12 Reasons You Should Be Having S*X Every Single Day.

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January 20, 2019
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January 20, 2019
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12 Reasons You Should Be Having S*X Every Single Day.



Some people might not need any reasons at all, but many of us require a little convincing. Sex every day seems like a lot of work and nobody wants extra work. Don’t worry! There are so many great reasons to do it everyday you will be ready to jump in the sack right now. Daily sex has the potential to improve your quality of life in so many areas. Feel better, look better , even discover a healthier you by spending a little extra time between the sheets. Who knew the secret to success was hiding right in our own bedrooms. None of these benefits are limited to your bedroom necessarily and if you are going to join me on the daily sex challenge you might need to get creative!

12-The More You Do It, The More You Desire It

For women it’s common to desire sex less than men, especially once they are in a committed relationship. Some men experience this too. A quick Google search and you will discover tons of supplements and diets all geared toward increasing libido but there is an easier solution. If you begin to have sex, your body often responds and suddenly you want sex when you thought you didn’t. Not only does this work as a short-term solution but your sex drive will increase as well. Consequently, when you don’t have sex often, your body sort of gets used to this and turns down the drive. Because of these biological factors, it might be worth your time to practice maintenance sex even if you aren’t really excited about it.

11-Use It Or Lose It

Lack of sex is linked to erectile dysfunction. While this may be concerning for men, women might not find this factor so important. Think again! Periods of abstinence are also linked to vaginal atrophy. Infrequent sex may not cause these problems but it does put you at higher risk for them. When having sex, a woman’s estrogen levels increase. Estrogen helps prevent aging in our body but especially in the vagina. Similarly, the penis is a vascular, muscular, organ. Just like our heart and lungs, this organ needs regular exercise in order to stay healthy.

10-Confirms Feelings

Daily sex is a great way to let each other know “I’m still into you”. We are together, loving each other, attracted to each other. Sure, there will be days that one of you isn’t excited about it but sex almost always ends well. Even the act of having sex when you weren’t feeling it can signify to your partner that they are still important to you. Silently, sex can squash any worries your partner may be having about your relationship. It can help make awkward conversations completely unnecessary reaffirming an emotional and physical connection.  Instead of Makeup sex, try having sex before the argument. Maybe you won’t need to bother.

9-Get Your Cardio On!

Sex has obvious workout benefits but how good is it really? In truth, sex will only burn about 100-200 calories. This is similar to 15 minutes on the treadmill. With a little work you can increase how many calories you burn and help improve your flexibility. In order to burn maximum calories you will need to plan for endurance. Make sure to eat energizing whole foods (Oysters, blueberries, peanuts, bananas) so that you don’t lose steam during your workout. It’s not recommended to give up your workout totally in favor of sex but if you concentrate on tightening your core and spending a little extra time between the sheets, it’s really easy to make sex benefit your body.

8-Eliminate Stress

Whether you realize it or not, lack of sex is stressing your relationship. Sex is one way men show love and affection. If he is denied that, he might be feeling rejected completely as your partner.This happens even if you have a great excuse for not wanting sex. On the flip side, sex helps women to feel wanted and desired. If she is denied, a women may feel like you don’t find her attractive and start looking for flaws both external and internal. Not only does having daily sex eliminate these long-term issues, there is also a period of relaxation that follows love-making. This is great for those of us who have high stress lives and want to minimize any negative impacts stress might have.

7-Reduces Depression

Sex causes chemicals to be released in our body. The Oxytocin and endorphins released during sex help us relax and help prevent anxiety and depression. Studies show that depressed people have less sex. If you suffer from depression, sex can help boost your mood and act as a buffer. The oxytocin produced during sex can act as a feel good chemical that may provide some relief. There is also some recent data showing exposure to semen reduces symptoms of depression. Women who used condoms or abstained reported higher levels of depression while women who had regular sex reported relief.

6-Better Sleep

The same chemicals that help serve as antidepressants after sex also help us sleep. In addition to that, sex releases prolactin. Prolactin is higher when we are sleeping so sex and sleep are like best friends. After an orgasm both male and female bodies become completely relaxed. This leads to a deeper better sleep. If you are seeking a better snooze I wouldn’t go for a full cardio session but simple comforting canoodle could be your ticket. We have mentioned the increase in estrogen production a few times. This seems to have a lot of benefits for women, including enhancing REM sleep. More REM sleep equates to better quality sleep all around.

5-Minimizes Pain

It seems like women have been using the headache excuse forever. Sorry ladies, but that ends here. You may not feel like having sex with a headache but the endorphins released during orgasm are close to morphine. They are certainly going to help you more than popping an over the counter pill. The same oxytocin that acts as an anti-depressant also acts a pain-killer. This also helps to increase your pain tolerance. Even if that headache isn’t completely gone, you will typically find it to be less bothersome after sex. The pain relief also goes right along with relaxing and decreased stress.

4-A Strong Immune System

Studies are showing that people who have frequent sex have higher levels of Immunoglobulin A. IGA is what your body uses to prevent cold and flu. People who have frequent sex produce up to 30% more IGA. Perhaps companies should start investing in Sex days to prevent so many sick days. People who report frequent intercourse also have lower rates of prostate cancer and faster healing time. Sex aids the immune system in another way, by helping with sleep. People who don’t get enough sleep have a harder time fighting off bacteria and viruses. Getting your flu shot in the bedroom sounds much more fun.

3-Look Younger

A study in Scotland showed that couples who have frequent sex are actually perceived younger by others. One reason could be that sex releases estrogen. Estrogen helps our skin, hair, and nails look gorgeous and soft. Intercourse also causes our body to release HGH (human growth hormone) and this makes our skin more elastic. If that wasn’t enough, the endorphins secreted during sex protect our collagen. Collagen breakdown is the main reason our bodies show signs of aging. We already talked about sex helping with sleep and I know I look and feel younger with a good night’s rest. In addition to all these benefits, sex releases testosterone and that keeps our men handsome and hunky. Dr. Oz claims that frequent sex can reduce our physiologic age by up to 6 years. I’m sure this is the fountain of youth that some of our favorite leading ladies are using.

2-Solve Period Problems

Multiple orgasms are linked to lighter periods. The frequent contracting is said to rid the uterus of blood and tissue more quickly. I was a bit skeptical of this one but after some period sex I was rid of that bloody beast 2 days early. This is definitely a worthy trade. In addition to the pain relieving benefits, orgasms can help to relieve those stubborn menstrual and premenstrual cramps. Sex during your period may feel like an unnatural act but sometimes the benefits might outweigh the awkwardness. If the awkwardness is unbearable, consider using a soft-cup during sexual activity. This fits inside and your partner won’t even notice it’s there.

1-Preserves Brain Age

Throw out those boring crossword puzzles and brain games you’ve been doing and swap them for sex. Unlike drinking green tea and eating berries, daily sex is free and fun. The release of dopamine and oxytocin during sex help brain connectivity. Studies are showing that as we age, those of us who are more sexually active have more cognitive function and perform better on tests. We mentioned oxytocin and it’s benefits earlier but there is one more benefit I forgot. Oxytocin helps your brain by boosting problem solving skills. This is why you can never sneak anything past a Grandma! Sex also causes a release of serotonin, which aids in creativity. Maybe that is the reason your Grandma is so crafty and probably why all your friends seem to have taken up knitting.

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