32 obvious signs that he only plays with your heart

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March 10, 2019
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March 10, 2019
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32 obvious signs that he only plays with your heart

Since you are single, you will constantly try to find a man with whom you can have a healthy relationship. But love and dating can be a bit risky, and it can get worse if the guys you meet try to play with you.

You always find these guys – guys who think they can play with a woman’s heart, just for the sake of it. Her argument is that if it bothered a woman, she could just go.

That a woman has to pay for her decent, empathic, completely normal social behavior, because she is not yet fully aware that the guy knows nothing about decency, but is not in order.

So do not let that wannabe macho seduce you. Recognize the signs of a man who plays only with you and make sure that you know the rules of the game to change it in your favor.

1. He writes you a message just to see if you will answer.

And you do that too, just because you think it’s rude not to write people back. A very normal thing actually ….

2. But he does not intend to have a conversation.

And so, he abruptly ends the conversation, just as he started, leaving question marks in your head.

3. Or he writes you something that is ambiguous and you do not understand.

That requires you to say something and wait for his answer.

4. As if he just wants you to wait and staring at your phone every 5 seconds.

But in fact he never responds, so you always get impatient and need to keep pondering, even though you might be dealing with something else at the moment.

5. He is the king of the One Night Stand

But God forbid that you call him first, because he will never contact you.

6. If you call him after midnight, he rejects all your calls.

But if he wants to get you to bed, it’s no problem for him to call you at 1am.

7. He is a master when it comes to blaming someone.

That’s why you always feel guilty about something.

8. He does this just to make sure you apologize to him.

And you just want him to stop yelling at you, so you apologize, though it hardly makes sense to think about it later.

9. And even if he’s wrong about something, he’ll never admit it.

Because somehow he is always right and all other people are wrong. He will give everything to never be in bad shape.

10. He calls you crazy.

In the rare moments when you are the one who is right, he degrades you very quickly.

11. Then he makes you question everything that you think and say.

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He manipulates you to think, “Am I crazy or is he just an asshole?”

12. He keeps you near him

And you are always within his immediate reach.

13. But never close enough.

He wants you near him, just to get what he wants.

14. So you always want a little more.

He ends the relationship with a vile commentary or phrase that makes you both love and hate him, but also wants him more.

15. He presents himself as a pretty likeable person.

He knows what he has to say and when to say it, just to make girls fall in love with him.

16. And most girls fall in love with him head over heels.

Everyone thinks he’s a macho, but you know he just talks shit.

17. He is shy about social media.

He will never comment on your best pictures or say something nice. Most likely, he leaves behind a “harmless” ambiguous comment that may make you look bad.

18. Because he loves to play with you.

Or post a picture with you to delete it right away.

19. He does it all just to keep you busy.

Even you can admit that you like the game a bit, otherwise you would not play it.

20. Because he does not like to post pictures with a girl.

His Instagram and Facebook account are private and he hides a lot about himself.

21. His cell phone is probably always locked.

We all do that, but you know that if you take his cell phone, he’ll attack you the same way he did with every other girl.

22. You have the most conversations when you are drunk.

Your best conversations were when you were so drunk that you could not remember anything the next day.

23. His favorite app is Snapchat.

Because everyone knows that this app is made to take nude photos.

24. And so he regularly sends pictures of himself.

You and probably every other girl he knows.

25. But, of course, you do not like that.

But you will always answer him because you do not want to offend him.

26. You do not think he really likes you.

But he just likes the idea of ​​having you near him.

27. But he likes the fact that you like him.

And that is true too. You also try not to hide that, it does his ego well.

28. And that’s why he wrapped you around his finger.

At least that’s what it looks like, why would you let that happen to you?

29. He might think that you allowed him to win the game.

But in reality you are much more crafty than he is.

30. But you want him to think he’s the winner.

You know his game and play the role of the victim pretty well.

31. That’s why you will always be the winner.

But he is not aware of it at all.

32. And when everything is over between you ….

you will be his greatest regret and he will regret that you have abandoned him.

Turn your back on him with your head held high and do not turn your back on him. If you know your own value, someday somebody will come across you who also recognize him.

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