12 Zodiac Signs That Make The Worst Couples

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March 29, 2019
12 Zodiac Signs That Would Make The Best Couples
March 29, 2019
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12 Zodiac Signs That Make The Worst Couples

How can you know if your relationship is going to be a match made in heaven or an absolute disaster? Well actually – it’s written in the stars. Astrology has helped provide insight into our inner psyche and our own behavioral patterns. By understanding the universal forces that surround us will help you lead a happier life by attracting the right kind of positivity into your life. Also saves you a lot of time dating.

Have you ever been stuck in a relationship wondering, “How is this not working?” Well maybe you have just picked the wrong astrological “match”. Once you begin to understand better who the right sign would be for you then it’s much easier to find “the one.”

After all knowledge is power.

12Leo and Virgo

Madonna (Leo) and Guy Ritchie (Virgo) were married for eight years before divorcing in 2008, which resulted in the Queen of Pop declaring her director husband had a “sensitivity chip missing.” Jennifer Lopez, another Leo, made the mistake of falling in love with a Virgo twice. She was married to singer Marc Anthony for ten years and dancer Chris Judd for two years.

The huge problem in this relationship is Leo can be quite often attracted to a life of glamour whereas Virgo prefers a much smaller and more intimate party. At first a Virgo is happy to take a step back and let the lioness take centre stage, but after awhile this can become frustrating – believing that their own needs are not being met.

One way this relationship can work is if the Leo guarantees Virgo that they are valued and needed. This will help shut down any feelings of uselessness.

11Aries and Scorpio

Scorpio Meg Ryan married her husband, Aries actor Dennis Quaid, in 1991. Ten years later, they divorced after Quaid accused his wife of having an affair with her Proof Of Life co-star Russell Crowe – also an Aries. If Meg would have known that a Scorpio-Aries hook-up will always end in disaster then she could have saved herself a lot of heartbreak.

Words that can describe this union would be “explosive” and “intense.” When this team aren’t making fireworks in the bedroom they are setting them off directly at each other. Both partners are strong willed, both desire complete control and both are looking to be the leader of the partnership. Scorpios are naturally jealous and Aries love to flirt – they are the type of couple who smile and wave goodbye to friends when leaving a party only to argue all the way home in the car.

All Aries-Scorpio couples have to do is compromise in the relationship – but neither will without a good fight first.

10 Taurus and Aquarius

Uma Thurman is a typical Taurus – strong-willed, stubborn and confident. She had a difficult time when in 2014 her ex-fiance, French financier Arpad “Arki” Busson, who is an Aquarius, pressed charges against her over custody of their baby daughter, Luna. Both sides reached an agreement but not without a long legal battle. This would not have been easy as a Taurus-Aquarius match is one of complete opposites.

Unfortunately for these two it’s the stars that are against them. Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of romance, love, beauty and calm. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the rebel planet of the unexpected. The main issue in this relationship is communication. During a discussion, Taurus will push their point across as far as it will go whereas Aquarius will refuse to engage leading to an infuriating argument. This one can work as long as they both learn how to talk to each other eye-to-eye.

9Gemini and Cancer

Sadly a Gemini-Cancer union is just not meant to be as this couple will have very little in common. They both suffer from irrational mood-swings and are therefore likely to irritate each other quite quickly.

They also have very different priorities, Cancer Tom Cruise would have preferred the quiet life settling down at home, whereas Nicole Kidman, being a Gemini, requires much more mental stimulation and prefers to be out in the world. The pair stuck it out for 11 years together, but we can only imagine the hurt feelings that took place behind the scenes.

Deep down this couple could work as they both have a great sense of humour. Gemini just needs to have more patience with Cancer and help them work out their insecurities, while in return Cancer can provide the loving security that Gemini craves.

8Sagittarius and Capricorn

Capricorn Ava Gardner and Sagittarius Frank Sinatra managed six years of marriage (yet actually only being together for two years of that time), which is a miracle for this doomed astrological match. The main issue with this union is the complete lack of sexual chemistry, they have to be practically forced together if this relationship is ever planning on going anywhere.

Gardner had an affair during her relationship with Sinatra, she started sleeping with actor Robert Mitchum later confessing on her deathbed, “I was crazy about him.” It was this spark she lacked with Sinatra but unfortunately with the stars against them both it was never meant to be.

7Virgo and Gemini

The main issue a Gemini (Courtney Cox) will find with their Virgo (David Arquette) partners is that – well, they will bore them to death. Virgo works very hard, almost too hard, and they are often found stressing about deadlines every night they return home. Gemini on the other hand take a more relaxed approach to work and can’t understand why their partners just can’t “switch off.”

Money is also a huge issue in this relationship. A true Gemini loves a good spending spree, whereas the Virgo prefers to save for a rainy day. As many relationships end up breaking down over financial issues this is not typically a union that manages to stand the test of time. Cox and Arquette did really try to make it work and they spent fourteen years together before going their separate ways now with more suitable partners.

6Pisces and Leo

A Pisces-Leo match is an uneven one. There can be quite a lot of frustrations here as a true Leo, like Selena Gomez, needs a lot of attention yet Pisces are generally too wrapped up in themselves to care. Nobody likes to feel like an afterthought yet that is the main frustration of a Leo in this doomed union.

In the beginning, these two are real romantics and they will sweep each other off their feet. Yet when it comes to a more long-term affair that’s when the cracks will start to appear. Quite often Pisces can dampen the enthusiasm of a Leo, they just don’t worship them as much as they would like. The only way this relationship can work is if the two make their needs very clear to each other right from the beginning – or frustration awaits.Featured Today

5Gemini and Scorpio

Just like Scorpio Katy Perry and Gemini Russell Brand, their compatibility is based on how much time they plan on spending together. Initially this match will be ignited by extreme sexual chemistry – they literally will not be able to keep their hands off of each other. After just one year of dating, this couple ran down the aisle together only to divorce two years later.

Both sides are quite extrovert in their manner, so they need time to recharge – and that doesn’t mean together. As long as a Gemini-Scorpio couple understand that time away from each other doesn’t mean they are distancing themselves emotionally then no feelings should get hurt.

Another conflict in this relationship is Scorpio tends to be almost too open with their true emotions. Deep intense conversations, staring into each others eyes and talking about real feelings is enough to see Gemini jump out the window just to get away.

4Aquarius and Cancer

There is a reason why Cancer is represented by the crab and that’s because they are very clingy. Once they get their claws on you it’s almost impossible to get them to let go. Aquarius on the other hand is a water sign, free-thinking, easy-going and loves to be out in the evening. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Lindsay Lohan first started dating That 70s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama in 2004 for a whole year. Yet her typical Cancer sign has proven that she just won’t let go and the couple were last seen out together in 2014 – ten years since their break-up.

A true Aquarius will want more freedom than the Cancer will allow. They need to feel safe and secure so they don’t like their partners away from the nest for very long. It never really works out for an Aquarius-Cancer companionship as the lack of trust from Cancer is just unbearable.

3 Libra and Pisces

When a Libra and Pisces couple unite they have the ability to take on the world together and they begin to see everything in a bright, new light. There is just one problem for these two – life isn’t always easy.

When the going gets tough – Libra-Pisces pairings tend to just bury their head in the sand. They would rather let a problem escalate to the extremes instead of just tackling the issue. Unfortunately with both parties being so passive in the face of conflict this is not a good match and they often dig their own grave together without even realising.

Pisces and Libra turn away from each other when sadly they need each other most – just like Libra Gwyneth Paltrow and Pisces Chris Martin who “consciously uncoupled” after 12 years of marriage.

2Leo and Taurus

Mick and Bianca Jagger tried to make a Leo-Taurus union work between 1971–1978, but sadly it was not meant to be. The main issue between these two is they are both very demanding and have high expectations. They will physically and emotionally drain each other every day as from the moment they wake they need constant attention.

One other thing that can go horribly wrong for the pair is they both have a very strong sense of pride – meaning that if one upsets the other they are not very likely to apologise. Their relationship looks perfect from the outside looking in but behind closed doors there can be a lot of hurt feelings.

1Aries and Cancer

Potentially an Aries and Cancer match could make a great team – yet when emotions come into play this relationship is heading nowhere but disaster-ville. Aries signs crave international travel and world domination. Cancer prefers home cooked dinner and snuggles on the sofa. They are constantly pulling in different directions and this can cause huge conflicts.

During these conflicts Aries will claim their Cancer partner is being sensitive, too emotional and moody. Cancer will find Aries too impulsive, domineering and uncaring. They can both spend days apart with neither willing to pick up the phone and say sorry as they both believe they are in the right.

Actress Jennifer Garner and actor Scott Foley were an Aries/Cancer match who managed to survive just four years of marriage together.

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