10 Zodiac Combinations That Are Genuinely And 10 Fake In Love

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019
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10 Zodiac Combinations That Are Genuinely And 10 Fake In Love

The Zodiac is one of the most illuminating tools you can use when figuring out if a relationship will work out in the long run. Of course, some people think it’s all a bunch of nonsense — but others seem to be convinced that it all seems to be strangely but surely rooted in fact. There are those who adhere to the word of the zodiac as if it were a textbook, studying the words carefully and planning their every move accordingly.

And when it comes to relationships, there’s tons of information out there. Looking at your daily horoscope is all well and good, but using the zodiac to figure out how your relationship will pan out is where it really gets fun. And we’re betting that tons of our readers will agree with some of these verdicts.

But you should definitely take all of these predictions with a grain of salt. Any relationship has a chance to succeed, given the right amount of work and attitude. We’re only telling you what the zodiac predicts, and at the very most a bad astrological match can only decrease your chances of relationship success — it won’t condemn your relationship to failure. Whether you choose to believe it is completely up to you…

20 Genuinely In Love: Gemini And Aquarius

According to astrology, our first relationship that will work out great is the bond between Aquarius and Gemini. These two signs are one of the most famous success stories in terms of compatibility, and many couples which share this combination can attest to the ease in which these two types of people get along.

The similarities are what makes this relationship work better than others — it’s not a case of “opposites attract.”

Although there are some differences between these two, the success comes from the fact that they’re both air signs.

Aquarius is a deep thinker and can come up with abstract ideas. This is great because Gemini loves hearing about new ideas and concepts. In fact, one of the greatest things about this relationship is that Aquarius and Gemini work so well as a team — Aquarius can inspire Gemini, and they both can create wonderful things together. Another great thing about this relationship is the ease with which these two types of people talk. These two lovers will have some of the most interesting conversations of all time.

There are a couple downsides — but they’re hardly worth mentioning. Aquarius can be a little stubborn as many of you probably know, and this can get on the nerves of Gemini. In addition, Gemini can take things a little too slowly for Aquarius’ liking, but again, it’s not too big of a deal.

19 Won’t Make It Last: Aries And Libra

Aries and Libra are one of the riskiest combinations when it comes to finding love. These two are complete opposites, and while it’s true that opposites attract when it comes to love, there is honestly so much potential for things to go completely wrong. This is a widely known fact in the Astrological community, and it’s probably not the best idea if you’re looking for a stable, balanced relationship.

The reasons are quite simple. Aries is brash, spontaneous, and adventurous. Libra is calm, collected, and prefers a smooth approach to life. The potential for arguments and conflict is plain to see, but it goes further than that. Having a relationship is all about working together as a team, and sometimes this relationship finds that really hard. It’s all due to how opposite they are in terms of energy, but it’s also worth mentioning that both signs naturally want to be in charge.

Having said that, this relationship does have the potential for success as well. Because they are so opposite, both these signs have something that the other lacks. Both can learn from each other, particularly Aries — who can learn from Libra’s calm, collected approach. And Libra might be more inclined to try something new and exciting when they’re around Aries.

18 Genuinely In Love: Cancer And Libra

But not all relationships containing Libras are doomed to failure. One combination is typically very successful, and that’s Libra and Cancer. This is another example of when opposites attract, but this combination is much more likely to work for Libras.

Cancers, while different from Libras, also share a lot in common with them, and both of them aren’t shy about showing their emotional and sentimental side.

A relationship between Cancer and Libra is one that typically starts slow, gradually building steam. During this time, both partners might have doubts about the relationship, but if you both stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with one of the strongest relationships ever. Libras calm and collected manner can benefit Cancer, who need that cool presence in their life to get over things that frustrate them.

While this is usually a strong relationship, there are some ways in which these signs can get on each other’s nerves. Cancer can definitely get offended easily, while Libra can look down on people and be a little bit judgmental. Also, Libra is more focused on logic and intellect, while Cancer loves passion, emotion, and feeling. While these can be problems, it’s really not that big a deal in the bigger picture.

17 Won’t Make It Last: Taurus And Aquarius

Definitely one of the worst matches of all time is Aquarius and Taurus. You don’t need to be an expert on the Zodiac to understand why this one is doomed to failure. Both signs are notoriously stubborn, and if you do decide to try this relationship for yourself, expect a lot of fiery arguments. It’s very hard for these two signs to work together and pursue a common goal, which is what being in a relationship is all about…

So why do relationships between Taurus and Aquarius always seem to go downhill? Taurus is very grounded and pursues realistic, pragmatic approaches to life. Aquarius, on the other hand, is always thinking in the abstract, coming up with abstract ideas and letting those guide their actions.

Taurus is always resisting change, whereas Aquarius is constantly pushing the boundaries of those around them. But here’s the crazy thing: If these two signs can work out their differences, they can blossom into one of the strongest relationships possible. It may seem like an impossible task, but there is a great reward waiting for you if you somehow figure out a way to make it work. Taurus’ strong base makes Aquarius feel grounded, which they desperately need. In addition, Taurus finds Aquarius incredibly interesting.

16 Genuinely In Love: Aries And Gemini

The connection between Gemini and Aries is one of the strongest possible. This is because these two tend to connect not only on a physical level but on an intellectual level. This relationship definitely ticks all the boxes: passion, communication, and balance. There’s not much that can go wrong when it comes to this combination, and most experts of the zodiac are very aware of this fact.

So what makes this relationship so perfect? Let’s start with one of the most important things about any relationship: communication.

Basically, Aries is always on a quest to experience new things, and Gemini loves to talk about new things. You can see why this relationship works so well. But above all, the thing that makes this relationship destined for success is the fact that both parties tend to stay extremely optimistic about their futures.

Having said that, there are a couple situations where these two could possibly argue. Gemini might feel like Aries is being way too controlling at times. In other situations, Aries might misinterpret Gemini’s flirtatious nature among other people as genuine interest. But all in all, these problems are pretty minor and do not detract from the enormous potential of this combination.

15Won’t Make It Last: Capricorn And Cancer

Honestly, this relationship has the potential to be one of the best, but there’s just so many little things that have to be done perfectly to make it work. So many factors have to all line up for these two to enjoy the relationship, most Zodiac experts agree that in the long run, it just isn’t feasible. For that reason, this is one match that will probably fizzle out before it really starts creating some fiery passions.

The reasons for this are pretty straightforward. Everything relies on stability. If the relationship isn’t built on an extremely reliable foundation, everything will fall apart. Both of these star signs value nice things in their lives, meaning that they will only be happy with each other if they live in a nice house, drive nice cars, and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The success of this relationship also depends on the two allowing each other to follow their own paths, which doesn’t always happen.

But what happens when it does all come together? Well then, you’ve got a pretty amazing relationship on your hands. If both partners are willing to work hard — not just on their relationship, but in their careers — then this will turn into a love affair which will last a lifetime. If you do manage to provide yourself with all the luxuries of life, you will both be able to enjoy them to their fullest with each other’s company.

14Genuinely In Love: Leo And Sagittarius

If you find yourself lucky enough to be in this relationship, not only will your partner enjoy your company, but so will everyone else around you. Leo and Sagittarius are that “fun” couple that everyone loves, and just on the basis of that this relationship seems destined to succeed. There is just so much either partner can offer each other, and this relationship is extremely likely to be a really enjoyable one for both parties.

Both of these signs are fun and outgoing on their own, so when they come together, that shared personality trait is amplified even further.

Sagittarius is often very philosophical, and this can really help give focus to Leo’s grand, often unrealistic plans. On the other hand, Leo’s charismatic nature is very attractive for Sagittarius. But above all the thing that really keeps this couple together is the fact that they’re both very supportive and encouraging of each other.

While this might seem like a match made in heaven, like any couple these two sometimes argue. Sometimes both can treat each other with a lack of respect, and both signs can be a little impatient at times. As with any relationship involving a Leo, conflicts can arise from Leo’s perpetual quest to be the dominant one in conversations and leading the relationship as a whole.

13 Won’t Make It Last: Virgo And Pisces

While there are some reasons why this relationship can succeed, these are outweighed by the potential things that go wrong. Pisces and Virgo generally do not make a good match, and there are a few big reasons why. Most zodiac experts know that these relationships don’t always end well, so that’s something to keep in mind the next time you consider entering into a relationship like this one.

So what can go wrong in this relationship? A lot, to be honest. Virgo loves the pleasures of life, and wants is obsessed with material things that can provide them with comfort. Pisces, on the other hand, lives a very spartan and simplistic lifestyle, which Virgo just can’t wrap their mind around. In addition, their directions in life can be very different, and this can make it extremely difficult for them to progress in one direction as a couple.

Aside from all that, sometimes this match really works out. On the surface, Pisces and Virgo seem great for each other — they are both pretty easy-going and tend to have the same benevolent outlook on life — striving to always do more good than harm. They are also opposites, but also balanced in the individual sense, meaning they have a better chance than most signs at the opposite sides of the zodiac. But all in all, this just isn’t enough.

12Genuinely In Love: Taurus And Virgo

But if you’re a Virgo, don’t despair. There’s a really good relationship waiting for you out there if you manage to get your hands on a Taurus. In the simplest words possible, this relationship just makes sense. It’s a very logical relationship for both parties to enter into, and a Virgo finds a Taurus they’re interested in, it can seem like a total no-brainer.

This is one of the most compatible matches in the Zodiac.

This is another one of those relationships that can take a little while to get started — mostly due to Virgo’s cautious approach to life. But Taurus’ grounded nature compliments this well, and both understand each other’s needs on a practical level. Once this relationship does start to blossom, it’s a wonderful thing. The strength of Taurus goes well with Virgo’s quick mind, and although Taurus can be materialistic, Virgo tends to reign them in when they get too carried away.

There are a few little things that can cause problems in this relationship. For one, Virgo can analyze things a little too deeply, which Taurus can misinterpret as criticism. And as always, Taurus’ famously stubborn nature can cause problems in the relationship, but this is always going to be a potential issue — no matter who Taurus is dating. All in all, the problems aren’t anything to be overly worried about.

11 Won’t Make It Last: Scorpio And Taurus

If you’re thinking about entering into this relationship, you might want to stand back and think about it first. Because a relationship between a Taurus and a Scorpio definitely isn’t guaranteed for success… In fact, it might very well end within about two weeks. This is because these two signs are some of the most incompatible in the entire zodiac, and there are quite a few reasons why.

Most people describe this pairing as full of emotion — although usually not in a good way. Tempers can flare, arguments can break out, and hearts can easily get broken. These two signs are opposites, and they’re always fighting an uphill battle. The main thing to remember is that these two signs are both incredibly powerful, so conflicts can certainly result in some fireworks. If Taurus fails to be loyal, they should watch out for Scorpio’s stinging tail.

While the potential for arguments is high, the one silver lining is that there is tons of passion in this relationship. Say what you will about a relationship between Scorpio and Taurus, but it’s definitely not boring. Both share a strong need for security in their relationship, and this is also a good thing because both desperately want to prove they’re capable of providing that. But all in all, this usually isn’t enough to save the relationship.

10Genuinely In Love: Aquarius And Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn are a great match, and there are so many things that make this relationship one that will last. If you’re one of these two signs, chances are you’ll feel very fulfilled almost as soon as you lay eyes on the other sign. These two signs were in many ways meant for each other, and that’s one thing that a lot of Zodiac experts can agree on. So what makes them such a good match?

For starters, these two tend to bring out the best in each other.

So not only will you be in a great relationship, but you’ll also be making yourselves stronger. And who doesn’t want that, right? Aquarius and Capricorn are different enough to make it interesting, but beneath the surface, there’s a lot these two can agree on. Aquarius helps bring a sense of wonder into the lives of Capricorn, and this can be a great thing.

Aside from all the positive aspects of this relationship, there are a few places of possible conflict. For one, both are extremely unwilling to compromise. We’ve mentioned before that these two are opposites, and that too can cause some problems. Aquarius is modern and progressive, whereas Capricorn is traditional and very cautious. You can see where potential arguments can arise. But really, there’s not too much wrong with this pairing.

Won’t Make It Last: Aquarius And Leo

While Aquarius is great with Capricorn, the same can definitely NOT be said for their relationships with Leo. This is probably one of the most doomed relationships of all time, at least according to the general consensus of most Zodiac experts. It’s a never-ending battle between these two for dominance and independence, and it’s fair to say that this relationship will be unlikely to end well.

So why is this relationship so doomed to failure? Let’s start with Leo. Since Leo is very dominant and always seeking to lead, this can come into conflict with Aquarius’ need for independence. Leo has a tendency to be too dramatic and over the top for the likes of Aquarius. Aquarius, in turn, can be too abstract and dreamy for Leo as well. As you can see, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

But let’s be honest here, there’s a lot that can go right as well. Just like a few matches that we’ve given the thumbs down, this one is at the very least interesting. You can’t say this relationship is boring, and it’s full of ups and downs. In addition, the relationship can work, but only if both parties have genuine and constant respect and admiration for each other. But that’s honestly a lot to ask…

Genuinely In Love: Pisces And Scorpio

One couple that seems to respect and admire each other almost automatically is Pisces and Scorpio. In terms of the Zodiac, this is another match that seems destined for greatness, and tons of experts agree.

There are a lot of reasons why this relationship seems to work so well, and if you’ve ever been involved in this pairing, you already know how successful this relationship can really be.

Let’s start with the obvious — both signs fall into the category of water. Right away, that should tell you that these two share a lot of similarities, and they have a deep understanding of each other as well. The fact that both signs tend to keep their cards close to their chest means that they can easily forgive each other for being secretive about their plans and feelings. The bottom line is that these signs interact extremely well with each other.

Like many relationships involving Pisces, it can often be really hard for Scorpio to understand Pisces’ simplistic and spartan lifestyle, especially since they are typically quite materialistic, allowing themselves to be tugged and pulled in different directions by their own emotions. But all in all, these problems are pretty minor, and hardly detract from this typically wonderful relationship.

Won’t Make It Last: Sagittarius And Gemini

While some would say that Sagittarius and Gemini make a perfect match, there is a flip side to that coin, and that’s what we’re concerned about. While it’s true that sometimes this relationship can soar to unbelievable heights, you also run an equal chance of it plummeting straight to the ground. Many Zodiac experts agree that the risk of complete and spectacular failure is simply too high when it comes to this match.

So what happens when this relationship goes sour? It usually starts with Sagittarius being way too blunt and offending Gemini. While Gemini doesn’t get offended easily, it can spark into an argument, and when it does, watch out. The conflict can explode in seconds, and these two aren’t the kind of people to back down from each other. The competitive streak with both these signs is what makes this relationship a recipe for disaster.

But what happens when the relationship does work out? For those brave enough to try it, there can be some amazing rewards. It can be the greatest adventure of any relationship, as both signs love experiencing new things and getting intense thrills out of life. They both appreciate a fast-paced life, and if they can keep up with each other, then this relationship might actually work in the long run.

Genuinely In Love: Libra And Gemini

Geminis pursuing a relationship with a Sagittarius might be running a risk, but if you’re searching for a safe bet, then look no further than Libra. This relationship is another obvious success story — it almost writes itself. Gemini is the most dualistic of the star signs, and it’s balanced perfectly by the “scales” of Libra. Most experts agree that this is one of the relationships most likely to succeed.

While Libra reigns in Gemini a little bit, both signs actually need mental freedom, which they tend to give each other.

Both of these are also air signs, so there’s a lot of similarities to be had here. If that’s not enough to convince you, know that these star signs will always be able to have interesting discussions with one another. Libra likes taking a leadership role, and Gemini is pretty flexible, so it works out.

That being said, there are some potential areas where conflicts can arise, just like any other pairing. Gemini tends to back out of things at the last minute, which can be a bit tiresome for Libras, who like to stick to the schedule. There’s also a few other things that can come between them, but mostly these two don’t argue too much. The conflicts in this relationship are not enough to pose a problem…

5Won’t Make It Last: Libra And Capricorn

Libras aren’t going to have the best of luck in all relationships, however, and their relationship with Capricorn is a great example of that. This is generally seen to be a bad idea by most Zodiac experts, and there are some really strong reasons for that. The main thing to remember is that these two are extremely different, and sometimes that’s just way too much for them to overcome.

So what kind of differences are we talking about here? Well, Capricorn is quiet and traditional, preferring not to draw too much attention to themselves. Libras on the other hands have a tendency to jump right into social circles and are artistic, passionate people. There is also the fact that Capricorn will always be much more concerned with hard work and discipline, whereas Libras are more obsessed with art, luxury, and living life to its fullest.

But that’s not to say that this relationship can’t succeed — just that it’s extremely unlikely to. Because they are so different in terms of mindset and priorities, it can often be hard to do what is most important in a relationship — work as a team. But if they can get past their differences, working in very carefully set out roles, they can actually be one of the best teams out there.

4Genuinely In Love: Sagittarius And Aries

Some Zodiac experts call this the best match you can hope for. When these two parties come together, it usually means a lasting, loving relationship. There are so many reasons for this, but those who have experienced this relationship firsthand know a simple truth — this relationship just works. The best part is that everything seems to fall into place without you even thinking too hard about it.

So what makes this relationship so perfect? Well, a number of reasons. Both are very similar in terms of the zodiac, sharing interests, passions, and a similar sense of adventure. Both these signs are not very cautious and rush right into all kinds of crazy situations, so nobody is going to be the voice of reason in this relationship.

Without holding each other back from ‘bad’ decisions, this relationship is a blast.

There are a few negative points to this relationship. as previously noted, you both can be a bit foolhardy at times, but you won’t be blaming each other for it — you understand one another too well. The one danger this relationship faces more than anything is that it doesn’t last longer than the short term, since both signs are so full of energy, and at times impulsive. But these are minor footnotes in an otherwise brilliant match.

3Won’t Make It Last: Aries And Cancer

This match is definitely an example of the fact that opposites don’t always attract. Sure, you might show interest in each other, but at the end of the day, you’re both just way too different to even stand a chance in the long run. Most zodiac experts know how hard it is for these two to maintain a relationship, and there’s a long list of reasons for this. At the end of the day, it’s not a good idea.

But why is this relationship so prone to failure? Just look at the key characteristics of the two signs. Aries is blunt and insensitive, whereas Cancer has famously thin skin and gets offended easily. It’s just a recipe for disaster. Cancer likes to take their times with everything, including relationships, and Aries takes the exact opposite approach, diving headfirst into new experiences without so much as a second thought. It’s just not a good match.

But on the other hand, these two signs can sometimes miraculously from one of the strongest relationships ever. Sometimes our opposites appeal to us because they’re so different. If you can appreciate the different traits you see in this relationship, it stands a small chance of succeeding. But honestly, the chances are so slim that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

2Genuinely In Love: Scorpio And Cancer

But for all you sensitive Cancers out there looking for a great relationship, there is hope for you! If you’re looking for a relationship with a high success rate, you might consider looking for a Scorpio. Cancer and Scorpio typically make a great match for each other, and tons of Zodiac experts will undoubtedly agree. There are almost too many reasons to list when it comes to why this relationship is so successful.

In many ways, this is an example of opposites coming together and actually forming a positive connection, as opposed to so many opposite signs that don’t work out. Both have what the other is lacking, and there is usually a strong physical connection here as well.

While they do have their differences, these two signs essentially want the same things, they just go about getting them in different ways, which is a huge reason why this match is so successful.

There are some possible negative things to note when it comes to this relationship, though. For example, both are water signs, which can cause them both to be a bit reclusive, slowly drawing away from each other more and more until a conflict is inevitable. Cancer also typically will start arguments in this relationship — but Scorpio will always want to have the last word. All in all, though, these problems are pretty minor.

Won’t Make It Last: Leo And Scorpio

This relationship is usually pretty intense — and not in a good way. This is another relationship that can spark some major fireworks, and if you’re looking for a relationship that’s stable and free from drama, this one is not for you. In fact, most would say that this match is one of the most incompatible in the entire zodiac, and there’s a few very good reasons for that.

Leo loves the stage and being the center of attention. On the other hand, Scorpio needs to feel adored and respected at all times. When Leo is trying to put on a show for the crowd, sometimes Scorpio feels neglected, as they are no longer the object of Leo’s performances. There’s also the fact that Scorpio shies away from the stage, and prefers not to be in the limelight. The bottom line is that both these signs want to be the leader, and that never works out well.

But at the end of the day, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to people in this relationship. Both signs are extremely loyal, and that’s very important to most people. There is also the fact that both signs will understand each other well, and will be more likely to forgive each other. But that’s still not really an adequate silver lining for the number of arguments you will have in this total mismatch.

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