7 subtle signs that she wants a second date

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March 10, 2019
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7 subtle signs that she wants a second date

Do you want a second date? Is she interested in me? Does she like me? These are all questions that go through a man’s mind when he is about to meet a beautiful woman.

We all know that you men are afraid to get a basket from a woman. Of course, who does not have that, women are no different. But what do you think if I told you that every woman you go out with will send you some signals to show you if she’s interested? And from the moment you learn to recognize these signals, you will be able to know if you like them or not.

So, let’s start and see how your dream girl wants to make her clear that she can not wait to go on a second date with you:

1. She always grins

Sometimes a woman likes to use her smile to show interest in a man. Especially if she’s shy, that’s her subtle way to show her feelings. Because it’s hard to get the courage right on the first date and tell someone that you like him and sometimes the time is just not right.

But it clearly shows you that she likes you when she laughs at everything, from your stupid jokes to super unpleasant small talk attempts. She shows interest in you, if she constantly seeks eye contact and always has a smile on her face.

2. She has a positive body language

First dates can be filled with nervousness, and not everyone has the confidence to set clear signs. But if she often leans toward you, reaches for your hand, or constantly seeks your closeness, then this could be her very subtle way of showing you that she’s interested in you.

You have to read her facial expressions and the way her body moves. When her body is relaxed, she feels good by your side and that is always a very good sign. People with disinterest often lean away from others and their torso and toes often align themselves with their counterparts.

3. It looks at you with attention and concentration

If you like a woman, she will give you her full attention. As you tell her something, she looks you straight in the eye and does not let anyone or anything distract you.

In these moments, you are the only thing she wants, and she shows it to you clearly, and she tries to ask you intermediate questions, to emphasize this. She is definitely interested in you when she perceives every single word you say with great concentration.

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4. It tells you personal life stories

Superficial Smalltalk marks the beginning of a first date, but after that you have the opportunity to talk about more important topics and learn more about each other. When she’s ready to talk to you about her private life, it’s a sign that she’s starting to let you in her heart and is definitely interested in getting to know you better.

It shows that she finds you trustworthy, and that’s very important to a woman.

5. She talks about her future plans

You can tell from what she’s talking about if she’s interested in a second date. If she mentions her plans with her friends next weekend, this might be her subtle way of letting you know that she’s not free on certain days, but definitely wants to spend time with others on you.

That’s why you should read her body language, because if she often talks about what she wants to do in the future, then that’s a big sign that she wants you to be part of her life.

6. She tells you about her favorite places

If a woman talks about her favorite restaurant, favorite cafe, or the park where she prefers to go for a walk, then she’s definitely on a second date. She mentions these places to see if you will notice them and if you will be interested in spending time there with her.

If she keeps telling you about the places she wants to go with you, then she’s definitely interested in you and you must not doubt that. Plus, you do not have to think long about where you could do it next time.

7. She tries to get to know you better

Since this is the first date, she will not want to know all the details about you right away, but if she’s interested in you, she’ll definitely ask you some private questions. That’s why you should know that when a woman asks you what you do, what your hobbies are or what kind of person you are, that means she wants to know more about you.

So, that’s a sign that she wants a second date, because if she was not interested in you, she would not ask you so many questions.

Well, now you are armed and can ask your dream woman more self-confident after the second date.

If you spent less time pondering and endless questions flying through your mind, if she likes you or wants to meet you, and really cares more about her behavior, you’ll know if she’s interested in you.

The first date is also just to “sniffle”, to see if you are sympathetic, and that is usually subtle, but you can at least see it, if you pay attention.

To spare you further brooding, you can also ask them right at the end of the date whether you want to meet again and maybe even make a suggestion where. If she wants to, she will meet you. Rather, she will appreciate that because you do not leave her in ignorance when and if you really want to contact her.

She may be just as insecure as you are, but now you can interpret her subtle signs and take another step towards her.

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