7 Ways to Make the Most of the Mercury Retrograde

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7 Ways to Make the Most of the Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is known as a time of chaos and confusion, full of miscommunication, malfunctioning electronics, and unexpected challenges. While you certainly could hide away from the world until it’s over, we recommend instead doing a few things to minimize its impact on your life

#1 – Discover Your Passions

In order to get through Mercury Retrograde, you are going to have to spend a lot of time reflecting on your thoughts and emotions, figuring out how to communicate them to those around you. If you’re already doing this level of self-reflection, why not take it a step further? Take a moment to consider what brings joy and happiness to your life, and how you can introduce this into your world more. Do these passions line up with a new hobby? Maybe it’s time to branch out. This isn’t to say you should do something drastic, don’t go quitting your job tomorrow without first considering all the possible ramifications of that move, but there are small steps you can take to bring more joy into your life.

#2 – Celebrate Your Relationships

During this time, you may feel a little extra pressure and stress in your relationships. Miscommunication can lead to disagreements, hurt feelings or disappointment. Rather than allowing this to have a negative lasting effect on your relationship, counter these struggles with some positivity. Take some time to focus on your relationships, including romantic relationships, close friends, and family. Spend time together, show your appreciation and enjoy one another’s company. It’s a lot easier to laugh off a miscommunication if you’re in a good place, to begin with.

#3 – Focus on Journaling

Mercury Retrograde is notorious for the fact that it leaves us feeling confused and unable to express ourselves. One of the reasons that we struggle so often is that we simply don’t understand what we’re feeling ourselves, which we need to recognize before being able to share those feelings with others. By focusing on journaling throughout this time you will find that you can start to pick up on patterns or thought processes that you didn’t realize you were experiencing. It’s a great way to get everything out of your head and down in one place where you can start to sort it all out and make sense of it.

#4 – Track Your Finances

As a society, we have become overly dependent on the technology offered for banking services today. Rather than tracking what we spend, we rely on the use of smartphone apps and online banking to put this information at our fingertips in seconds. Unfortunately, when our electronics are on the fritz, this information may not always be available. Rather than waiting until you’re stuck and need to know where your finances stand, start tracking your money today. It’s a good habit to get into as it will also highlight the areas where you are overspending, helping you to be more conscious of your budget.

#5 – Spend Time Outdoors

If your electronics are going to be on the fritz, which often happens during this time, then why would you continue to keep yourself locked up inside fighting with them? Instead, ditch the television and the computer and head outdoors. This is a great excuse to take in the beautiful summer weather, whether you’re hitting the beach, going for a relaxing walk or simply curling up with your favorite book on the back porch. If you know something is going to cause you to stress, the best thing you can do is just eliminate that stress before it begins.

#6 – Go on A Social Media Detox

It’s one of those big ‘self-help’ suggestions that many experts recommend, yet so few of us are actually able to put into practice in our lives. Why? Because social media is everywhere! However, if you are already struggling with your electronics malfunctioning, then this may be the perfect time to take a bit of a break. Instead, focus on other activities that you enjoy like reading a book, painting, spending time with your pet or hitting the gym. Not only will this help you to avoid the frustrations that your electronics will likely bring, but it’s also a great way to prioritize your mental health.

#7 – Set New Goals

As we talked about in one of the previous points, you’re already going to be doing a significant amount of self-reflection during this time, so maybe it’s time to also consider the future. Take a moment to write down your goals and dreams in life. Are you making an effort to reach these? If not, what you can you change to put yourself on the right path? Start small, as little changes are easy to put into action and over time will add up to a significant shift if you stick with them! This may include waking up earlier and getting to work, adding more organization to your life or starting to create to-do lists so you can track your efforts.

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