March 26, 2019
March 26, 2019
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Ending a relationship with someone you still love is everything but easy, and it can break even the strongest hearts.

This is the person you shared your life with and someone you imagined growing old next to.

Then, one day, they just disappear from your life, and you are expected to accept the final end as if it was a piece of cake.

Even though moving on is always painful, including accepting that all of your plans and hopes related to this person are ended, there is something that hurts even more and that is admitting to yourself that things are really over.

And this is exactly what you’re going through right now: you are grasping the idea that your ex is really over you.

Let’s face it—no matter why the breakup took place, at first, most of us hope that things will soon fall in place and find a way of sorting themselves out.

You keep hoping that one of these days, your ex will reappear in your life even though you can’t help but notice all the signs he will never come back.

Well, I am here to burst your bubble and to confront you with the harsh truth you’ve been trying to escape from.

Here to give you 10 surefire signs he is out of your life and won’t be coming back, as much as you wish for that to happen.

Of course, we are all different and relating to just one of these signs doesn’t have to mean much.

However, if you can recognize your ex’s behavior in all or most of them, there is no doubt that your hopes of getting back together with him are in vain

1. He avoids all communication

One of the first and most plain signs he will never come back is the fact that your ex has stopped communicating with you since you two broke things off.

Not only that, he even avoids any type of communication which you initiate.

The last thing you want to be is boring or needy, but the truth is that you’ve tried calling this man or sending him text messages a few times since you two split.

You tried inviting him just to hang out, without telling him about your concrete intentions or you were even straightforward about your feelings.

Either way, you’ve never managed to get a positive response. It is like he is ready to do whatever it takes just not to see you or hear from you.

I know that you keep justifying his behavior by telling yourself that he is afraid of what might happen if he comes close to you.

That you keep lying to yourself that this is nothing but a good sign that he still has strong feelings for you which he tries to run away from.

Well, even though there is a small possibility of this being true, there is a good chance for it to be a sign he is over you.

No matter how mentally and emotionally strong this guy is and no matter how hard he is trying to fight his emotions, the fact is that sooner or later, he would have agreed to meet up with you if he really missed you the way you hope he does.

Even if this is true and even if he still loves you (which is, to be honest, unlikely), this man has made a decision not to get back together with you.

All of these are clear signs he doesn’t love you anymore, and that is something you’ll have to accept sooner or later.

2. He has cut you off completely

Besides avoiding all types of communication, another one of the signs he will never come back is that this guy has cut all possible ties with you.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it is more than clear that he’s left you in the past and that he has no intention of bringing you to life in his present or future.

He might have changed his phone number, blocked you on all of his social media accounts, stopped going to the places in which he knows he could encounter you or even changed the city or the neighborhood in which he lived.

The point is the same—he has cut you off completely. Don’t get me wrong—it doesn’t have to mean that your ex has made these drastic changes in his life just to avoid you, but the truth is that he hasn’t made an effort to give you his new contact data, and that is a sign that he doesn’t want to continue being in touch with you.

Of course, all of this might be a red flag for you to wonder if you’ve been stalking this man and if he’s done all of this just to get away from you.

This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but it’s not that he is playing hard to get, that he wants you to chase him or that he is following the no contact rule.

This has been lasting for a while and it can mean just one thing—he is pretty serious about not wanting to go back together with you.

When you look at things realistically, you can see this man living his life as if you were never a part of it and as if you never mattered to him.

Of course something like this is painful to accept, especially if you still feel stuck in one place and like you haven’t moved an inch, but it simply has to be done.

3. He gave you all of your stuff back

When you still have strong feelings for someone who is not a part of your life anymore, you hold onto the memories the two of you have together.

You keep their belongings, you listen to the songs that remind you of them, and you have trouble deleting the photos of the two of you from your social media profiles.

Besides, keeping each other’s things or intentionally forgetting something at your partner’s can always be a great excuse for people to get back together, once the initial storm passes.

That is exactly why many couples deliberately refuse to take this step of giving each other back their stuff because they think that as long as they have something belonging to their ex, there is still a chance of getting back together with them.

Nevertheless, none of this applies to your ex-boyfriend.

On the contrary, he is the one who gave you all of your things back and asked for his stuff, as well.

And no, he didn’t do it in a moment of anger or to get even at you. He didn’t throw your things at you while the two of you were fighting.

Instead, he politely called or texted you after some time had passed since your breakup, told you that your stuff is all packed up, and asked for you to do the same with his things.

This wasn’t an excuse he used to reach out to you. He didn’t try to prolong the communication nor did he tried mentioning any other topics besides this one.

Besides, there is even a possibility that he did all of this through a mutual friend of yours because he didn’t want to see you even for a minute.

If this is the case, it is more than clear that this man wants to get rid of everything that might remind him of you and that he wants to give himself a chance to start writing a new chapter of his life without any baggage weighing him down.

4. He is friendly

Even though you might consider the fact that your ex wants to stay friends with you as a sign that he wants to get back together, it can also be seen as one of the signs he will never come back.

Staying friends with an ex is never easy, and it can only happen if both of you have let go of all the resentment and grudges and once the anger is long gone.

Of course, this means that your ex has moved on from all the negative emotions he might have had for you and your relationship.

He isn’t frustrated with you anymore, and he doesn’t blame you for the breakup or for some things you’ve done during your time together.

However, sadly, it also means that he’s become completely indifferent toward you.

He’s stopped seeing you as a romantic partner, but he respects everything the two of you went through together and all the years you shared, so he doesn’t want to start acting like a stranger all of the sudden.

He is still kind. He even remembers your birthday and when the two of you accidentally run into each other, he doesn’t avoid you.

Instead, he greets you politely. But that is it—he never mentions your relationship, doesn’t flirt with you, and doesn’t tease you in any way.

Maybe it would be too much to say that the two of you are real friends because he literally treats you the way he treats all of his female acquaintances.

It is more than likely that this man doesn’t have any feelings for you if he can small talk with you without it causing him any heartache whatsoever.

He doesn’t care who is responsible for everything bad that went on between you guys, and he has no interest in resolving some things from the past.

This guy only remembers the good things, thinks of you as a beautiful memory, and really wishes you all the best.

If this is something you can relate to, your ex has definitely managed to emotionally detach himself from you and your relationship one hundred percent and has moved on in the healthiest way possible.

5. He avoids your friends and family members

You were in a relationship with this guy for a while, and things between the two of you were quite serious.

So, it is expected that both of you met each other’s friends and family members and even developed friendly relations with them.

However, ever since your relationship failed, your ex hasn’t just disappeared from your life, he’s cut all ties with everyone close to you, as well.

It’s not that he became rude overnight or that he directly told anyone that he doesn’t want to be in touch anymore, but your ex has started avoiding any type of contact with anyone connected with you to the point where your mutual friends and acquaintances think that they’ve done something wrong that might upset him.

This guy doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone that might remind him of you and your past relationship.

He doesn’t want to get himself involved in a possibly awkward situation in which you might think that he wants to take away your friends from you.

He wants to avoid being bombarded by questions regarding your relationship and breakup, avoid people trying to get the two of you back together, and of all things, mostly, he wants to avoid the possibility of accidentally running into you.

Of course, keeping a tight relationship with your loved ones could be this man’s free pass back to your life—this way, he could always keep you near in a way, and he could always know what you’ve been up to.

However, it is more than clear that this is the last thing he wants.

So, please trust me on this one—if a man hasn’t just cut you out of his life but is also trying to break all ties with everyone around you, it is one of the most surefire signs he will never come back to you, as much as you might still have faith in a different outcome.

6. He shows no signs of jealousy

If a man has feelings for you, he can never stand picturing you with another guy, let alone letting you go into someone else’s arms.

Even if this man is taking you for granted and doesn’t want to get back together with you at first, the moment he feels endangered and the moment he sees that he might really lose you to another dude, he won’t be able to control his jealousy, and he’ll do everything in his power to get you back.

Of course, this is not something you should ever settle for, but if nothing else, in this case scenario, your ex will try to prove to himself that he still has a special place in your heart and that he can have you whenever he wishes.

That is why one of the signs he will never come back is the fact that your ex doesn’t show any signs of jealousy whatsoever.

He even saw you with other guys or people you both know have been telling him that you are seeing someone new, but sadly, you’ve gotten no feedback.

He doesn’t try to prevent you from starting to date again. He is not interested whether you’ve moved on.

He doesn’t have the desire to compete with new men in your life or to chase them away from you.

He doesn’t care if you’ve entered a serious relationship or if this is just something you are doing to get even with him.

Not only that—this guy doesn’t have any problem with wishing you all the best with your future love life and with wanting for you to have a healthy, good relationship.

He doesn’t feel threatened by the fact that you are about to replace him, and he even sincerely congratulates you on finding someone new, without the slightest trace of irony or sarcasm.

He has without a doubt rationally accepted your breakup, and he is aware that it’s time for both of you to continue living your lives.

7. His social media posts have nothing to do with you

You know how you can’t help yourself but to publish some sad songs and status updates all over your social media accounts when your heart is breaking?

We might not want to admit this, but most of us have the need to share our thoughts and emotions on our social media profiles, and it is not unlikely for our friends and followers to have an insight into our emotions through our posts.

Well, let me tell you one thing—even though men are considered to be a lot tougher and less emotional, the truth is that they are also likely to expose their feelings on social networks.

It doesn’t have to mean that they’ll necessarily post some cheesy or romantic quotes or songs literally begging you to come back, but they’ll definitely drop a hint or two.

When a guy is hurt, he’ll probably post a song which is special to just the two of you or some deep quote indirectly describing his mental and emotional state, while trying not to be too obvious and trying to keep his dignity.

He’ll use this tactic with the intention of getting inside your head, making you wonder if you are imagining things or he is really trying to send you a message.

This way, he wants to remind you that you still exist in his heart without actually having to make a concrete move because let’s face it—he is more than aware that you snoop through his profile from time to time.

Nevertheless, this is not something your ex does, and it is one of the clearest signs he will never never come back to you.

Not only that—this guy even deleted all traces you’ve ever existed in his life from his social media accounts or he even blocked you everywhere.

It’s like he wanted to delete all of your traces so he could move on with more ease.

8. He doesn’t respond to your flirty signals

Let’s be honest—whenever you spend time with this guy or talk to him in any way, you try to make a move on him.

You do your best to look as attractive as possible to remind him what he’s lost, and you keep on mentioning some funny and interesting things regarding your relationship.

However, your ex doesn’t seem to be falling into your trap because he never responds to your flirty signals, and he doesn’t give you the feedback you expect.

Even his body language signs are showing you that he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore.

When the two of you talk, he doesn’t stand next to you nor does he use any opportunity to touch you or stand anywhere near you.

He doesn’t try to make you laugh. He doesn’t notice any changes about your appearance.

He doesn’t compliment you nor does he flirt with you in any other way.

I know you are probably trying to read between the lines and that you are interpreting every look or smile you get from him as something more, but the truth is that even your gut feeling is telling you that the spark between you is long gone.

You just have to face these signs he will never come back and deal with the fact that your ex isn’t turned on by you any more and see it as a sign he will never be yours again.

All of a sudden, all traces of the man you used to know are gone. Now he’s keeping you at a safe distance and is acting cold and uninterested.

This doesn’t mean that he’s rude or impolite when he runs into you.

Instead, he tries to keep things official without throwing any hints or clues that he might still see you as an object of his affection or that there exists the possibility of the two of you ever getting back together.

9. He’s never made an effort to get you back

If you start looking at things completely honestly and if you manage to disregard the feelings you have for your ex, the truth is that he has never even given you a hint that he wants to revive your relationship and that this period of no contact has been lasting for a while now.

It’s not that he just hasn’t said it out loud that he wants you back, he never made any kind of effort to win you over again.

You guys broke up a while ago, so it’s not that he is still angry or hurt by everything that went on between the two of you.

He’s had enough time to get his s**t together and to make a move on you.

I assume this is a hard pill to swallow, but you need to understand a few simple things:if a man wants you, he will pursue you, and nothing can stop him from chasing after you.

A man’s effort is a reflection of his feelings for you, so if he isn’t trying to come back, it is one of the signs he will never come back.

Everything else is bulls**t.

10. He’s found a new girlfriend

One of the most certain signs he will never come back is the fact that your ex is dating someone else, and it’s starting to get serious.

If your ex has found a new girlfriend, it is a sign he probably forgot all about you.

When a guy jumps from one girl to another or when he is trying his best to get into every other girl’s pants, that is a clear sign of his emotional instability and a sign he is repressing his emotions.

However, this is not how your ex behaves.

Instead, it looks like he’s completely committed to just one woman. The worst part is that we aren’t talking about a rebound relationship here.

He hasn’t made up a long distance relationship or found someone new just to make you jealous, and he hasn’t asked a friend to pretend to be his girlfriend just to get feedback from you.

You can see that he isn’t in a new relationship just for the sake of getting even with you by the fact that he doesn’t rub his new romance in your face.

It’s not that he hides it, but you finding out about his new girlfriend is not at the top of his priority list.

Instead, this guy is more than ready to build a future with another woman.

He’s gotten rid of all of the emotional baggage from your relationship, and he is ready for a new, fresh start.

I know that you probably want for all of this to be a lie, that you keep on justifying him by convincing yourself that he is just searching for you in all other women or that he’s jumped into a new relationship just to get over you with more ease.

You don’t want to accept the signs he will never come back, but the painful truth is that your ex has moved on—and you should do your best to do the same!

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