12 Astro Signs She Should Run Away From (& 12 She Should Be Looking For)

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January 13, 2019
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January 13, 2019
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12 Astro Signs She Should Run Away From (& 12 She Should Be Looking For)



There’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” astro sign. Rather, each of the 12 signs has both great and not-so-great qualities. That’s what makes it a little tricky if you want to find your astro match.

Instead of focusing on what every sign’s characteristics are, you should take your relationship wants into account to choose a suitable partner. For example, while you might think that you should avoid Scorpio altogether because he’s melodramatic, he could actually be a good match because he’s extremely loyal. So, if you’re looking for someone who’s committed to you and will put his whole heart into the relationship, don’t eliminate all the Scorpio guys from your Tinder matches!

When you focus on what you want, you can go out there and achieve it with a partner who’ll bring out the best in you. But if astrology has taught us anything, it’s that finding astrological harmony should be at the top of your list.

Here are 12 astro signs you should avoid dating based on what you don’t want in a relationship. We’ve also explained why you might want to date a certain one of the signs based on the specific qualities they have. Pick and choose the signs that will make the best partners for you!

24-Aries — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Stable Who Likes Routines

Aries wants an adventurous and unconventional lifestyle. He doesn’t want to be tied down to anything, whether that refers to a city in which to live or a career position at a company. He’d rather live by the seat of his pants, being open to lots of different opportunities in life.

Although being around him is fun, his lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

If you’re the type of person who you wants routines and stability, you might end up feeling dissatisfied. Because with the adventure-seeking Aries, he’ll always keep you on your toes and possibly keep you guessing.

23-Taurus — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who’s Not So Stubborn

Although stubbornness isn’t such a fatal flaw in a partner, it can cause problems. If you’re the type of person who wants someone who’s a bit more flexible when it comes to his ideas and opinions and listens to your side without digging his heels into the ground, then you might have to give dating a Taurus guy a second thought. Known as the most stubborn sign, the Taurus guy will display his stubbornness during an argument. As reported by Astroyogi, Taurus isn’t the type to back down or even flinch unless you give up, or unless you’re a Taurus yourself!

22-Gemini — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who Listens More Than They Talk

When you first meet the Gemini guy, you’ll love that he’s so talkative and open–it makes those nerve-wracking first dates much easier to sail through. Over, time, though, you’ll notice his talkative ways may not be so charming, depending on your personality.

If you’re a chatterbox, you might end up clashing with your Gemini boyfriend.

Same goes for if you prefer to talk a little less. See, he loves to talk about anything and everything, which might feel a bit too much at times. He’s also a bit of an attention seeker, which might not work well if you’re an introvert.

21-Cancer — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who’s More Logical Than Emotional

Of course, the guy who’s a Cancer can be logical, but he’s more likely to show you his emotional side. This is not a bad thing! However, it might feel that way when he’s moody, sulking, or giving you a bit of the cold shoulder. While Cancer is sensitive and generous, he can also be prone to temper tantrums. Yikes. Astrology Zo. Signs reports that Cancer is guided by emotion and their heart, and since he’s ruled by the Moon, the lunar cycle deepens his mysterious nature and creates emotional patterns beyond his control. Be prepared for heavy emotions with this one!

20-Leo — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who Lets You Be In The Spotlight

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the sign that brings lots of sunshine into your life. But let’s be real: he also loves stealing a lot of that warmth. He wants to be in the spotlight and be praised and loved.

He’s proud of who he is, much like the lion of the jungle, and wants to be with someone who puts him on a pedestal.

Problem? If you’re not the type to shower him with lots of flattery or you want the spotlight for yourself, it can cause problems. The stage might not be big enough for the both of you!

19-Virgo — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who Goes With The Flow

Virgo is a perfectionist, even though some might call him obsessive. He’s not–he just has great ideals that he wants to live up to. That means his heart’s in the right place, even though his actions might not always be warm and fuzzy. But, if you don’t mind leaving the dinner dishes in the sink overnight and you’re not the type to have a super-detailed five-year plan of your life, then you might rub the Virgo man in your life the wrong way. He wants everything organized and freakishly tidy or else he feels his world will fall apart. Gulp.

18-Libra — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who Can Make Quick And Easy Decisions

Libra is a sign that’s symbolized by the scales. He wants balance and harmony. But he sometimes battles to make decisions that bring him that good feeling in his life. After all, big decisions require deep thought.

He might take a little too long to decide on the perfect restaurant or holiday vacation spot and he might even drag his heels when it comes to committing to you.

This can be frustrating to deal with if you’re the type of person who knows exactly what she wants and lacks patience for others taking their sweet time.

17-Scorpio — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For No Drama

You might love how complicated and interesting Scorpio is, but he also loves drama. This can be good, such as when he plans the most romantic dates for you, but it also has a turbulent side. For example, when he fights with you about something close to his heart, he’ll be prone to being intense. This is because Scorpio’s a Water sign. As reported by Love To Know, when water is deep and doesn’t flow, it can cause obsession, stagnation, and hidden emotions. Don’t be surprised if your Scorpio crush is completely different during an argument compared to when times are good.

16-Sagittarius — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who Can Commit Easily

Although Sagittarius will give you everything once he commits to you, getting him to commit is the problem. If you want someone who defines the relationship early on and makes you Facebook official easily, then Sagittarius might bring you pain.

This guy is a restless soul who likes to not be tied down to anything.

It takes him a long time to figure out what he wants, but when he chooses it, he won’t waste his time in getting it. It’s really up to you to decide how long to wait for him to make up his mind.

15-Capricorn — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who Lets You Take The Lead

Capricorn is an Earth sign that’s the last one in the trio of grounding and practicality. This means that, while Capricorn is great for focusing on the material world and using it to its highest potential, it also means that he can be stubborn and rigid. This can be seen in how he battles to change his perspective on matters. Some of his weaknesses including being a know-it-all and expecting the worst, the site goes on to say. So, if you like to take the lead sometimes, it might be difficult with Capricorn breathing down your neck.

14-Aquarius — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For A Guy Who Knows What He Wants

The Aquarius guy is someone who’s focused on the greater good. He’ll make decisions that are selfless, which is great because you feel like he takes those he loves into account. However, as Your Tango reports, Aquarius tends to think about things thoroughly before acting.

This might make you think he doesn’t know what he wants, and what makes it even more confusing is that he can be quite unpredictable at times.

What doesn’t help matters is that Aquarius sometimes battles to communicate what’s on his mind, as reported by Bolde, which makes for some interesting situations, to say the least.

13-Pisces — Avoid Him If You’re Looking For Someone Who Creates His Own Destiny

You want a partner who dislikes drama and prefers to go with the flow. But, sometimes the Pisces partner can go with the flow a bit too much for his own good. This makes him appear to be lazy. In fact, you might call the Pisces man in your life withdrawn and lazy, such as when he doesn’t open up to you as quickly as you’d like or takes his time with asking you out. That’s the important thing to know: he suffers from emotional laziness, as pointed out by Trusted Psychic Mediums, and it may be as a result of previous hurts.

12-Aries — Choose Him If You Like An Enthusiastic Partner

Even if you’re not as adventurous as the Aries man, if you like a lively and enthusiastic partner who makes every day feel exciting, then he’s the one for you.

You’ll never have a dull moment around an Aries guy and there’ll always be something exciting that he’ll love to share with you or a fun new adventure to take you on.

The best thing about dating an Aries guy is that he’ll never make the relationship become stale. As reported by Saga, he’s always one step ahead, which keeps your relationship feeling fresh and interesting.

11-Taurus — Choose Him If You Like Dating Nurturers

While he might be a bit stubborn at times, the Taurus guy has a lot of love to give. If you love feeling cared for and nurtured in your relationship, then he’s your man. He’s generous, faithful and loyal–as long as you’re true to him of course, according to Taurus Man Secrets. Ruled by Venus, the Taurus guy will also be nurturing because of how much he loves romance. If you choose this guy, get ready to feel pampered as he wines and dines you while listening to your problems. Upon reflection, full of heart yet a bit stubborn doesn’t sound so bad.

10-Gemini — Choose Him If You Want Someone Brave

He’s outgoing and loves to socialize, but there’s more to the Gemini guy than that. He’s one of the bravest signs. As reported by Your Tango, the Gemini guy doesn’t care what people think of him and he doesn’t do things that he doesn’t want to do, such as because someone might think less of him if he doesn’t.

This bravery is really based on a strong sense of self, as well as a need to be bold.

Best of all, if the Gemini guy fails, he’ll just dust himself off and try it again in a different way. Nothing stops him!

9-Cancer — Choose Him If You Like Someone Protective

Since he’s such an emotional sign, the Cancer boyfriend tends to be highly nurturing with those he loves. This can make you feel really loved when you date him. As Thought Catalog reports, the Cancerian is fiercely protective of those that he holds dear. This means he’ll defend you and get upset when someone tries to take advantage of you. When you get into a relationship with a Cancerian, you’re guaranteed to feel secure and that he’s got your back. Not that we ladies can’t fend for ourselves–but having a real-life knight in shining armor isn’t all bad, either.

8-Leo — Choose Him If You Like It When Your Partner Is Confident

A confident guy isn’t afraid to make things happen for himself and take the world by the horns. Leo is one of the most confident signs. This is because he’s got loads of charisma and self-empowerment, as My Domaine reports.

His confidence will surely be what draws you to your Leo partner and then keeps you with him.

You’ll want some of that confidence to rub off on you! His confidence is even more alluring because it’s combined with a romantic and generous spirit–even more enchanting overall! Who doesn’t love a guy who’s both self-confident and generous to others?

7-Virgo — Choose Him If You Want Stability

The Virgo guy is extremely grounded as he’s an Earth sign. So if stability in a partner is something you really value, then dating a Virgo will be good for you. As reported by Love To Know, the Virgo tends to be an introvert who wants a quiet yet orderly life. He’s also cool, calm, and collected while being extremely self-sufficient. You can also depend on the Virgo man to be organized and manage the home and finances if you get married, the site goes on to say. He’s a very efficient and reliable guy to have around.

6-Libra — Choose Him If You Like Someone Laid-back

If you hate drama and want to face life in a mellow way, you’ll want a partner who feels the same. Enter Libra! The Libra boyfriend is laid-back, which is one of the reasons why he’s so appealing to people. However, it’s worth noting that underneath his cool and calm exterior, he’s always got something brewing that only a select few will know about, Paired Life reports.

He’s creative, charming, and focused on succeeding in life, so don’t think he’s letting life pass him by because he’s a slow mover.

That’s certainly not the case! However, he’ll achieve what he wants without drama or conflict.

5-Scorpio — Choose Him If You Want 100 Percent Commitment

The Scorpio man is one of the most loyal and passionate. So, even though he has the tendency to be intense and can even sting you with his tail during a heated argument, if he commits to you, then you know he truly wants to be with you and he’ll give you his heart. He takes love and relationships seriously and isn’t in them for games. “Genuine feelings are the height of passion and integrity for Scorpio, and he wants to feel everything when it comes to love,” Love To Know reports. Sounds like a recipe for true romance with the right lady.

4-Sagittarius — Choose Him If You’re Into Casual Dating

If you’re not looking for a serious relationship right now, a good sign to date is Sagittarius. He’s the king of casual dating because he dislikes the confinement of commitment. It takes him a long time to get there, and he’d prefer being flexible and free to getting tied down too quickly. He likes doing things on his own terms and he’s fiercely independent.

He likes casual dating because it gives him the chance to have fun without having to compromise too much.

If that’s what you’re also looking for, then adventure-loving Sagittarius will be an exciting match for you.

3-Capricorn — Choose Him If You Need A Patient Partner

Capricorn is extremely patient, which can be just what you need if you don’t like being rushed into a relationship or if you want a partner who’ll be there for you no matter what. In fact, Capricorn is patient in all areas of his life. As reported by The Love Queen, Capricorn is willing to wait and give up temptation to focus on reaping future rewards. He’s capable of dealing with duty and responsibility while also leaning towards tradition. He doesn’t rush in and he doesn’t act impulsively–he’ll take his time and focus on the bigger picture–perfect for partners who need someone dependable.

2-Aquarius — Choose Him If You Want Honesty

If you’re the type of person who values honesty above all else in relationships, you should seriously consider dating an Aquarius guy. But only if you want someone who takes honesty to the next level.

As Cosmopolitan reports, people born under the sign of Aquarius sometimes wonder if it’s really the best policy to be brutally honest with everyone they meet, and then they decide that it is because they don’t know any other way to be.

Although brutal honesty sounds scary, it’s good to know that the Aquarius guy doesn’t know how to lie. So, you can always get the truth out of him.

1-Pisces — Choose Him If You Need Someone To Remind You To Dream

We all can do with a bit more dreaming in our lives, don’t you think? We tend to get stuck in our ways and routines, and totally forget about why we’re on the planet and what dreams we used to feel excited about. If you need someone to remind you to dream, a Pisces will get your creative spark flaring up again. He’s known for having a creative, artistic, and romantic personality. He also has a reputation for having a rich dream and fantasy life, according to Astrology Answers. No wonder he’s known as the dreamer of the signs!

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