12 Foods You Should Eat Based On Your Zodiac

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12 Foods You Should Eat Based On Your Zodiac

Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about you. It can explain your personality – your creative side, your love for balance – but did you know it can also help determine the foods that you eat? You may be surprised that there are certain foods you should enjoy given your particular sign to help balance out your physical and mental health. Want to give it a try? Here are 12 foods you should eat based on your zodiac sign.


A Taurus sign is eager and reliable.You will go above and beyond to resolve a conflict but you are also very sensual and passionate. Some tasty food items for you to try are pineapple, cucumber, and beans to help feed your carnal appetite while still staying healthy.


As a Gemini, you are a witty gal who is usually the life of the party. You’re smart, fun, and always looking for a good time, which means you need the proper nourishment to keep up with you. Shoot for eating carrots, ginger, and cayenne pepper to help keep you focused and coming out on top.


Cancer is a caring sign and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. She’s more interested in making others happy and comfortable, which can include feeding hearty foods to guests – and herself when she’s alone. Instead of sticking to the carby delights, try a few healthier eats like beets, seaweed, and ginger.


A Leo is very energetic and also dramatic, but not when it comes to heart health. This sign takes its health pretty seriously especially when it comes to the ticker, which means a balanced meal is always a must. Shoot for heart-healthy foods like avocados, whole grains, and some dark chocolate for a sweet treat.


Oh earthy Virgo. You are not only in-tune with Mother Earth but you are a perfectionist and incredibly disciplined, not to mention creative. So what does this mean in the kitchen? You’re most likely not afraid to try new recipes, especially those that are healthy. And the best foods to work with are peanut butter, oranges, and leafy greens – but chances are, you’re probably already eating them.


If you are a Libra, you are one of the most considerate people your friends know. You are selfless and like to put others’ feelings above your own. In order to take care of everyone else, it’s important for you to also take care of yourself, starting with your diet. Add oats, apples, and fresh tuna to your routine for ample effect.


A Scorpio is a heroic sign who is curious about life and the world we live in. For a gutsy gal like yourself, you want to eat food that will help fuel your body and your mind. Try adding coconut, blueberries, and oatmeal to your daily eating habits for the best results.Featured Today


As an intelligent Sagittarius, you are always eager to learn more which means you’re constantly on the go. You can’t stay put in one place for too long because you know how important it is to explore. Choose some food items that pair perfectly with your need-to-know attitude like garlic, pears, and chili peppers to spice things up.


For all those Capricorns out there, we envy you. You’re so driven, you almost always get what you want out of life, but you’re also sensible so you know what’s what before the rest of us. And for that, you take pride in eating the right foods for your body (and your sign) including kale, potatoes, bananas, and corn.


If you are an Aquarius sign, chances are you’re the compassionate one out of your group. You’re very in-tuned about the earth and the people in it, always wanting to help those in need. However, it’s also important for you to help yourself, like eating the right foods for your diet which can include anything from roasted vegetables to dried dates.


If you are a Pisces, you are very spiritual and in-touch with your inner being. You want to do right to the world and to your body. However, you are also very adaptable, which means you aren’t afraid to try something new especially if it benefits your mind, body, and soul. Some excellent food choices that will do just that are broccoli, flax seed, and cherries.


As the leader of the pack, Aries is the zodiac sign that is always trying new things and constantly going. With a busy schedule such as yours, it’s important to take in plenty of yummy (and healthy) foods that will help keep you up and running, such as walnuts, figs, lentils, and lots of lean meats.

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