75 simple characters that show a guy likes you

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March 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019
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75 simple characters that show a guy likes you

If you know what signals to pay attention to, it is not that difficult to tell if someone is on you or not. You’ll be sure you like a guy when he does some of the things listed here:

1. He tells you.

2. He keeps looking at you.

3. He introduces himself. He tells you his name because he wants to know yours.

4. He remembers events you were involved in.

5. He will be in the same place as you when you tell him where you are going.

6. He notices when you change your hairstyle.

7. You notice how he smells you when he hugs you.

8. He tells you that you are pretty.

9. He tells you he likes your smile.

10. He compliments you on your appearance.

11. He wipes the food from your mouth.

12. He kisses your cheek when you just expected a hug.

13. He has a sudden interest in your interests, although he does not really like the things that you like.

14. He hates every guy you’ve been in a relationship with and who you’re with.

15. He uses every opportunity he has to touch you.

16. He calls you when he says so.

17. His friends ask you what you think about him.

18. He sends you lots of emojis.

19. He bombards you with news.

20. He writes you on the social networks.

21. He likes all your photos on Instagram.

22. He accidentally tells you that he’s been following you on the social media.

23. He marks you on his Instagram pictures.

24. He tries to learn everything about you.

25. He tries to get to know your family, or if he already has, he tries to be your parents’ best friend.

26. He creates art for you, or the art he creates is inspired by you.

27. He tells you that you deserve better when a guy treats you like dirt.

28. He defends you, even if you are not right.

29. He listens to the little things that you thought he would never consider.

30. He describes you as beautiful.

31. He loves to touch you tenderly.

32. He cooks for you.

33. He is constantly talking to his friends about you.

34. He remembers your birthday.

35. He remembers your mother’s birthday.

36. He leaves his comfort zone for you.

37. He often tries to spend time alone with you.

38. He loves to be alone with you.

39. He gets nervous in your presence.

40. He is awkward in your area.

41. He knows exactly what you like.

42. He loves it when you laugh together.

43. He says his plans when you invite him to dinner.

44. All your friends tell you he likes you.

45. He does things with you that he would never do alone.

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46. ​​He comments on your clothes.

47. He says he likes your style.

48. He gets jealous when other guys flirt with you.

49. He goes out to dinner with you and always pays the bill.

50. He asks if he can come to the apartment with you after going out with you.

51. He lets you sleep on his couch overnight.

52. He lets you sleep in his bed.

53. He looks at all your stories on Instagram.

54. He gives you a kiss in public, though you think it’s inappropriate.

55. He tries to calm you down when you’re upset.

56. He tries to kiss you.

57. He tells you that you smell good when he hugs you.

58. He says “I love you” in a friendly way.

59. He loves to work out with you.

60. He offers you a massage when you say you are cramped.

61. He writes you long greeting cards for your birthdays or holidays.

62. When you are sick, he comes over to look after you.

63. Every weekend he asks you what you do.

64. He tries to persuade you to go out if you really do not feel like it. And if he can not make you go out, he’ll ask if he can make a movie night with you.

65. He tries to sound smart before you.

66. He shows how much money he has.

67. He knows your sign of the zodiac.

68. He wants to know if you fit together.

69. He asks if you are taking birth control pills (just in case you have sex).

70. He keeps inviting you for drinks.

71. He invites you to a party at his house and when only you come in the end, he says everyone else has canceled.

72. He has your favorite drink when he invites you to join him.

73. He tells you that you are nice.

74. He tells you that you are cute.

75. He says that you are fantastic.

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