March 24, 2019
March 24, 2019
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When you hear the word trauma, you immediately know that the person who was going through it went through some serious s**t.

You know that something bad happened to them and that now they deal with consequences.

Even if there are different types of trauma, one type is especially painful. It is called betrayal trauma.

In that situation, the person feels like their whole world is falling apart and that they will never be the same.

It happens when a person gets betrayed in a relationship, mostly a romantic one.

If you have been through this, you probably know what I am talking about.

So, here are the most common signs you experienced if a betrayal trauma was part of your life.

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1. You can’t sleep well

When you are confronted with a betrayal trauma, sleeping will be the last thing on your mind.

You simply won’t be able to resist thinking about the past events all the time.

The worst part of all that is that you will blame yourself for all the things that happened.

You will ask yourself if you could have done anything to prevent all the problems in your past relationship, but you won’t be able to come up with a decent solution.

You will spend so many sleepless nights, and that will affect your physical health as well.

When something like this happens, you need to find some sort of help. You can’t live like this because it will just be worse.

I know it is not easy but try to help yourself because punishing yourself for the things you didn’t do doesn’t make sense.

Remember, you are the victim in all of this. You are not the reason for your trauma.

2. You feel anxious and depressed

When you experience trauma like this, you won’t be able to relax. You can be anxious and feel depressed from time to time.

It will all happen because you still can’t believe what’s happened to you.

You won’t know what hit you since until yesterday, you were in a happy relationship, and now you are left all alone.

You catch yourself blaming yourself for the end of the relationship, but the truth is that you didn’t do anything wrong.

You just gave your heart and your soul to the wrong man, and he took advantage of you.

I know it is not easy to get over something like this, but you need to do that if you want to continue your life normally.

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3. You want to be alone all the time

When something painful like betrayal happens, you surely won’t feel like going out and mingling.

Instead, you will stay at home, in your 4 walls, thinking about everything that’s happened to you.

You won’t be able to think straight, and you will constantly go over about the same things, thinking that you could do something about it.

Maybe you think that being lonely at those moments is what you need the most, but in fact, that is the worst thing that you can do.

Instead of being alone and thinking about all the bad things that have happened to you, go out with a good friend and distract yourself a bit.

After all that’s happened to you, the last thing you need is to sit home alone and cry over your sad destiny.

It won’t help you heal, but continuing with your life will.

4. You believe you will never love again

After you end up being the one who was left, you don’t think so positively about yourself at all.

You will feel that you are too broken and that nobody will ever love you again.

You catch yourself crying over every single thing that reminds you of your ex, and you simply can’t calm down.

This is what happens to people who have experienced severe betrayal trauma, and getting over it is harder than you think.

Every one of them will blame themselves for the end of the relationship but won’t think about the bad things that their ex did to them.

If you are one of them, please don’t do that to yourself because you are not the guilty one, and you shouldn’t suffer anymore.

The one who is guilty of everything needs to go throughout the hell you are currently going through. Remember that.

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5. You are confused, and you don’t know how to move on

When you are confronted with a betrayal trauma, you will feel confused since you won’t be able to make right decisions.

You will think that nothing will be good anymore and that you will be alone for your entire life. You will feel like you are the unlovable one.

But what you don’t know is that all your symptoms are a consequence of a trauma that happened to you.

And it is normal to feel confused and disoriented. But you need to know that being in that condition for a long time will do you harm.

You need to accept what happened and move on. I know it won’t be easy, but you have to do it.

For your life, for better days to come, for yourself.

In that way, you will show yourself that nothing can bring you down and that no matter what happens, you will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

6. You have flashbacks of your once happy relationship

When you go through something as painful as betrayal trauma, you will think about it. A lot.

It will happen that you have flashbacks of your once happy relationship, and you will wonder if you did something that could lead to it falling apart.

Most women think in this way, and they simply can’t shake off the feeling that the other side is guilty of everything.

Having flashbacks will be present at the early stages of healing, but you need to try to lead as normal a life as you can.

It won’t be easy to get over something so painful, but the sooner you get over this, the quicker you will feel better.

It won’t be a simple process, but once you realize that it wasn’t your fault and that you shouldn’t stress out about that anymore, you will be able to move on.

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7.     You feel like your life is passing you by, and you don’t enjoy it

Being in a situation like this is not easy at all.

Even if you get over something serious like betrayal trauma, you can feel the consequences later in your future.

There will come days when you will feel bad, but then you will realize that life is much more than worrying about the past.

And that is something you need to stick to. If you decide to go with the flow, letting your problems define you, you will end up depressed and sad.

But if you decide to fight your problems with your head up, life will be easier.

It is all up to you.

But one thing is for sure: your fight will make you a stronger woman, one who knows how to act in every bad situation life puts in front of her.

In the end, that is the point of surviving something like this, right?



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