20 Things He Does Subconsciously When He’s Head Over Heels

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20 Things He Does Subconsciously When He’s Head Over Heels




There’s no moment more exciting than when we realize that the guy we’re crazy about feels the same about us. It’s right up there with the latest season of our favorite Netflix show, a ripe avocado, or a hot cup of coffee. It’s definitely awesome. It’s even more amazing when we’ve been single for a long time.

The start of a relationship is a lot of things, from thrilling to romantic to magical to nerve-racking, and when we know that we’re in love but know that it’s too early to say those words, that can be confusing. We hope that he loves us, too. The only problem is that he hasn’t said it yet. Could he really feel that way, then? We have a lot of questions and not enough answers when we’re in this situation.

There are a lot of things that a guy will do that let us know that he loves us before he comes right out with it and says “I love you.” If we pay close attention, we can absolutely figure it out. We just have to learn to read the signs. Here are 20 things that he does subconsciously when he’s head over the heels.

20-He Laughs At Our Jokes (Even When They’re Not Funny)

A guy who laughs a lot is a guy who is totally and completely head over heels. He can’t stop himself from expressing how happy he is to be with us. Can we even stand how sweet and adorable this is?!

Hopefully, he makes us laugh just as much, too. The fact that we can make each other laugh and seem to have a similar sense of humor is another really good sign. No one wants to date someone who they can’t laugh with, so we’re well on our way toward an amazing relationship if we can have fun together.

19-He Blushes And Gets Nervous Around Us

It’s nerve-racking when we start dating someone who we really care about. Even if we don’t have any ghosts in our romantic past, we know that this person could hurt us or break our heart and lots of things could go wrong.

We can’t think like that and we definitely don’t want to. There’s no point in thinking along those lines when we like this guy so much. We want to enjoy this new relationship. And when a guy seems a bit nervous around us in the beginning, that’s another sign, along with the others on this list, that he’s head over heels. If we are too, then that’s awesome.

18-He Opens The Door For Us Like An Old-Fashioned Gentleman

From opening doors for us to always asking if we want anything else before getting the bill, he’s acting like a total gentleman no matter where we are. He’s doing this for a reason, from wanting to make a great impression, to wanting us to know how much he likes us. Mostly, though, he can’t help but want to treat us the best way possible.

We can recognize this really fast if we’ve dated a lot of nice guys in the past and those relationships simply didn’t work out for whatever reason. Hopefully, that’s the case, but if it’s not, then at least we’re finally with the right, sweet person.

17-He Smiles To Himself At Our Clumsiness

If a guy is super into someone, he’s going to basically praise her for everything that she does, even little things, like how we’re clumsy. He’ll tell us that the way that we tripped over our own feet was the cutest thing ever, and when we laugh because that sounds kind of silly, he’s going to shrug and say that he can’t help but think we’re adorable all the time.

The best part about this is that we feel the same way about him so we’re going to be complimenting him all the time, too. It only works when both partners are equally into each other, and that’s exactly what’s happening here.

16-He Talks About What Kind Of Father He Wants To Be

There are two ways that a guy will approach the future of a relationship: he’ll be scared or he’ll be super open to sharing that future with us.

We’ll know that things are going great and that he’s head over heels for us when he takes the latter approach. He always talks about the future, whether it’s next week or next year, and he likes to think about where we’re going to be in our relationship. He likes to imagine the things he would eventually do as a father, with his own children. This is simply amazing and something that we’ve been waiting to hear from a guy. We might not have thought that we would experience this, but now we are, and it’s the best.

15-He’s Down To Watch Our Favorites-

Couples sometimes joke that at the beginning of their relationship, they would agree to any plan or watch anything or say that they liked something because it was early days and they didn’t want to tell the truth. Once they started becoming more serious, they let their partner in on the real truth: they just weren’t that into the plan or movie or whatever it was.

This might not be true for every couple but it is true often enough… so much so that our new guy might agree to a date night that we suggest or watch a movie that we really want to see, just because he wants to make us happy. It’s sweet, though, so we can’t exactly complain.

14-He Texts Us Throughout The Day

If we’re wondering how a guy acts when he’s head over heels, we just have to think about how often he texts us. If it’s super often, then he’s got it bad for us, which is amazing news since this is exactly how we feel about him.

When we think about it, we wouldn’t exactly spend hours texting someone who we just weren’t that into. We wouldn’t want to put into the time and we wouldn’t want to lead them on.

When a guy always has yet another text message to send our way and seems to really enjoy chatting with us, we can be pretty certain that he’s into us.

13-He Asks Questions About Our Family

Are we wondering if the guy that we’ve started dating is head over heels about us? All we have to do is notice if he asks us a lot of questions or not.

If he does, then he likes us and he wants to know everything about us. It’s truly sweet and makes us realize that we have a connection between us. Asking each other questions and finding out more and more about each other is definitely part of the early dating bonding process. It’s a lot of fun, too, and it’s nice to feel like we’re finally learning more about him since we’re curious about this new guy that we like so much.

12-He Brings Us A Cup Of Coffee, Just Because

Romance can be subtle, like a sweet smile or buying someone a cup of coffee. Or it can be obvious, like bright red roses and a three-course dinner. It’s pretty nice when we start dating someone and he’s interested in infusing our relationship with some romance.

Whether we’re hopeless romantics so we simply expect this or we never really gave it a second thought before, we can’t pretend that we don’t like this. When he’s putting in lots of effort and making us feel special and making every moment feel romantic, we can be sure that he’s head over heels.

11-He Brags About Us To His Buddies

A guy who is in love (even if he hasn’t said those three words yet) is going to talk about the girl of his dreams with everyone that he knows. When he’s hanging out with his friends, he’ll just happen to casually bring up the fact that he’s dating us, and he’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that they have.

He might not tell his mom or any family members right away but he’ll tell them soon enough (probably when he’s ready to introduce us since those things tend to happen around the same time). So cute, right?

10-He Smiles Every Time He’s Around Us-

It’s a good sign when a guy is always smiling when we spend time with him. It’s an even better sign when we’ve got a smile on our faces, too, and we clearly feel the same way about each other.

It’s honestly really cute when we see this happening since we can tell that this guy just can’t hold his joy inside. He simply can’t help how he feels about us and he’s going to keep smiling the whole time that he’s with us. Once we start noticing this, we won’t be able to stop, and we’re going to think that it’s adorable every single time that we see that beautiful grin plastered across his face.

9-He Has A Perfect Memory For What We Tell Him

When a guy isn’t interested in dating us, he might be friendly and nice and talk to us for a while, but he’s not going to have a photographic memory when it comes to the words that we’ve spoken to him. We wouldn’t, either, if we were talking to someone who we merely wanted to be friends with.

A guy who is head over heels will always recall what we’ve said to him. He might not want to make that super obvious, though, so he might casually say something like, “Oh yeah, I think I remember you telling me something about that…” We’ll know the adorable truth, though.

8-He Talks Our Ear Off

He’s so happy and excited to be with us that he talks a lot when we hang out. He doesn’t talk so much that he doesn’t let us talk at all, though, so it’s not rude or strange. It’s actually pretty adorable because he has this happy, nervous energy when we’re around him, and we can tell that he likes us a lot.

We’ve all had dates where we sat there and wondered why the person that we were on a date with wasn’t exactly that interested in talking to us. We figured that he wasn’t into us romantically. We can tell that the opposite is true when someone is really chatty with us.

7-He Keeps Saying We Have So Much In Common

There is nothing cooler than starting to date someone and realizing that we have a lot in common. It signals that we can start thinking more seriously about each other because we clearly get along and would have a lot of shared interests to explore and activities to do together.

When our new guy is always saying that we have a lot in common, he’s showing us that he really cares about us and that he’s thrilled to be with us. This is even truer if he keeps trying to find common ground between us and even mentions stuff that we know that anyone would like (dessert or food in general, for example).

6-He Talks About His Ex Sometimes

It’s not necessarily true that someone will never talk about their ex when they start a new relationship. This might be what we’re told because we think that if someone does bring up an old relationship, it means that they want to be with that person instead. That’s not always the case, though.

He’s mentioning his ex-girlfriend for a reason: to say that we make him happier than she did and that he’s in a happier situation in general. We won’t exactly mind hearing that, will we? No, not exactly. We’re going to like it a lot and we might even share some of our old relationship history as well.

5-He Brings Up His Feelings A Lot

A guy isn’t exactly going to pretend to have feelings for us when he doesn’t… or at least he wouldn’t go on and on about those feelings.

A guy who is super sure about how he feels about us, on the other hand, is going to tell us on a regular basis that he likes us so much. We’ll never have to guess what page he’s on or what’s going on at all. If we haven’t had this happen before, it might feel strange at first, but it’s a nice change to get used to. We’re going to feel so lucky to be with someone who is so honest about his emotions.

4-He Clears His Schedule And Alw-ays Says He’s Free

Dating can be weird since people are always saying that they’re too busy to do pretty much anything. We all feel pretty stretched thin these days between work and a social life (although we might not even see our friends for weeks sometimes) and trying to do some of that self-care thing that people are so obsessed with talking about. If we’re single, how can we fit in dates? What would that even look like?

The thing is that when we like someone, we’ll make time in our schedule to date them and that’s really all that we need to know. When a guy is clearing his schedule and always making time for us, he really likes us.

3-He Can’t Stop Trying To Impress Us

We always want to impress someone who we have romantic feelings for. Whether we read a book that we know that they love so we can talk about it later or become interested in something that they are so we can share the same hobby, we know that winning their respect and approval is important to us.

We can tell that a guy really likes us when he seems like he’s always trying to impress us. Does he make us dinner? Does he plan fun date nights that make us feel special? Is he always cracking jokes? These are all signs that he’s looking to impress.

2-He Checks In That We’re Happy With Him

Have we ever liked someone and thought that they felt the same way, only to learn that they thought of us a friend and we were never going to be in a romantic relationship? Of course, right? Everyone has gone through this weird and awkward situation (and we might not want to even think about it because it makes us feel awkward all over again).

We can tell that a guy is head over heels when he keeps checking with us and making sure that we’re happy with him. He wants to make sure that we feel the same way about each other and that we feel the same about the relationship, too.

1-He’s Super Honest

How many times have we heard that honesty is the best policy? Probably too many to count. It definitely applies to relationships, though.

Have we noticed that the new guy who we’re dating has been super honest with us from the very start? This is more than just good news since it means that we’re dealing with someone who is nice and genuine and not pretending to be someone else. It also means that he’s got strong, real feelings for us and that the relationship is heading in a really positive and happy direction. He likes us so much that he knows that he has to be honest about everything.

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