15 Surprising Beauty Benefits Of S**.

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January 20, 2019
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15 Surprising Beauty Benefits Of S**.




Forgo going green with envy every time you see your fresh-faced pal glowing and rosy-cheeked on a Monday morning. Be the woman with that same look by grabbing your honey and getting naughtier throughout the week. In fact, according to Cosmopolitan, having sex very well may be the best thing you can do for your face! There’s more benefits from some intimate play than a happy ending, in fact, they can reach far beyond the bedroom. Dr. Weeks, a British consultant clinical psychologist and former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, found in a new study that older men and women appeared five to seven years younger than their actual age who had an active sex life! So what else can a bit more love-making do for your appearance? Below you’ll find 15 unexpected beauty benefits that anyone can gain from amping up their own sex life.

15-Your Skin Will Glow

Every time you get under the sheets and busy with your partner, you’re giving yourself even more opportunity for your skin to glow – naturally, without any bronzers, powders or blush. According to Cosmo, having sex improves blood circulation, which helps to pump oxygen to your skin and make it brighter. A quickie in the afternoon could have you naturally glowing by dinnertime – afternoon delights really can be quite delightful even when the romp is over!

14-Burn Calories

As mentioned previously, sex is a form of exercise – just some kissing can be too! Even without climaxing your body will reap the benefits of getting busy. Reducing cholesterol levels, improving mood levels, heart rates and blood circulation increase, sex has the power to burn as many calories as using that time in the gym walking or using weights. In fact, a full minute of kissing will burn 12 calories – more than if you were walking for those 60 seconds.

13-Be Happier

We’ve all read and heard the famous quote, “Happiest girls are the prettiest,” from Audrey Hepburn. And when you climax your body releases serotonin and DHEA and both of those will boost your mood. Basically sex can be a natural antidepressant and make you feel happier day after day. And that contentment will radiate throughout your body in a noticeable way. A smiling woman is much more attractive than one feeling down in the dumps.

12-Healthier Hair

More exercise will keep acne under control and burn calories, and sex is a great way to gain both of these benefits. But with those benefits comes another, reducing hormone levels while all this working out won’t only clear up your skin, it’ll also make your hair look and feel so much healthier. We all know that wonky hormone levels can have your hair thinning and doing the deed increases estrogen production in women creating healthier hair!

11-Natural Blush

Climaxing is the secret to putting down the blush brush. All of the endorphins released throughout climax is what produces that pink, flush-faced look that we all hope to attain from the right kind of makeup application or bout of sun tanning. But nothing will come close to the natural freshness a roll in the sheets can bring. And if you don’t have a partner to help you out, doctors recommend just helping yourself!

10-Attractive Fumes

Chanel No. 5 may make heads turn. But when you’re having sex more frequently you’ll become more attractive to the opposite sex because you’ll be giving off natural pheromones released during the act. And the more of these teasers you have the more others will be drawn to you. And you won’t even need that extra splash of body spray or your favorite perfume to hook and reel anyone else in.

9-Stop Aging

Okay, so having sex more often won’t stop the clock completely but it will make you appear a bit younger than you actually are. Becoming more active in the bedroom can increase collagen production, which is what keeps wrinkles, sagging and age spots at bay – all of which is what happens as we get older. Feeling a little frisky is all you need instead of all of those expensive collagen-infused creams!

8-Stronger Nails

If you’re suffering from thin, brittle nails the key to strengthening may just be a couple more nights of naughty with your partner. In fact, those same hormones that give off that infamous, after-sex glow will leave your nails stronger and thicker – similar to what happens when you’re pregnant. Just think how much better your manis will look once you start adding more time under the sheets.

7-Say Goodbye To Acne

Sex is a form of exercise and the more you do it, the less likely you are to have acne popping up. So, why not take it off at night just to wake in the morning with one less pimple to have to deal with? It certainly sounds like a win-win situation in our books, especially with the added bonus of glowing skin! Clearer skin is something that we all strive for and with this natural remedy, no money on extra cleansers or moisturizers – that could potentially hurt our skin even more – has to be spent.

6-Plumper Lips

With all the extra blood circulating throughout your body during sex, your lips may look a bit plumper. Just like other things that grow with the excitement, so will your pout. Along with that beautiful after-glow and flushed cheeks, you’ll need just a swatch of lip gloss to make that plumper look shine with your new, natural beauty regimen doing all the work for you.

5-Flatten Tummies

Do you have a few extra pounds around your waistline that you want to nix? Increased cortisol in your system is what can add to that little pouch at your belly, but those levels decrease during sex. So more sex means that extra pinch of chub will diminish and you don’t need to sit and do extra sit-ups or crunches to make it happen. Instead, just have more fun rolling around in the sheets with your partner.

4-Soften Skin

Another benefit for your skin that sex can bring is a softening effect – and it can last for days. During the deed, you’ll sweat which can bring out natural oils such as linoleic acid (also found in olive oil) that will lubricate your skin cells and soften it up a bit. Which means, a wilder romp in the bedroom could be your ticket to leaving those rougher winter cheeks behind. And all that sweat will open up your pores and clean them out!

3-Breasts Enhance

Yes, you read that right. Sex will increase your breast size. Your chest can swell up to 25% during sex while nipple height can increase up to one half inch! Who needs a boob job when all you need is to get turned on in the bedroom? The stimulation and blood circulation is what makes your breasts enhance in the most natural ways possible – and none of it comes from a push-up bra.

2-More Sleep

One of the best beauty tips is to get enough sleep at night so you wake up feeling refreshed and alive – which is a lot more attractive than red eyes and dark circles. And sex is a natural sleep inducer. After a fun time in bed, don’t be surprised if you both roll over and start snoring within minutes. Once you climax, your body releases oxytocin which causes you to relax and fall asleep faster.

1-Better Teeth

Even your teeth will look better and be healthier from knocking boots more often. Yes, you’ll be helping to fight off cavities by having sex. Why? And, how can this be? When our bodies absorb semen, we get doses of zinc, calcium and other tooth-decay fighting minerals. These three beneficial ingredients will help out our chompers by increasing their strength and health.

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