29 reasons why I love you infinitely

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March 11, 2019
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29 reasons why I love you infinitely

1. At the beginning of our relationship you were very patient and I did not even know what that meant until I got to know you properly.

2. When it rains outside, always make sure that I do not fall into a puddle because you do not want to hurt me and see you soaked.

3. I love you because of the way you hug me when we’re in bed, as if you never want to let me go. And sometimes that hug is a bit too tight, but that’s why I love you so much.

4. You say “Sorry,” even though it was me who started the argument because you do not care who was right or wrong when it comes to things that are not that important. The only thing you want is to build a harmonious and happy relationship.

5. I love you because you believe in me and my dreams and encourage me to keep going, even though I think I’ve already reached my maximum.

6. I love you because you did not kiss me immediately on our first date. All the other guys in front of you tried that before we even went out.

7. You did not call me crazy when I told you that I want to quit my job and change careers. Instead, you have supported, guided, listened to me, trusted my judgment, and loved me throughout this process.

8. You always have the opportunity to see my family and friends and spend time with them, because you know how important these people are to me.

9. I love you when you wash the dishes because you know I can not stand the washing up.

10. You tell me that the food I cook for you is fantastic and always eats it, even though it absolutely does not taste good.

11. The moment I met you, I knew you were the person who would change my whole life.

12. I love you for choosing me from all the other women, especially me.

13. You are always the first person I want to share exciting or sad news with. It really does not matter what it’s about, because I just love being able to tell you everything.

14. I love you because we traveled together through different cities, countries and continents and still managed to stay calm. We are stronger than ever and I know that there is nothing in this world that we can not survive together.

15. You’re carrying my heavy suitcase so I do not have to carry so much load with me.

16. I love you because you are my first real friend at all and I want nothing else than that you become my last.

17. I love you because I know in my heart that our paths should cross and that we are always destined to make each other’s lives.

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18. You love cheese, chocolate and pizza as much as I do.

19. You know, if something is wrong with me and always manage to cheer me up again.

20. I love you because you always have to laugh at my jokes, even though sometimes they are not that funny at all.

21. I love you because you are always so patient with me.

22. I love you because you call yourself a Dreamer, and although that makes me laugh, you’re really the man I’ve always dreamed of.

23. I love you because I can go through life with you, so incredible that you can call it a miracle.

24. You hold my hand while taking off and landing a plane, and I know that if these were my last moments on this earth, I would go to peace.

25. I love you because I do not feel the need to pretend and be someone else with you. In your presence, I do not have to wear a mask. When I’m with you, I can show you my true face and that’s how you love me the most.

26. Your calming and sweet voice makes me feel that everything will be alright.

27. You do everything you can to make me happy and to dry my tears when I’m hurt.

28. I’ve spent the last 184 days with you and there was not a single one I wish we were separated.

29. But above all, I love you because you never say the words “I love you,” but I feel it with all my heart. You just make me the happiest woman in the world.

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