5 good reasons to leave a narcissist

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March 10, 2019
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March 10, 2019
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5 good reasons to leave a narcissist

It is not easy to leave a narcissist.

Focusing on the awakening from the fog is an important step to take the reins and restore the inner sense of agency and confidence. You need mental clarity to judge the situation you are in and to prioritize taking action.

In that case, opening the cage door would be a toxic relationship and the realization that you have wings to fly away, at least to inner emotional security.

Everything starts in your head and not in your toxic partner.

In a sense, the partner’s physical exit is the simple part of the whole story. Perhaps it is not easy to take back your mind, your belief in yourself and your ability to break out of poisonous self-reproaches or self-closing patterns, but that is the real work that needs to be done to heal, transform and get ahead of you Protect to be trapped in the future.

You are learning more about antisocial (psychopathology) and narcissistic personality disorders and how they relate to the profile of perpetrators of domestic violence, rape and assaults on women, mass shootings and the so-called criminal mind.

The biggest challenge is to learn to let go of the lies and illusions, many of which have been instilled in your mind and come out of the fog, forgiving yourself of any intentional and unknowing participation.

This makes it easier not only to focus on understanding what is true about these personality disorders, but even more critical to discover what is true about you – and the people and their relationships in general – in universal terms Regards, what promotes (or blocks!) Health and wellbeing.

A narcissistic psychopath attacks both personal and universal truths about human love.

Reasons make it much easier to stay away. They point out the severity of these personality disorders and encourage you to learn and do whatever is necessary to take action, armed with new ways of seeing and thinking and doing so that you can find venomous ways of being narcissistic – and to yourself – Can replace with healthy, life-expanding.

Reasons also help you to forgive yourself, and to understand those who are still in the fog in an unbiased way, by accepting together the complexity of what happens to the human brain, when narcissist and fear control and mind control tactics Psychopaths are cleverly applied.

Once you have done it, you will never be able to return. You are changed, and the changes put a bubble of protection around you. The words and actions of the narcissist fall apart, neutralized and you see them for what they are. And that’s pathetic, childish and heartless. Foreign to you, because they are inhuman.

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There are at least 5 good reasons to end a relationship with a narcissist:

5 good reasons to leave a narcissist

1. You realize that you do not like yourself in the relationship

More and more you realize that you do not like the way you feel in the relationship, and how tense you feel about being close to your partner. You are more relaxed when not in the room, outside the house or traveling.

You do not like how he makes you question yourself and your mind. You do not like how you react, how easily he makes you do and say things that you’ll hate yourself later on and how he uses that against you to make you doubt your mind, to believe his diagnosis that you are “crazy .”

And you realize that while you blame yourself automatically, you’re trying to change yourself, focusing on what’s wrong with you, never having any mistakes. If he is unhappy, if the relationship is not good, if the children misbehave, then it is, according to him, your fault.

Even worse, you feel increasingly miserable or depressed, have feelings of hate for yourself and yourself, and lose the hope and faith you once had in human love and the two of you.

In fact, this state of misery and hate is a projection of what the narcissistic psychopath really feels inside. He accuses and projects this on others and tries to create the same misery that he feels inside and with which he lives.

However, you are destined to be emotionally and physically healthy, to the point where you feel good.

Whether you leave Narcissus at some point or not, the most important thing is learning to emotionally protect your sense of self-love, agency, and priceless value as a human being.

Stop doubting yourself and try to treat with dignity the longings that you have for emotional connection.

The narcissist loses himself in lies and illusions that question the power of love and instead he raises the power that helps him rule over other people.

Love is the only force that gives meaning to life. Empathy and friendliness are essential ingredients.

First and foremost, you have to respect and love yourself without asking other people. Only you can save yourself and your feeling of being loved and appreciated is crucial to your well-being.

If someone does not treat you properly, you owe it to yourself to like and respect the life you have been given.

It’s not going to be easy, and you have to find the words to consciously choose what you want to say to free you and accept your inestimable value as a human inside, to love and to feel.

2. You recognize the extent to which you have believed his lies, excuses, opinions about you and others

It makes you angry, in a healthy way, to notice that you believed what he said he was, rather than looking more closely at what he consistently does and does not do. You notice that in many relationships that once were dear to you, there is increasing chaos and somehow he is never guilty, but blames you or others for his drama and his madness.

Even if he uses abusive words or actions, you realize that his game is to illuminate you with gas light so you think he is the “victim” and you must save him to prove your loyalty.

You also notice how hard you work to prove that you are not everything he accuses you of, for example, that you are not selfish, crazy, controlling, disloyal, or cheating.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that he is deliberately using accusations, for example, to start a fight, to avoid doing something he does not want to do, or to prevent you from going where you are or maybe just because he has noticed that you are happy about something.

Even when it’s not there, it annoys you how much thought and energy you put into it when you think about what to say or do to deal with its “insecurity” in the context of your love and loyalty. You hate how your precious mind is taken over, as if you are in court and your mind is a judge and a jury.

You also observe a pattern in the “things” he says to arouse mistrust or turn against your family or friends. Or, if he’s a covert narcissist, you realize how easily he seduces others with his philanthropic behavior, makes you look “unreasonable” or “controlling,” and actually makes others stand against you.

Stop guessing, try explaining or talking to him. It is a total waste of time and energy. His goal is to make you invisible, waste your energy, and destroy your mind. The narcissistic psychopath is in a world of his own because of the dehumanizing ideology that conditioned him.

The hatred that he feels for the people he considers weak and that he abuses in his head is proof of his superiority. You can not reason with him and it’s crazy to do that. So be nice to yourself and save your energy. Do not take anything seriously what he says, but listen to your gut feeling.

3. You realize how “not normal” he is

It is understandably disturbing to look closely at his patterns of behavior, for example, to find that he keeps trying to make you feel small or invisible, to disapprove of what you say, to enlighten you, to ruin a conversation.

He also tries to pollute your reputation, turn against your family and friends, or turn them against you. He is slowly but surely destroying you by attacking your key relationships.

Although you want to believe that he really does not know what he is doing, or does not intentionally do, it is still so.

A narcissistic psychopath not only acts to make his partner invisible, but also wants him to believe that his inhumane treatment is “normal .”

But that’s not it.

Through his actions or lack of action , he tells you what kind of person he is.

Based on neurolinguistic behavioral studies, the best measure of who a person is, what they most want, value and believe in what they do consistently. That is, their actions or the absence of actions. What that person does or does not do says what is her true face, what motivates her, what she believes and values, and what she has planned for you and your relationship.

Abuse is not just the “usual” application of labels or attacks when one or both persons are encouraged in a relationship to do and say things that they later regret.

The narcissist not only maltreats or shows no remorse, but also makes a woman feel bad. That shows you what kind of person he is. For him, this is proof of his superiority and his right to use a woman as a slave, and the actions that show his status and his “superiority” and rightful dominance.

In fact, a person obsessed with proving dominance to feel useful, an ideology trying to dehumanize them and normalize the dehumanization of those groups that are considered “weak” or inferior.

It is a worldview that maintains the relationships between man and slave as usual. Only in this world view, some people think that it is normal to treat others like punching bags with impunity.

An inhumane treatment of a person, regardless of gender, belief or tradition, is never normal. It is pathological.

What dehumanizes one person in a relationship because of the mirror neuron function of our brain is dehumanized for the other.

The narcissist thinks that his job is to destroy his partner or child, so he no longer has any thoughts or feelings about what his mistreatment is, to accept that he is just a pleasure he feels like Sports car or a boat has to strengthen his ego and wait to serve for his pleasure.

This ideology is geared to all forms of hate propaganda, regardless of the group that is considered weak or dangerous.

A slave attitude is not normal behavior!

At best, he is a lost soul, at worst a psychopath is pathetically disconnected from his human self-consciousness, which is the “true self” of man. He is as fragile as a house of cards because he desperately tries to uphold his “false self-image” of himself, with divine rights, over others.

For humans, this monkey-like behavior is under the dignity of man. Man is hardwired and yearns to be treated with dignity from first to last breath. (To be honest, what narcissists do to prove dominance is even below the level that monkeys do in the jungle.).

It is not normal for a person who believes that it is their job to transfer master-slave relationships between men and women to others.

A narcissist is his worst enemy because of his fear and desperate attempts to avoid but also eliminate human love and vulnerability in himself and others around him.

He defines power as the ability to undermine someone else’s will, and by associating it with his self-esteem, he merely remains in his own emotional development, condemning himself to living in misery, and loathing life.

People are hardwired to yearn for happiness and meaningful emotional relationships in relationships. However, narcissism is by definition a lack of love and so looking for the feeling of having a love affair with a narcissist is like trying to win grape juice from raisins.

Going means not taking anything he has ever said or done in person. All his actions show what a sick person he is. He can not and will not change. For him, it means to change, to feel remorse or empathy, to behave as he considers inferior. In his mind, your relationship is a tough competition and asking him to change means giving in, losing, admitting that he’s inferior.

4. You realize that your job is to protect everything, even your mind

As the fog clears, you see more and more clearly the abuse than what it is, how predictably narcissism behaves so that you feel responsible for its mistakes. He even gathered information, listened attentively to what you said, to know what makes you happy.

He deliberately tries to distance you from what makes you feel good. In short, he likes the fact that you feel bad, that you have doubts about yourself and your health, and even worse that he convinces himself that you “like” being abused.

His lies attack your sense of self and understanding. It is up to you to understand that your health as a person depends on whether you feel comfortable, about yourself and about life. You are tightly bound to do that. Also, when it comes to children, they expect you to tell them what is normal in a relationship and what is not and what it means to be a woman in a relationship with a man.

A real man is first and foremost a human and that means that each person loves, values ​​and tries to strengthen the strengths, growth and best of his or her partner.

You may hate your life or your self, ask you what is wrong with you, make you angry, perhaps even bitter about so many unfulfilled expectations, most of which have become reasons, of yourself, your reason and your reasonableness to doubt.

For too long, you’ve been basing your self-esteem on the narcissist’s ratings, judgments, layoffs, and disapprovals.

It’s up to you to take control of your thoughts, feelings, mind and heart. Far from the evil narcissist.

Everything you love is at stake. He intends to steal what you love most and enrich your life.

The reason for leaving a narcissist is to protect his sense of self, affect, and reason, and everything one loves in life, happiness, hope, faith, gratitude, kindness, and relationships with his loved ones-all that is above humanity is sublime and crucial for the formation of meaningful and mutually enriching relationships.

Life is here to teach us that while we will always love each other and will feel loved and esteemed by others, the only critical source of sustaining the love we absolutely need is without affecting our physical, emotional and spiritual Health is suffering, our own is!

5. You realize how important it is to choose wisely what you allocate to your mind

A narcissist rejects common sense and wisdom. His game is to prove that he can break his partner, like a horse, to make himself invisible and non-existent. The harder you work to make yourself heard of a narcissist, the deeper you risk swimming in shark-infested waters.

To change him is to change Godzilla. It is not possible to say or do the right thing to prove your loyalty or to give it a secure feeling. He plays a different game than you.

It is dangerous to “argue” with him because he knows nothing about empathy and regret. What dehumanizes him protects him, too. You do not have this protection and you would not want it, because it would be a step into the training for narcissism.

He can not give you what he does not have in him. This is not accessible to him, it is deliberately shut down and blocked. This is a part of him that he hates, which he disgusts and is afraid of. He completely denies his “true face,” a universal human self made up of amazing strengths, powers, and vulnerabilities.

These patterns are equally toxic to men and women, making it impossible to form anything but dysfunctional marriages and families in which children are traumatized, and the legacy of maintaining rigid hierarchical social norms at all costs outweighs and grows from one generation to another others passed on.

When you lead your best life, it also helps others around you to ascend to become ever better versions of yourself.

We are all together on this life journey, as humans! And living your best life after experiencing an addictive relationship with a narcissist is overlooking the dehumanizing norms and mind control patterns he has taught you.

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It is important to realize that the only reasons why he can get into someone else’s mind are the disarming set of tactics he uses and the fact that you, like most people, do not follow the rules thought the narcissist is playing for.

You did not know that you literally had to equip yourself with heavy, empowering beliefs to protect you!

Once you see his tactics and know what you need to do to protect your mind and heart, he has no power over you. That’s incredible.

A narcissistic psychopath loves hating and being hated. Do not let me be part of your plans. His goal is to prove that every person has someone she hates and tries to fight. This is not a normal life. This is the inhumane life of psychopaths.

So do the opposite. If you indulged in hatred, regardless of whether it is justified, you would choose to behave more and more like a narcissist.

If you want to heal and live your best life, the best option is to switch to what you are and to access inner tools that you are fully equipped to reconnect with your innermost values ​​or core emotion impulses and yours Ability to cultivate, connect with healthy anger and fear.

This formula enables you to transform the fears and pains of past traumas into positive, optimal actions in a way that protects your mind, heart, brain, and body from the toxic effects of hatred, anger, contempt, and the like.

What you are fighting for weakens you, and what is worse, blocks or prevents you from healing. You deserve to give yourself the gift of your own self-love and acceptance and to enjoy the freedom to love. You have to use the pain you have experienced to live your best life.

In short, there are good reasons to leave a narcissist, at least emotional. You should do that because there are certain elements that are critical to your health and growth:

1. To like and respect oneself in the relationship

2. Stay connected to your heart to distinguish the truth from lies

3. Realizing that the labels the narcissists try to attach to the women they are in a relationship with really say how disturbed their mindset is.

4. Your own love, respect or your own sense of value is the only thing you need to rescue urgently.

5. Your thoughts and your mind shape your life, so you must carefully watch them and select them thoughtfully.

You have to feel gratitude because you came out of the fog.

Your job is to learn how to increase your ability, how to completely love and respect yourself and your life, and how to connect to your authentic voice and inner resources. At the same time, this is the best protection against attracting another narcissistic partner.

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