15 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Bella & Edward’s Relationship (& 5 That Do)

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15 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Bella & Edward’s Relationship (& 5 That Do)

Remember how huge Twilight became in 2008? It was the first of five movies that eventually made up the film series. But what was it about the films that enthralled so many fans? Was it because they had a thing for vampires? Well, that might be one of the reasons.

But the number one thing that had us hooked from day one was the love between Bella and Edward. They were like the Carrie and Big or Harry and Sally of vampire love stories. From the very beginning, the relationship between a human girl and a vampire captivated the hearts of fans. Of course, fans of the Twilight novel by Stephenie Meyer already knew that this couple was destined for plenty of obstacles on their road to their very own happily ever after.

Now, you’d think that with five movies and of course, the novels, there’d be no mystery left to explore in this franchise. But it turns out that there are a couple of things about Bella and Edward’s relationship that most fans still don’t understand.

So, we’re taking a look back at the epic romance to see if we can figure out why certain things left us scratching our heads after the curtains closed on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in 2012.

20Bad: The Age Difference Between Bella And Edward Was Awkward, To Say The Least

One of the things that made the relationship between Bella and Edward awkward, and maybe a bit scary, was the age difference. Edward may have looked like a teenager in high school. But in reality, he was a vampire who was over 100 years old. Meanwhile, Bella was still just a teenager.

A minor age difference is often overlooked when you’re in school, but there was a major age gap between these two.

And yet, we can’t forget the undeniable bond that Bella and Edward had with each other. Even when it seemed like they had all of the odds stacked against them, they still made it work.

19Bad: Bella Forgets Her Dad Even Exists The Second She Falls For Edward

No one else mattered to Bella after she fell in love with Edward, not even her dad. And remember, this was the guy who would do anything for his daughter. But Bella could have cared less, and not just about him. It seemed like she completely forgot about everyone else. Alright, so she wasn’t exactly winning any “Ms. Popularity” contests in high school, but she must have made some friends. Seriously, how could she forget about Jacob? Sure, he was a werewolf, but at least he was her age, and he seemed to truly care about her. Among some other red flags, alienating yourself from the entire world (including your family!) over a boy is pretty unhealthy, to say the least.

18Bad: Edward Abandons Bella Claiming He Has His “Own Reasons,” But Never Bothers To Communicate With Her

When you’re in a relationship, decisions are always 50/50. Otherwise, there’s no chance of making it work. But Edward abandoned Bella in New Moon after Jasper goes nuts when she gets a paper cut.

Vampire or not, Edward’s a man in love, but when you love someone you don’t just turn your back on your significant other. 

And if you have to, you would at least give them a very good explanation for having to abandon them. But Edward didn’t even bother to communicate with her and he simply took off. Leaving Bella in the dark was a pretty awful move. There’s something empowering about allowing both sides to weigh in on a decision, and Edward denied her the chance to come to this decision together.

17Good: Bella And Edward’s Relationship Is Pretty Complicated, Sure, But It’s Totally Relatable And Honest

Teen love is always riddled with emotions, especially when you fall in love for the first time. It often starts with longing, and then comes love. But along the way, there are tons of teen angst, pain, and sorrow. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to take things further and turn it into a relationship that could potentially be harmful. However, writer Stephenie Meyer always wrote Bella and Edward’s characters in a way that was completely relatable to what teens go through when they fall in love. Fortunately, the movie kept Edward and Bella’s relationship honest, albeit extremely complicated.

16Bad: Edward’s Infatuated With Bella’s Scent; Apparently, She Smells Good Enough To Eat

It’s important to point out that although Edward really did love Bella, the whole relationship started out fairly creepy. He apparently liked the way that she, um… smelled.

If her blood hadn’t smelled appetizing enough, he probably would have moved on to some other random girl in class or stuck to one of his own kind.

But think about it from a vampire’s perspective. Humans are like Happy Meals with legs. You get a whiff of them and just like that, you’re craving a burger with fries, or in this case, a human. Bella’s scent might have been crucial in the film, but it wouldn’t have worked out so well in real life.

15Bad: Edward Is The Epitome Of The Possessive, Stalkerish Boyfriend Your Momma Warned You About

Edward would have done anything for Bella, even at the cost of his own life. But in the effort of being overly protective, he came off as a bit possessive, and somewhat stalkerish. In the films, he not only kept Bella safe from danger, but he also alienated her from her family and friends. Plus, he stalked Bella during the first film, which was a major red flag in any relationship. He even watched her sleep and followed her to another town. Creepy, sure, but that’s not all! He also removed the engine from her truck, so she wouldn’t go see Jacob. Now that sounds like the kind of guy most girls would want to avoid.

14Bad: Bella Didn’t Know How To Function When He Left Her, And Goes Into A Deep Depression

Bella had become way too dependent on Edward. In fact, when he leaves her in New Moon, she falls into a horrible depression. It’s almost like he was her entire reason to live, and without him, she was done trying. Hum, what a great example to teach teenage girls!

The ironic thing is that they hadn’t even been dating for too long, so the whole thing seemed way too dramatic.

To make things worse, it almost seemed as if Bella was way too co-dependent on him, which is pretty unhealthy. Of course, this isn’t uncommon among teenagers. They think with their hearts and not with their brains. So, when someone they love splits, they feel like it’s the end of the world.

13Good: Stephenie Meyer Did A Great Job Portraying What Consent Looks Like (And Why It’s So Important!)

In the novels, Edward was the one who was reluctant about initially taking things further with Bella. It was refreshing to see a guy setting boundaries for a change, and fortunately, Bella was totally okay with that. But Stephenie Meyer also wrote a scene where Jacob misinterpreted Bella’s posture and kissed her. That scene showed how easily it is to misread someone, and how important it is to recognize consent. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating someone or not! Even intimate partners are capable of misreading their partner and act on impulse without their permission, so it’s truly important to make sure that your partner is in on it, 100%.

12Bad: There Was Something Missing… Chemistry!

It’s pretty obvious when characters have chemistry on the big screen and when they don’t. In the films, it was very important for actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to get up close and personal.

But despite the fact that the two were dating off-screen, the duo came off as cold and disingenuous in the Twilight film series.

When you look back at the films, you’ll notice that Edward and Bella were about as warm as snow in the middle of winter. The interaction between the actors seemed somewhat forced, which made the love story between Bella and Edward pretty unrealistic, and not in a good way.

11Bad: Vampires Supposedly Feel Like Stone Or Marble, So Kissing Edward Should’ve Been… Uncomfortable

Maybe the reason that Bella and Edward’s intimate scenes seemed so bland was that according to the books, vampires feel like stone or marble. That means that Bella probably felt like she was kissing a statue. But that makes sense since vampires are technically not alive. Only their supernatural origins allow them to move around in the world of the living. So, their skin is supposedly as cold as ice, and so is their breath, assuming vampires can even have a “breath.” But imagine what it must have been like for Bella to kiss those stone-cold lips. At least the guy was a total dreamboat, huh?

10Bad: Bella’s Been Spirited Away By Edward And She Doesn’t Seem To Mind For Some Weird Reason

By now it’s clear that Edward was the boy you don’t bring home to meet your momma. But Bella probably didn’t have much of a choice. Edward had his sister Alice take Bella under the assumption that they were having a sleepover. And he concocted this plan just so Bella wouldn’t go pay Jacob a visit.

So, in essence, Edward did the unimaginable and stole away his love interest just to keep her from seeing other people.

What a prince (not!). Keeping her from her friends and family is bad enough, but to take her against her will is seriously messed up. And the thing that makes absolutely no sense is the fact that Bella doesn’t seem bothered by it at all.

9Good: Their First Convo In The Lab Was So Awkward, It Hurt… But It Was So Real At The Same Time

The first time Edward and Bella had an actual conversation was in the scene at the bio lab. Now you’d think that there’d be some chemistry when you’re in a lab, but there wasn’t any. It was a major disaster, and even Kristen Stewart owned up to it. She looked back at the awkwardness of that scene and found that it wasn’t necessarily romantic. But that when the characters think back to the first real convo they’ve ever had, they’ll be blown away by how far they’ve actually come since then. And as unwatchable as the scene was, it portrayed how awkward things can get when you’re trying to strike a conversation with someone you like. Hey! At least Stephenie kept it real!

8Bad: Edward Constantly Puts Bella At Risk, But Hey! As Long As He Keeps Saying He “Loves Her,” It’s Fine, Right?

We all know how it goes! Teen girls find bad boys difficult to resist. But it’s one thing to like a guy with a bunch of tattoos who wears a leather jacket and rides a Harley to school and a completely different thing to like a guy who is essentially a monster.

Remember the scene where Edward takes Bella into the woods and then tells her the different ways that he could put her life in danger?

He also admits that he may not be able to resist his natural vampire urges. We’re sure Bella appreciated Edward’s honesty, but that girl should have run for safety instead of falling deeper in love with him.

7Bad: She Barely Sees Her Friends & Is Totally Isolated The Second Edward Pops Into Her Life (Red Flags, Red Flags Everywhere!)

In the first Twilight movie, we learned that Bella was new in school, so meeting new people was vital to her social life. Eventually, she makes friends with Angela, Mike, Jessica, and Eric, and they become very important in her life. But then she gets involved in Edward’s supernatural world of vampires and werewolves. And as the drama ensues, she starts seeing less and less of her friends. Edward doesn’t even want Jacob anywhere around his precious new girlfriend, but that’s probably because he’s a werewolf. Regardless, in a relationship, no one has the right to tell the other person who they can and can’t hang out with.

6Bad: Bella’s Veins Are Supposedly Irresistible For Some Random Reason, But Why Does It Make Edward Weak In The Knees?

They have a name for someone whose blood smells like Bella’s—a singer—because her blood sings to Edward. The Italian expression used is “La tua cantante,” which represents a human whose blood appeals to a certain vampire.

Every vampire has one, and Bella just happens to be Edward’s singer.

But Alice also mentioned that Bella’s blood smelled delicious, and even James was totally attracted to it. Some fans believe that her blood was extra special, which would explain why Jasper reacted the way he did when she had a paper cut. But they never really explained to the audience what made Bella’s blood so irresistible.

5Good: Bella Would Do Anything For The Man She Loves And Vice Versa

If there’s one thing you can say about Bella is that she’s loyal to the T. Most girls her age would have been dating around, not really committing to anyone in particular, which is also super healthy. But Bella was pretty confident in her love for Edward and she would’ve done anything to keep him safe. She isn’t afraid of putting herself in peril to protect those she loves. She was even willing to endure a difficult pregnancy, knowing full well that she probably wouldn’t survive a vampire birth. Not only did she do it for her daughter, but also for the vamp she loved.

4Bad: Bella’s Scared Of Her Own Boyfriend, Which Is Probably Cause For Concern

No matter how cute a guy is, a vampire is a vampire. There’s no way around it. So, naturally, it was okay that Bella was nervous and scared of him. But that didn’t stop her from kissing him or going on a first date. She was so scared when he took her into the woods that she was petrified, but that wasn’t the only reason why she feared him.

He was also a nervous driver who drove so fast he endangered her life.

But in Edward’s defense, he pretty much had to after he saved Bella from a group of dangerous men. Still, Bella can be seen pretty much afraid for her life throughout the movie.

3Bad: She’s Overly Obsessed With Edward And Literally Can’t Stop Talking About His Eyes

Obsessing over little insignificant details is the first sign of a crush. It happens to everyone. Eyes are particularly cool to look at. They’re the windows to the soul. But do vampires have souls? Who knows? The point is that Bella was totally obsessed with Edward’s eyes, possibly because there aren’t a lot of guys with yellow eyes in high school. We get it, they’re really intense and smoldering, but it still doesn’t justify mentioning Edward’s eyes a billion times over the course of the book or in the film. That’s just a little too obsessive for a high school girl, don’t you agree?

2Bad: In True Bad-Boyfriend Fashion, Edward Makes Bella Feel Inadequate For Wanting To Get “Closer” To Him

Bella wanted to take things to the next level with Edward, but Edward shames her a lot whenever she even mentions having ‘grown up’ time with him.

He supposedly comes from the early 1900s, which means Edward is more old-fashioned than most boys these days.

But it’s one thing to hold on to abstinence before marriage and quite another to make your girlfriend feel bad about wanting to be closer in a more personal way. At one point, Bella calls him out on the fact that he makes it seem like she’s trying to take his virtue or something. The ironic thing is that he’s just as much to blame for the attraction.

1Good: Edward Has The Power To Hurt Bella, As It’s Part Of His True Nature, But He Chooses Not To

A lot of people assume that young women love Edward because he’s dangerous and he’s completely devoted to the girl of his dreams. But that doesn’t mean he deserves an award for best boyfriend of the year. Edward has mentioned that he could hurt Bella because he’s a vampire. But he’s so in love with her, he goes against his instincts and chooses not to. That in itself is commendable. But just because he can control himself doesn’t make it right for him to say that to her. Then again, Twilight is just a movie, so we can forgive the fact that Edward could very well destroy his beloved Bella in the blink of an eye!

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