings for you.”

For a text that skips ahead to discussing your feelings in person:

“No pressure, but if you’re free this weekend I’d love to go on a date with you.”

For a text to your BFF that you’ve started to develop feelings for:

“I know we’ve always been really good friends, but I think I should tell you that lately I’ve been thinking about more than just friendship.”

For a text that basically, but not exactly, tells your crush how you feel:

“I think you’re the best person I know.”

For a text that asks them out without making things too serious:

“I love hanging out with you so much, how would you feel about making it a one-on-one thing? Maybe this weekend?”

For a text that compliments them and tells them how you feel:

“If I could design my dream S.O., it would basically be you.”

For a text that will let them tell you how they feel:

“I’ve been meaning to tell you, I’d love to go out with you sometime. Would that be something you’d want to do?”

For a text that just gets straight to the point:

“I like you. In a big, more-than-friends kind of way.”

Can’t figure out if your crush likes you back?

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