12 Ways You Want To Be Broken Up With As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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12 Ways You Want To Be Broken Up With As Per Your Zodiac Sign

While being broken up with is extremely painful, the way in which you are broken up with can actually save you from some pain. Sure, the guy you were dating no longer wants to date you. That’s one part of the whole break up thing that you can’t really get around and that hurts to accept. There isn’t any way to fully get around that pain. Though, if he sits down and explains to you why you are breaking up in a manner tailored to your zodiac sign, it could help, right?

It may seem far-fetched but if people can provide you with a daily horoscope based on your zodiac sign, can’t your break up be easier if it’s fit for your zodiac sign? I mean, an Aries should be broken up with much differently than a Libra. That’s all we’re sayin’. Plus, we would try anything to make a break up just a teeny less painful. A break up will always suck but maybe, just maybe it’ll suck a little less if we’re broken up with correctly. Here’s to hoping.

12Aries: She Would Rather Do The Breaking Up

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a bit headstrong if we’re being honest. Aries are determined, optimistic and passionate. That being said, breaking up with someone who exhibits those three personality traits can be a bit of a challenge, which is why an Aries would prefer to do the breaking up herself. Aries are born leaders so to be the leader of the break up in some form would help her deal with the change. Of course, one can’t necessarily force an Aries to break up with them, but if it’s her idea in some way, shape or form, she’ll be much more open to moving on.

11Taurus: Take The Time To Let Her Down In A Sensitive Manner

A Taurus is much different from the Aries. The Earth sign is stable, sensitive and patient but breaking up with her may be a challenge, as a Taurus is also stubborn and uncompromising. Considering this, one should take time when breaking up with a Taurus. They are practical so she will understand that the relationship is not working eventually but she just has to overcome their stubbornness. Also, because the Taurus is in tune with emotions and a very romantic sign, she should be handled with care. She will likely take it hard but if you are patient with her through the breakup, the relationship could blossom into a beautiful friendship.

10Gemini: Talk Out All The Conflicting Points

Gemini, you are known for being the sign of the twin and that is exactly what a guy should consider when breaking up with you. While being the sign of the twin is sometimes seen as having two personalities, it could help tremendously in a breakup. The best way to end a relationship with a Gemini is for the significant other to talk out all of the different points. Being that she has a curious personality, she will likely have many questions and points that she will want them to cover. After their curiosity has been fulfilled, the process of moving on will be much easier.

9Cancer: Assure Her That You Will Still Be There

Cancers are are so loyal, dependable and caring. She makes an excellent girlfriend for sure but it can be difficult to end things with her. How exactly do you end something with someone so full of love and adoration for you? It’s hard but in the end, all a Cancer wants to know is that you will still be there for them. They are clingy and oversensitive so promising to still be a part of their life is very important in the transition from dating to no longer dating. Of course, she’s a moody Cancer so she might not be open to this friendship off the bat but she’ll appreciate it in the long run.

8Leo: Upfront And Direct Breakup

Leo is another fire sign and like the Aries, they are tough as nails. Leos are creative, passionate creatures who are generally cheerful, but don’t let that warm-heartedness fool you, the Leo ain’t nobody’s charity case. They identify with the lion and possess a “king of the jungle” inner strength so they can take the breakup. One difficulty is that she often times has difficulty facing reality so the best bet is to have a direct, upfront breakup. It will hurt her at first but the Leo will appreciate the directness.

7Virgo: Show Her That You’re Hurting Too

Virgos are another emotional Earth sign. She has feelings and that’s okay. On top of that, she’s also analytical and overly critical of herself. She hates asking for help, which is what she may need during a break up. In order to help her move on, a partner should show that they are hurting during the breakup too. This will ease her analytical mind. Instead of over thinking it and worrying that her partner doesn’t care, if she sees their emotion, this will ease the analyzing… though, she’ll probably still analyze.

6Libra: Suggest Being Friends

Libras are peaceful air signs. They don’t want to fight through a breakup but that doesn’t mean they won’t be hurting. Libras are diplomatic and very fair so it is likely that if someone approaches a breakup from a fair place and has not wronged the Libra, she will be able to have an open mind. Libras are generally just looking for harmony in their lives so they won’t like to keep negative energy from a breakup. However, Libras can also be self-pitying and carry a grudge so if you have wronged a Libra, it is best to steer clear of her until the dust has settled. It is likely that she will be able to switch into the friend zone before many other signs.Featured Today

5Scorpio: She Wants To See That You Really, Really Tried

A Scorpio likes a good fight but may not be so quick to forgive. While Scorpios are passionate and true, the flip-side of dating someone like that is that they can also be distrusting and very jealous. Upon a breakup, they may jump to several conclusions that may not be all that true. It is important to make sure you explain how much you truly tried to make the relationship work and what exactly went wrong. This will help a Scorpio trust your reasons for the breakup.

4Sagittarius: The Breakup Is The End Of One Adventure And Beginning Of Another

Sagittarius are adventurers through and through. They see many stages of life simply as a new adventure. A job, an apartment and even a relationship is an adventure in their eyes and that is a beautiful way to view life. I mean, by that definition, life is really just one big adventure after another. While a Sagittarius does not like having her heart broken just as much as any other sign, it is easy for her to change her perspective about the breakup. If she views the breakup as freedom to find a new adventure, the pain of the breakup will be softened.

3Capricorn: Remind Her That She Has Support

A Capricorn can be difficult to breakup with as she can be unforgiving and a know-it-all. That can be especially hard to deal with when breaking someone’s heart but there are ways around this. Capricorns value tradition and family so gently reminding them that they can turn to their friends and family during this time will go a long way. Of course, she may not suddenly forgive you but she will certainly have an easier time getting over the pain and with that, forgiveness may come eventually.

2Aquarius: She Doesn’t Want To Hear Clichés

An Aquarius woman is independent and original so she doesn’t want to hear a breakup that is cookie cutter. Do not tell her that it’s not her, it’s you. She will hate that. The best thing to do when breaking up with an Aquarius is to confront the situation in the most authentic of manners. Aquarius are also very good listeners so she’ll be able to digest whatever it is that happened but she needs to hear the unfiltered version. She also likes to feel unique so assuring her that even though the relationship failed, she will always be an important person in your life is important as well.

1Pisces: Do It Right Away

Pisces are wise and intuitive so the sooner you tell her what is going on in your head, the better. For the most part, one will not leap into a breakup as soon as they feel they should. They stick around in a dead relationship for weeks, months and even years until they finally speak up. Since Pisces will most likely know that you are feeling this way as soon as you feel it, it is best to speak up sooner rather than later. Why leave your Pisces knowing that you’re unhappy for longer than necessary? Because of this wisdom that comes naturally to the Pisces, they will likely understand the reasons for the break up.

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