20 Things Most Men Lie To Their Women About.

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January 21, 2019
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January 21, 2019
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20 Things Most Men Lie To Their Women About.




Would you believe that on average men lie about six times a day? Some women would be surprised to hear such a statistic while others would just nod their heads. When 20th Century Fox did some research to promote their series Lie To Me, they decided to poll 2,000 people based on their habits.

The findings were surprising, as The Daily Mail reports: men will lie twice as much as women almost every single day.

Can you spot a liar? Most people assume that liars can’t look you in the eye, but the opposite is true. As The Daily Mail reports, body language expert Richard Newman has explained,

“Most people can’t read the signals. They assume that if someone is hiding the truth, they would hide their face and avoid eye contact. In fact, the opposite is true. Liars usually do everything they can to convince you of the truth, sitting still and looking at you to watch your reaction. People simply overestimate their skills in this area.”

So, what are men lying about? There are some pretty common lies that most men will tell their girlfriends and a lot of it has to do with staying out of trouble. Check out these 20 things most men lie to their women about.

20-Lie: He Trusts His Woman When She Goes Out With Friends

Men have fragile egos and they also know how other men think. Whether he wants to admit it or not, your boyfriend knows you are probably going to be hit on while you are out. He might act nonchalant about you going out with your friends but his biggest secret is he’s not sure he trusts the situation.

“At a deeper level this lack of trust in others represents an immature ego that hasn’t developed resilience and frustration tolerance. When you lack this foundation, you expect others will let you down and not keep their word,” explains Linda Esposito in Psychology Today.

19-Lie: He Only Has Eyes For His Woman

You didn’t believe that one, did you? Ouch. There is no way around it, guys will always have wandering eyes. It’s whether or not they do something about the wandering eye that you have to worry about. It’s not cheating to appreciate the beauty of another woman, after all. Hopefully, he has enough respect for you not to do this behaviour right in front of you. Now, if he starts comparing you to the woman he just checked out, then you have something to worry about.

18-Lie: He Totally Forgot

Let’s be really honest here: he didn’t forget, he just didn’t do the thing that you asked him to do. This is one of the lies a man will tell to try to keep himself out of the doghouse. It doesn’t matter what it is that you asked him. It could have been whether he paid the electric bill or dropped off the banana bread you baked to his mother. He will lie to prevent you from looking at him with anger or frustration.

17-Lie: He Hasn’t Had Time To Text Her Back

For any woman who believes this lie, we will continue to pray for you. In the modern era where cell phones are kept so close to us that we practically sleep with them, it’s hard to believe no one has time to text back. It literally takes seconds to do and yet a guy will have the nerve to say he doesn’t have time (and then he’ll spend an hour scrolling through his social media feed). There’s no such thing as having no time to text. If a guy isn’t texting you back, it’s because he’s decided you’re not a priority in his life.

16-Lie: He Just Had To Make A Quick Stop Before Home

When a guy is vague about his whereabouts, that can make for a tricky situation. He’s not technically lying, but he’s also not telling you where he is. It’s a very common lie that men tell their girlfriends. It could all be innocent, of course. He might have stopped at a bar and had a drink after work. He might have had a tough day and needed to pump iron at the gym even though he was supposed to meet you for an early dinner. The lie in itself is usually the problem, though, even if he’s a decent guy who wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.

15-Lie: He Listens To Everything His Woman Says

Sometimes we can sense when our guy has tuned us out and other times we can’t. Guys are always more attentive in the beginning of a relationship than they are when they’ve been with you for a few years. Men will often forget what you told them shortly after you said it because they weren’t listening very well in the first place.

Men will claim that women talk too much and that’s why they zone out, but a study conducted by gender communication specialist Deborah Tannen found that men talk basically the same amount as women do, as Time reports.

14-Lie: He Loves Hanging Out With Her Family

Sure, he might not mind your family and he might even think that they are cool. But if he had a choice to be with them or to hang out with his own friends and family, he would choose his own. No one genuinely loves hanging out with their significant other’s family. Unless you found a guy who just clicks awesomely with your brother or something, but it’s rare. It’s the same when you are out with your friends. He’s probably wondering the whole time why he can’t hang out with his friends while you hang out with yours.

13-Lie: He Doesn’t Know Why His GF Is So Upset

He might pretend like he doesn’t know, but trust us, he does. Unless of course, it’s a situation where he’s been away from you all day and he comes home to find you upset. Let’s remember that guys aren’t mind readers, so if you like to play games, he might not know why you are upset. Aside from that, however, guys usually know why we are upset with them. They just don’t want to deal with drama.

12-Lie: She’s Just A Friend

Some guys have that one women who they insist is “just a friend” but who we all know is not just a friend. On the rare occasion, it might be the case, but female intuition is everything and when you get those weird vibes you know exactly what they mean. However, make sure you don’t end up doing something that destroys your relationship, like snooping.

“Hacking into someone’s accounts is a total violation of privacy. And it’s illegal. You need to ask yourself if it’s worth possibly losing your relationship as well as a friendship because you did something to him that you know you wouldn’t like happening to you,” says Connection Coach and motivational speaker Jonathan Sprinkles, as reported by Glamour.

11-Lie: He Wants To Take Things Slow

When a guy says he wants to take things slow, it’s a big fat lie. It’s just a way of him keeping you around without committing to you. The sad truth is that he’s not sure if he really likes you yet so he wants time to figure it out. He needs to show up for you or he’s just wasting your time. Don’t believe a lie like this and think that a guy will be there for you!

10-Lie: He’s Not Jealous Of Her Previous Boyfriends

Your boyfriend wants to be the alpha male in your life. He would like to believe that there is no guy that ever came before him or at least no one that would measure up to him. If you still hang out with an ex it’s likely that it drives your man nuts.

Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman, associate professor of psychology at Albright College, tells Psychology Today, “If you are experiencing jealousy, talk about it with your partner – but the way you talk is key: If you express anger or sarcasm, that’s not going to help. You must be direct, but not hostile. Calmly explain your feelings and discuss how to find a solution.”

9-Lie: He’s Just Really Busy Right Now

If a guy has ever said to you, “It’s not you. I just have a lot of stuff going on,” that’s a lie. It’s all about you, unfortunately. He just doesn’t want to own up to it. Whether or not he has things overflowing on his plate, it doesn’t prevent someone from making you a priority. If you find he is becoming withdrawn, then you need to call him on it immediately. Be there for him if he needs you but don’t let him string you along. If things don’t change, then it’s probably best to stop wasting your time.

8-Lie: He Thinks His Woman Looks Amazing In The Morning

Your man might even have told you that you look gorgeous when you’re in a dirty old tracksuit or you haven’t styled your hair in days, but chances are he’s not thinking that (he doesn’t care and he still loves you, though).

Andrew Aitken, author of Beyond the Breakup said, “When I’ve seen my ex-girlfriends without their hair and makeup done, I’ve had two thoughts: (a) she is less attractive, but (b) it is nice that I get to see this side of her. It is an expression of [closeness] – and her confidence – that she can be herself in my presence, and this is worth something.”

7-Lie: He Doesn’t Know Why She Keeps Calling Him

If some woman is calling him, he knows exactly why. No guy is that clueless! Hopefully, if you are in a loving relationship with your man, he won’t be getting random calls from some other woman. If he is, he should at least be honest with you about why she is calling him and then put an end to it. This is something that can cause a lot of trust issues between the two of you, so don’t let him get away with the lie.

6-Lie: He Would Never Lie To His Girlfriend

Those words alone should be a huge red flag that a guy is lying to you! There should be no need to even have to say them unless you are already trying to cover up a lie.

Saying you never lie is almost certainly a lie in itself. What about the little white lies everyone tells at some point? Those aren’t done with any ill intent in mind, but they happen. So, if he’s saying he’s never lied to you, beware…

5-Lie: He Loves The Way She Cooks

You love cooking for your man. It makes you feel like you are taking care of him. But maybe you’re not that good at it. Sorry. You want him to love it and he’s telling you it’s amazing, but that might not be the truth. Cooking might not be your thing and maybe you know it. The sooner you admit it, the less he will have to lie to you to protect your feelings.

4-Lie: He Loves Hearing About All The Gossip

You might think that your boyfriend loves hearing all about the drama with you and your girlfriends, but that’s not the case at all. You want to have the kind of partner that will be there for you when you need to vent, but don’t expect him to love it. He’s not one of the girls. Gossip gets really old fast and listening to you rant about what someone else did is boring for him. You might even find that he keeps trying to change the subject.

3-Lie: He Doesn’t Mind Just Cuddling

You might think that your man loves to cuddle just as much as you do, but that’s probably not the case. Sometimes he just wants to roll over and fall asleep. Michael Bader, author of What Is He Thinking? tells Psychology Today, “Here’s what my clinical experience tells me: women need the reassurance that the man doesn’t just want to [sleep with] her and men need the reassurance that it’s OK to do just that. Women need the [closeness] of post-coital connection while men need to separate from that connection. Women like to gaze into a man’s eyes; men like to go to sleep.”

2-Lie: She’s Looking Very Fit

If you have been wondering if you should hit the gym more or eat healthier foods, then you probably don’t need to ask your man the same questions. No guy is going to tell his girlfriend that she should go to the gym or change her lifestyle habits, so he’s obviously going to lie to you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. It’s unfair to get mad with him if you sniff out his lie. What’s he supposed to say?

1-Lie: He Doesn’t Mind When She Steals His Hoodie

Trust us ladies, he absolutely does mind when you borrow some of his clothes and then never return them. You might love sleeping next to his favourite hoodie but he’s probably wondering how to ask you for it back. In 2016, we even saw men fighting back on Twitter with the hashtag “TakeHerHoodie” as they stole their girlfriend’s hoodies right before fall. A Texas student started the trend by tweeting, “Ladies, we’ve had enough. You can’t just take our hoodies this year without giving them back. This year we are fighting back,” as Refinery29 reports.

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