15 Signs You’re Just A Toy To Him.

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January 20, 2019
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15 Signs You’re Just A Toy To Him.


Are you dating this guy for a while, but you are not certain if he is your soul mate? It’s a dilemma facing many ladies today. In the quest for the love you will come across many guys, some are good and some will just waste your time only for you to realize when it is too late. It is with these experiences that you realize you were blind in the relationship, as the signs were evident. However, you always ignored the signs or made excuses for him.

Most ladies have been there, where they meet a guy; invest their time and energy only to realize that they were never interested. They were just passing the time with them and having fun. How can you tell he is wasting your time? How do you avoid a time waster? The answers lie between his actions and words. This is what ladies forget and end up dating a time waster as they only consider the words and forget that words should be followed by actions.

The difference between a time waster and a soul mate lies within the small gestures and the behavior in the relationship. Here are the signs that show he is just wasting your time and not your soul mate.

15-He is less concerned about your life

A man in love with you will genuinely be concerned for your career, well-being, health, safety and everything related to you. It is evident with how often he checks up on you and is concerned about your life in a special way. For the one wasting your time, he will not show any concern with what is going on in your life. Significant life’s events will bypass without him recognizing it or showing any interest in being there for you. If you are dating that guy who shows no interest in your life it is time to realize that he is just wasting your time.

14-He makes no sacrifices for your relationship

Your soul mate will be ready to compromise and make a sacrifice for the sake of your happiness and keep the relationship strong. It is not often but when possible your soul mate will compromise everything for your well-being. Dating a time waster will be evident with how reluctant he is in making sacrifices for the sake of your relationship. If he has never made any sacrifices for you or he always has an excuse why that is not possible, he is just passing the time with you.

13-He does not create time for you

Creating time can be the hardest at times, but it is always possible depending on the willingness and priorities.Spending time with your partner enhances your relationship establishing the bond. He can create time when necessary, but the time creation varies with what is set as a priority. If you are his priority, he will always make time for you but if he is just wasting your time, he will only create time when it is convenient for him. Being busy is always their excuse even though they will have time to do other things unrelated to you.

12-He is more interested in your beauty rather than your personality

Your soul mate will love you for who you are and not your physical appearance. He will appreciate your flaws, personality and everything about you. If you are dating a guy who seems to be interested in your physical appearance more than anything else it is a sign that he is just wasting your time. He is not determined to make any serious commitment with you because to him you are just an attraction nothing more. You will be flattered because he seems to appreciate your beauty forgetting that beauty is his only concern for you.

11-Makes less effort in making the relationship work

There is nothing worse than dating a guy who makes no or less effort into your relationship. A relationship is a two-way traffic where each partner has to make an effort for the relationship to work. You always want to be in a relationship with someone who is equally interested in the relationship. It will simply not going to work no matter how much effort you put. The signs of no effort are evident with a guy who is wasting your time he will let you make the effort because he cares less what happens to the relationship.

10-He is very clingy

Everyone wants a guy who is completely into you, but there is a thin line between a man being totally into you and being too clingy. A guy who always wants to be around you every time without considering when you are busy is not worth your effort and time. This type of guy will completely exhaust you of all your time forgetting that you have your schedule and life. Ladies dating such a guy will often confuse that as the guy being with you but the truth is he wants

9-He only calls you when in need of you

If you are dating a guy who is always super busy every time but is never busy whenever he needs you, it is a sign he is wasting your time. In today’s world, it only takes seconds to call or send a text to them. Hence, if he rarely calls you for any reason, it is clear he is just using you to satisfy himself whenever he needs. A soul mate will always call you without thinking of the reason because he misses you or is concerned about you.

8-Shows no interest in your family and friends

Few guys show interest in getting involved with your family and friends. Although your soul mate will always want to get acquainted with your family and friends to know you better. There will be signs when dating a guy who is just wasting your time because he will show little interest in knowing anything concerning your family and friends. Showing interest can be in the form of spending time with you and your friends because he wants to be in your in your life.

7-He is less willing to open up about his life

Willingness to open up regarding everything about your life to your partner is a sign that you want to have a relationship with no boundaries. Dating a guy who keeps secrets about his life from you, is a sign that he has no plan of making the relationship work. He will always keep you in the dark about what is going on his life, you will know very little about him sometimes you will be the last to know when something happens in his life.

6-He is jealous and possessive

Jealousy and possessiveness are typical characters in men when they want you all for themselves only. This possessiveness translates to the guy expecting too much from the woman they are dating and always consider himself right in everything concerning the relationship. Dating someone who is wasting your time will be evident where he will not allow you to spend time with your friends and family. He will always want you to be around him and do everything that makes him feel in control. Controlling your life comes in hand with jealousy and possessiveness nature.

5-Show no interest in listening to you

A guy who truly loves you will be interested in you. Hence, he will always listen to whatever you have to say. Women always want to be listened to whenever they speak. If you are dating a time waster he will not be interested in listening to what you have to say, he will always look for an excuse or bring up an issue to evade listening to you. Whenever there is an issue you want to talk about, he will always be busy to listen to you.

4-He does not include you in his future and goals

Dating your soul mate will be evident to him always talking about ‘us’ than ‘me’ meaning you are in his future. However, it’s different when dating a guy who is not willing to take the relationship to the next level. Everything will always be about himself not even a single goal is related to you. To him, you are just a short term goal that he’ll do away with soon enough. That is a sign he is just wasting your time, and the relationship is nothing more than something to help him pass the time.

3-He introduces you to none of his friends

A guy who is right for you will take an interest in introducing you to his buddies. He will make his friends know how much you mean to him. Whenever you are dating a guy and always seem very reluctant to let his friends know about you, it is a sign he is not interested in having something more to do with you. He will always avoid any thought of you spending time with him whenever he is with his friends because he is afraid his friends might reveal some secrets about him.

2-He dictates everything in the relationship

A relationship is all about understanding each other and doing what is best for both of you.When dating a time waster, he will never consider what you want or what you think about in the relationship. He will always want everything to be done his way only. He will never ask you what you want or what you think should be done, he will make decisions in your absence as long as they favor him. Willingness to discuss anything of the relationship is little to zero because he knows he will manipulate you to agree with him.

1-Impatient in lovemaking

Some guys, who are not serious about you, only look for physical intimacy. A soul mate will be willing to wait as long as you want. Dating a man who is just there to waste your time is evidenced by the pressure he puts on you to give him physical pleasure. Patience is one thing that is never possible for anyone who does not want to have a serious relationship. He always expects you to make love to him as soon as possible. He might also threaten to leave you if you want more time.

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