7 things that happen when you meet a good guy after you have dosed a narcissist

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March 11, 2019
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7 things that happen when you meet a good guy after you have dosed a narcissist

Dating a narcissist is the worst kind of relationship imaginable. Because in the end, his partner is only hurt. Narcissists are simply unable to build healthy, meaningful and harmonious relationships.

No matter how much effort you put into the relationship and no matter how hard you try to conquer the heart of a narcissist, you’ll never make him love someone other than yourself. When you’re in such an abusive relationship , you quickly get used to always being treated as an option and never as a priority.

You’re dating a person who just gives you a little bit of attention and always puts their needs and desires before yours.

You are in a relationship where your only role is to strengthen your husband’s ego because he has a self-inflating image of himself. He believes he is smarter and better than you and treats you like a slave. As a result, you lose your self-esteem and self-esteem.

And although you feel that something is wrong with the relationship, you do not mind. But there are two reasons that force you to stay with the narcissist. First, because it gives you a false sense of security and, secondly, because you are afraid to be alone. That is, you prefer to settle for such a guy and endure these emotional pains more than loneliness.

But the moment you finally find the courage to separate yourself from the narcissist, you face another obstacle.

And while you meet a man who is nice to you and treat you with love and respect, but you can only trust him very hard.

This man, who is anything but abusive will carry you on hands. Here are 7 things you can expect from him:

1. He will know your value

The narcissist you’ve been with for so long has always made you feel bad and doubtful of all your choices.

But the new man at your side will believe in you. He will not doubt your mental ability and strength for one second. He will always support you because he believes that you can achieve everything you have set for yourself. This man will help you regain your self-confidence and face up to whatever life puts on your path.

2. He will do his best to win your trust

When you were with the narcissist, you became responsible for all the problems that occurred in your relationship. He shouted at you and offended you because you were always “too emotional” and “too attached” . When he flirted with other women, it was because you did not pay enough attention to him.

You just could not trust him anymore because he lied to you over and over again and he never bothered to keep his promises.

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But your new partner will be honest and patient with you. He will wait as long as you need to get rid of and trust the stress and negative feelings from your last relationship. He will show through all his actions that he deserves you to believe in him.

3. He will treat you the way you deserve

You may feel a bit strange when you see that there are still good men in the world. Unlike your selfish and conceited ex, your new partner will do everything to make you feel happy. He will also show you how important you are to him.

He will be very friendly to you. He will treat you with respect and dignity because he knows that this is the only way you deserve to be treated. This guy will make you feel good, but above all, he’ll let you know how much he loves and appreciates you.

4. He will pay attention to what you have to say

In your last relationship, your opinion was not important at all. The narcissist has always made you feel that everything you said was meaningless and wrong. But your new partner will be interested in your opinions, wishes and dreams because he wants to know everything about you and your past.

But most importantly, you’ll feel free and comfortable to share with him all your ideas, opinions, plans, and problems, without fear of convicting and criticizing you.

5. He will not be ashamed to apologize to you

In your last relationship, you were used to always arguing with your partner. It often happened that you apologized for things that were not even your fault, just to avoid further conflicts.

But with your new partner everything will be different. Of course you will argue, because that is part of a healthy relationship. But you will not always be the one to blame everything.

If it happens that your partner has done something wrong, he will admit it and not be ashamed to say to you: “I’m sorry, honey, I was wrong.” Because this man knows that taking responsibility for His mistakes and misdeeds are a prerequisite for a healthy and successful relationship.

6. He will not manipulate you

In your last relationship, you had to be very careful because you were afraid to say or do something that might make your narcissistic friend lose his temper and let his anger out on you.

But in the new relationship, it will be desirable for you to express your opinion on everything you want. You will not have to keep your problems to yourself, and if your partner does something that really bothers you or even violates your feelings, you’re welcome to talk to him about it.

He will never ignore you or blame you for things that are not your fault. Instead, he will always be honest with you and discuss all issues with you, like a mature and responsible adult.

7. He will show you how true love feels

He will show you that love does not have to be humiliating and painful. Instead, he will teach you that it is important in true love to care for and respect someone. Your new partner will treat you with kindness, affection, compassion and dignity. He will teach you how to strive to make someone feel happy and emotionally fulfilled.

He will show you that real, deep and unique love means looking each other in the eye and feeling at home.

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