15 Ways To Blow His Mind (With Your Clothes On)

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January 13, 2019
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January 13, 2019
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15 Ways To Blow His Mind (With Your Clothes On)



Contrary to belief, men do not lose interest overtime. According to the experts, their brains are actually hard-wired for a long life of love and lusting- all you have to do is trigger that spark. Nonetheless, making a strategic effort can be crucial to blowing your man’s mind, because without it that spark will soon be lost.

There are many reasons why people fall for certain individuals- which in many cases, doesn’t even include how utterly delicious they look in a suit. It doesn’t matter who they are- a person who truly desires you will want more than just the sexual affections. They want the spark, the appreciation, the stability and most importantly- someone who will never ceased to amaze them.

However, as the old saying goes- Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. They may as well be an entirely different species. Men think differently than us, so what you may think is the most irresistible approach could result in an uncharming nightmare. For that reason, we have come up with the best ways to not only grasp his desire, but blow his mind entirely. The best part? You can even keep your clothes on.

15-Tap Into Your Inner Kate Upton

Confidence is a quality that anyone and everyone finds attractive- and men crave more than anything, a girl that can brighten the room and walk like she owns the place. Confidence is sexy! Any woman that can dress comfortably, appear down to earth and still turn every head in the room is one that no man would let go. Men sense when you look and feel your best, so tapping into your inner Kate Upton every once in a while will be like catnip to your man.

14-Keep It Flirty

As the old saying stands, actions speak louder than words. And using your body language can be the difference between leaving him at the bar and leaving him craving for so much more. Skin contact catalysts oxytocin, the connection hormone, so signal your interest with subtle clues, graze his arm and keep it flirty- it’ll leave him thinking of you for days. Do it right and you’ll be able to get him hot and heavy before you even say the first word.

13-Show A Sliver Of Skin

It doesn’t matter what kind of man you’re after, men will always be men. Sometimes, but not always, work a top or dress that will get his blood pumping, but make sure to leave just enough covered for his imagination. When it comes to showing off just a sliver of skin in your outfit, it’ll leave your man weak at the knees, like putty in the palm of your hand.

12-Compliment Him

Common knowledge will tell you that most men aren’t going to fish for compliments to boost their ego. However, that doesn’t mean that subtle flattery isn’t appreciated. In fact, the one thing that men desire most is the feeling of being desired. When your man hears an exclusive praise from you, whether it be about his clothing, figure or career development, it reinforces your attraction to him. His feelings will instantly intensify for you and he’ll dig the thought that you’re into what’s important to him.

11-Be Daring

This tip can rather be taken simply, or radically. Either way, trying out a new trick or taking the concept of an adventurous life to the next level will drive your man crazy for all of the right reasons. If you really want to blow his mind, take him on a roller coaster. You don’t need to sky-dive to be daring- It could be as simple as a competitive board game, watching a scary movie or even an exciting hike. Any experience that generates excitement can be arousing for him and he’ll see you as someone who will push him to try new things.

10-Make Him Laugh

If you have the ability to make a man laugh, you’re already half way to capturing his heart. Men cannot resist a girl who can generate laughter and excitement in any atmosphere, so making him laugh will get him interested in your personality, thus alluring him to spend more time with you. The best way to blow a man’s mind is to show him that you don’t need to be naked to have a bit of fun. Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself and most importantly- him. He’ll see that you can be laid back and self-aware, which can be ultimately irresistible.

9-Make Him A ‘Little’ Jealous

Everyone wants what they can’t have- men particularly. It’s a competitive world and because the ultimate craving for men is to feel desired, he will do anything and everything to be your first priority. Make sure he knows that you have an active life outside of the relationship. It is natural for a man to want what is out of his reach, so if you don’t let yourself be available to him all of the time, he’ll see that you have other interests and will instantly want you more. Knowing that he’s not the only one interested will make him crave you so much more because he doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

8-Be In Control

The most desirable woman is one who knows what she wants and goes for it. So, make sure that you don’t give in to every word he says and don’t be afraid to take control every once in a while. Whether it’s in the bedroom, on dates or general living- let him know what you want. Men don’t always want to be the one making decisions, so don’t wait around for him to make any plans or decisions by himself.

7-Earn His Friends Approval

Just like girls choose a night in with their best friend over a night out on the town, men are close with their friends. Therefore, if your man can see that you can mingle and get along with his friends, it proves that you could weave into his life seamlessly. There’s nothing better than a girl that can look smashing in a tight-dress and heels, but still be able to hang out with the bro’s. So, strike up a conversation with your man’s friends and prove to him that you’re interested in every aspect of his life.

6-Scent Is The Sense

A subtle, alluring scent is can be almost as enjoyable as physical contact to men. They will go crazy over a nice scent, so buy a perfume with a sexy scent. Certain odours excite men because smell is one of the most primitive senses, able to promote emotional reactions. It is also connected closely to memory; therefore every time he smells that subtle sweetness, he won’t be able to get you out of his head.

5-Have Other Priorities

There’s no desire in a girl that will be at a man’s doorstep with the snap of a finger. In other words, don’t let your man be your only priority. As previously stated, we all want what we can’t have. Making plans with friends, co-workers and family without him will let him know that he doesn’t have you in the palm of his hand. He’ll see that you’re in demand and will see it as a competition for a spot in your life- which he will gladly take on. Keep it busy, keep it mysterious and he’ll be dying to know more about you.

4-Cook For Him

Don’t let the stereotypes of gender roles get the best of your tremendous cooking skills. Attempt to make him dinner on a date, or just for fun. Men can’t resist a good meal, so even if you burn it he’ll appreciate the effort. And if you can cook like there’s no tomorrow, even better. Men enjoy being taken care of and will always love finding a great cook, so if you can pull this off, he’ll be bragging to his friends forever.

3-Ask About What He Loves

When men talk about what they love, they tend to get really amped up and excited. So, if you can get him talking about his hobbies, your man will associate those good feelings with you. This doesn’t mean that you should pretend to enjoy a certain sport just because he does. However, if you can learn a bit more about it and watch a game with him, he’ll become appreciative and unable to resist the girl that is genuinely interested in his life.

2-Go Natural

Just as men like to see that inner-Kate Upton come out every once in a while, they actually love to see your more natural side when you’re together. This tip can be a crucial factor to showing him that you trust him, which will make him fall for you hard and fast. Use less makeup, forget the hair products and chill out in your comfy tights and slippers. It’s a great chance to let him see the real you, which is pretty much what you want him to fall for anyway.

1-Utter The One Word That Drives Him Crazy

Pet names will always be a safe way to make your man feel all mushy inside. Yet, nothing will ever compare to that one electrifying word that gets him all hot and fussed every time it leaves your lips. Saying his name sparks a kind of desire that any man wants to feel, because you’re sending a message that says ‘I’m thinking of you’ and ‘I only want you’. When you’re feeling sexy, drop it into conversation and pause for a few moments. Just subtly cooing his name will instantly draw his focus entirely on to you.

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