10 ( Zodiac Signs ) Combos Whose Summer Romance Will Only Last 3 Months (And 10 That Will Last A Lifetime)

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March 1, 2019
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10 ( Zodiac Signs ) Combos Whose Summer Romance Will Only Last 3 Months (And 10 That Will Last A Lifetime)

Summer is the season of romance. People are on break or vacation from work or school, the heat has everyone cooling off together, and new people are meeting each other in a stress-free scenario. Summer romances truly take off in some cases, with people making exceptions for long distance romances, and actually make them work. Some people get so wrapped up in finding a summer romance that they force one to happen when they are not compatible with the other person. This leads to an autumn heartbreak. Why face the heartache if it can be avoided completely, or if you can at least have an expectation for the relationship. Obviously, everyone wants their summer romance to last passed the quick 3 summer months, but not everyone can be so lucky.

How can you avoid wasting your time? For one, go with your gut and see if the relationship is going to be worth it. Also, check your compatibility here to see if it will just be a summer fling or your romance is meant to last. It is not often that the stars lie and we used the signs compatibility to make these lists. See who we have found will last three months versus eternity. Do you and your significant other make either list?

20Three-Month Fling: Aries And Pisces Will Not Make A Splash This Summer

If you are an Aries and Pisces couple, do not hold your breath that you are going to last beyond this summer. While Aries and Pisces share some great qualities, it is where they differ that the issues come in. Aries are leaders among others. They like to stay active during the day, whether it is through hiking, running the beach, or a water sport like surfing.

Pisces, on the other hand, would prefer to be alone versus dealing with any kind of group. While Pisces enjoy a nice, leisurely swim, they would much rather sleep. This frustrates an active Aries, which will detonate their short fuse. This will further upset Pisces, as they do not take well to being yelled at, criticized, or anything of the sort.

19Lifelong Love: Virgo And Sagittarius Will Adventure For Years To Come

When a Virgo and Sagittarius link up, a new adventure begins. With Sagittarius loving to travel and Virgo loving nature, the two will likely introduce each other to new forms of adventure. The pair may take a road trip to some of the national parks to view different wildlife, or they may fly all over the world to see the amazing difference between the countries of the world.

The Sagittarius makes up for the Virgo’s shy nature and a workaholic behavior. The Virgo will help make sure that the couple gets places on time and has the trip planned out to a certain degree, making sure they are not underprepared for anything that they encounter. This pair will have an adventurous relationship for years to come.

18Three-Month Fling: Capricorn Overpowers Cancer

When a Capricorn and a Cancer come together, it seems as though they would be a great union. They love family, which can be a huge factor in their lives. That seems to be the only thing that may keep the pair together though. Capricorns have a tendency to be a bit pessimistic and find a reason to dislike everything at some point in their lives. They take pride in their disciplined selves.

Cancers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They are very emotional and tend to have great compassion for others. They do not take kindly to people disrespecting their families, where their loyalty lies. They tend to be happier and more imaginative than Capricorns, which can create tension. Capricorn may say that Cancers are living in a dream world, whereas Cancers will call Capricorns pessimists.

17Lifelong Love: Aries And Taurus Will Actively Stay Involved With Each Other

An Aries and a Taurus pair are one of the most active that can be matched up. Aries love to play sports and to tackle challenges, particularly physically. Taurus loves getting their hands dirty and making something useful or engaging in an outdoor activity. These two highly driven signs will end up being “Fit Couple Goals.”

With both signs being determined to reach their goals and practical about timelines, this may be one of the healthiest couples for years to come. With both being naturally born leaders, they just might be able to start their own fitness club or team. They will enjoy each other’s company and will support each other through their endeavors, as a couple and as individuals. Their determination will also carry their relationship into the future.

16Three-Month Fling: Scorpio Is Too Hot-Headed For Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini are not destined to be together. For this pairing, they may be lucky to hit three months during the summer. Scorpios hold a great disdain for people that are passive. Geminis are known for their passive ways and gentle hearts. When a Scorpio does not like something, it can be felt like an electrical current. This is where a Gemini will get turned off from Scorpio.

Geminis do not handle violence well due to their nature. They prefer to communicate with words rather than actions. Scorpios can be violent and untrusting of others, fueling the fire that will separate these two before they can form a substantial relationship. If they do form a relationship, it will likely be due to the Gemini ability to talk to anyone.

15Lifelong Love: Capricorn Squared Focus Family Fun

Capricorn can make a great pair with another Capricorn. They have enough optimism and pessimism to balance each other out. They have a strong love for family and the traditions that their families have started. This creates a solid building block for the future. The two will be able to combine their families and their traditions to make new ones that they will pass down to future generations.

When one Capricorn is acting to pessimistic, the other will know just how to pull them out based on their common sign and their ability to control themselves in order to help others. When these two signs pair off, they completely forget about their need to fear the future and embrace it instead. It is a beautiful union for these two.

14Three-Month Fling: Leo Is Too Indoorsy For Outdoor Loving Libra

When it comes to Leos and Libras, they have strengths that compliment each other in great ways. Libras tend to be more level-headed than the passionate Leos in their lives. A huge part of being a Libra is connecting with the outdoors. They love to be outside with nature, away from the people that require luxuries in order to be happy.

Cue the Leos. Leos are known for being materialistic. They enjoy the finer things in life and consider themselves to be up there. This trait alone could send a Libra running for the hills. Add in that Libras do not like people that are particularly vocal, while Leos are very vocal and like to be the center of attention, this can cause the relationship not to mesh or last.

13Lifelong Love: Gemini And Aquarius Will Keep Life Interesting

Gemini and Aquarius both know how to have fun. In fact, they both thrive on finding things to do and having fun. Being bored or dealing with dull people is something that both sides dislike.

With Aquarius being philanthropic and unique while Gemini is able to think up things on the fly, the two will likely find a common bond through helping others. It may be through fun events, such as danceathons, 5Ks, or galas. These two signs will not be spotted out somewhere that fun will not be head.

Gemini will introduce Aquarius to a variety of different arts and literary forms, while Aquarius will introduce Gemini to their friends. Put all of this together and exciting times are bound to be had. These two will go the distance.

12Three-Month Fling: Taurus Will Not Last With Freedom Loving Sagittarius

When a Taurus is in a relationship, they devote their whole heart to the other person. They are helpless romantics. Occasionally, this can make them come off as possessive to others. When they act in this way towards a Sagittarius, red flags go up everywhere. A Sagittarius values their freedom and not being tied down. They hate when someone seems to be too clingy or tries to force a relationship to move faster than it already is.

The Sagittarius will vocalize this to a Taurus, which will set them off. They do not like complications in relationships or in life. If a Sagittarius make an excuse to say they do not feel ready for it, a Taurus might consider them to be insecure, turning them off. This cycle will repeat until the relationship is over.

11Lifelong Love: Pisces and Libra Will Keep Each Other Company

Although Pisces enjoy alone time, they value face to face time much more. This is where a Libra will help balance the Pisces out. Libra helps pass on their loves and interests to Pisces, as they enjoy sharing their passions with others, especially ones that they love.

While a Libra tends to be more serious, a Pisces can help them lighten up by introducing them to some of their interests as well, especially when it comes to music and movies. A Pisces can help a Libra stop working so hard and learn how to relax and find something they enjoy a little more in life, other than work. A Libra finds great joy in finding a strong partner with great traits, as they are often able to pick these traits up for themselves.

10Three-Month Fling: Virgo Does Not Want The Spotlight Like Leo

Virgos and Leos do not play well together. It may last temporarily, but when they really start to know each other, it will go south. Leos love to be the center of attention and to be treated as though they are A-list celebrities. Virgos do not like to be the center of attention. For a while, the Virgo may shower the Leo with attention.

After analyzing the Leo further, the Virgo will start to criticize this personality trait, realizing the vanity that is behind it. When the Leo stops getting showered with attention and starts being exposed to the Virgo’s real love of things in nature, the Leo will be anything but impressed. Leos have a tendency to act rude when offended, which is not taken well by the Virgo.

9Lifelong Love: Leo and Scorpio Will Keep The Fire Burning

Both Leo and Scorpio are known for being extremely passionate. These will be some of the most intense couples that the world encounters. Both signs are very strong-willed and outspoken, making them a force to be reckoned with when out in public. They are often found at the center of the party, telling the most interesting stories with the friends that they love so much. They can create their best stories together by combining Leo’s humor with Scorpio’s resourcefulness.

Both signs know what they want out of life and will be sure to get it in some way. Passion is one of the most important parts of a romantic relationship. With these two signs, it is unlikely that passion will ever fizzle out, making them a power couple for years to come.

8Three-Month Fling: Pisces and Aquarius Will Not Catch A Wave

Pisces and Aquarius tend to be fundamentally different. Pisces are much more empathetic, artistic beings, whereas Aquarius tend to be more analytical and based on the lives of others. While Pisces may be more emotionally based creatures, it tends to be focused more towards themselves and how they can help themselves and their art.

Aquarius, on the other hand, use their power for the good of others. They often spend their time helping out at food banks or volunteering for charity. While they may find this to be a good idea for a date, a Pisces would rather stay home and sleep, well away from others. This difference in opinion can be a gamechanger for both Pisces and Aquarius, ending the relationship after the fun in the relationship ends.

7Lifelong Love: Aries and Sagittarius Will Have A Dynamic Relationship

Aries and Sagittarius will have one of the most dynamic relationships. With Sagittarius’ love of traveling and Aries love of being active, this couple will be the ultimate social media couple. Their pictures will be the envy of all of their friends, getting hundreds of thousands of likes and reactions. They will thrive off each other’s energy and enthusiasm for the activity.

While a Sagittarius is much less complex than an Aries in terms of personality traits, Aries will bring more out of a Sagittarius, adding to their relationship’s dynamic. They will always find something to do together and will rarely have any downtime to spend away from one another. They will likely set goals together in order to challenge each other more.

6Three-Month Fling: Taurus Is Too Predictable For Gemini

Taurus are known to be creatures of habit. Due to their stubbornness, once they find a structure to their day, they do not want to change it. Things need to be well planned out in advance in order for a Taurus to be on board with it.

A Gemini will get incredibly bored with this. Geminis need to have something new and exciting happening every day. Any day that feels the same as the last is a bad day for them. They are always looking for fun things to do and ways to break the cycle of their days up a bit. This means they are more likely to enjoy a spontaneous date, something a Taurus would hate. A Taurus insulting a Gemini will result in hurt feelings that will certainly not be temporary.

5Lifelong Love: Taurus and Scorpio Will Balance Each Other Out

A Taurus and a Scorpio seem like they could be an unlikely match. Trait-wise, they generally do not have much in common. They may both have stubborn streaks, but that is good for this pairing, as they are unlikely to give up on each other. A Taurus will be patient enough to deal with a Scorpio, who will be untrusting and jealous, particularly during milestone moments of their relationship.

This relationship will be one that ends up being very practical. Together, not only will they value the friendships and bonds in their lives together, but they will also find a love for food, arts, and some of the finer things in life. This duo will rub off on each other to create a super pair.

4Three-Month Fling: Aries Finds Cancer To Soak Up Too Much Sun

Aries love to stay active. Most of their wardrobe will likely consist of workout clothes so they can participate in physical activity at the drop of a hat. Any moment of inactivity is a wasted moment in their eyes.

When paired with a Cancer, they will find that a Cancer is too much of a homebody for their liking. If the two were to go to the beach on a hot summer’s day, the Aries would likely be running around, playing in the water, while the Cancer would be sitting on the beach soaking up the sun.

Aries would find this to be lazy. Wasting an Aries time is something that they do not appreciate. A Cancer will likely pick up on this before the Aries says anything, making the split amicable.

3Lifelong Love: Pisces and Virgo Will Help Culture Each Other

Pisces are known for their love of music and movies. Virgo is known for loving books. Combine the pair and they will have endless things to discuss. Together, this couple will become very cultured and will branch out to experience new forms of art. They will bring this out of one another and encourage each other to pursue these passions.

Pisces will help break down the analytical brain of a Virgo to help them develop a further appreciation of all things arts related. This will create endless discussions and dates for the pair. A Virgo will teach a Pisces how to be more responsible and to make things happen. They may even encourage their Pisces to create a piece of art that they have always been too afraid to create due to their fear of criticism.

2Three-Month Fling: Virgo and Scorpio Will Have Too Much Tension

A Virgo and Scorpio would likely connect due to their love of politics. They both have the mind for government, being able to be strong candidates or campaign managers. Summer is the time of rest and relaxation, so these two would likely meet at a summer internship. Once a Scorpio learns the Virgo’s nature and viewpoint, they will likely harp on them about their thoughts, trying to change their viewpoint. Virgos, however, do not like to be confronted. They are able to understand that everyone will likely have different views and we all cannot think alike. The Scorpio’s violent approach towards things will cause the Virgo to become critical of them, therefore causing more tension and resulting in an explosive ending to the tumultuous relationship.

1Lifelong Love: Gemini Will Reel Leo In

Gemini is known for being loving, kind; they are people that can talk to anyone and find a way to connect. Leo’s are generally the ones doing the talking and love to be the center of attention.

In this relationship, a Gemini may be able to reel a Leo in with their intelligence and their influence on them due to their ability to adapt to Leo’s personality. Leos tends to have big hearts that help them fall in love hard and fast.

By learning to be a little more selfless, a Leo will form a long-lasting relationship with their partner. The pair both hate to be alone and to be bored, so they will likely always be doing some kind of fun activity with no shortage of selfies for the world to see

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