12 Ways To Show Him What He’s Missing Out On (& 12 Ways To Win Him Back)

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March 24, 2019
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March 24, 2019
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12 Ways To Show Him What He’s Missing Out On (& 12 Ways To Win Him Back)

When we’re just getting out of a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the end. Instead, if we still have feelings that we just can’t seem to let go of, we should consider perhaps getting back with our boo. We totally understand that things just might not be in the cards right now and instead, we have to spend some time apart. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t show him what he’s missing out on.

The only way to end the year off right is to show our ex-boo how amazing we are. It doesn’t matter whether we lost touch mutually or not. What really matters is showing what a catch we still are – and always may be. Even though we may not be together right now, it doesn’t mean it always has to be this way. Instead, keep them on the shelf, waiting, just in case. There’s no point in ending all communication when a future spark might be exactly what we need.

That’s why we’ve figured out 12 ways to really show our lover what he’s missing out on. He’s sure going to be questioning why losing us was ever okay. If we do hope to eventually rekindle things with him, we’ve also added another 12 ways to get him back. While most people might be hesitant to try and win their ex back, we think it’s not too bad of an idea. If we still have some intense emotion for our ex, then maybe getting back together would be just the ticket.

Whatever the case may be, our list has some awesome tips on how to better things now that we’re single. What truly matters is that we’re the best version of ourselves. Forget about what our ex might think of us and instead focus on our own happiness. That will for sure get him to notice what he’s missing out on!

24Take Charge: Call Up The BFFs

One of the best ways to show your ex what he’s missing out on is by giving your BFFs a call. Your truth is, you totally lost touch with them throughout your past relationship as you were obsessing over your man.

It’s time to give your friends all of the attention they’ve been missing out on.

This really proves to your partner that you’re so over obsessing over the past and are instead living your best life. Catch up with your girlfriends and live a little. Don’t be scared to go wild and have fun. Remember, you are newly single and should be hopping back into anything you might’ve missed out on while in a relationship!

23Win Him Back: Become The Best Version Of Ourselves

Sometimes the main reason why a relationship might fall apart is when one person isn’t as interested as they once were. It’s heartbreaking for the other person, however, is totally something that could happen. If your relationship fell apart due to this, it’s time to switch things up.

Work on becoming the best version of yourself as that will for sure seize his attention. Try to figure out a few ways to be a little more fun and attractive. Often times, the best part of a relationship is the early stages where the attraction is through the roof. That’s why it’s critical for you to figure out how to recreate this vibe!

22Take Charge: Re-Vamp The Closet

Sometimes the best way to get over someone is through a complete makeover. It helps you feel like a new person while forgetting about the past.

The best way to show him what he’s missing out on is to improve your look and maybe try out a new style that scares you.

We recommend going on a little shopping spree to find a new aesthetic that really matches you. Whether you want to win him back or not, improving your look is also a great way to find someone new. They’ll be attracted to your fresh style as you ditch the old for something new. The best part is you’ll feel like a completely new person!

21Win Him Back: Meet Up To ‘Catch Up’

If you’re obsessing over winning your ex-lover back, then hit him up! You can’t expect him to just walk back into your life. Instead, you’re going to have to do some serious work to get him to come back into your life.

This means calling him up just to catch up. It’s something civil all ex-couples should be able to do, without any hidden agenda. You, on the other hand, should definitely have something up your sleeve when you ask him to catch up. Spending time together is a sure fire way to show him how amazing you are. This will totally get him to hop back into your life. However, the key is to make sure not to come off as desperate, but instead as kind!

20Take Charge: ‘Accidentally’ Bump Into Each Other

If you want to show your ex what he’s really missing out on, literally let him see. Figure out a way to accidentally bump into each other. This way you won’t come off as trying to show off how great you’re doing without him

A great way to do this is to attend a party of mutual friends!

He will most likely be there and will for sure notice how amazing you look with your fresh attitude. The key isn’t getting him back, but rather show him what he’s missing out on. Put on your best outfit and make sure to get all dolled up. Your ex-lover is going to be reminiscing a ton about that past that he’ll be willing to do anything to add you into his future!

19Win Him Back: Live The Best Life Possible

While it might not make sense that the key to winning him back is by ignoring it, it totally works. The last thing your ex wants is to see you living your best life possible after breaking up. He’s going to be incredibly puzzled as to what’s going on, desiring you even more.

We recommend that if you really want him back, forget him! He’s sure to see how amazing you’re doing and come crawling back. Once you stop stressing over him your energy will become more and more positive. This will pull him in as he realizes how amazing you are and how much he misses you! Don’t be scared to show him what he lost and that you’re doing so much better without him

18Take Charge: Flirt With Someone New

While this might seem incredibly intense to do, it’s sure to do the job. Finding a new fling is the key to getting your lover to notice how over him you are.

Once you become desirable to the rest of the world, he’ll want you even more.

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone you’ve once called ‘yours’ be someone else’s. However, if you are about to start up something new, you should make sure that you’re seriously into this person. The last thing you want is to go through another break up if this person figures out that you’re only using him. Instead, have a little fun with someone new while making it known to your ex that you’re so over him.Featured Today

17Win Him Back: Independence Is Key

One of the best ways to show him what he’s missing out on is by showing that he is the last thing on your mind. You are so busy on following your own passions and endeavors that he simply never crosses your thoughts. Whether this is a lie or not doesn’t matter, what’s really important is that he thinks you don’t care.

Slowly but surely you’ll be able to gain his attention. Once you become more independent, you’ll truly be able to show him who’s in charge. If you’re willing to let him back into your life then go ahead. If not, keep on focusing on doing what makes you happy and ignoring any thoughts of him you might have.

16Take Charge: Go On A Little Vacation

Sometimes the best way to really get over someone is to go on a fun vacation. We often have to get out of the same old routine that’s holding us back in a negative place.

Grab your girlfriends and run off somewhere exotic that you’ve been obsessing over what seems like forever.

This will for sure turn your ex’s head as he notices you living your best life without him. Show him that you don’t need anyone other than yourself to have a good time. While this might be hard to do at first, it’s something you have to do to feel free!

15Win Him Back: Ignore Him

If you want to get his attention, then make sure to ignore him. This is key to letting him know that you don’t have any care about your relationship. This will for sure confuse him as he questions whether the split was a good idea.

If you want him to fight for you, this is something you should totally do. He’ll be crawling right back into your life in almost no time. If he happens to text, ignore it. If he calls, send that straight to voicemail. Make sure you’re active on social media showing that you’re doing better than ever! This is the key to getting him back into your life.

14Take Charge: See Your Mutual Friends

Just because the things between the two of you fell apart doesn’t mean you have to radically change your life. Instead, you should still live as if nothing happened.

While they might have been his friends initially, they’re now also yours!

That’s why the last thing you should be stressing over is whether you should cut these people out of your life too. Instead, hit up your mutual friends and make sure to catch up. He’ll for sure hear about this from them making him want you even more. You’re not about to change your life because of a guy, and you’re not scared to make that known!

13Win Him Back: Be Willing To Compromise

If you want to win your ex back, you better be willing to meet halfway. The last thing that you want is to jump back into a relationship where you aren’t truly happy. Neither you or your ex deserves to find yourself miserable like in the past.

It’s time for you to analyze how much of the break up was your fault. If you’re truly willing to do whatever it takes to win your ex back, you’ll have to compromise. You can’t expect him to be interested in rekindling things when we simply weren’t happy in the past. Figure out what you’re willing to work on if it means getting him back. Remember, you can also negotiate what he should better on his end!

12Take Charge: Go A Little Wild

If your relationship happened to fall apart due to a lack of chemistry, it’s time to try and get it back. We recommend that you make a list of everything crazy you’ve been meaning to do, and get on it. Word will definitely reach your ex that you’re taking a hold of your life and facing your fears.

Your ex will be incredibly attracted to your new found fearless attitude.

This may have been the one thing missing in your relationship. If he sees that you’re starting to expand your comfort zone he might be inspired to start things back up! However, if you’re about to go a little wild, make sure you’re doing this for yourself and no one else!

11Win Him Back: Meet Someone New

Sometimes the best way to end up back with your ex is to find a new lover. Once he gets word that you’ve moved onto someone new, he’s yours. Endless thoughts of the past will fill his mind, pushing him more and more back into your arms.

While the thought of someone new might not be of any interest, we recommend giving a shot. You might be ready to jump back into the dating game. Who knows, maybe having someone new enter the picture will instead help you get over our ex completely. Instead, you might find yourself falling head over heels for someone totally new!

10Take Charge: Find New Dreams

It’s time for you to completely take charge of your life again and follow your dreams. If you often found yourself putting life on hold in a relationship, it’s time to focus on yourself.

This will for sure show him that you’re coming back in tune with your passions.

You’re not about to keep holding onto the past as there are way better things to be thinking about. Whether you want to get his attention or not, you should totally be focusing on yourself. Figure out what your exact dreams are, and what it is that you have to do to achieve them.

9Win Him Back: Speak The Truth

We here at the TheTalko believe that the best way to win your lover back is to simply talk it out. While playing all of these mental games might be fun, they don’t actually guarantee anything. Instead, call up your partner and tell the truth.

Don’t hold back your genuine emotions. If you truly have some intense feelings for him still, make it known. The last thing you want is to regret not fighting for your lover. If they’re truly important to you, don’t be scared to make it known. While there is totally a chance of heartbreak, there is a way bigger chance of regret.

8Take Charge: Party Until Sunrise

Forget about your ex and start living life to the fullest. It’s time to take charge of your life and do what really makes you happy.

There’s no point in waiting around for someone when it’s so not worth it.

If you want to grab his attention, focus on yourself. Start exploring the world and everything it has to offer. Find a new passion to peruse. Or maybe call up your girlfriends and party until sunrise. While you might be obsessing over a certain someone, it’s critical to instead shift focus to yourself and being happy!

7Win Him Back: Re-Evaluate Everything

If you genuinely want to win him back, it’s going to take some planning. Get ready to sit back and take a look at your whole relationship. This involves everything from the good times to the worst.

What you’re looking for is all of the issues that inevitably lead to your relationship falling apart. If you want your lover back, you better make sure that things don’t fall apart like they once did. Get ready to make your genuine feelings well known as you win your lover back through new promises.

6Take Charge: Get A New Attitude

It’s time to completely forget about your lover by getting a new attitude. You’re not about to go back to your old ways since they’re so not healthy. Instead, it’s time to jump back into things and start focusing on what makes you happy.

If you think that any thoughts of your ex are acceptable, they’re not.

Find your inner strength to completely give your life a whole new makeover. It’s time to reconstruct your mind and become stronger than ever. Only then will you never find yourself in a similar situation again! It’s time to truly figure out what you desire and focus on being the best version of yourself possible

5Win Him Back: Come To Terms With It

Sometimes the last thing that you should be doing is strategizing ways to win back a lover when there’s no point. Take some time and come to terms with reality and the situation. If you and your ex split up, there’s probably a good reason to it.

The last thing you want is to waste all of your energy trying to win someone back who you don’t even want. If you’re going to jump back into the swing of things with this person, you should at least be totally positive that you want to do so. Also, if the reasons why your relationship ended are major, they can’t simply be overlooked. Re-assess what you’re doing and where you want this relationship to actually go. Maybe it’s best that it came to an end!

4Take Charge: Dive Into Your Passions

There are endless things that you always wanted to try but never had the time. Now that you have some new found freedom it might be the moment you’ve been waiting for you jump back into your passions.

This will so show your ex what he’s missing out on as you let out endless positive vibes. 

Your energy will only attract him closer as you work on achieving new skills and endeavors. Even if you don’t care about what your ex thinks, you should still pursue these passions. We promise you’ll have a complete awakening when you finally find what you’ve been searching for your whole life!

3Win Him Back: Work On Some Issues

If you want him back, you’re going to have to work for it. There was probably a pretty good reason why you two split, and you simply can’t ignore it. Unless you want everything to fall apart like it once did, it’s time to analyze the past.

Figure out what loose ends came undone and lead to the downfall. We’re pretty sure it had to be something serious that split you two apart. If you’re truly in love with your partner, you better be willing to put in the work to mend your relationship. However, keep in mind that your partner must be equally willing to do so. The last thing that you want is for one person to be working hard on making things work, while the other one isn’t!

2Take Charge: Change Up Your Hair

Sometimes the best way to get over someone is to change up your look. One of the best ways to reinvent yourself is to switch up your hair. For a girl, this totally shows that you’re looking for a fresh start by trying to look like someone new.

Every guy knows that when a girl switches up her hair, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. 

He’s going to for sure notice your major power move as you do whatever it takes to start a new chapter in your life. While it sounds a little crazy, changing your hair is the exact life-changing step you absolutely have to take. You’ll feel like a better version of yourself able to take on whatever comes your way. If you want him to see what he’s missing out on, this will for sure have him know that you’re over him.

1Win Him Back: Forget Him!

At the end of the day, you’re way too amazing to be playing games and trying to win someone back. If they’re too blind to see what they’ve lost, they’re not worth it. Unless you have some emotions that you simply can’t let go of, it’s time to move on.

Instead of trying to rekindle a flame, come to terms with the fact that it simply blew out. It might be painful to find yourself without him, but it’s something you simply have to go through. Forget about trying to win him back and instead focus on yourself. Once you regain your strength, you’ll be ready to meet someone new and a million times better!

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