5 Year Forecast: What’s To Come In The Long Run, According To Her Sign.

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5 Year Forecast: What’s To Come In The Long Run, According To Her Sign.


When we’re at a job interview or even on a first date, we’re often asked where we see ourselves in the next five years. It’s a common question, but that doesn’t mean that we always know the answer, of course.

There’s also a huge difference between where we assume we should be in the next five years and where we actually need to be. We put pressure on ourselves in so many ways, from our love lives to our jobs, and we often think that we should be further along in those respects than we actually are.

We often look at our friends or older siblings and compare a lot. It’s tough to be single when our friends are all married already or when they’re planning their weddings, just like it’s hard to dream of starting our own business when we see our best friend doing the same thing already.

Just like astrology can paint us a picture of the types of people that we really are by pointing out our personality traits, our astro signs can also show us what to expect in the next five years. Here is each sign’s five-year forecast. Read on to find out what’s to come in the long run.

20-Scorpios Are Searching For A Passionate Partner

Some people love everything that could even be remotely considered romantic. They are open to new people and finding romance, and they aren’t scared at all. Others are more reserved when meeting new people and find it tough to date because of that.

The Scorpio signs are more like the former than the latter, that’s for sure. Scorpio signs are really passionate, and so in the next five years, they would love nothing more than to find their ultimate partner. Of course, their ultimate partner is just as passionate as they are. This would be the best thing ever in their minds.

19-Pisces Wants To Be Less Sensitive And Be Vulnerable In A New Relationship

It’s always hard to begin a new relationship and bring everything that you have been through and try to be better this time. You know that you have to open up but sometimes that can be difficult, especially if you didn’t have a good experience sharing something personal with someone who you used to date.

The Pisces signs are basically the opposite of that, though.

They share lots of things, from how they feel to their romantic past. Because they’re among the most emotional of the signs, they hope that in the next five years, they can be less sensitive with a new guy and not take everything so seriously and to heart.

18-Cancer Signs Want To Find A Good, Stable Partner

Cancer signs are homebodies so settling down is definitely on their list when it comes to their five-year forecast. They want a good, stable partner who they always count on to be there for them.

It’s funny because we would all agree that nothing sounds better than having a good, close romantic relationship and staying home with our partner as often as we can. The Cancer signs feel this way… but times 100. This is honestly all they want and they’re not against being social, they just would rather be cozy and comfortable at home. It sounds nice, right?!

17-The Water Signs Are All About A Good Relationship

Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer signs) all want to find love in the next five years, and that’s exactly what is in their five-year forecast.

Since these signs are sensitive and emotional, it makes sense that they have love on the brain.

It’s interesting how we think of our love lives. Some of us feel awful when we don’t have a partner and really want that security, but others are totally great being single and honestly prefer it to being in a relationship.

It’s safe to say that the water signs like being in a relationship and they hope that in the next few years, they’re going to find love.

16-The Water Signs Also Want To Become Closer To Their Friends And Family

Since the water signs are sensitive and emotional, they really love the people in their lives, so this is part of their five-year plan as well.

When they picture their lives over the next few years, they want to get closer to their friends and family.

They want dinner parties, casual hang-outs, Friday nights at their local pub, holidays, birthdays, and all kinds of celebrations. They want to deepen their connections with the friends they have known for years and wouldn’t say no to making some new pals, either. They want to keep spending time with their families as often as they can. When they’re lucky in love, they want to bring their partner into their family as well.

15-Virgos Are All About Making Their (Work) Dreams Come True

Virgo signs have all the classic makings of a super successful career girl: good listener, hard workers, ambitious, and also kind of a perfectionist.

The Virgo girl definitely wants to make her professional dreams come true, so it’s absolutely part of her five-year forecast.

She was always the best student and tried really hard with everything that she was working on, and now that she’s working, she applies that same work ethic to her job. Whether she wants a promotion or wants a new job or wants to start her own company, she’ll get there for sure, and it’s all in the next five years.

14-Taurus Signs Are Determined To Stop Being So Stubborn And Be A Good Partner And Employee

Taurus signs are incredibly stubborn. As we know, being stubborn is not the most appealing personality trait to have.

This can make it tough for a Taurus sign to find love (and keep it, really, which is the most important thing) and also to be an employee. Stubborn people often get frustrated with their coworkers or aren’t open to new ideas or ways of thinking about something because they are so set in their ways.

The Taurus girl really wants to change all this and work on her stubborn nature in the next few years. She wants to be a good partner and employee and knows that her stubborn personality is standing in the way of her reaching her full potential.

13-Capricorns Dream Of Becoming A Wife

Traditional and family-loving Capricorn signs want nothing more than to fall in love and get married. It’s in their five-year forecast for sure because it’s true that when you want something really bad and put effort toward it, it happens. You can thank the universe for that, right?! It’s pretty cool.

She’ll have a wedding that is traditional and also makes her family happy.

While other brides often complain that their families are totally taking over their wedding plans and saying that since they’re paying for it all they can do what they want, the Capricorn girl won’t say a word. She’ll be cool with it and love her wedding day.

12-The Earth Signs Want To Focus On Work-Life Balance

Earth signs (Virgos, Taurus, and Capricorns) care a lot about their work/life balance. This is something that is definitely in their five-year forecast.

We all talk about work/life balance all the time because we want this really badly. Unfortunately, it can be really hard, and sometimes it’s not even possible at all because one part of our life (like work or a family illness) is taking up all of our time right now.

It’s okay to be nice to ourselves and not pressure ourselves on this subject, but it’s also okay to work toward some work/life balance. The Earth signs want to do this.

11-Virgo Signs Also Wouldn’t Mind Falling In Love And, Then, Having It All

Virgo signs would definitely feel like they had it all if they had their dream career along with having the cool, magical experience of falling in love with someone.

The Virgo girl is for sure picturing finding the right person when she thinks about what the next five years will bring. She knows that a full life means having love and also a job that you love, plus amazing friends and family. Since she is pretty shy and quiet, she doesn’t have the easiest time finding love and being vulnerable with new people, which is why finding love is such a big thing for her. She knows that when it happens for her, she will really appreciate it.

10-Libras Want To Step Up Their Volunteer Game

Libras signs are kind, fair, and loyal who like peace and helping others. So it makes sense that in the next five years, they’re going to step up their volunteer game.

Since they sound exactly like the kind of people who would volunteer, it’s possible that they already have a few places where they help out on a regular basis, but there might be a few causes that they have been interested in donating time and money to. It’s time for them to put a lot of time and effort into this area of their life. When they do, they’re going to feel super awesome about it and really love giving back.

9-Aquarius Signs Want To Open Up Enough To Make New Friends And Find A Partner

Aquarius signs are quiet sometimes and then very social others, so people might think that they are a bit confusing. They’re definitely complex but, hey, the best and most fascinating people totally are. When the Aquarius signs picture the next five years, they want to do a lot of socializing and work on that part of their lives.

They want to open up and meet the person that is going to be their life partner.

They also want to make new friends. While they are absolutely social and have a friendly personality, they can also think too much and get in their heads, so this is why they want to be a bit more open, real, and vulnerable.

8-Gemini Would Like To Learn To Be More Independent

Since Geminis hate being alone, this is definitely part of their five-year forecast.

The Gemini signs need to learn to be more independent. They have to figure out a way to do more things on their own and not feel like they always need to have someone by their side. This might mean spending more weekends alone just hanging out, whether that’s wandering through their city or town and finding fun things to check out or chilling at home with Netflix and a good book to read. Sure, this will be tough at first, but they will really enjoy feeling a sense of independence.

7-The Air Signs Want To Do Good For Others And Become Better People

When it comes to the five-year forecast for the Air signs (Libras, Aquarius, and Gemini), they care a lot about doing good for others and becoming better people.

Self-development is always a good goal to have.

We’ll often think about how we can become a nicer, better person over the next year, particularly if it’s New Year’s Day and we’re planning our New Year’s resolutions.

We can all agree that it’s always possible to treat others with kindness and be less selfish. For the Air signs, this is something that they want the next few years to be all about.

6-Libras Also Want To Help A Friend Or Family Member Out

Libra signs also have another thing on their radar for the next five years: being a big help to their friends and family.

They are such caring people that they likely already help everyone that they know, but they don’t feel like they have done enough.

They’re the type of people who always think that they could be less selfish and could be doing more… even though they are already so great, kind, and helpful.

It’s a noble thing to want to help others, and the Libra loves nothing more than being useful and kind to others, whether a friend has a broken heart or a relative is going through a hard time.

5-Leo Signs Want To Run Their Own Company

Leo signs are all about career dreaming when they think about their five-year plan. They’re ambitious and confident. They want to run their own company and unlike some signs who might find this to be way too stressful and scary, they would get a lot of happiness and satisfaction out of this.

Leo girls are the kind of people who other people want to be or be around.

They’re full of confidence and very brave and bold. It’s pretty cool because everyone wants to be more like that. Being so confident and brave is awesome because that’s what you need to do really well in life, including when it comes to turning career goals into reality.

4-Sagittarius Girls Can’t Wait To See The World

For the Sagittarius sign, there is nothing that is higher up on their list of interests and hobbies than travel. Whenever they’re chatting with a friend or relative, they’re most likely going to bring up the topic. The same thing is true if they’re on a first date or meeting someone new at an event or party.

They definitely want to see as much of the world as they can, and that’s why this is part of their five-year forecast. It’s exciting for them to plan a list of places they really want to see. It makes them smile to even picture all of the great experiences that are coming their way.

3-Aries Women Want To Do Anything They Can To Leave Their Comfort Zones

Brave and passionate are two words that describe Aries. This girl wants to do whatever she can to leave her comfort zone in the next five years.

It’s safe to say that many of us aspire to do this, too, but things often hold us back.

We might swear that this is the year that we’re going to do things differently and stop being afraid and start really living. But then, of course, we always get nervous and wonder if we can really be so brave.

The Aries woman is going to live bravely in the next five years. She’ll say yes to new activities and get to know new people.

2-The Fire Signs Plan To Live Life To The Fullest

The fire signs are honestly the kind of people that we all want to be. They aren’t shy at all and really want to live life to the fullest. That’s their general motto, but it’s even truer when they picture their lives in the next five years.

They want to have fun, laugh, be open to new people, try new things, and not be scared of anything. The fire signs (Leos, Sagittarius, and Aries) all want to do everything that they can in order to make their dreams come true and enjoy every day. We can all be more like that, of course.

1-Leos Also Want To Plan A Wedding In The Next Five Years

For the Leo girl, planning a wedding is also something that is on her radar within the next five years.

Leos are often looking ahead because they are ambitious and they care a lot about living life to the fullest. If they’re in a serious relationship, then they’re definitely confident that their boyfriend will propose within the next few years. If they’re currently single, they’re just as sure that they will meet someone and end up becoming their wife within this time period as well.

It’s nice to have hope, so we could all learn something from the Leo girl’s five-year plan and be confident about our happy futures.

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