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  • January 19, 2021

15 Ways Parents Had The “S*x Talk” With Their Kids.

Do you cringe when you look back on the “sex talk” (or talks) your parents had with you? We all learn about the birds and the bees in one way or another, and some of these ways just happen to be WAY more awkward than others. While some parents take the direct approach in covering sex/sexuality with their children, others leave it up to the public and hope their children will just learn as they go. Whether you’re starting to think about how you’ll have this conversation with you kids, or you’re reminiscing about the way your own parents did with you, you’ll definitely get a kick out of hearing how these clever parents broke the ice with the birds and the bees talk.

15-Beginning With a Joke

While some parents take the serious, straight-faced route when they have “the talk” with their kids, others go in the completely opposite direction. These parents found that humor made it better. They began by telling their kids they don’t know anything about sex so they should just ask the kids at school. Once the shock wore off and the kids knew it was a joke, it opened up a platform for honest discussion, and the parents explained to their children they need to treat their bodies like temples.

14-By Playing With Food

Nothing will take away your appetite for a certain food quicker than seeing one of your parents use it in a body part demonstration. These kids will never want to eat bananas again! First, they brought their kids some doughnuts and bananas and told them to eat them. Then once they’re done snacking, the parents used the bananas and donuts to explain the fundamentals of sex and also added that you need to add a “balloon” to the banana if you don’t want to make an “orange”. Of course, the kids squirm since they just ate the foods that are now associated with sex, but they also got to eat doughnuts which doesn’t sound so bad!

13-YouTube Education

Who knew Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj videos could be used for educational purposes? That’s one type of schooling most young boys probably won’t resist. When one mom told her 10-year-old boy about sex she started by reading him a book introducing the basics of human sexuality. After, they went on YouTube to find animations of sperm swimming towards eggs, etc. This led to the boy watching Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video, and then the mother got a note from his teacher saying he was telling his classmates about it. Oops!

12-The “Special Hugs” Explanation

A three-year-old girl was curious about where she came from and how she got there in the first place, so her mom decided to show her the c-section scar she had. She also showed her pictures from when she was pregnant, and explained animals like puppies and kittens have babies too. Once the girl is older, her mom plans to introduce the concept of “a special hug that can make a baby, but only Mommy’s and Daddy’s can do this special hug.”

11-Skimming The Surface

Not going into great detail, but leaving the floor open for further conversation is a good way to not totally freak your child out, but to let them know you’re there to talk about things when they want to. One mother told her 11 and 8 year old daughters the basics of sexuality, but didn’t get into details. Instead, she made sure her daughters knew they could come to her with more questions, and she emphasized sex should be an act of love and warned them about teenage pregnancy.

10-One Awkward Purchase

When it comes to unconventional sex education, this parent takes the cake. She had always been fairly open about sex and explaining how important it is to protect and respect their bodies. She took her teenagers to a drugstore and made them each purchase condoms. Not only did this mean they would have them if they needed them, it taught them about being responsible and it broke the ice through what can be an awkward experience for many teens. At least they’ll be over their fear of making awkward purchases at a young age.

9-Levelling With Your Child

This clever parent used the words “I prefer” rather than “you’re not allowed to” and that seems like a really great way to reason with your child. By telling her “I would prefer you not to have sex until you are in a stable relationship,” she gives her the power to make her own decision, but it also clearly emphasizes what her parent thinks is best. This mom also said she explained to her daughter that she was a teen parent herself as a way to level with her.

8-The Honest Parent

Honesty is the best policy, and according to this parent, that policy applies to the birds and the bees talk as well. They say to never lie and believes in being honest about sex and how it comes about by age 12. From there, you explain to your kids the basic physical components of sex and how it works. After that, the conversation will move into the emotional part of sex and the responsibility that comes with having it.

7-The Group Mentality

Some might think these resourceful parents chose a lazy way to give their kids the talk, but it’s actually pretty brilliant. It’s like sex education in school, without as much censoring, and with the added comfort of being close to home. One parent decided to get the neighbors together and arranged to tell their children after dinner on the same day. After each parent had their talk with their kids, they sent all the kids outside to talk amongst themselves, and that brought up a lot more questions.

6-To The Point

This child’s response to “the talk” offers an insight into the adorable way children’s brains work and the way they rationalize things. A nine-year-old boy asked his dad what sex was, and his dad didn’t want to avoid his question, so he told him what it was. At first, the boy was horrified and said that he would never do that. When the dad said the boy would feel differently once he fell in love with someone, the boy exclaimed: “I don’t have to worry about that until I’m in fourth grade!’”

5-Using Dolls

Dolls are a handy way to teach your children about anatomy, but your child might not have the most positive associations with that specific doll after they learn about it. These parents used a baby doll and two older-looking dolls and let their daughter know the baby is from the parents. Later, they used the dolls to teach basic anatomy. This part depends largely on the child’s age and what they can understand, but having a doll to teach anatomy seems like a pretty handy teaching tool!

4-Lots Of Little Talks

Rather than overwhelming your child with an hours-long talk about human sexuality, these parents chose to break it up into little talks that came up naturally in everyday conversations. They had no need for “the talk” because any time their kids asked questions, they’d answer right away and allow them to naturally ask what they wanted to know. This is a good alternative to continually putting off the talk until you think your child is ready.

3-Avoiding Eye-Contact With A Car Ride

This car trick would be a good one to use for any kind of difficult talk unless you’re on a long road trip with someone and you can’t escape! This mom would take her kids for a car ride when she thought they were old enough for “the talk.” It started with her talking and they would listen. Later, they could ask questions. Her reason for doing the talk in the car is that when you can’t make eye contact, it’s less awkward, and your child will be more inclined to listen and ask questions.

2-Don’t Dread, Just Prepare

It’s better to be proactive, rather than reactive, and this parent used that notion to make sure they weren’t caught off guard when their kids had questions. Rather than being nervous about the day their kids asked about sex, they utilized natural opportunities to bring up the subject. When they saw pregnant animals, they decided that was a good opportunity to discuss eggs and fertilization, cell division and growth, etc.

1-This Parent Used Their Environment As An Example

These parents used scientific examples to teach their kids about reproduction. Bill Nye would be proud! If they saw their child pick up a dandelion and blow the fluff off of it, they would point out that these are seeds and will grow into little dandelions. Eventually, these conversations will get more and more detailed, until finally, they’ll involve how humans procreate. This way, the human sexuality talk won’t seem like such a shock since so many other topics have already been covered.

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