20 Ways To Feel Se*ier And Pull Him In.

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January 13, 2019
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January 13, 2019
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20 Ways To Feel Se*ier And Pull Him In.




Every woman wants to be seen as sexy by her significant other. Whether your significant other is your husband, long-term boyfriend, new boyfriend, friend with benefit or even crush, it’s always nice to be viewed as smokin’ hot. Even if you don’t have a significant other at the moment, chances are you’re looking for one and want men to think of you as sexy. What girl doesn’t?

When a relationship first starts, it’s easy to keep the spark alive. New couples can barely keep their hands off each other, much less be apart for more than a couple of hours. Sadly after a while, new couples become old couples. Both members get used to each other and sometimes that initial spark fades.

After a long day at work when both of you are tired, it may seem impossible to excite your man or even capture his interest. But it’s not! There are many solutions for those of you who want to increase your sex appeal and bring back those first date butterflies. With these tips your man will be weak at his knees. You will look and feel so sexy that he will choose you over watching his favorite sports team play on TV. Now, that’s when you know it’s real!

The best part about these tips is that they are inexpensive and easy to apply, so sit back, relax and click on to learn 20 ways to make yourself sexier for him.

20-New Lingerie

It’s hard not to feel fabulous when you walk out of Victoria’s Secret with one of their signature pink bags full of new panties and Bombshell bras. Even if VS isn’t your go-to lingerie store, there’s no denying that buying new undergarments is fun. To make yourself feel and look sexy, getting a professional bra fitting is suggested. That way your girls will be correctly supported and will look good not just under your clothes, but will look good when he takes them off too.

19-Get A Hair Cut

Split ends be gone! Sometimes when you are feeling dull and dreary, a haircut is all you need. Call up your trusty stylist and schedule a salon day for yourself to get relaxed and pampered. If you’re feeling extra daring, change the color of your hair. Blonde or lightly colored highlights look ah-mazing in the summertime and will make you feel like the sexy beach goddess you are. Your significant other may not notice specifically what you had done, face it, men are clueless sometimes. But he will notice that you ultimately look hotter when you strutt home from the salon with confidence.

18-Sext A Little

Sending nude photos online can be risky, but if you are in a long-term relationship or married, then why not get a little daring? If you fully trust your partner, then have some fun and send him a risque text while he’s at work every once in a while. With apps like snapchat that delete photos and show you when the receiver takes a screenshot, it’s less risky to send a juicy photo to your beau. Sexting will make your man excited to come home and see you and can help bring back the intimacy. If you aren’t comfortable sexting, atleast send your man a sweet text to remind him how much you care about him, like “Can’t stop thinking about you, babe.” Works every time.

17-Make Him His Favorite Food

Ever heard the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Well it’s true.  If you want your man to know you appreciate him, surprise him with his favorite meal every so often. When a man is hungry and tired, it nine times out of ten means he is going to be in a bad mood. Plus, if he sees how hard you worked to make him his meat lovers nachos (ew!), he will probably reward you in the bedroom. It’s a win-win situation.

16-Show Him Your Smarts

Men love women who are smart. Maybe not when they are young and going through their party girl phase in college, but when they mature, there’s nothing men love more than an intelligent female. Show your man how smart you are by talking to him about topics you’re interested in. If you’re a politics junkie, give him your opinion on the upcoming elections. If you’re into the environment, spark up a discussion with him about global warming. Don’t try to fake your smarts when it comes to topics that he likes, because then it’ll seem like you’re trying too hard. Talk about what you know. Chances are if you’re into something and want to talk about it, he will be too.

15-Spa Date

Nothing feels better than going to the spa, except maybe going to the spa with your man. Getting spa treatments, like partner massages, is a relaxing way to bond with your significant other and share a time of rejuvenation. When your man sees how stunning you look in your bathrobe, he will want to rip it off of you in the spa’s whirlpool. Want to share a steamy moment? Go for a makeout sesh in the spa’s steam room or sauna if you and your man are the only ones in there. The private location and possibility of someone walking in and catching you will make the moment even hotter.

14-Send Some Selfies

If you are feeling yourself one day and your makeup/eyebrows are on fleek, don’t be afraid to send your babe some selfies. Put on your favorite lipstick, make a kissy face and whip out your best filter. Your selfies will not only make him feel lucky to have such a hot girlfriend like you, but will also show him that you’re thinking about him. Plus, he will probably show it to his buddies and brag about how sexy his lady is. Don’t send him a selfie every day, because  that will get repetitive and annoying, but if your texting conversation is getting dull, throw in one of your best shots. He’ll be glad you did.

13-Watch Sports With Him

If your man loves the Green Bay Packers, sit down with him and watch a game. Don’t pretend to like sports if you really don’t, but don’t complain about his love for sports either. To show him you support his Packers, you could get some Cheesehead apparel and doctor it up to make it look super cute. Big football jerseys are basically oversized t-shirt dresses! If you don’t want to drop $80 on a jersey, go out to your favorite wing spot together to watch the game and split some brews. You’ll be his own sexy cheerleader. Green Bay? More like Green Bae!


Has your man ever gone to grab your leg and freaked you out because you didn’t shave that day? Well, don’t let that happen again. If you have planned some sexy time with your man or are just going on a nice date with him, shave or wax your hairiest areas. You will not only have skin as soft as a baby’s butt, but you will also feel more confident and comfortable when your boo touches you. Not to mention, some of the best shaving creams have built in perfume and moisturizer to make you feel and smell your best.

11-Paint Your Nails

Good nails = good confidence! Various reports say that women generally feel more put together when they get their nails done. While going to the nail salon every week adds up, you can still get that fresh mani confidence by painting your nails at home. With new gadgets and nail stickers, it’s fairly easy to make your nails look professionally painted. If you are just awful when it comes to anything nail related, call up one of your girlfriends to come over and help you paint them. Perfect excuse for a girls day!

10-Drink More Water

This tip may seem simple, but it is crucial. Many people don’t get the amount of water they need everyday to stay hydrated. Considering adults need six to eight cups of water per day, getting your daily H20 is actually a lot harder than it seems. There are many benefits of staying hydrated, including more moisturized skin, a decreased appetite, healthy organs, more energy and longer hair/nails. Here’s some good news about getting your daily water intake: tea counts too. If you don’t like the plain taste of water, heat up a cup of green or chamomile tea and get sippin.’

9-Whiten Your Teeth

Women who are avid coffee and soda drinkers, make their teeth pay a price. To combat the stains from your favorite caffeinated beverages, it’s crucial to brush and whiten your teeth on the reg. Yellow teeth are a total turn off no matter who you are. Men aren’t going to want to kiss a girl with a mouth that looks like it’s full of candy corn. That being said, professional whitening treatments and even some whitening strips can be expensive. An at home treatment that works well is mixing baking soda and lemon juice and brushing it onto your teeth like toothpaste. Leave the mixture on for a couple of minutes, then brush your teeth like you normally do. Adopt that tip into your daily routine and you can still have your daily Starbucks while keeping your choppers white and bright.


The tip before to whiten your teeth coincides with the #8 tip to smile more. There is nothing more attractive than a smile and if your teeth are freshly cleaned, why not show off those pearly whites? Even if you’re having the worst bad hair day or have a big zit on your forehead, a smile can brighten up your whole look. Plus, no guy wants to deal with a sourpuss all the time. Be grateful for what you have, enjoy life and SMILE! Say cheese!

7-Eat Well

As tasty as junk food is, it’s important to eat nutritiously to give your body the vitamins and fuel it needs to sustain itself. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins that make your skin and hair glow. Not only that, but eating healthy helps reduce that gross, bloated feeling you get from chowing down on fried foods. Don’t give up your favorite snacks, by all means. It’s okay to sneak a little cookie dough every once in a while. That being said, if you’re feeling flat out blah, it may be your diet that’s impacting your mood. Who knew spinach could make you feel so sexy?

6-Take Your Vitamins

Like you read aboce, vitamins can make you look and feel like a million bucks. Don’t just rely on your diet to get in your necessary vitamins, though. You should be taking a daily supplement, plus some additional vitamins for full bodily health. Flintstone gummies just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Want soft hair, strong nails and smooth skin? Take biotin. Want to prevent aging and increase your metabolism? Take evening primrose oil. A couple extra capsules a day could transform you from feeling typical to feeling terrific!

5-Get a Faux Glow

It’s a fact that being tan makes anyone look instantly thinner. So ladies get out your Jergens or Sally Hansen Airbrush and spray away! Sally Hansen’s faux glow airbrush spray is a simple solution for a one night tan without the harmful effects of the suns ray. This $6 spray is super easy to use and can be found at your local Walgreens. The spray goes on smoothly, is easily blended and washes right off when you take a shower. Just make sure you wash your hands/fingers after you apply it. Top off with some bronzer on your face and tadah! Did you just get back from a Caribbean vacation?

4-Hit The Gym

This tip is pretty obvious, but it is a foolproof way to make yourself look and feel more sexy. In case you haven’t heard it before, going to the gym is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. It increases your metabolism, makes you sweat, burns calories, increases your energy and tones your body. Plus, doesn’t sitting around all the time get boring? Come on, get active! Even if you don’t have the time to go to the gym, try to get in some walking during your lunch break or do some squats at home. Your body (and your significant other) will appreciate it.

3-Get New Perfume

Change is a good thing, well atleast it is when it comes to perfume. Even if you’re attached to your Vera Wang Princess eau de parfum, try switching it up with a new signature scent. Chances are if you live with your significant other, he has gotten used to your natural odor and will notice the next time you come home donning a new sweet smell. Changing your perfume doesn’t have to be expensive. Stores found in your local mall like Bath & Body Works, the Body Shop and even Victoria’s Secret have inexpensive perfumes that can make you feel more sexy instantly. If you can’t part ways with your current perfume, you don’t have to! Try a new scented body wash or lotion.

2-Put On Heels

Think about all of the shoes in your closet right now. There’s probably too many to count, but think about which ones make you feel the most sexy. Is it your white converse covered in mud? Your nude flats you wear to work? Your Rainbow sandals you wore all vacation? Or is it your cherry red stilettos from your favorite designer? That’s the one. Heels are the easiest way to amp up your look. They can transform a plain jane to a sassy supermodel in the amount of time it takes to put them on. So if you need some pep in your step, grab your favorite kicks and strutt your stuff, girl. Heel yeah!

1-Have Confidence

While all these tips may be helpful on your quest to bringing sexy back, the most important thing to do is be confident. Keep your head up straight, put your shoulders down and own it! Nothing is more sexy than someone who believes in themselves and shows it. Who cares if you are having a bad day, don’t like your outfit or don’t look your best, fake it. If you tell yourself you look like a rockstar, then you will to everyone else too. Don’t second guess yourself and love your looks. Your man is with you for a reason and loves the way you look, so always keep that in mind when you are with him. You’ve got this girl.

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