21 Zodiac Combinations That Will Definitely Happen (But Ultimately Won’t Last)

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019
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21 Zodiac Combinations That Will Definitely Happen (But Ultimately Won’t Last)




Every once in a while, you’ll fall for someone who you just know, deep down, is not right for you…but for some reason, you can’t help yourself. You still want to spend every single day with them. You want all of the good morning and good night texts that you can get. You want to go on fun dates, to spend every weekend together, to introduce him to your family and friends…the list goes on and on. Well, you get the idea—you’re head over heels for this guy even though you know that there is about a zero percent chance of the relationship ever working out in the long term.

Look, it’s not the end of the world. Yes, you might get your heart broken, but that’s just a fact of life—it has to happen to all of us at one point or another, and we can grow and learn from the experience, no matter how upsetting it is at the time. But why do we fall for guys who don’t always have our best interests at heart? Well, it’s all in the stars—here are 21 signs that will definitely get together, but are not meant to last.

21Taurus Girl And Sagittarius Guy: Will Fall Too Hard Too Fast

It might sound surprising, but at some point in her life, a Taurus girl will often find herself strangely attracted to a Sagittarius guy. Why would that happen? Aren’t their personalities so different?

Well, that’s exactly why the attraction occurs between them. Taurus girls see Sagittarius guys as exciting “bad boys,” and Sagittarius guys see Taurus girls as calmer and more laid back than the wilder girls that they usually go for! Something different always seems appealing, right? They might fall for each other so quickly it will shock them both, and their friends won’t even believe how fast the sparks begin to fly.

But eventually, to their disappointment, that initial fiery attraction will fizzle as they slowly realize that their personalities are so different that they just do not mesh. The Taurus girl will get frustrated with the way her new man cancels plans and changes his mind constantly, while the Sagittarius guy will feel like the connection they once had has given way to a boring and monotonous relationship. These two can definitely have fun if they’re just interested in a short summer fling, but there is just no way this combo can work out in the long run.

20Capricorn Guy And Aquarius Girl: Both Are Too Independent For A Longterm Relationship

Now, this might seem like an unlikely match on paper, but it’s actually quite common in the real world. Remember, Capricorn guys have a tendency to overwork themselves and follow society’s rules to the best of their ability, and while Aquarius girls may have the same level of passion for their career, they are also much more comfortable with the idea of starting their own business, freelancing, or going into an unconventional field, even if it means they won’t make as much money. Capricorn guys often find themselves attracted to the passion of an Aquarius woman. They see that she holds herself to a high standard, which is a quality they always appreciate in a person.

They may have a great time together for a few months, but both of these signs are too independent to make this relationship work forever. In fact, the Aquarius girl might find herself getting frustrated before the Capricorn guy does—she might start wishing that he had the courage to step outside the box and get out of his comfort zone more often. The Capricorn guy may also begin to feel that the Aquarius girl simply doesn’t understand why he cares so much about work.

19Pisces Girl And Aquarius Guy: Pisces Is A Dreamer, Aquarius Is A Doer

Unlike some of the other combos on this list that we’ve already discussed, it’s easy to see why a Pisces girl and Aquarius guy could fall for each other. Some air signs do share strong similarities with certain water signs, and because of this, they may find that they feel very compatible—at least for a couple months. However, if you know a little bit about astrology, you may already know that there are also some clear differences between these two signs that need to be taken into consideration when talking about compatibility!

Pisces girls are big dreamers—it doesn’t mean they’re lazy or naïve, but they may not be as hardworking or realistic when it comes to certain aspects of their lives. Aquarius guys, on the other hand, may feel like outcasts sometimes because they are unafraid to walk alone and stay outside the crowd, but they are also strongly grounded in reality. They have some odd interests and offbeat opinions, but they are more rational and logical than you might imagine at first glance. Let’s face it, there are a reason so many Pisces men and women end up together—they need someone who dreams the same way.

18Aries Girl And Capricorn Guy: They’re Both Too Stubborn

On one hand, you might find this combo unexpected, because it’s clear to everyone with friends born under these signs that they have very different personalities! But on the other hand, if you’ve ever seen this couple together, you know that it can work—for a short time, that is. Why on earth would an Aries girl fall for a Capricorn guy in the first place? Well, they do have one thing in common—their stubbornness. At first, this might seem like it would keep them apart, but when they first meet, it actually helps them bond. For a Capricorn guy, almost nothing is more attractive than meeting a girl with a bold attitude who knows how to stand up for herself—and Aries girls want to be with a more serious guy who can balance out their spontaneous side.

But you can already guess how this relationship ends—they will both be too stubborn for their own good, and they will end up butting heads over and over again until one of them finally decides to call it quits and walk out the door. It will be tough for them to even maintain a friendship after the inevitable break up.

17Gemini Guy And Scorpio Girl: He May Not Be Able To Commit To Her

You might already be able to see why this combo is nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen. But let’s discuss why a Gemini guy and a Scorpio girl would find themselves falling head over heels for each other in the first place! When a Gemini guy and a Scorpio girl first meet, the Scorpio girl usually feels like the Gemini guy has the ability to bring her out of her shell. After all, Scorpio women can often be very introverted, so they usually end up connecting with guys who are much more extroverted—after all, a guy who is super introverted won’t be making the first move, right? And the Gemini guy might find himself intrigued by the Scorpio girl—she’s funny, thoughtful, and she doesn’t flirt with every guy around.

But Scorpio women are too easily hurt to date Gemini men. Gemini guys are the biggest flirts in the entire zodiac, and everyone knows it—but Scorpio girls just can’t help themselves sometimes. Despite their better judgment, they end up falling for these guys, sometimes more than once! They end up being heartbroken because these Gemini guys are notorious for being unfaithful and not committing—not fun to deal with!

16Leo Girl And Pisces Guy: Pisces Is Too Introverted, Leo Is Too Social

Leo girls love the spotlight, while Pisces guys like to hang back and observe—but as we all know, opposites can definitely attract. There’s no doubt about that! When a Pisces guy meets a Leo girl, he is often in awe of her confidence. She is not afraid to stand out—and in fact, she often prefers it! This is so different compared to his usual attitude that it sparks some kind of romantic feelings in him—he becomes super curious about what it would be like to date her. He thinks it might be a real adventure, and they might even decide to give it a try and make things official. But the truth is that these are two are not meant to be.

What happens after they get together? Well, things might be smooth sailing for a little while, but after some time, all of the reasons that they are not compatible will become painfully clear. Leo girls are not known for their creativity, while Pisces guys need a woman with an artistic spirit. Pisces guys do not want to be social all the time—in fact, it’s quite rare—while Leo women want to have an active social life.

15Taurus Guy And Gemini Girl: They Will Give In To Constant Bickering

Even if you don’t know much about astrology, it’s easy to see why this combo is definitely not destined to be together! Is it possible for a Taurus guy and a Gemini girl to be good friends? Yes, absolutely! But the minute they try to take things a step further, well, that’s where problems begin to arise. They might have a couple fairytale moments in the beginning, but these two signs are not on the same page about, well, really anything important. If you want to make a relationship last for years, you need to share the same values. And let’s face it, Taurus and Gemini could not be more different in this respect.

It won’t be long before the Taurus guy is annoyed with the constant antics and need for attention from the Gemini girl. And the Gemini girl will get super frustrated by the Taurus guy’s need for lots of alone time. These two just don’t balance each other out—like oil and water, they can’t mix. It’s a recipe for disaster, and it could end up ruining their friendship if they try to force a relationship. They are much better off just being friends instead of dating.

14Scorpio Girl And Capricorn Guy: They Don’t Understand Each Other’s Emotions

It may seem impossible to figure out why this pair would get together in the first place, but once again, this is an “opposites” attract situation. Basically, Scorpio girls and Capricorn guys are different in almost every way—and that’s why when they first lay eyes on each other, they may feel an unexpected rush of attraction. Yup, it confuses both of them too, but they will probably decide to act on it anyway. And when they do, it will feel like the right decision—for a few weeks. Suddenly, they will realize how often they bicker and how different they are, and they will have to face the reality that they made a huge mistake.

Scorpio girls are simply too emotional and sensitive for Capricorn men. Capricorn guys, on the other hand, are not very emotional at all, and this confuses Scorpio women. They really need to be with someone who understands their feelings inside and out, not someone who rarely even takes the time to reflect on their own feelings! Honestly, this pair rarely even works as friends, either—they are better off just keeping their distance from each other, because their personalities are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

13Libra Girl And Leo Guy: They Both Want To Be The Center Of Attention

Now, you might think that these two would actually get along great. A fire sign and an air sign should have just enough in common that they can make a relationship work without letting things get too boring, right? Unfortunately, this really depends on which fire sign and which air sign we’re talking about, and as far as Libras and Leos go, well, it doesn’t always work out so well! But it’s no surprise that a Libra girl would fall for a Leo guy. Libra girls have a tendency to be very concerned with how their romantic relationships look to other people, so they will try to choose impressive guys to date. However, these guys are not always the best people for them to be with. They don’t even realize that they are settling for guys who are all wrong for them, but they don’t know how to break the habit!

Plus, both of these signs simply love to be the center of attention—but do you think you will ever catch a Leo guy sharing his spotlight? Um, if you answered “Yes” to that question, stop and think again! These two will never be able to find balance in their relationship.

12Virgo Girl And Taurus Guy: These Signs Are Just Too Similar

Wait, shouldn’t two earth signs who get together understand each other on a deeper level right away? Shouldn’t they be able to work out their problems and communicate easily because they are so similar and share the same mindset? Not necessarily! Sometimes, it does work out this way, and two earth signs get together and live happily ever after! When it does happen, there’s no doubt that it’s a match made in heaven—but sometimes, even two earth signs can crash and burn. That’s the unfortunate reality of zodiac compatibility.

So, what’s the matter with a Taurus guy and a Virgo girl getting together? Well, these two signs are just TOO similar. Any excitement present in the beginning of the relationship will simply fizzle out into nothing in a matter of weeks, and both of them will find themselves wondering why they were so attracted to each other in the first place! At first, it can seem like a dream come true for these two similar signs to get together, but honestly, both Taurus guys and Virgo girls need someone who will challenge them and push them out of their comfort zones, not someone will act exactly like they do.

11Cancer Girl And Libra Guy: They Won’t Make It Past A Couple Of Dates

Are you even the tiniest bit surprised that a Cancer girl and a Libra guy might not be the best combo in the zodiac? Yea, we didn’t think that anyone would be shocked to see this pair come up on the list! So, what would lead to a Cancer girl and a Libra guy even getting together? It’s usually up to the Cancer girl—she might fall for a cute Libra guy, mainly because of his good looks and flirting skills, and get a little carried away with herself. She might start daydreaming about what it would be like to date him, and she may even end up being a little more forward than usual and initiating a coffee date or some other casual plans. The Libra guy will feel flattered and take her up on it, but while they might have a couple nice dates, that’s really as far as this relationship is going to go.

The Libra guy just will not be as emotionally invested as the Cancer girl. And she will always find herself wishing that he was more romantic, more affectionate, and more lovey-dovey. But this is nothing more than wishful thinking—he’s not going to change.

10Sagittarius Girl And Leo Guy: Both Of Them Want To Call The Shots

Two fire signs together can result in a passionate romance—or their awful break up could fit the definition of the phrase “crash and burn.” And in the case of a Sagittarius girl and a Leo guy getting together, they’re destined to crash and burn. They just both have very strong personalities, and there is no way for them to balance each other out. Plus, they are both so headstrong that they will end up fighting constantly. And the other problem they will face if they try to date? The fact that they are both fiercely independent.

In a relationship, one person often leads while the other “follows”—and it doesn’t have to be the man calling the shots and the woman having no say! These days, there are plenty of women who “wear the pants,” so to speak. But if both people in the relationship always feel the need to have the final say on every decision and be the “leader” at all times, it is never going to last. And this is why Sagittarius girls and Leo guys will run into so many problems. They both need to seek out other signs in order to have a happy relationship.

9Gemini Girl And Aquarius Guy: They Might Have A Fling, But It Won’t Last

We know, we know, it’s hard to picture an Aquarius guy going for a Gemini girl. They are content to spend long periods of time by themselves, they don’t like to follow the crowd, and their hobbies and interests don’t usually fit in with the mainstream trends. They are also fairly introverted and tend to stick with a small group of friends rather than hanging out with large crowds of people every weekend. Now, if you’ve ever met a Gemini girl, you know that she is the exact opposite. Gemini girls often like to have a big circle of friends who they hang out with on a very regular basis, they do not like to spend a lot of time alone, and they are usually quite popular in their schools and at their jobs.

But there’s one other thing about Gemini girls that makes them so easy to fall for, even if you’re an Aquarius guy: they are often VERY attractive and charming. So an Aquarius guy might find himself having a crush on a Gemini girl against his better judgment. But make no mistake, their relationship will be nothing more than a short lived fling that quickly fades out.

8Virgo Guy And Pisces Girl: They Can’t Figure Out How To Compromise

A Virgo guy and a Pisces girl, together? Well, yes, it does happen, but as you can probably already tell, it does not last long! It’s pretty easy to see why these two signs are fundamentally incompatible. Yes, it’s possible for an earth sign and a water sign to get along, to be friends, and even to date—but for Virgo guys and Pisces girls, the romance just is not there. They are really not meant to be together. Let’s discuss exactly why that is.

First of all, Virgos are known for being practical above all else. This is essentially the defining trait of their sign, and make no mistake, they are proud of it! This is not something that they are willing to change—and it’s not something they should change. This aspect of their personality is what helps them get ahead in life. Now, what is the defining trait of the sign Pisces? That’s right, Pisces—especially Pisces women—are known for being dreamers who often let their imagination run wild. They want to follow an unconventional path in life, while Virgo men crave tradition and stability. These two are not likely to even get past a second date!

7Taurus Girl And Scorpio Guy: They Will Get Stuck On An Emotional Roller Coaster

Is there a single Taurus girl out there who can handle a Scorpio guy’s emotions? Um, nope, we don’t think so. In fact, any Taurus girl who ends up dating a Scorpio guy might feel a little confused when she realizes that her boyfriend is actually more sensitive than she is! This is the main reason that these two signs can never make a serious relationship work.

Imagine a girl and a guy on a see-saw—an emotional see-saw, if you will. Now, in this scenario, the Taurus girl will be doing everything she can to keep things balance, while the Scorpio guy will be experiencing the highest highs and the lowest lows. Can the Taurus girl keep up? Unfortunately, no, and this will be the downfall of this couple. Yes, there are signs who can handle the emotional state of a Scorpio, but Taurus is just not one of them. They put so much effort into keeping their own lives and feelings balanced that the last thing they want is for someone else to come along and mess up everything they have worked so hard for! However, they can be good friends to Scorpio guys—but nothing more.

6Pisces Guy And Capricorn Girl: They Could Sink Or Swim…But They Will Sink

Alright, we barely need to explain why this combination is always a bad idea, but we’ll go ahead and get into the details anyway. After all, it’s not enough just to say that Pisces men and Capricorn women are incompatible—we’ve got to tell you exactly why, so you don’t make the same mistake that many couples before you have.

Basically, water signs and earth signs don’t tend to mesh very well, for reasons that we have gone into a few times (but we’ll give you another basic overview). Water signs are imaginative dreamers who like to go with the flow (you know, as water does), while earth signs are, well, grounded and stable. They are known for being serious and more logical than other signs—you know, the type of person who you really want to have working on your group project.

When a water sign like a Pisces guy and an earth sign like a Capricorn girl get together, they both end up sinking. The Pisces guy will always be getting carried away with crazy plans, while the Capricorn girl would rather work on her career goals and save money. They often call it quits fairly early on.

5Sagittarius Girl And Capricorn Guy: They Are Polar Opposites

Some zodiac matches are made in heaven, while others are doomed to fail from day one. Unfortunately for those rare Sagittarius girls who happen to unexpectedly fall in love with Capricorn guys, the odds for this combo are not good. In fact, the chances of them staying together for longer than a couple months are slim to none. Why is that? Well, if you’re familiar with the personality traits of both of these signs, you already know that they are basically polar opposites! There is simply no better way to describe the many drastic differences between Sagittarius women and Capricorn men.

Sagittarius women are free spirits at heart—they always have been and always will be. On the other hand, Capricorn men are driven and ambitious people with very intense work ethics. At first, they might feel that dating a Sagittarius woman will bring a new sense of adventure and excitement into their life, but over time, they will realize that it has just brought more trouble and confusion. If there are any two signs that are simply never meant to be together, those signs are Sagittarius and Capricorn—no doubt. These signs rarely even hang out as just friends!

4Scorpio Girl And Libra Guy: They Can’t Stick To Any Plans Together

Once again, those powerful Scorpio emotions will get in the way of this relationship. Now, we don’t want to imply that there is anything wrong with the way that people born under the sign of Scorpio experience, process, and express their emotions. In fact, the rest of us under other signs could actually stand to learn a thing or two from them! But that’s where the problem comes up—most people are not in touch with their feelings like Scorpio, and therefore, both parties end up getting frustrated because they cannot seem to understand each others’ mindsets.

And why are Scorpio girls and Libra guys an exceptionally bad combo? Well, as we may have mentioned earlier, both Libra men and women tend to place a high value on appearances. They like to plan, and they like to see things running smoothly. And a Scorpio woman having a bad day can throw a big monkey wrench right into all of a Libra guy’s best laid plans! Therefore, he will end up getting annoyed at her on a weekly basis, and she will be upset that he does not want to take the time to sit down and talk things out with her.

3Scorpio Guy And Pisces Girl: They Can’t Support Each Other Emotionally

Two water signs together? What could go wrong, right? Unfortunately, Scorpio men and Pisces women are not exactly the best match. Now, we’re sorry that we have to continue driving this point home over and over again, but both of these signs desperately need someone who is more emotionally stable than they are, AND has the patience to help them work through their strong emotions. Occasionally, a mature Pisces man and a Pisces woman can provide this kind of support and balance for each other, since they tend to be a bit calmer than Scorpios. But there is a reason you will never catch two Scorpios together in a relationship—there’s no way that will ever work out!

So, what happens when a Scorpio guy and a Pisces girl get together? Lots of wild plans that never end up happening, lots of fights over misunderstanding that could have been avoided simply by communicating better, and lots of gossip going around their friend groups. It’s truly one of the most dramatic zodiac combos around, and that is why these relationships don’t tend to last. Although both of these signs are quite romantic, so they may hang on even after the problems begin.

2Virgo Girl And Sagittarius Guy: She Can’t Handle His Lifestyle

At this point, you should be well versed on the many distinct differences between fire signs and earth signs! Now, here’s the funny thing—sometimes, fire signs and air signs do make great couples. It has a lot to do with the maturity of both people involved in the relationship. But when it comes to Virgo girls and Sagittarius guys, let’s just say that luck is not on their side. Just like Capricorn, Virgo is very focused and rational. They don’t do anything without marking it in their planner and adding it to their to-do list first. They keep track of their finances, they make an effort to stick to a workout routine, and their rooms are ALWAYS clean. Seriously, you’ll never find so much as a sock on the ground.

Now, Sagittarius guys? Well, they would never even buy a planner, they just wake up and do what they feel like, they spend their money on whatever they want, and they get by with a little charm and good luck. That’s just how they live, and while a Virgo girl might find it fun and entertaining at first, this carefree lifestyle will slowly begin to take a toll on her.

1Gemini Guy And Sagittarius Girl: They Can Be Great Friends, But They Can’t Date

Are you confused as to why this combo actually earned a place on this list? Doesn’t it seem like Gemini guys and Sagittarius girls would actually bond over their similar personality traits and lifestyles? Well, yes, they do. And that’s why they often make great friends. Seriously, a Gemini guy with a Sagittarius girl as his wing woman is pretty much unstoppable, and for the Sagittarius girl with serious wanderlust, there is no better travel partner for a random road trip than a Gemini guy. These two signs seem so alike—they’re both spontaneous, fun loving, laid back, and love to be social. So what holds them back from being a compatible couple?

Unfortunately, Gemini guys and Sagittarius girls both have lots of trouble when it comes to commitment. The inability to commit fits right in with all of their positive personality traits. And if they can’t commit to each other, how on earth are they supposed to have a happy and fulfilling relationship? These two will struggle with honesty and loyalty from day one onwards. It’s sad, because if they both were more comfortable with committing, they could be a very happy couple, but that’s just not how it goes.

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