20 Dating Problems Women Always Have Because Of Their Astro Sign.

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January 9, 2019
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January 9, 2019
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20 Dating Problems Women Always Have Because Of Their Astro Sign.



With a show of hands, how many of you have cursed the universe because your relationship status is giving you the blues? Some may think that it’s a silly
thing to do, but we disagree. Discussing things with the universe might be a great way to get some answers about why things are going so topsy-turvy with
your dating life. If you follow astrology at all, then you know that there is a link between relationship problems and your astro sign. So, it looks like you can
blame the universe after all.
Now that we know what could be the problem, how do we x
it?If you look a little deeper, you can see what the issue is with your dating life. According to
author and astrologer Lisa Allen, MH, it’s always best to do your research. “This knowledge can really help someone who is absolutely bewildered [by] why
things don’t work out for them in relationships.”
If you know your astro sign pretty well, you are going to nd
these tips spookily familiar. The best part is, you will discover how to best navigate the dating
world. Check out these 20 dating problems women always have because of their astro sign.



20-Aries Are Romantic
If you are an Aries then you are wildly romantic, which is great because you like going on dates and you always have hope for epic romance.
The downside is that you are also in a hurry to fall in love, so that can mean that you may rush into something without thinking it through rst.
Allen stated, “This can cause your partner unnecessary yet deep pain, and breakups happen because you may have jumped the gun and you can’t take it
back once it is done.” It’s okay to be passionate but also chill out. Don’t rush a relationship, let it progress naturally.
19-Leos Are Uplifting
The great thing about being a Leo is that you usually have a lot of people who want to spend time with you because you are a warm and uplifting woman.
The problem is that Leos also get hurt easily so they tend to push people away to avoid potential pain. Talk about making dating hard. Try to give people a
chance, since getting hurt is part of dating. In the end, if you push everyone away, you will never nd
love. It’s not always easy to trust, but there is no better
way to let someone into your life.
18-Taurus Are Sturdy
Being sturdy usually means that you want a home, some structure, and a family and that a simple life would be perfect for you. A Taurus doesn’t mind being
at home, and in fact, she tends to nd
the most peace there.
The problem with being a homebody is that it’s easy for your dating life to fall into a rut.
Once you commit to that rut, then it’s hard to get out of it. We’re sure you don’t want to lead a boring life even though you do love doing the same things
every day



17-Geminis Love Fun
If you are a Gemini, then you already know you guys are the life of the party! You like to talk to people at parties and people enjoy your company. As Allen
says, “You entertain effortlessly and love to be the rst
to know ideas when they are new and fresh.” This is all fun, but it can also mean that you get bored
easily. You want everything: a fun, creative guy who is also secure and stable. That can be difcult
to nd,
so it can be tempting for you to keep moving from
relationship to relationship in search of it.
16-Cancer Believes In Love
Cancers absolutely love being in love. But loving the feeling of being in love can be a frightening personality trait to a guy because it can appear as if you are
overeager. Cancers are the sign that has no problem sending a hundred texts to their guy asking him “what’s up?”
A Cancer needs someone who isn’t going to be scared off easily and won’t be intimidated by a woman.
You need to nd
a man who doesn’t mind being worshipped. After all, a Cancer gal wants to be worshipped and will give the same attention back.
15-Virgo Is A Problem Solver
Virgos love to solve problems, but they aren’t always given appreciation for their work. “This under-appreciation in our society can sometimes make you
not believe in yourself, and other times turn into a desire to x
other people through critical nitpicking,” Allen said. We all know that guys don’t like to be
nagged about things, so that trait in a girl can cause problems in the dating world. Guys don’t like to be examined under a microscope and they rarely ever
want to be “xed.”
Only offer support to your partner when they ask for or clearly want help.
14-Libras Are Balanced
Libras like to have everything in balance. Their symbol literally has scales that are balanced, that’s how important it is to them.
But because Libras want everything to be just and fair, it can make it hard for them to make a decision.
And making big decisions takes a long time because they look into every possible scenario. Good luck getting her to decide where to go to eat! But it can
also be hard for her to make decisions like where to get married or when to buy a house. This can be frustrating for the person you are dating and can lead



This can make it hard for you to have a deep relationship because a guy will usually pick up on the fact that you don’t trust him. You can’t push and pull in a
relationship; instead, you have to give up some things to earn bigger rewards. “When you do learn to really let go at every level, everything you ever
wanted falls into your lap as soon as you ask for it,” Allen said.
12-Sagittarius Loves Freedom
Sagittarius love their freedom and that’s in every aspect of their lives. They love to explore, learn and travel. So, if you start dating someone that doesn’t
respect that freedom, then you are going to get upset. Sagittarius gals are also blunt women and will often speak their minds.
Unfortunately, your partner may not see it that way and could consider you to be insensitive.
“You have passion for exploration and a need of space, and if you have those while watching your tongue on occasion, your relationship when you want one
will proceed effortlessly,” Allen says of Sagittarius gals.
11-Capricorns Are Loyal
Capricorns are extremely loyal and when you date one, it feels as if you know them better than anyone. A Capricorn is open to being loved and is intensely
loyal, but that seriousness can cause rifts between friends and family. After all, being lighthearted sometimes is a helpful personality perk. A Capricorn can
come off as poorly to others because they aren’t interested in small talk or even dealing with someone who is childish. Being too blunt can often turn
people off, even if they’re close to you and even love you, so there’s a ne
line between being honest and offensive.
10-Aquarius Are Visionaries
Who wouldn’t want to be considered a visionary? But that can also mean that you have no idea what you’re doing with your day. “That can seem
unimportant compared to those big ideas for the future,” Allen said.
An Aquarius always has important goals she sees for her future, but she also wants the security and safety of a relationship.
The problems she encounters are from letting her mind wander into the future instead of the present. “Emotional detachment can make the whole thing
feel cold and cut-off as well,” Allen added. It’s important to stay present and make sure your partner feels secure in the relationship.
9-Pisces Are Dreamers
Being a dreamer is not a bad thing. But how good it actually is depends on whether you can reel it in at some point. Pisces have ights
of fancy and big
dreams and are known to make poor choices with money. And as we all know, one of the leading causes of divorce is money, and that can be just as true as a
breakup during a dating scenario. Not everyone can deal with a partner that is ippant
with money. Working together to make sure that the both of you
are managing money properly and things will work out.
8-Capricorns Are Hardworking
We also know that Capricorns are known to be very hardworking and practical people. They’re ne
with making their own way and don’t need anyone’s
help to make their dreams come true. Due to this, Capricorn women typically attract men that tend to be a burden to their lives.
Their guys become too dependent on them but don’t offer anything in return.



7-Taurus Are Sensual
Taurus women are known to be sensual souls and tactile ladies. They love to delve into deep relationships and physical experiences, but their partners
don’t always appreciate this as much as Taurus gals do. Allen said, “If relationships fall short over and over for the same reason, it is very likely your partner
has been trying to get you to see things the way they see them,” she said. In order for your relationships to go smoother, you need to start looking from
your partner’s point of view as well. It can’t just be your way or the highway, and compromise can be just as important as being honest.
6-Cancers Can Be Clingy
Clingy girls can be scary for men and even for women when they encounter the behavior. We know they love to love and they love romance, which is great
for a relationship.
But the fact that a Cancer needs constant reassurance in a relationship can make a guy feel like it’s too intense.
“This is not a problem on its own, but clinging, controlling behavior is not the way to keep a partner in your life,” Allen warned. You don’t want to smother
someone you are dating. Start to become secure in yourself and “this can leave room for you to trust, and then they can have room to love you deeply in
5-Libra Appreciates Beauty
Someone who appreciates beauty is also a romantic. But if you just sit there appreciating the beauty of your relationship, you can also lose it. Truly
rewarding relationships often take a lot of effort and aren’t always beautiful. “In this state, love is the proverbial altar where you worship and casually
change the photo when you nd
an aesthetically better [partner], which the other person painfully sees themselves as being replaceable and that you
never even knew them,” Allen said. Libras can also become more focused on their partner than themselves and that is never a good thing, either.
4-Pisces Can Appear Unreliable
Pisces are dreamers we know that already and they often have a problem staying present and grounded in their relationships. You may be committed, but
your behavior doesn’t always indicate it.
Of course, we know that this can make a Pisces seem unreliable, and your partner may feel like you aren’t listening to them.
You know you are a great partner, but you have to nd
someone that can ow
with the way you work. “Once you have a reason to stay on Earth and give
some time to your inner world when time allows, you can have a wonderful partnership,” Allen reminds us.
3-Aquarius Can’t Express Their Emotions
For Aquarius, it isn’t always easy to express their emotions and they are often heady. They can appear, at least, as if they are in their own world, which can
be frustrating for someone they are dating. Your partner needs to understand that you may need some time to think things through and that you aren’t
always ready to divulge how you’re truly feeling. If that’s not known, then your dating life can be difcult.
Find a partner that can honor that type of
mindset, otherwise, you will nd
yourself struggling to prove yourself around every turn.
2-Sagittarius Are Hunters
You can bet if you are a Sagittarius, then you probably have had some problems in the dating world. That’s because relationships are challenging for you as
you like to conquer things.
You have the urge to hunt, and not only that, but out of all the signs, you are more likely to stray.
These ladies need an exciting relationship so that there is no need to be disloyal to their partner. You aren’t going to be the person that likes to stay at home
all the time and watch movies, so make sure you have a partner to match your needs.
1-Scorpios Will Put Walls Up
When Scorpios fall in love, they will do everything to love their partners in the way that they deserve and want. The problem is getting them to fall in love
and give up a bit of control in the rst
place. Scorpios try to avoid getting hurt and will often put walls up to prevent that from happening. If you are willing
to put your walls down and trust in a relationship, then you may just nd
what you are looking for. After all, Scorpios love with their whole body and that
can be a magical thing.

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