10 ways how long distance relationships make love stronger

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March 10, 2019
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10 ways how long distance relationships make love stronger

Long distance relationships are usually considered difficult. Because most people are of the opinion that you should not even get involved with them, no matter in what circumstances. But I look at these relationships from a completely different perspective.

If you have a long-distance relationship, it can be quite painful and negative, but it is indeed a tremendous source of energy that can not only make the relationship firmer and love more intense, but ultimately challenge both partners, better, more grateful and more to become more patient in general.

Here are 10 ways in which a long-distance relationship in life can help us:

1. You have more time for yourself

For most people, trying to balance time with one’s partner and time for oneself is a constant challenge. We all know that it’s important to spend time alone, but it can be too easy for couples to tie up quickly, which is not always a terrible thing, but everyone needs a bit of space from time to time. Because that’s healthy.

If you do not always have the choice to spend time with your partner, then it is natural for you to spend some time alone. And even if you miss your loved one, you still value your freedom.

2. You have more time for your friends

It often happens that people who have relationships neglect their friends. That does not make you a bad person, because we’ve all done it before and will probably do it again.

Although we all promise not to do it anymore, maybe it happens to us anyway. When you are in a long-distance relationship, the time you spend without your partner means more time for your friends. Thus, you show that you are ready to lead a healthy relationship as well as to appreciate your friends.

3. You value each other more

If you have to be more without each other, you will take less for granted. This is not to say that long-distance relationships have no shortcomings, but since you and your partner have been separated for an extended period of time, you will love and appreciate each other even more.

4. The honeymoon phase lasts longer

When two people get to know each other and fall in love, they often spend so much time together that they do not feel like going their separate ways until they are literally about to lose their jobs and their friends wonder if they have died , That’s a great feeling, but it’s never going to last. Because in a few weeks or months, these overwhelming feelings become a more stable, relaxed love.

But in long-distance relationships, every time you see yourself, you feel as if you’ve met for the first time. Other couples spend the rest of their relationships reviving the magic they felt in the beginning, but you and your partner have that feeling every time you see you.

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5. You build your own world together

In most relationships, a partner is considered a priority. Usually a person spends more time with his partner’s friends, watching the movie he likes, or spending more nights in his flat. That just happens.

But if you live far away from each other, you are creating your own little world. They enjoy talking on the phone, writing messages, having Skype dates, and visiting a café near the airport. Since none of you can live in the other’s world, you create a space for your love in which you have completely the same rights.

6. Your communication is improved

Good communication is really the only thing you have to have to make a long-distance relationship work. Many of the ways in which you can be involved in your partner’s life depend on communication.

These are, for example, the news, phone calls or social media. If the communication is something that is not self-evident to you, then you should just distance yourself from the person you love and you will progress in no time.

7. You become more creative in showing love

Couples who have a long-distance relationship are remarkably adept at finding new ways to show their love for one another. If you can not kiss or hug, you use the same energy to make each other gifts that you know will please your partner.

You buy his favorite video game because you know he loves spending his free time this way. You send him a book that you think he might like and buy a copy for yourself so you can read it. Couples in long-distance relationships experience a more diverse, more creative way of affection in millions of ways.

8. You doubt less the love of the other

Do you know this agonizing feeling when you are with someone for a while and can not say if you still have a good relationship? It may be that you have only one bad day and that’s why you’re breaking your head, or maybe …?

But, a long distance relationship is really amazing. It’s never easy to stay in it and it’s never pleasant. So you almost certainly know that if your partner is still in the relationship and trying to keep it working, he’s still crazy about you.

Very few people would be willing to do all the work that requires a long-distance relationship, unless they consider that the other person is still worth it.

9. Sex is hotter

If you do not have the opportunity to have sex when you want it, all of this built-up sexual tension will pay off when you meet again. “I missed you so much” + “I have not had sex for a long time” = things will be serious in the bedroom.

Couples who have a long-distance relationship have a passionate sex because they do not have the opportunity to spend much time together.

10. You make the most of your time together

While other couples spend their time doing nothing special, couples living in long-distance relationships know that sooner or later they will be separated again. Therefore, they will have the desire to use their time together meaningfully.

This omnipresent knowledge that you have no indefinite time together is a really effective deterrent against wasting time on mundane activities.

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