15 Things Your Engagement Ring Says About You.

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15 Things Your Engagement Ring Says About You.


Does a new and sparkling engagement ring really say something about the relationship it represents? Everyone will be asking to see the new addition, so what will its design, price tag or size say to the world? Besides the obvious, that a proposal has taken place, an engagement ring can symbolize more than we once thought. From personality to how long the marriage may last, there have been several studies and surveys done when it comes to the bride-to-be’s bling. And it’s time to divulge some of those findings.

Below are 15 things your engagement ring may say about your relationship, and although nothing is guaranteed to be true, it’s fun to scroll through and see if any do, may or already have added up to be factual. Take a look and tell us what you think.

15-The More Expensive = The More Likely For Divorce

According to Today, spend no more than $2,000 on an engagement ring. A survey was done on 3,000 U.S. adults, with the data analyzed by Emory’s department of economics, which showed a link between more money spent on rings and a higher divorce rate. Also, shelling out less than $500 on a ring had connections with a possibility of divorce as well. The sweet spot seemed to be somewhere between $500 and $2,000 for an engagement ring.

14-Princess-Cuts Are For Fairy-Tales

When a bride wears a princess-cut ring, there’s a definite timelessness to her wedding day style and the couple’s personality. Engagement ring designer, Stacy Nolan, says that a bride with a princess diamond is glamorous. So, there’s no surprise when this couple shows their affection with a bit of PDA and a full-on, fairy-tale inspired wedding day and celebration.

13-Higher Cost Meant More Stress

Women who dawn rings in higher price ranges, $5,000 +, were two to three times more likely to stress about wedding expenses. So, maybe, a smaller, more intimate wedding and engagement is what everyone needs to remain worry-free and happily together for the long haul. Instead, nixing competition and ignoring what the magazines and other couples are doing seems to be a better bet when planning.

12-Round-Cuts Are For Timeless Couples

A round-cut diamond is one of the most coveted and more classic of styles; especially if it’s from Tiffany & Co. So, if there’s a bride out and about dawning a stunning, solitaire on her ring finger, The Knot says that she sways to the beat of a timeless bride. The couple planning to walk down the aisle probably loves a bit of tradition too. And will include all the major key points of a classic wedding from the first dance to the cake cutting ceremony. Oh, and brides, round-cut diamonds sparkle like no other piece with, traditionally, 58 facets.

11-Putting A Price Tag On The Relationship

Unfortunately, it seems as though engagement rings come with a price tag, and not the one at checkout. Instead, according to Elite Daily, some women, whether consciously or unconsciously, formulate conclusions of other relationships based on the look and size of one’s ring. And even with their own, there’s a conclusion and notion of successfulness wrapped inside the diamond and its cost.

10-Emerald-Cuts Are For The Glamorous

Some of the most glamorous of movie stars wore them, from Elizabeth Taylor to Grace Kelly. This cut is classy, sophisticated and catches attention at every turn. Couples that show off an emerald shape may have a bit of Hollywood wrapped up inside their personality as it mixes so many styles in one design including: contemporary lines, vintage flair and glam tendencies.

9-It Shows Off Your Wealth

For traditional couples, the man is usually the one buying the ring and getting down on one knee to propose. And that also comes with its own stigma. When a man asks for a woman’s hand in marriage with a rock the size of Texas, people are going to presume that he’s financially sound and the wedding this newly engaged couple will be having will be just as lavish at the sparkler on the bride-to-be’s finger. It’s also a way to “claim” her and show off how much he was able to spend.

Note: According to Michigan State University research, women who care most about the man’s wealth are 1.6 times more likely to end up divorced.

8-Heart-Shapes Are For the Bold

Heart-shaped diamonds are for the bold beauties and couples that aren’t shying away from the spotlight. Brides that aren’t wanting to catch any attention need to stray from this finely-crafted cut. Think about this, Lady Gaga was proposed to with one of these stunners, and she certainly isn’t the bashful type. Instead, this couple wants everyone to know that they’re both completely off the market.

7-Colors Are For Non-Conformists

Colorful additions to an engagement ring may scream “non-conformist.” Couples that decide on alternative stones tend to be a bit offbeat and vibrant. And the color chosen can say even more about the bride herself. For example, red stones are for active brides, green for earthy ladies and pink for those that love some romance and fairy-tale whimsy.

6-It Reveals Who Is Most Important

Well, it reveals who is most important in their lives besides each other, of course. After he/she gets down on one knee, divulges their undying love and slips a beautiful sparkler on the finger of their betrothed, who do they call first? According to Brides.com, 27% of brides call their best friends first – more than likely because they’ve been dreaming of this moment together for so long, sifting through bridal magazines and promising to be each other’s maid of honor.

5-Marquis-Cuts Give A Bit of Sex Appeal

This shape is named after the Marquise de Pompadour, the mistress of France’s Louis XV, according to She Finds. Although it may not be the most popular, because of its history, those seen wearing this uniquely cut beauty have a bit of extra sex appeal wrapped around their bridal fingers. But even though it may not be the most trendy of styles, the women dawning this shape are seen as determined and outgoing – making the couple an extroverted pair to be reckoned with.

4-You Can Agree On Things

Spending ten percent of one’s salary on a ring is a tradition that some deem unnecessary. And for a lot of people that can be up to three-months salary. If the couple comes to an agreement that it’s not about the money, but about the commitment, that’s a good sign that they can handle the walk down the aisle. Even Financial Post featured an article pertaining to this very topic stating, “If you fiancée expects you to spend three-months salary on a ring and nothing less will satisfy her, then that’s the wrong girl.” In fact, 61% of men consult their girlfriends before buying the ring, so it really is a chance to work together.

3-Asscher-Cuts Are For The Vintage-Lovers

Carrie Bradshaw had one, so it’s inevitable that the rise of the asscher cut diamond has been trending higher than it once was. It’s got a vintage charm and hipsters all around have been sporting the old-age, spirited beauty. With a 1920’s art déco feel, it’s cut along the same lines as an emerald diamond. For a couple with a love for thrifting and evoking a sense of past styles, one may prefer this look on a bride’s finger.

2-The Men Can Show The Commitment Too

Why not have the man wear an engagement ring too? Approximately 29% of men would wear an engagement ring, according to Brides.com. And besides handing over a big, shiny diamond to show off his lady to all of his friends (and the money he was able to spend) this act will show his willingness to commit and show his loyalty as well. Even Michael Buble wore an engagement ring throughout wedding planning with his wife Luisana Lopilato.

1-Cushion-Cuts Are For The Romantics

According to Huffington Post, a cushion-cut diamond gets its name from the rounded corners and curved sides that make it appear softer than a princess-cut diamond but not as circular as a round-cut stone. It’s more subtle in design but also strong in style and shows to the world how romantic the couple it represents are. Similar to the pillow, the ring bearer will hold as he walks down the aisle before the bride makes her entrance, this ring are for a pair completely in love and not afraid to show it.

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