15 Things About S** That You Can Learn From Your Mom.

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January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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15 Things About S** That You Can Learn From Your Mom.



Talking about the deed with your mother can certainly feel awkward and most of us refrain from getting engaged in such conversations. As you grow older, you may find the talk a little bit easier to have. Still, sharing intimate information about your sex life will probably remain a big no-no.

Over the years, you can build a more genuine and open relationship with you mom. If you calm down enough to ask your mom questions about sex, you’ll probably get some of the best answers in your life.

Sex is something that we’re constantly learning about. Your momma could have a lot to say about it, so pay attention! Here are the top 15 things about sex that you can learn from your mom (surprise, surprise!).

15-Adult Movies for Steamier Bedroom Sessions?

Chances are that you’re mad about the fact that your partner enjoys adult movies every now and then. Openly struggling against this behavior, however, will lead you nowhere. Your mom knows that arguments and quarrels can’t lead to a more intimate and exciting relationship. The fact that your significant other watches adult movies can actually be used to spice up your sex life.

Try to watch such videos together. It may seem unnatural at first but who knows – you may actually start enjoying the fantasy. The openness can actually increase intimacy in your relationship. Once you make that first step, you can also move on to explore fantasies together and enjoying more exciting and liberating sex.

14-The Bedroom is a Place for Experiments

Good sexual experiences play a very important role in most healthy relationships. Over the years, however couples get used to each other. When you start feeling too comfortable, you stop having exciting sex. If you want to add spice to your bedroom experiences, be ready to experiment.

Every person that has been in a long term relationship, your mom included, has had to deal with boring sex and the routine. Instead of suffering in silence, talk to your mom about it. The fact that you’ve been with your partner for a couple of years doesn’t mean you should simply accept that sex is going to be boring for the rest of your lives.

Doing a bit of bedroom experimentation or even taking things out of the bedroom could contribute to fresh and special moments. All that you have to do is give a try to a couple of experiments.

13-Toys Could Be Fun

Using toys is a great way to find new things that both of you enjoy. In the past, women felt embarrassed to enter a sex shop but nowadays, you have the freedom to shop online without anyone judging you.

Cross the border of your personal limitations and forget about prejudice. If your partner has experience, you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions and if you both have no experience start with something simple.

Again, your mom has probably been in a relationship for decades. She’s dealt with boredom and she’s dealt with the sexual limitations that women had to put up with in the past. If you only ask her about the prospects of keeping things fresh, you’ll probably get some quite liberated suggestions that you wouldn’t have expected from a lady like her.

12-Fantasizing Spices Things Up

Honesty and loyalty are pillars of a serious relationship or a marriage. While you can love and have sex with one man for years (or the rest of your life), it doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize about other men. A little Kit Harrington, Adam Lavigne or Hugh Jackman “action” is actually going to be quite beneficial in the bedroom.

As a woman, you’re heavily dependent on your imagination and emotional state when it comes to having a satisfying sexual experience. Don’t be afraid of your fantasies and use them as a tool to intensity sensations.

11-Don’t be Ashamed of Your Body

Your body will change over the years and you need to get used to the fact and accept the dimples, curves or even cellulite. Being proud of your body regardless of age will make you look more attractive and sexier to your husband or partner.

Hiding your body during sex or preventing your body from touching certain parts will make your sexual relations sterile and unsatisfactory. Eventually, this will destroy the intimacy and the desire to have sex. You can easily find lingerie that covers your imperfections and highlights your sexy curves. And remember that he loves everything about you, including your stretch marks!

10-Sex Keeps You Healthy and Fit

If you lack time for fitness or exercises, sex will keep you fit and in a good mood. Some of the most traditional sex positions provide a good workout and train various groups of muscles.

In addition, your orgasm causes the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, which makes them stronger. Sex is good for your health and your emotional wellbeing. If you ask your mom about it, chances are that she’ll advice you to do it more often.

9-Men Love with Their Eyes

Men are very visual. This means that your partner will be very happy with all kinds of visual stimulation during sex. Your man probably loves you from the bottom of his heart but when it comes to sex, he is attracted to your body.

Women from your mom’s generation knew how to turn their partners on without looking provocative or buying expensive lingerie. An ankle that peeks underneath a long skirt or accentuated curves could be even sexier than nakedness. Take notes and apply this experience to your own sexual encounters!

8-The Big “O” Is Important

A woman’s orgasm is shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. Orgasm is a physical experience but men get to it faster and almost every single time. For ladies, things are a bit more complicated.

Here’s the next lesson to learn from your mom – faking an orgasm is the worst thing you could do for yourself and for your relationship. Being aware of how you need to be stimulated and guiding your partner through the process will be much more beneficial.

7- Talk about Your Needs

Talking about sex toys, adult movies, orgasms and sex positions is a part of making sex spectacular. If you have a fantasy or want to try something new, share it with your partner.

Sometimes men are willing to experiment more than women are. Don’t be afraid to say yes. If you’re exchanging bodily fluids with each other, you’re most definitely ready to have a big conversation about sex. The more you shy away from it, the more dissatisfied with the experience you’re going to be.

6-Frequent Sex is Possible Even When You have Kids

A regular sex life is hard to achieve when you have kids. They’re curious, impatient and never knock on a door.

Children have a daily schedule and you can use the time when they’re out of home to get jiggy with it. Your mom is probably a pro when it comes to making out without kids figuring out anything. She may have a couple of tricks up her sleeve that you may want to borrow.

5-Sex Scheduling is Not a Bad Thing

Everybody loves unplanned trips, surprising gifts and spontaneous sex. But being spontaneous in sex requires time and space that you may not have available. Things get even messier with things around.

Should you stop having sex when you’re burdened with chores and duties? Nope, the answer is a whole lot simpler – scheduled intimacy. Trust your mom with this one, it’s not as bad as it may seem.

Daily routines can easily make you feel tired. Chances are that your libido will go down the drain. Planned sex doesn’t mean you don’t have to be spontaneous, it’ll just add a new dimension to your sexual life. And guess what, the more you’re having it, the more you’ll want to have it. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your partner.

4-Sex Games Start Out of the Bedroom

When you love someone, just a touch or a look will be enough to make you feel aroused. Women have their secrets in seducing men and they use those way before things start heading to the bedroom. Making his favorite meal or wearing a new dress without an obvious reason will get things heated.

As already mentioned, ladies from your mom’s generation knew how to turn a partner on without obvious sexual provocation. Take notes, young lady, and apply these tricks to your own love life.

Being sexy is not just in the lingerie or makeup, it’s in your behavior and attitude. You can use any occasion to flirt with him – during a shopping spree, in the car, when you do the ironing (yes, ironing can be sexy). All these simple and everyday things will improve your sexual experience and will make you want more.

3-Your Sexual Preferences will Change with the Years

Just like your body, your sexual preferences will change with the years. As they grow older, many women start desiring new things and feeling a lot more confident about their sexuality. You may find yourself open to adventures that you would have been completely against in your youth.

Some women discover the bigger joys of sex once they free themselves from prejudices and fears. Young women are more selfish but with the years, you’ll become more balanced and a better partner.

2-Keeping the Attraction between Two People Requires Effort

You think that your mom and dad didn’t have to work hard in order to spend decades together? You’re very wrong. Both women and men change as time passes by and if you want to preserve the passionate feelings from those first years, you’ll need to get down to business.

Court each other and have a weekly or bi-weekly date. The little gestures matter. Being attentive and perceptive can make you feel like teenagers in love. A long and happy relationship has to be maintained. If either of you isn’t interested, chances are that the passion will be gone quite soon.

1-Men can’t Read Your Mind

Men can be selfish creatures when it comes to sex. This selfishness could be stemming from the lack of experience or the fact that you’ve never taken the time to say what you like and want.

If you want good sex, you have to teach your significant other how to touch you and what you like. A man isn’t a mind reader. The fact that he can’t give you an orgasm doesn’t mean that he simply isn’t interested. It means that his approach will not work for you.

Once again – we’re getting back to being open and communicating with your partner. Tell him what you like. If you don’t know what you like, experiment together. The more you try and the more open you are, the higher the chance of having the sex of your life.

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