10 Things Men Often Lie About To Women ( + 10 Women Fib About) According To Studies

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January 23, 2019
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10 Things Men Often Lie About To Women ( + 10 Women Fib About) According To Studies





Lying, especially telling white lies, seem to be unavoidable at times. Even the good guys tell lies, though their intention may be to simply protect you from unpleasantness or danger. It is part of human nature to try to save ourselves from awkward situations by making up stories. Although lying may sometimes seem necessary for avoiding little squabbles, constantly lying to your partner indicates more serious relationship issues.

According to various studies, it has been found that women lie to men in order to make them feel better while men lie to women to conceal something. Body language, avoiding eye contact, stammering, making unclear and unbiased statements are the few things from which you can judge the truthfulness of your partner.

Lying can neither be termed as good nor bad, it’s a grey area. It all depends on the situation. Often, lying has helped us in making others feel good.

When your partner finds out you’ve been lying to them, it can destroy all the trust they have in you.

Here is a list of 10 Things Men Often Lie about to Women (And 10 Things Women Lie About).

20-I Couldn’t Call You Because I Was Busy

This may or may not be true. An excuse like that is acceptable once or twice, but if it happens frequently, it’s a red flag.

If he wants to call you, he will find a way to do so. Even if it’s just for a minute. Constantly saying that he is busy may just be a mere excuse to avoid you. If your man cannot spare some quality time to be with you, at least on the phone, then he is not giving you enough value.

Similar variations on this excuse include  “I lost track of time” or “I was really very busy.”

19-That Was Yummy/You Are A Good Cook!

Haven’t you heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

Most women try to cook for their man at some point or another. Even if we mess it up, we love hearing them say how they loved our meals or at least our effort.

Yes, we want honesty, but honesty can be brutal at times.

Cooking is not everyone’s specialty and the sooner you accept this fact, the better it will be for both of you. He won’t feel the need to tell you white lies to protect your ego, and you won’t take it personally if he isn’t the biggest fan of your cooking (maybe he’s the one who should be in the kitchen.)

18-I Am Doing Great At Work

You are more likely to hear your partners put down or praise their bosses/colleagues than hear them talk about their own performances, especially if they’re less than satisfactory.

The truth is, even if his career is not going well, he will sugarcoat it and tell you a different story when you ask him about his work.

That’s probably because of his fear to appear like a failure to you. If you truly love him, then be supportive as he gets through this tough phase. Eventually he may open up about it, but don’t press him too hard.

17-I Am Not Jealous Of Your Ex

Discussions about your ex are tough and irritating subjects for him.

He will always remain secretly jealous of your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband even if he never outwardly reveal so.

It’s not that he doesn’t trust you. But he wants to be the only one in your life, in your thoughts, in your heart.  If you value this relationship, then make a conscious effort to tone down references to your old partners.

16-Of Course, I Like Your Friends

Of course, no one likes to hang out or spend time with their significant other’s friends until and unless the friend’s group is a common one.

When there’s no choice, men are bound to tell this particular lie. There may be some friends of yours that your partner can’t simply stand, and rather than put you in the middle of an uncomfortable feud, it’s easier for him to just keep this antagonism to himself.

A relationship is all about the blend of interests, likes and dislikes; unfortunately for most the “friends” factor is something that needs to be censored carefully. Just like relationships need space, men may need some space from your friends so don’t expect him to hang out with your crowd all the time.

15-I Love Hanging Out With Your Family

Relationships are not just about the two people involved, it extends to their individual families as well.  The opinions of family members can be game changers for some people.

Although family matters a lot, some men confess that they often feel like sneaking out of the in-law’s get-togethers. If he feel like he’s competing with other men in her family, her brothers, cousins or even their close family friends and he’s not comfortable around her family, he might not express so until he’s been with her for a long time.

14-I Would Never Lie To You

This is a universal lie that most men tell women. Never lying to someone is next to impossible. It often happens unintentionally.

But if he has to specifically insist ‘I would never lie to you’ it usually indicates that he often does. 

 If you catch him lying, this is a classic cover-up lie designed to disarm you and win back your trust.  Be wary of such charmers. You need to identify the reason behind the lie.

13-That Dress Looks Beautiful On You

What woman doesn’t like to hear these words? This is one lie we are willing to forgive easily. Of course, you may look really beautiful in a particular dress, but that doesn’t mean that you look equally great in all dresses. To keep the smile intact on your face, your man may tell this little lie.

This is a kind of habitual statement which men tell their partners to avoid awkward situaions.

12-I Trust You Completely

If this is true, great. But if he continuously repeats this to you, he may be trying to hide his own insecurities about the relationship. In fact, he might be trying to convince himself that he does. Having doubts about your partner is nothing unusual, especially if you haven’t been together long.

Men may also say this lie just to avoid little arguments and misunderstandings. Whatever it is, do not break that tentative trust he seems to be projecting.

11-You Are So Funny

You may not be that funny or the funniest person in the world. Many men many say this common lie because they enjoy watching you laugh at little things. Also, because he enjoys your personality. This is one of the sweetest lies that your man often tells you.

Humor is a valuable relationship building tool. It can bring a couple closer, and finding the funny in unfunny people speaks to how much a person likes you.

They viw your mannerisms and the way you talk as amusing and adorable, likely in a way nobody else does.

Now Check Out These 10 Things Women Lie About

10-I Will Be Ready In 5 Minutes

This is one of the most common lies almost every woman tells at some point or the other.

It’s not an intentional lie because it’s mutually assumed that she won’t be taking 5 minutes. Her 5 minutes means 15. 

It is one of the cutest lies but often saying this irritates men. Well, gentlemen, this is one of those things you have to grin and bear through. So have patience and let your lady take her time to get dressed for a date or party.

If you really can’t be late,  quote a time that’s 20 minutes earlier than the actual time (but don’t get caught.)

9-I Am Not Jealous

This could be in reference to both your female and male friends.

This may seem cute initially but can get suffocating after a while. Once she is confident of your love, she may not get so jealous. So before you flirt with your female friends or hang out with your buddies, make sure she is comfortable with it. If the relationship is worth it, spend more time with her and less time with your buddies.

8-I Don’t Know…

 A common response to date night inquiries is  “I don’t know”.

Her tone is often a good indication of how to handle this one.

It’s not that women don’t know what they want to eat, do or watch, it may just be that they’re confused by the variety of choices and are worried about making the wrong one.

If the “I don’t know” comes out in an irritating tone, it’s better to give her more time to make her own choice. Maybe you can help her reach a decision by giving helpful suggestions. Working together is always ideal.

7-I Am Not Mad At You

She sure is! This is a blatant lie some women use when they are angry with their partners but haven’t properly sorted out their thoughts or how they want to bring it up. It’s also the classic tagline for partners who are passive agressive.

As the love of her life, it is your duty to cool her down and allow her to express herself. If she feels like she can have a recpetive dialogue with you, she will be less likely to lie about her annoyances with her behavior.

6-I Am Fine

Again, pay attention to the tone. If your girl says, “I am fine” with defiant emphasis on the word ‘fine’, then something is up. Maybe she is angry with you and is trying to hide her emotions. If her “fine” sounds too wary or sad, she may be having personal issues but doesn’t want to discuss it with you.

The best thing to do is to respect her privacy but let her know you are open to listening when she is ready.

It might have nothing to do with you. Offer supportive gestures like giving her a hug or just holding her hand. If she feels like she has someone there for her, even silently, it will allow her to calm down and eventually she’ll open up.

5-My Phone Is About To Die

Guys, you are not the only ones who use these lines.

She may be lying because she doesn’t really want to or can’t talk at the moment.  Maybe she just needs some time to herself. Like men, women  need some space on their own.  Sparing a little time for her friends and family is important.

If she feels she has to lie about this, it might be because you’re crowding her. Some people love to receive texts and calls all day, while others find it suffocating. Talk to her about her preferences and tell her it bothers you that she never has a “charged phone”; it will establish a phone protocol that works for the both of you.

4-Your Friends Are Cool

Lying about liking your partner’s friends is an easy way to avoid conflict that will extend beyond your relationship. She might like some of them and totally hate others.

If she’s lying through her teeth that “your friends are cool”  it’s because she wants you to be happy and is afraid you will resent her if she speaks up against your friends. Your girlfriend and buddies need to be mixed in slowly.

The way you treat her when you are with your friends can also make a huge difference in how comfortable she’s around them. So remember to pay enough attention to her and keep her happy.

3-We Are Just Friends

You might feel jealous when you see your girl chatting with her male friends. The sentence “we are just friends” might have you shaking in your boots.

However, she may be telling the truth. This is a common phrase that some girls use to describe their former love interests.

Downplaying her relationships with guys in her social circle might just be a way to keep the peace; she knows how uncomfortable it will make you.

Trusting her is important but also trust your gut. If you can’t shake the doubts, watch her body language when they are together. Are they always finding excuses to touch? Do they text and call each other often?

He may be a friend for now, but that’s how some romantic relationships start off.

2-I Am Not Hungry

This is an instance where the lie is meant to demonstrate a woman’s state of mind.

 Its an expression of her emotional state. What she means is that – she is too upset to eat. She expects you to dig deeper into her feelings and ask her about it.

Eating is a necessary part of an individual’s day, and when something has disrupted her routine (like, for instance being mad at her boyfriend) it can force her to shift her daily habits. Or she might be the kind of person who loses an appetite when they’re dwelling on something.

1-Do Whatever You Want

Please don’t make the mistake of doing whatever you want, just because she said so. This is a sentence that is supposed to illustrate how exasperated she is with your behavior.

“Do what you want!” shows her frustration, irritation, annoyance with your reaction to something she wants to get done.

Hang in there and you’ll eventually decipher the meaning behind your woman’s words. Some of them aren’t lies, it’s just that she’s speaking a different language. Yeah, you can call it Venusian, after all, women are from Venus and men are from Mars.

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